mockingbirds, and one nation, under stupid ruinous rich white Christian American men’s wars for profit – inquiry

mocking bird

To Kill a Mockingbird

scene from “To Kill a Mockingbird”,

white south Alabama lawyer

defends black man

accused of

raping white woman

who made it all up,

the white jury knew it,

convicted black man,

who then hung himself

in jail

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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiarty, replied to yesterday’s life is poetry, poetry is life – Amtrak, Israel and America, art school in India, Kali, Jesus, mockingbird song post at

Sloan; Mocking birds are not at all benevolent; they are highly aggressive birds –I have seen them thrash a mangrove snake to death and sink their beak into my just ripe tomatoes and ruin months of work and lovely anticipation… they are NOT what most might think— there is a lesson and a metaphor here
appearance as well as popular widely held beliefs can be wrong –perhaps Harper Lee missed the mark, concerning her assessment of Mocking birds —-signing off —–fishing tomorrow and Monday…Jerry

I replied:

Jerry, this is bizarre, coming from a scientist, evolutionist, and lover and defender of Mother Nature who designed mockingbirds to be just what they are, perfect in every way as far as She is concerned. Harper Lee knew exactly what she was doing, and the KKK and their regressive redneck allies, the American Nazis, hated her for it. However, there might be another reason I should set that poem aside, the mockingbird isn’t concerned about money, and I’m leaning hard on my father’s lawyer and his widow and his former business associates about that, in Birmingham, re an advance of 1/2 of my second inheritance. I knew when the Mockingbird poem came through me, the mockingbird was Jesus, and, boy, was he hated when he was turning the Jewish status quo upside down when he was in Palestine. He’s still hated today by most of the people who claim he saved them. He told them they could not worship mammon and God, they had to chose one, or the other. I suppose all but a view of them have chosen mammon, and they have a great deal of company in other religions, including Judaism and Islam, all three of which have the same common father, Abraham, who, according to all three religions’ scriptures, walked and talked with God, and they revere him for it, although if he were here today and took his son Isaac up on a mountain to kill him, as per God’s orders, he would be locked up and the key thrown away, I suppose, had not the angel stayed his hand, because it was a test to see if Abraham was truly obedient to God, and he passed the test, something none of the three religions he sired came anywhere close to doing. America would do very well to pull out of the Islam part of the world altogether, in every way, and leave Judaism and Islam to work it out, or fight it out, and in that way learn what God’s chosen people really means, of which right now they have no clue, and apparently never had a clue. It means, they will be tested by God, and tested, and tested until they are worthy and are examples for the rest of the world, which, so far, they have utterly failed to become. As has Christendom utterly failed in that regard. As has America, which claims it is one nation, under God. It’s time America attended to that, instead of furthering the work of the Devil overseas, and also at home. I mean the Devil literally. Just as I mean God literally. It’s time America, Christendom, Judaism, Israel, Islam and all of its countries get to know God and the Devil up close and personal, in themselves. That Armageddon will not be to their liking, any more than you like mockingbirds, who are perfect in every way, including singing other birds’ songs better than they sing their own.

Letter to the editor in today’s Key West Citizen:

homeless vet

homeless vet at Memorial Day service in Key West Cemetery

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Memorial Day: “Remember our Fallen Heroes”

Do you have any idea what GIs are willing to give up for our Fallen Heroes?

At the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia guards must commit to two years of duty and live in a barracks under the tomb. They cannot drink any alcohol on or off duty for the rest of their lives. They cannot swear in public, and much more.

I wonder how many of them honor those two pledges: no drinking, no swearing, ever? I wonder if Ed believes they honor those two pledges?

In 2003 during Hurricane Isabel the guards were given permission to suspend the assignment. “No way, sir! It is the highest honor that can be. Since 1930 it’s been 24/7.

For most of us it is a three-day weekend. Wow, let’s get off the rock!

There is something you can do. Saint Mary Star of the Sea has a 7:30 a.m. mass in the cemetery to commerate those whose gave their all. The Navy has a special service at the cemetery at 9:00 am. Let’s not forget our Fallen Heroes.

Ed Sminkey
Key West

How about, Ed, we stop sending our troops into stupid ruinous rich white Christian American men’s wars for profit, to die, be maimed and post traumatic stressed for the Devil. And, since you dragged Jesus into this via Mary Star of the Sea Catholic church, how about Americans who claim Jesus saved them, start protesting against this so-called nation, under God, trampling Jesus’ teachings, thus Jesus, to forego and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth, to resist not one who does evil, to turn the other cheek, to first take the beam out of their own eye, and to do good to and pray for those who persecute them (and America). Just kidding, I know that’s not ever going to happen. It’s so much easier to be a Christian, than it is to follow Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew, in the Gospels. But then, in the Gospels, he said, steep is the way and narrow the gate and few enter therein, many are called but few are chosen, and the work is great and the laborers are few.

Do you have any idea, Ed, how much awful karma America racks up, sending its troops into stupid ruinous rich white Christian American men’s wars for profit, to die, be maimed and post traumatic stressed for the Devil, and to kill, maim and post traumatic stress the invaded nation’s troops and civilians? I kinda doubt you ever even gave that a moment’s thought.

American flag distress

veterans against war 3, one nation, under God, candidate for US President, 2016

Sloan at Smathers BeachSloan angel

Perhaps anticipating, Sancho forwarded this comic relief just as I was about to send this post out to my email hit list:

Sancho Panza

Fw: A Smile for today….If my nose was running money…………

A smile for you country music fans.
Listen carefully to the words.  Funny stuff.
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life is poetry, poetry is life – Amtrak, Israel and America, art school in India, Kali, Jesus, mockingbird song

two roads diverged

For decades, Robert Frost was Key West’s Poet Laureate.


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Yesterday morniing, a friend came into Sippin’ Internet Cafe on Eaton Street in Key West, just westerly of Duval Street, and asked how I was doing? I chuckled, said, my campaign for US President is going great. I only had one question asked of me so far :-). He said he then had a question for me.

What would I do about Amtrak, the US Government’s passenger train system? It loses money terribly. It’s run by inefficient bureaucrats, who probably are stealing Amtrak money, and hamstrung further by the union. Its service is poor, its cars are old and not well maintained. My friend said, compare that to the Canadian version of Amtrak. A great passenger rail service, well maintained, but it costs more to ride, about par with air travel.

What’s my solution?

Hmmm. I say, offer Amtrak to the Canadians, to run as if it is their passenger train service. They call all the shots, remit a fee to the US Government. He asks, would the Canadians go for that? I say, I don’t know, but that’s the only solution I see; based on what he told me, it won’t be fixed by Amtrak or the US Government.

Shifting to the holy lands,

Christian crusades

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to my view that America should disassociate from Israel part of yesterday’s Jesus was a radical and related truth and consequences, America, Islam, Israel – reported at, by Sloan Bashinsky, candidate for US President, 2016Jesus was a radical and related truth and consequences, America, Islam, Israel – reported at, by Sloan Bashinsky, candidate for US President, 2016  post at

psychiatrist interviews

SLOAN___We get innovative medical . military innovative advances
from Israel not to mention electronic dramatic improvements ;
(when we were working on a double layered recording disc –Israel had perfected 200 layers)
medical research is way ahead of us….
The brains are there –we cannot afford to cut ties… Seriously–Jerry
Their [certain described military hardware, redacted] far superior to ours—–My best friend’s sister married to a “very” high official there.—

I replied:

why is this classified? If you know it, does that mean you will be prosecuted?

whatever fringe benefits Israel has for America do not obviate the enormous threat America creates by being involved with Israel

Jerry wrote:

so you say

Jerry later wrote:

SLOAN: Israel is the only other democracy in that region of the world.
whether it is rational or not –we have become intertwined in their fate heavily and deeply and have made commitments. We break those and other countries will take that as a warning not to trust the USA——-it is a relationship of enormous complexity.
we don’t know a fraction of it is my understanding. have a good sleep.-=—-Jerry.

I replied to his “so you say”:

So I say? Look at history. Look at the grief America has experienced because it backed Israel against Islam. Look at the threat Islam now poses to America, internationally and in America.

If I were put to saying what good Israel does for America, I would say Mossad is much better than CIA and what Mossad chooses to share with CIA, US President, is viewed as very vaulable by CIA and US President. But Mossad only shares what it chooses to share.

You did not answer my quesiton about this being classified information. If you know it, how is it classified?

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN__it has been classified –Yes —(-we have received pieces from
archeological treasures also)
highly –illegal –but we are all rascals….Right —Jerry
it is who you know –my mother said.

I replied to Jerry’s “Israel is a democracy” argument:

Agreed, America has become entwined in Israel’s fate, and that is rooted in religious views in America, and the Christian Bible saying Israel is God’s chosen people, and the political pressure arising from that in America. That’s what drives it, not Israel being a “democracy”. America is not a democracy. Not even close. In a democracy, every person gets one vote, and the majority of votes rules. In a democracy, I could announce my candidacy for US President, and on election day any qualified American voter could vote for me, and if I got the most votes, I would be President. On the other side of that religious equation is a religion, Islam, whose members outnumber America’s population about 3-1, and whose bible tells them they are God’s chosen people. That’s what the fracas between Islam and Israel really is about, as you know that. In the materials I sent to you two days ago, it is seen that the British understood the religious tension in Palestine and did not want to exacerbate by recognizing the state Israel. Also seen in that material I sent to you was the British concern for the oil over there remaining available to Britain. Truman knew all of that, he knew the arguments against recognizing the state Israel, and he did it anyway. And later US Presidents backed him all the way, and here we are, with a big, dangerous mess, rooted in the Christian bible. That’s what Israel has to thank for it being a state. The Christian bible. That’s what Israel has to thank for continued US help. The Christian bible. Doesn’t the 1st Amedment prohibit Congress establishing a religion? Why hasn’t the ACLU jumped on that?

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN__Religion = the root of most problems —-but your material was
quite thorough and well thought out as far as explanatory presentation–
But–it is also TRUE Israel is Ahead of everyone in certain technological
advances —important that we have those –medical progress in that
country very progressive and some areas the cutting edge …
Israel will remain like a state within our protective arms —and that seems to
be the status–! just swam and guests–former fishing buddy from over 50 years ago and his wife taught with Donna in Gainesville in the early 60’s for $4500/ annually and we did fine.—they are to arrive hourly and we will fish Sunday and Monday so probably won’t be able to communicate much .. ( hang in —-Good luck– SLOAN———Jerry )

Somewhat in that regard, amiga Christine Russell replied to yesterday’s post at

Christine Russell

Hi Sloan –

The world is such a sad place these days.
I could not agree with you more when you say the US should get out of the politics of Israel and the Middle east.
But I would go one step further, I wish the US would mind its own business and take care of it’s own people and children before it continues trying to “save the world”. I think we might both agree there was/is always an ulterior motive or more selfish intent, in most of the US invasions or ‘partnerships’ with foreign countries or some of their criminal leaders. Only over the past several years have I learned the invasion of Panama by the US was nothing like what I had been told by the media or US government, and the stories of the Panamanians who experienced the invasion – far different story that most of us know. I no longer listen to the mainstream media – fired our television company 7 or 8 years ago and now rely on PBS, though I am not sure we can ever get the pure, unfiltered truth with the news storytelling .

But to your discussion on the Palestinian – Israel conflict. Here is a different point of view.
Maybe the children are the future and hope for settling the conflict – the adults aren’t doing so well.

I replied:

Perhaps the children are our future; perhaps we (adults) should resign, lock ourselves up some place safe :-).

cuckoo's nest

Meanwhile, Christine also sent:

Sloan – might this be of any help to you?

And about your comment that the angels may relocate you out of the keys – would be the best thing for you!
I hope the angles have that talk with you :-)

Press Release
Monroe County Administrator’s Office
1100 Simonton Street, Suite 2-205
Key West, FL 33040
For Immediate Release
May 15, 2015

Financial Assistance is Available for Housing Costs:

Monroe County Social Services has immediate grant funding available to assist with past due rents, security and utility deposits, and overdue mortgages for
qualified households. For more information, or to see if you qualify, please
contact your local Social Services office for more information. Offices are located in Key West (305) 292-4408, Marathon (305) 298-6016, and Plantation Key (305) 852-7125. Assistance is only available while funding lasts. for additional information.

I replied to Christine:

I wonder if they provide grant funding for organized and disorganized non-violent (physically non-violent) civilian counterterrorism against local policiticans and government bureaucrats?

homeless terrorist

Traveling to India, which always reminds me of being told in my sleep, in the fall of 2002, “Sloan, you married Kali!”, which caused me to wake up, in shock = terror; not even Shiva messes with Kali, the Hindu Goddess of death and transformation.

Kali 2

Yesterday evening, I watched this video at Key West the Newspaper (



by Naja and Arnaud Girard……………………………………………………………………….

We got lot’s of calls from readers last week who were eager to see the rest of our story about Key West High senior Clementine Girard’s search for an art college in India.

[For those of you who saw Part I last week – this is the full length version.  You can pick up where you left off at about the 7 minute mark…]

To view some of Clementine’s artwork click here.


Arnaud GirardNaja

Arnaud and Naja

After Arnaud, Naja and Clementine returned from India to Key West, I visited them in their home. Naja and Arnaud said they were enthusiastic about Clementine studying art in India, Clementine said she was not as enthusiastic. That is not seen in the video, in which Clementine seems to love India, attend art school there.

That day with the Arnaud, Naja and Clementine, in their home, I said going to India could be a great thing for Clementine, to study art. But why not go to France instead, where Clementine’s older brother is studying? Arnaud is French. Naja’s has French ancestors, she is fluent in French. Their children speak French. Arnaud groused, he did not want his daughter around Frenchmen.

I said, if Clementine ends up in India, I hope it is some place safe. Not in the far north, near Afghanistan and Pakistan, not in Kashmir, where there has been serious fighting.

I think I said, if Clementine goes to school in India, she should stay away from ashrams and gurus; I’d had lots of dealing with people who did that, and every one of them ended up messed up, possesed by something, which was not doing them any good.

I may have mentioned being careful what Clementine eats and drinks. It’s very easy in India to get really sick from food and water. I’ve heard stories from Americans who went over there and contracted intestinal parasites and had a dickens of a time getting over it. My internist in Alabama and his wife loved traveling to India, to trek around, but finally they contracted a parasite American medicine could not get rid of, and it killed them both eventually.

I was in Mumbai, India, for a few days in 2000, traveling with a woman who had excellent spirit vision and hearing. She told me, all she could see in the air were serpents. I said, not the nice serpents on the Saturday morning cartoons? No, not those serpents, she said.

The massive poverty was beyond American comprehension, on the highway into Mumbai from the airport. Far worse than the poverty we only recently had seen in the shanty towns outside the large cities in South Africa.

Make of this what you wish. After I fishished watching the Girards’ India video, I started getting pop up chats from Comcast technicians, saying they came because I needed their help, and I kept trying to pin them down and they went off line. Then, I got a pop up saying I needed to call a certain phone number to get help with my computer, which was compromised with a virus. Then, my computer locked up and was unusable.

So, I called the number, and got someone in India, who said no, they were not the virus, they were MicroSoft approved technician help company; the phone number I was given was not their phone number but was a central clearning house number, which selected MicroSoft-approved computer technican companies, randomly, it sounded like, to help people having this sort of trouble. They said the Comcast technician pop ups were the virus. They could fix that and my computer, and it would be like brand new. And, they would remain on guard for a year, protecting my computer and providing free help, $249.99, for the next year.

I’d worked before with computer technicians in India and the Phillipines, no problems. I was shut down. I could have gone to my Samsung backup laptop, which has a dead battery and only works plugged into an electrical outlet. I love my Hewlett Packard Notebook, it’s the best laptop I ever had, been using it about 5 years. So, I bought the protection, gave them access online into my laptop, and watched on my monitor screen a technician in India work for about 3 hours, before he called me and we talked a while, and he fiddled some more, and we talked a little more, and then he came out of my computer, and we talked a little more, said goodbye.

So far, the Hewlett-Packard seems to be working, except every time I try to copy something and then paste it into a document when I’m using Internet Explorer’s editing menu, I lose connection with the Internet, which is why I did not publish this morning. I discovered this afternoon, that holding down ctl and v seems to paste okay. There are other things not up to snuff, and I’ll call the tech company on Monday, when they are open for business again.

Now just naturally, I say the odds are 100 percent all of that was triggered by my watching the blue paper’s India video and my concern for Clementine applying for admission to the India art school because that’s what her mom and dad want her to do, and not because that’s what she really wants to do. I went back and forth yeasterday about going by the Girards home for a chat, or making a comment under the video, but I held off, because I had not yet seen the video, and I felt I needed to do that first. So I watched the video, and you know what then happened.

I hope there is not a virus in the India video. I had to download a new video-watching program to watch the video. Maybe the virus was in the new program I downloaded.

I told my gracious host Todd German about all of that, because it’s his Comcast Internet connection I am using in his home.

I also told him, underneath it all, something in the spirit did not want me getting involved in Clementine going to India to study art.

Todd’s computer is working just fine. He’s not getting pop up warnings from Comcast technicians.

In respect of perhaps another cosmic influence, my Hewlett-Packard was behaving poorly for some time, it needed technical assistance technical retard I could not provide, so perhaps it all worked out for the best for my laptop, my websites, and people reading same.

If Clementine is accepted into the India art school, and attends, I hope she has a great experience. I am totally in agreement with Arnaud and Naja about  providing American children with beyond America education and experiences. American children who study abroad, get their eyes, ears, mind, emotions and palates opened in ways they would not experience staying in the States.

Americans who travel abroad and mingle, eat and lodge  with “the natives”, instead of staying in American-like hotels and doing tourist things and eating American-like food, get their eyes, ears, mind, emotions and palate opened in ways they would not experience on “the American plan”. Personally, I cannot imagine why any American, who travels overseas, would want to do it on “the American plan”. That can be done in America.

I myself traveled overseas a good bit. Overseas, America is not seen by “the natives” the way Americans see America. Nor is America seen by the angels in the way Americans see America. One nation, under God, means to the angels, that God is running things, and people are doing God’s will.


Jesus, in Gethsemane

Sloan at Smathers Beach

I happened upon a mockingbird
singing its fool head off –
I asked it how and why it sang?
But all it did was look ahead,
all it did was sing.
It never turned to see if I was watching,
or listened for money jingling in my pockets,
or asked if I liked its music,
or expected a recording contract –
It was too busy singing
to pay any attention to me.
Thus did I learn
the greatest sin of all
is to kill a mockingbird.


Mockingbirds abound in my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama, and in Key West

To Kill a Mockingbird

scene from “To Kill a Mockingbird”

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Jesus was a radical and related truth and consequences, America, Islam, Israel – reported at, by Sloan Bashinsky, candidate for US President, 2016


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struck by lightning

Perhaps prompted by my favorable references to Jesus in yesterday’s  One nation, under God – boast, or prayer for it to happen? And related be careful what you ask for parts of Sloan Bashinsky’s figleafless freaking fool campaign platform for President of the United States of America, reported at post at, Key West amiga Erika Biddle, a German transplant, dropped this jewel into my Facebook account yesterday:

Erika Biddle shared a photo to your timeline.

spreading the Truth a bit today! XOE

Mary Gauthier's photo.

This, my friends, is wonderful piece of Sunday writing. Well done, John Fugelsan

  • Todd German likes this.
  • Sloan Bashinsky I saw this a few times before. Would love to see you two, Erika and Todd, read this to the mayor and city commissioners during closing citizen comments at the next city commission meeting. I imagine it would mean a lot more to them coming from you two, than from someone who claims the radical nonviolent revolutionary slut-loving Jew bosses him around :-).

Syndicated article in today’s Key West Citizen (

Iraq or bust

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush says he wouldn’t have invaded Iraq

TEMPE, Ariz. — After days of refusing to say whether, with the benefit of hindsight, he would have ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Jeb Bush relented Thursday and said he would not have invaded.
“If we’re all supposed to answer hypothetical questions, knowing what we know now, what would you have done?” Bush said with a twinge of annoyance while campaigning in Arizona. “I would have not engaged. I would not have gone into Iraq.”
It was an answer the former Florida governor and likely Republican candidate for president had refused to give in several public appearances this week, even as most of his GOP rivals did so and criticized him for sidestepping the question.
Bush said Thursday his resistance was caused both by loyalty to his older brother, George W. Bush, who ordered the invasion as president, and to the families of those lost in the decade-long war.
“I don’t go out of my way to disagree with my brother,” Bush told a group of reporters when asked about the shift. “I am loyal to him.”
That loyalty could cast a shadow over Bush’s all-butcertain presidential bid, where his family name is both his strongest political asset and liability. He would become the third member of his family to serve as president should he follow his father and brother to the White House.

Jeb Bush


How about Jeb’s loyalty to his country? As US President, loyalty to country trumps everything, doesn’t it? Well, Jeb also didn’t mention loyalty to God, which does trump everything, according to “one nation, under God”, in the US Pledge of Allegiance.

What a crock of Bush shit. All those dead, maimed, crippled and post traumatic stressed American Iraq vets, and their equally traumatized families. Probably minuscule, compared to the killed, maimed, crippled and post traumatic stressed Iraqi troops and civilians, and their equally traumatized families.

A war fabricated by George W. Bush, and his goons, for Iraq’s oil, and to get even with Saddam Hussein for trying to kill George’s father, the first President Bush, who had tried to kill Saddam, yes? Before that, Saddam and that Bush were buddies. Saddam and his troops were US allies against Iran and the Soviets. Saddam had no beef with the US. He asked the US Ambassador if America would have a problem with Iraq taking Kuwait?, and the Ambassador indicated there would be no problem. So, Saddam invaded Kuwait, and then felt he had been set up by his old friend, the first President Bush, former Director of the CIA.

About the same for G.W. Bush’s second war, in Afghanistan. But that was about the US and war contractor Halliburton, Vice President Dick Cheney’s company, gaining, via a gas pipe line (which didn’t happen, yet) through Afghanistan into the natural gas fields in the old southern Soviet Republics.

Splendid contrasts between a Christian President, G.W. Bush, and Jesus. Splendid.

George W. Bush epitaph

Well, back to Jeb Bush.

Excerpt from a syndicated column in today’s Citizen:

Jeb Bush struggles to recover from a truly awful week

New York Times Columnist

Let’s discuss Jeb Bush’s terrible week. I’m really troubled by his awful performances, and I’m generally a person who takes bad news about politicians pretty well. For instance, a friend just sent me a story about the Texas agriculture commissioner’s vow to bring deep-fried foods back to school cafeterias. (”It’s not about French fries; it’s about freedom.”) I would classify this as interesting yet somehow not a shocking surprise.
But today we’re talking about Jeb Bush.
As a presidential hopeful, Bush’s most attractive feature was an aura of competence. Extremely boring competence, perhaps. Still, an apparent ability to get through the day without demonstrating truly scary ineptitude.
Then, about a week ago, The Washington Post reported that during a private meeting with rich Manhattan financiers, Bush announced that his most influential adviser on Middle Eastern matters was his brother George.
This was a surprise on many fronts. For one thing, Jeb had apparently missed the memo on how everything you say to potential donors at private meetings can wind up on an endless YouTube loop for all eternity.
Also, he had begun his all-but-announced campaign for the presidency with an “I’m my own man” sales pitch. Now he was saying, in effect, “Well, I can always ask my brother.”
Then, on Monday, Fox News aired an interview in which host Megyn Kelly asked Jeb whether “knowing what we know now” he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq. “I would have, and so would have Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody,” Bush replied.
Now no one, including Hillary Clinton’s worst enemy in the entire world, thinks that if she could go back in time to 2002, knowing that the invasion of Iraq was going to be a total disaster and that she would lose the presidential nomination in 2008 to a guy who ran on that very issue, she would still have voted to authorize the use of force. So, obviously, Bush misheard the question, right?
Apparently not. He then went on: “I mean, so just for the news flash to the world if they’re trying to find places where there’s big space between me and my brother, this might not be one of those.”
We had now learned that: 1) Jeb Bush still thinks invading Iraq was a good idea; and 2) he has inherited more of the family syntax issues than we knew.
Fast-forward one day: “I interpreted the question wrong, I guess,” Bush told Sean Hannity in a radio interview. “I was talking about given what people knew then, would you have done it, rather than knowing what we know now. And knowing what we know now, you know, clearly there were mistakes.”
He still didn’t claim that he’d have done anything different than his brother had done. (”That’s a hypothetical.”) But he was really nailing down that business about mistakes.

In the same general area of US President, Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to the Israel part of yesterday’s  One nation, under God – boast, or prayer for it to happen? And related be careful what you ask for parts of Sloan Bashinsky’s figleafless freaking fool campaign platform for President of the United States of America, reported at post at

psychiatrist interviews

the Zionist ‘s legally paid for their land —according to historical sources.–many –Jerry

I Googled, then sent to Jerry:

Office of the Historian

MILESTONES: 1945–1952

Creation of Israel, 1948

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. U.S. President Harry S. Truman recognized the new nation on the same day.
Eliahu Elath presenting ark to President Truman

Eliahu Elath presenting ark to President Truman
Although the United States supported the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which favored the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had assured the Arabs in 1945 that the United States would not intervene without consulting both the Jews and the Arabs in that region. The British, who held a colonial mandate for Palestine until May 1948, opposed both the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state in Palestine as well as unlimited immigration of Jewish refugees to the region. Great Britain wanted to preserve good relations with the Arabs to protect its vital political and economic interests in Palestine.
Soon after President Truman took office, he appointed several experts to study the Palestinian issue. In the summer of 1946, Truman established a special cabinet committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Henry F. Grady, an Assistant Secretary of State, who entered into negotiations with a parallel British committee to discuss the future of Palestine. In May 1946, Truman announced his approval of a recommendation to admit 100,000 displaced persons into Palestine and in October publicly declared his support for the creation of a Jewish state. Throughout 1947, the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine examined the Palestinian question and recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state. On November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 (also known at the Partition Resolution) that would divide Great Britain’s former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states in May 1948 when the British mandate was scheduled to end. Under the resolution, the area of religious significance surrounding Jerusalem would remain a corpus separatum under international control administered by the United Nations.
Although the United States backed Resolution 181, the U.S. Department of State recommended the creation of a United Nations trusteeship with limits on Jewish immigration and a division of Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab provinces but not states. The State Department, concerned about the possibility of an increasing Soviet role in the Arab world and the potential for restriction by Arab oil producing nations of oil supplies to the United States, advised against U.S. intervention on behalf of the Jews. Later, as the date for British departure from Palestine drew near, the Department of State grew concerned about the possibility of an all-out war in Palestine as Arab states threatened to attack almost as soon as the UN passed the partition resolution.
Despite growing conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews and despite the Department of State’s endorsement of a trusteeship, Truman ultimately decided to recognize the state Israel.

The Arab-Israeli War of 1948

The Arab-Israeli War of 1948 broke out when five Arab nations invaded territory in the former Palestinian mandate immediately following the announcement of the independence of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948. In 1947, and again on May 14, 1948, the United States had offered de facto recognition of the Israeli Provisional Government, but during the war, the United States maintained an arms embargo against all belligerents.
Raising the Flag signified the Conclusion of the Conflict

Raising the Flag signified the Conclusion of the Conflict
On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 (also known as thePartition Resolution) that would divide Great Britain’s former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states in May 1948. Under the resolution, the area of religious significance surrounding Jerusalem would remain under international control administered by the United Nations. The Palestinian Arabs refused to recognize this arrangement, which they regarded as favorable to the Jews and unfair to the Arab population that would remain in Jewish territory under the partition. The United States sought a middle way by supporting the United Nations resolution, but also encouraging negotiations between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East.
The United Nations resolution sparked conflict between Jewish and Arab groups within Palestine. Fighting began with attacks by irregular bands of Palestinian Arabs attached to local units of the Arab Liberation Army composed of volunteers from Palestine and neighboring Arab countries. These groups launched their attacks against Jewish cities, settlements, and armed forces. The Jewish forces were composed of the Haganah, the underground militia of the Jewish community in Palestine, and two small irregular groups, the Irgun, and LEHI. The goal of the Arabs was initially to block the Partition Resolution and to prevent the establishment of the Jewish state. The Jews, on the other hand, hoped to gain control over the territory allotted to them under the Partition Plan.
After Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, the fighting intensified with other Arab forces joining the Palestinian Arabs in attacking territory in the former Palestinian mandate. On the eve of May 14, the Arabs launched an air attack on Tel Aviv, which the Israelis resisted. This action was followed by the invasion of the former Palestinian mandate by Arab armies from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. Saudi Arabia sent a formation that fought under the Egyptian command. British trained forces from Transjordan eventually intervened in the conflict, but only in areas that had been designated as part of the Arab state under the United Nations Partition Plan and the corpus separatum of Jerusalem. After tense early fighting, Israeli forces, now under joint command, were able to gain the offensive.
Though the United Nations brokered two cease-fires during the conflict, fighting continued into 1949. Israel and the Arab states did not reach any formal armistice agreements until February. Under separate agreements between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Lebanon, Transjordan, and Syria, these bordering nations agreed to formal armistice lines. Israel gained some territory formerly granted to Palestinian Arabs under the United Nations resolution in 1947. Egypt and Jordan retained control over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank respectively. These armistice lines held until 1967. The United States did not become directly involved with the armistice negotiations, but hoped that instability in the Middle East would not interfere with the international balance of power between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Jewish land purchase in Palestine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Map showing Jewish-owned land as of 31 March 1945, including land owned in full, shared in undivided land and State Lands under concession. This constituted 6% of the total land area, of which more than half was held by the JNF and PICA[1]

Jewish land purchase in Palestine refers to the acquisition of land in Palestine by Jews from the 1840s until the establishment of theState of Israel in 1948.


The Talmud mentions the religious duty of settling the Land of Israel.[2] So significant in Judaism is the act of purchasing land in Palestine, the Talmud allows for the lifting of certain religious restrictions of Sabbath observance to further its acquisition and settlement.[3]
Towards the end of the 19th-century, the creation of the Zionist movement resulted in many European Jews immigrating to Palestine. Most land purchases between the late 1880s and the 1930s were located in the coastal plain area, including “Acre to the North and Rehovoth to the South, the Esdraelon (Jezreel) and Jordan Valleys and to the lesser extent in Galilee”.[4] The migration affected Palestine in many ways, including economically, socially, and politically.

Land purchases[edit]

KKL collection boxes to fund land purchases in Palestine were distributed in the diaspora from 1904

In the first half of the 19th century, no foreigners were allowed to purchase land in Palestine. This was official Turkish policy until 1856 and in practice until 1867.[5] When it came to the national aspirations of the Zionist movement, the Ottoman Empire opposed the idea of Jewish self-rule in Palestine, fearing it may lose control of Palestine after recently having lost other territories to various European powers. It also took issue with the Jews, as many came from Russia which sought the empire’s demise.[6] In 1881 the Porte decreed that Jews could settle anywhere except in Palestine and from 1882 until their defeat in 1918, the Ottomans continuously restricted Jewish immigration and land purchases in Palestine.[6] In 1882, Jews were banned from their Four Holy Cities and in 1891, after briefly allowing some Jewish immigration three years earlier, the Turkish rulers tried to again to close the empire to Russian Jews.[6] In 1892, the Ottoman government decided to prohibit the sale of land in Palestine to Jews, even if they were Ottoman citizens.[7] Nevertheless, during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, many successful land purchases were made through organizations such as the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association (PJCA), Palestine Land Development Company and the Jewish National Fund.

Jewish rabbis purchasing land from an Arab landowner, 1920s.

The Ottoman Land Code of 1858 “brought about the appropriation by the influential and rich families of Beirut, Damascus, and to a lesser extent Jerusalem and Jaffa and other sub-district capitals, of vast tracts of land in Syria and Palestine and their registration in the name of these families in the land registers”.[8] Many of the fellahin did not understand the importance of the registers and therefore the wealthy families took advantage of this. Jewish buyers who were looking for large tracts of land found it favorable to purchase from the wealthy owners. As well many small farmers became in debt to rich families which lead to the transfer of land to the new owners and then eventually to the Jewish buyers.
In 1918, after the British conquest of Palestine, the military administration closed the Land Register and prohibited all sale of land. The Register was reopened in 1920, but to prevent speculation and insure a livelihood for the fellahin, an edict was issued forbidding the sale of more than 300 dunams of land or the sale of land valued at more than 3000 Palestine pounds without the approval of the High Commissioner.[9]
From the 1880s to the 1930s, most Jewish land purchases were made in the coastal plain, the Jezreel Valley, the Jordan Valley and to a lesser extent the Galilee.[8] This was due to a preference for land that was cheap and without tenants.[8] There were two main reasons why these areas were sparsely populated. The first reason being when the Ottoman power in the rural areas began to diminish in the seventeenth century, many people moved to more centralized areas to secure protection against the lawless Bedouin tribes.[8] The second reason for the sparsely populated areas of the coastal plains was the soil type. The soil, covered in a layer of sand, made it impossible to grow the staple crop of Palestine, corn.[8] As a result this area remained uncultivated and under populated.[4] “The sparse Arab population in the areas where the Jews usually bought their land enabled the Jews to carry out their purchase without engendering a massive displacement and eviction of Arab tenants”.[8]
In the 1930s most land was bought from small landowners. Of the land that the Jews bought, “52.6% of the lands were bought from big non-Palestinian landowners, 24.6% from Palestinian-Arab landowners and only 9.4% from the Fellahin”.[10]

Anti-Zionist demonstration at Damascus Gate, March 8th, 1920

Peel Commission[edit]

The British government appointed the Peel Commission to investigate the reasons for the civil unrest in Palestine. Lord Peel’s findings on land purchase were as follows:
A summary of land legislation enacted during the Civil Administration shows the efforts made to fulfill the Mandatory obligation in this matter. The Commission point to serious difficulties in connection with the legislation proposed by the Palestine Government for the protection of small owners. The Palestine Order in Council and, if necessary, the Mandate should be amended to permit of legislation empowering the High Commissioner to prohibit the transfer of land in any stated area to Jews, so that the obligation to safeguard the right and position of the Arabs may be carried out. Until survey and settlement are complete, the Commission would welcome the prohibition of the sale of isolated and comparatively small plots of land to Jews.
Up till now the Arab cultivator has benefited on the whole both from the work of the British Administration and the presence of Jews in the country, but the greatest care must now be exercised to see that in the event of further sales of land by Arabs to Jews the rights of any Arab tenants or cultivators are preserved. Thus, alienation of land should only be allowed where it is possible to replace extensive by intensive cultivation. In the hill districts there can be no expectation of finding accommodation for any large increase in the rural population. At present, and for many years to come, the Mandatory Power should not attempt to facilitate the close settlement of the Jews in the hill districts generally.
The shortage of land is due less to purchase by Jews than to the increase in the Arab population. The Arab claims that the Jews have obtained too large a proportion of good land cannot be maintained. Much of the land now carrying orange groves was sand dunes or swamps and uncultivated when it was bought.

Legislation vesting surface water in the High Commissioner is essential. An increase in staff and equipment for exploratory investigations with a view to increasing irrigation is recommended.

—Report of the Palestine Royal Commission – July 1937[11]

Economic impact[edit]

The fellahin who sold land in attempt to turn “vegetable tracts into citrus groves became dependent on world markets and on the availability of maritime transportation. A decrease in the world market demand for citrus or a lack of means of transportation severely jeopardized the economic situation of these people”.[4]

Influence on population[edit]

Director of Development Lewis French established a register of landless Arabs in 1931.[12] Out of 3,271 applicants, only 664 were admitted and the remainder rejected.[12] Porath suggests that the number of displaced Arabs may have been considerably larger, since French’s definition of “landless Arab” excluded those who had sold their own land, those who owned land elsewhere, those who had since obtained tenancy of other land even if they were unable to cultivate it due to poverty or debt, and displaced persons who were not cultivators but had occupations such as ploughman or laborer.[12]


Jerry replied:

Thanks very informative and thorough.

After being egged on in dreams, I wrote to Jerry this morning:

As I had thought, the US was behind the creation of the state Israel. I recall reading somewhere, years ago, the US didn’t want the post-World War II Jewish refugees settling in the US, nor did the British want them settling in Great Britain, and that was behind the creation of the state Israel after WW II.

I know Truman was capable of being devious. Several years ago, some American national magazine, I think maybe it was Life, trying to be resurrected, published an excerpt from Truman’s handwritten diary, in which he wrote: he dropped the A-bombs on Japan to intimidate the Russians, the Japanese already were trying to surrender.

Truman’s predecessor, Roosevelt, was devious. He knew the Japanese were heading to attack Pearl Harbor and he deliberately did not warn the the Pacific Fleet, because he wanted the attack to occur, so American sentiment would turn toward America entering WW II against Germany and Japan, which were allies, with Italy, as I recall – The Axis Powers?

Harry Truman made a grave mistake when he recognized Israel in 1948. Now, whether America admits it, or ever admits it, America is at war with Islam, which sincerely views America as The Great Satan. Islam views itself as the one true religion, and all who do not join them are infidels, to be treated accordingly. Make no mistake, Saudi Arabia, for example, is covertly backing the Islamic jihadists against America, and is funding the jihadists with money America pays for Saudi oil. It’s going to be a really, long, very bad time ahead for America, and for the world, against Islam. And it’s going to be a lot worse for America, if it keeps helping Israel.

America’s next President needs to cut America’s tie with Israel and withdraw all US military personnel and civilian contractors, and spies, and embassies, from all Islam countries – ALL. America is way past needing to take a really hard look in the mirror, and then get to work on that jihad, which is the true jihad – the inside war, with self; a war that might take America decades to wage, before any good comes from it outwardly; and even then it may be too late for America, as you and I know it.

I see one candidate for US President who comprehends what America needs to do. Me. The other candidates are clueless. As is President Obama. If he had taken the Nobel Peace Prize to heart, he quickly would have ended the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and cut off Israel, and gotten the US out of the Middle East. Too bad he didn’t live up to his 2008 campaign mantra: hope, change. And his promises to end those two Bush wars. Too bad.

Bush & Obama

And too bad President Obama didn’t stick with his longtime friend, Christian minister and adviser Jeremiah Wright, who sees America good enough.

Jeremiah Wright

In 1998, a very dear friend of mine, who was Jewish and being turned every which a way but loose by the angels (Jesus, Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek), told me they told him the Holocaust and the Diaspora were karma for the Palestine Jews in Jesus’ time rejecting his teachings, which I summarized in yesterday’s post at, to which you responded that the Zionists had purchased the Palestine land.

Not entirely aside, after I pedaled my bicycle from Sippin’ Internet Cafe on Duval Street to the county jail on stock island yesterday, about 5 miles, into the wind, to visit my lady Kari, Thursday is the only week day the visitation hours work for me to see her, I was told by a deputy that the elevator in the jail was broken and visitation was canceled for the day. Pedaling my bicycle back toward Duval Street, I understood it was a demonic attack for what I was posting at, and I was the cause of jail inmates and their relatives and friends not getting to visit yesterday, and I did not like knowing that.

About that time, Kari called me from the jail, to let me know what was going on about no visitation, and I told her why it had happened and I felt terrible about it. When she called me last night, she said some inmates’ visitors had driven all the way down from the mainland, and I said I felt even worse. She did not say I was nuts. It was a demonic attack. I have seen it many times because of stuff I am doing. Many times.

It won’t surprise me if the angels geographically relocate me away from the Florida Keys. If I leave, who will do the spiritual warfare, the heavy lifting, I have been doing here since the angels brought me here in late 2000? Who will take on the demonic entities I engage though their human proxies, who, for the most part, are totally unaware of what has them in its grip? Maybe no one will take my place here. The people who were selected by the angels to do that thankless work here, went at it half-hearted, or turned away. The allures of this world, money, being liked, familiar routines, convenience, narcotics, were too important to them and the rigor of the spiritual warfare was more than they wanted as steady diet.


Kari and Sloan 2Kari and Sloan

moi and my running mate Kari

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One nation, under God – boast, or prayer for it to happen? And related be careful what you ask for parts of Sloan Bashinsky’s figleafless freaking fool campaign platform for President of the United States of America, reported at

holy fire 2

Depress ctrl and + keys together to increase text size; depress ctrl and – keys together to reduce

Sancho Panza

Something sailed in from Sancho Panza yesterday. He just happens to be a retired Lucent Technologies scientist. An American citizen, native to Dominican Republic, fluent in Spanish, English, French, probably Italian and Latin, maybe Portuguese, and for all I know, German, Martian, Venusian, Vulcan, Romulun and Klingon. He lives in NY City, he says. I don’t now recall how we met online, probably circa 2002. Probably some Internet political forum I snuck into, and out of.

Sancho wrote and sent:

Don Q, isn’t it amazing how crazy we are… dividing the World into little black and white pieces? ….. and like children, playing ball, crying foul and posturing to get the “official” to give the nod… oh, the power of authority, POTUS signs an order, and hellfire rains on Taliban’s and other assorted rag heads! he, he, he! The Pope is the big kahuna of the Christian zombie brigade(1 billion strong)… speaks directly to GOD, so the Israelis are crying foul! After all, Jesus was a Jew?! *:D big grin
“Israel has grown increasingly alarmed about the increased international acceptance of Palestine as a state since the United Nations upgraded the Palestinian delegation’s status in 2012 to that of a nonmember observer state. A number of European countries have also signaled their acceptance of Palestinian statehood.”

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher! Oink

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: NYTimes. com News Alert <>
To: dpichardo@________
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 11:04 AM

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 11:03 AM EDT
Vatican to Recognize Palestinian State in New Treaty

The Vatican said Wednesday that it had concluded a treaty to recognize Palestinian statehood, a symbolic but significant step that was bound to be welcomed by many Palestinians but was likely to cause deep concern for the Israeli government.
Formal recognition of a Palestinian state by the Vatican, which has deep religious interests in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories that include Christian holy sites, lends a powerful signal of legitimacy to the efforts by the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, to achieve statehood despite the long paralyzed Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Israel has grown increasingly alarmed about the increased international acceptance of Palestine as a state since the United Nations upgraded the Palestinian delegation’s status in 2012 to that of a nonmember observer state. A number of European countries have also signaled their acceptance of Palestinian statehood.
Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s 1 billion Catholics, has long signaled his wish for a Palestinian state. For the past year, the Vatican had informally referred to the country as “state of Palestine,” in its yearbook as well as in its program for Francis’ 2014 visit to the Holy Land.
A statement from a joint commission of Vatican and Palestinian diplomatic officials, posted on the Vatican news website, said “the work of the Commission on the text of the agreement has been concluded,” and that it will be submitted for formal approval and for signing “in the near future.”

I replied:

I don’t suppose the Jews who first settled in the newly created Israel objected to it having been carved out of Islam land, without Islam’s okay. When the Jews lived there during the time of Jesus, Palestine was a Roman state. Before that, wasn’t it a Greek state? And before that? I suppose at some point in time, Palestine belonged to the dinosaurs. I wonder if they split up and had turf wars over it? Maybe that’s what turned that region into mostly desert and killed the Dead Sea, so it was dead. I do believe, though, that the pope is right to recognize Palestine as a separate state, nation. Didn’t an earlier pope recognize Israel as a separate state, nation? After all, all three religions descended from Abraham, they are brothers. Maybe more later, I’m trying not nod off, fall asleep, and miss the bus back up to Cudjoe Key. What a wonderful launch of my presidential campaign, I’m homeless, not sure I even have a country, not convinced I’m even from this planet :-). Don Q

P.S. I think Islam is a bit more than 1 billion strong.

Sancho replied this morning:

Islam and Christendom! Yeah, those two have given us Hell and Heaven as the carrot and stick (and I mean it in that order) we all got e-raised with and turned into whatever it is we are these days! Hey, I was wondering… why don’t you run for a Public Advocate office there in Florida or Alabama… or anywhere in the Bible Belt for that matter…. I think you stand a pretty good chance of making a splash… with your record of angelic visitation and all! You are the ultimate incorruptible, figleafless freaking fool! The FFF candidate… he, he, he!

I replied:

he, he, he, the angels have me run for that office wherever I am :-), one FFF mission after another :-), currently aiming at the sin capitol of America, aka Washington, D.C. :-), like America’s shit don’t never stink, it being one nation, under God, it says, but there are those who disagree, which is the theme of today’s post at goodmorningkeywest. com, to which I will insert this here between us below yours and mine of yesterday :-), you provocateur, you :-)

Well, God did tell Abraham, in Genesis, that Ishmael’s seed would become a great nation, and would cause Isaac’s seed trouble. Given that’s in the Jews and the Christians’ own bibles, it’s kinda hard to argue that the alleged seat of the Jews and the Christians alleged homeland doesn’t deserve an Islamic representative state in its midst, let’s not forget the Crusades and how long Islam’s memory is, as well. Ta, ta.

Adam and Eve

More locally related,

Deer Edcoconut-telegraph.jpgKey deerKey deer at work

Deer Ed, publishes’s Coconut Telegraph readers blog, which not long ago went off the air, then more recently returned once a week, Sunday but sometimes another day.

Deer Ed built, and showed me how to use it. I paid him to publish on the Coconut Telegraph links to my daily ravings, which attracted a hard core posse of Sloan-bashers, which Deer Ed seemed to enjoy having around. He told me many times he loved controversy on the Coconut Telegraph, and he never would change his longstanding policy of promoting anonymous submissions and not publishing any submitter’ name, but sometimes a submitter’s email address, if the submission attacked someone else. I stopped participating on the Coconut Telegraph because Deer Ed encouraged anonymous cheap shots, Ed also encouraged another fellow, who went by the anonymous handle FTR and paid Deer Ed the same fee I paid, to have anonymous daily right-wing Republican column on the Coconut Telegraph, until it went out of business earlier this year. Temporarily.

I submitted yesterday to Deer Ed:

Saw these two posts down below in your 19 April issue. Looks to me FTR learned what you kept sacred and I kept preaching on the CT: if people have to put their real name on what they post to the CT, FB, etc., it reduces what you hate being submitted to the CT. Wonder why it took FTR so long to figure that out? Glad he finally came out of the chicken coop, hope he’s doing okay. Don’t think he’s gonna like how things go in USA, regardless of which elephant or donkey ass gets elected next into the Oral Orifice. I saw a more recent from FTR on the CT, explaining Florida’s closed primaries keep Independents from being able to vote in partisan primaries, and FTR urged CT readers to enlist in one or the other animal rear peep holes, so they can made a difference – LOL (lots of luck, laugh out loud, you pick.) When pigs fly works about as good. A few days ago, I announced my candidacy for that exalted high end position, no political party affiliation, although this here you made up once might do :-). Hope you are doing okay.


from the right 200hJust for the record. First: I did not choose the “handle” FTR. I believe it was our Deer Ed or one of the readers who invented it.  It is the acronym for “From the Right”. I did not invent that “handle” either, although I do wish I had invented both handles. Once again it was either the invention of Deer Ed or readers. I like both handles.Second: anonymity was not my idea, it is the ground rule of the CT, and it is ironic that yesterday’s bitcher is also anonymous.Third: I did not ask our Deer Ed to label me “one of the leading conservatives of our time.” I’m flattered that he thinks that is so, but he is wrong.Fourth: As much as I would have liked to continue posting on CT, our Deer Ed decided to change the format. That is his right, and I wish him well in the new format.Fifth: I have moved the flag to Facebook. I’m learning the medium and enjoying it immensely. I urge my critics to come and do battle, to come and defend their beliefs; but they won’t, they simply do not have the stones to step out of the cloak of anonymity.  They are back shooters. Oh well, hopefully some folks who are interested in truth will come over and join the dialog.  You can find me on Facebook at Walt Lagraves.  All the best to the CT community. Walt Lagraves
Deer Ed, we who enjoyed the old CT with all the political and local static wonder how you are healing after your castration? Who cut them off the local power boyz or the sewer rats? The new world order CT is nothing but a sissified patch of useless electrons. We also wonder what our freedom of the press and speech will be like with people like you cutting off all our sacks? Things change and usually not for the better! (Formerly Ed: This poster has been banned. This is the kind of crap I hate.)

At FTR’s request, maybe in 2010, or in 2011, when I, Sloan, lived on Little Torch Key, and was by then branded by the Sloan-bashers, The fool on Little Torch (FOLT), Deer Ed invited me to join him and FTR and Mrs. FTR for dinner in a Big Pine Key restaurant. We had a lovely evening. I liked Mr. And Mrs. FTR. I did not bite either one of them, even though they were right-wing Republicans. Maybe I didn’t bite them because they did not seem to be right-wing Christians. In fact, they did not seem to want to talk about God. Dear Ed gave FTR and me awards of merit, for excellent writing and public service. Deer Ed sometimes told me, and even told his readers on the Coconut Telegraph, that he wished he had more writers like FTR and me. I imagine I was the only person using the Coconut Telegraph who knew who FTR was, and I never let out a peep who he was, although I told Coconut Telegraph readers about the dinner with Deer Ed and Mr. and Mrs. FTR.

Sanples recent stuff on FTR’s Facebook page:

Obama’s home state is preparing to dump Obamacare. Hawaii is a solidly Democrat state. It has a Democrat Governor, a Democrat House, and a Democrat Senate. Its US Senators are both Democrat, and its members of the US House of Representatives are Democrat.

Nonetheless, Hawaii is dumping its Obamacare exchange. According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser the Hawaii Health Connector (Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange) will stop taking new enrollees on Friday and plans to begin migrating to the federally run services will end by May 31, all technology will be transferred to the state by September 30, and its workforce will be eliminated by February 28.

Its failure is not for want of tax dollars, the exchange has received over $205 million of your tax dollars, and still it has failed to work. The reason? Despite high pressure pitches to the general public there have been extraordinarily low enrollment numbers. Its website will soon close.

While the exchange has struggled since its creation, it is not for lack of funding. Since 2011 Hawaii has received a total of $205,342,270 in federal grant money from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In total, HHS provided nearly $4.5 billion to Hawaii and other state exchanges, with little federal oversight and virtually no strings attached. Now there are over 37,000 individuals who are enrolled in Hawaii’s exchange – well below the estimated 70,000 enrollees that is required to make the website financially viable. Unfortunately, taxpayers will have to hand out an additional $30 million so that Hawaii can migrate to the federal system.

Hawaii joins several other states whose exchanges have failed. Those epic failures have cost you and I hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Hawaii now joins Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, New Mexico, and Nevada as cautionary tales in Democrat government central planning. That huge sucking sound you hear is your tax dollars being sucked down the Obamacare drain.

Yesterday CBS/The New York Times released a fascinating new poll concerning race relations. Essentially the poll revealed that we Americans believe that race relations are at their worst in many years.

The poll said that a majority of us (61%) now characterize race relations as “bad.” That majority includes both black and white Americans.

A total of 79 percent of African-Americans believe police are more likely to use deadly force against a black person than against a white person, while 53 percent of whites believe race does not play a role, the survey said. This was also the first time since 1997 that majorities of both white and black Americans believe race relations in the U.S. are poor, the poll said. Opinions among white Americans have grown sharply more negative in the poll even compared with earlier this year.

The mention of 1997 is of particular interest. Bubba Clinton was then President. Democrats preen with the notion that their philosophy of governance is unifying. Bubba proudly accepted the accolade of being America’s first “Black President.” And yet, it appears that 1997 was a low point in race relations.

Apparently race relations improved during the GWB admin and with a Republican Congress, then it appears that race relations have been in decline during the course of Democrat governance, until reaching the most recent nadir.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a lesson to be learned from the poll. Certainly it proves that Mr. Obama and his policies have done nothing to improve race relations.

Walt Lagraves's photo.

News Feed

The bilge from the left is really beginning to tee off my dog, Righty, I’m thinking of turning her loose.

Walt Lagraves's photo.


Walt’s just getting started on Facebook. Send in a friend request, if you want to read and comment on how President Obama and the Democrats have fucked up, and are still fucking up, America in all ways imaginable and unimaginable, while you never read one word from FTR about how the Republicans have done, and are doing, the very same thing.

If you buy into that Republican propaganda,

then you are


If you buy into the Democrats’ similar propaganda about the Republican Party,

then you are


What is



That’s right.


That’s what political parties are:


Do you think the Founding Fathers knew that about political parties?

signing of the Declaration

Did the Founding Fathers know bears crap in the woods?

Amendment I, United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Why do you think Amendment I was passed?

If you don’t know,

then you are


Amendment I was passed because the Founding Fathers knew how awful things had gotten in England and Europe, when Christian sects ran national governments; the Founding Fathers never wanted to see that happen in America. Ever.

witch burningSpanish Inquisition

I once read, when Virginia was passing its own state constitution, Christians tried to make Christianity the state religion in the Virginia Constitution. Thomas Jefferson, author if the American Declaration of Independence, the signings of which by the Founding Fathers started the American Revolutionary War, led the charge in Virginia to keep Christianity from being Virginia’s state religion. Jefferson, a Deist, not a Christian, prevailed. I have read in Jefferson’s writings that he detested Christianity, but liked Jesus. I have read his own version of Jesus, which he cut out of a Bible and pasted into this own bible. I learned of that from Todd German, who is a big fan of Thomas Jefferson.

thomas-jefferson.jpgThe Jefferson Bible

  • The Jefferson Bible – Angelfire

    Thomas Jefferson believed that the ethical system of Jesus was the finest the world has ever seen. In compiling what has come to be called “The Jefferson Bible …

  • How Thomas Jefferson Created His Own Bible – Smithsonian…/how-thomas-jefferson-created…


    Thomas Jefferson, together with several of his fellow founding fathers, was influenced by the principles of deism, a construct that envisioned a supreme being as …

Declaration of Independence 2

Declaration of Independence – Text Transcript…/decl

National Archives and Records Administration

The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription. IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,. When in ..

In the Declaration of Independence are five different references to a deity, none of which resemble anything in the Bible. So, the Founding Fathers were keenly aware of the Almighty, but they were not keen about relgion and government being merged. They knew there is a vast difference between religion and God.

God is God. God is unfathomable. Religion tries to make God into religion’s own image, fathomable. That is idol worship. It is blasphemy. And it leads to all manner of atrocities.

The Bible is a great guide for trying to walk with God. The Bible is not God, though. God is not bound by any book. God is not even bound by God, as Jonah certainly learned when God reneged and did not kill everyone in Nivea, as God had told Jonah was going to happen because they were so evil. The people of Nivea repented, changed their ways. But Jonah still wanted God to kill them all, because that’s what God had said was going to happen.

Didn’t seem to me that Jonah ever got over God not killing all the people in Nivea. Religion is like Jonah. Rigid. Frozen. Stuck. Dead, spiritually.

The current pope seems a bit different from past popes. He seems okay with things changing, new perspectives. Won’t surprise me if he is killed. Religion does not like change. It likes itself just the way it is, for ever and ever, amen. Religion flat hates, God’s will, not mine, be done; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth …

God is boundless, unrestrained, evolving, changing – oops, sorry, that was not meant to be Darwinian. It was meant to explain the difference between God and religion. That’s why religion should have no control over government. That’s why I hope God will take control over the American government, and over each American. I see no other way to straighten America out. Same hope and prescription for humanity.

That’s my story, er, platform, and I’m sticking to it. America boasts it is “one nation, under God,” so let’s see if God will make it so, not a boast. Oh, what a glorious day that will be. Oh, will religion not like it. Not one little bit.

After I wrote that last night, my gracious host Todd German came home.

Todd German

He said said my lawyer and my friend Sam Kaufman (who is Jewish) and he had talked about me earlier in the day. Sam is running for retiring Key Commissioner Mark Rossi’s seat this year. Sam reads my daily posts at

Sam Kaufman

Sam, left, Father Stephen Braddock. right; Sam is Chairman of the Board, Steve is CEO and President of Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, which gives down and out men and women a chance to come inside and turn their lives around, if they give up their narcotic of choice

Todd said Sam mentioned the flack Sloan catches for saying he is led by angels, but a lot of people around here swoon over people in the Bible who had regular dealings with angels. I laughed, said I say the same thing from time to time.

I have heard Christians say God stopped talking with people after the Bible was written; The Bible became how people heard from God, and that’s how it will be until the Rapture, or whatever.

The angels told me, regarding Revelation at the end of the New Testament, that the man it came through didn’t know what Revelation meant, so how could people today know what it means?

The angels never told me what Revelation means. They told me to live each day, do what is in front of me, in keeping with how they trained me and their ongoing advisories and corrections, and that is my spiritual path and salvation.

That also was Jesus’ spiritual path, and his salvation, in the Gospels. It’s right there, plain as day, in the Gospels.

Take no thought for the morrow, because each day has enough trouble of it’s own. Put your faith in God, and God will provide you with what you need.

Interesting advice, from a homeless man.

As was other advice he gave, in the Gospels:

Give up and eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

Resist not one who does evil.

Turn the other cheek.

Do good to and pray for those who persecute you.

First, take the beam out of your own eye.

Judge not, and be not judged in kind, by God.

If a man takes your goods, ask not for them back.

If a man asks for your shirt, offer him also your coat.

If a man asks you to walk a mile with him, walk more miles with him.

If a man takes you to court, settle with him along the way, lest the judge throws you in prison.

As you do to, for, the least of people, you do also unto me.

Those who hear my sayings and do them are like the wise man who built his house on a rock, and when the flood came, the house stood fast; but those who hear my sayings and do not do them, are like a foolish man who built his house on sand, and when the flood came, the house fell down, and the fall was great.

But Jesus’ way was too hard, so a cheap salvation formula was invented to make Christianity popular, easy, compared to Jesus’ way. If America were a Jesus nation, very different from being a Christian nation, America would be very different.

Whether American Christians like it or not, claiming Jesus saved them, puts them to live as he lived and taught. That’s really tough going, but it is the standard Jesus set, in the Gospels.

I told Todd yesterday morning, the masses have always been wrong, and that’s not going to change.

Although down through the ages, a few people in Christendom did follow Jesus, and in that way were saved, in the main, Jesus’ way was rejected by Christendom. In the main, Jesus’ way is rejected by American Christians today.

So, I am proposing a different way, not out of any disrespect to Jesus, but because his way, in the main, was, and is, rejected. I am proposing a candidate for the US Presidency, myself, who is run by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek, with whom I have dealings ongoing, at their behest, going back to early 1987, when, in desperation, I prayed to God for help and offered my life to human service.

Jesus and Michael then came in the nighttime and woke me up. I saw them, hovering above me in the darkness. Luminous, supernatural. No wings visible.

I heard, “This will push you to your limits, but you asked for it, and we are going to give it to you.”

I remembered the prayer I had made. I then was struck by three successive bolts of lightning. I saw the flashes. I felt the electricity in my body, which lurched with each strike. I understood it was spiritual lightning, The two faded out.

The changes started. Later I became aware of the third angel’s presence.

They are real beings. Just as, if not more real, than I, or any person I know. They have nothing to do with religion. They existed before this planet was created. Before its religions came into being.

I am proposing, and praying for, a Divine Intervention into America, which is similar to what those three have done, and are doing, to and with me. I am offering myself as a living example of what that Divine Intervention is for me. It might not be like that for anyone else, but for anyone else it would be very different from what now is happening, unless it is already happening, which is the case for a very few people relative to the total American population, including immigrants and visitors, who are not yet American citizens.

I am the One Nation, Under God candidate. Is that what Americans really want? To be one nation, under God? Be careful what you ask for, Americans. You just might get it. And then you very well might come to wish you’d never even heard of God, nor of angels.

Sloan angelangel beating

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irresistible impulses: my father’s best man, charitable endowments, born-again Christians maybe need to die and go to heaven sooner than later, Gay-Lesbian rights derive from Martin Luther King and Selma march, Hillary’s letter to Dear Abby – at diagnostic and treatment center

ship of fools large

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Kari and Sloan 2

When my lady Kari called me from the jail last night, she still was disturbed about my saying I was pushed by the angels to put spirit pressure my father’s widow, to the point of killing her if she did not loan me out of her own ample funds  1/2 the amount of my 2nd, and last, $1,000,000 cash inheritance under my father’s last will and testament, as more fully explained in yesterday’s Teri Johnston, for Mayor of Key West, 2016; and a bit about birth stones, chakras, spiritual alchemy, Jesus and Peter, salvation and spiritual warfare, and, yep, cruise ships that walk on water better even than Jesus :-) post at

Kari said she did not think it is okay to wish ill toward anyone.

Once again, I said my father’s widow has advanced Parkinson’s and is suffering terribly. Also, she has caused, and is causing, and will continue to cause a lot of people, and herself, a great deal of trouble and harm. She is not a good person. She will be better off in the afterlife, other people will be better off with her not in this life.

Kari said, the Parkinson’s is the result of how my stepmother has behaved? Yes, I said.

I did not say, the former CEO and then Chairman of the Board of my father’s company, and one of the trustees of trusts and a charitable endowment he set up, also has Parkinson’s, and I told my father’s lawyer, in an email, that the former CEO and my father’s widow having Parkinson’s is no coincidence.

The lawyer and I attended law school and tax law school together. I had many conversations with him about my father and his affairs and my father’s and my relationship. Since last October, I emailed the lawyer links to all of my posts at, which were republished at, with a request that he forward the emails to my father’s widow, the former CEO, my father’s accountant, a second man who had worked for my father’s company and is close to my father’s widow because they both are born again Christians and proud of it, and to my sister. The lawyer, too, is a born again Christian, but he tends to be humble and quiet about it. A regular Christian, devoted to her church, my sister does not flaunt it.

She and I are my father’s surviving children by our mother. Our brother killed himself in 2010. The next year, as I recall, our stepmother’s daughter, whom my father had legally adopted and treated as his own child in his estate plan, died of cancer. Upon our stepmother’s death, my sister and I each will received the second half of our cash inheritances under our father’s last will and testament, and also 1/4 of what our stepmother was receiving under a family trust my father set up in the latter 1970s, to shield most of his estate, at that time, from the IRS and relatives who turned greedy.

A tax lawyer with a general law practice as well, including domestic relations cases, I had encouraged my father to set up the family trust, and was glad he did it. I had encouraged him, not only for the IRS reason, but also because of his second wife. By then, I’d seen all I needed to see from her, to not want her to have any say so over my father’s estate after he was gone.

My brother was so upset about our father marrying her, that he moved to California. Our father then asked me if I would be his best man. I agreed, carried the ring. Little did I know what I had signed up for, what being my father’s best man would actually entail. A number of times of being put to hold my peace, or to call my stepmother out, and my father, too, over stuff she was doing, nearly all of which was aided by the lawyer now handling my father’s affairs. I never held my peace; I loved my father too much, and I did not want to sell out my soul.

I have spies, who once worked for my father’s company and loved him dearly, who give me reports on my father’s widow, and how she has terrorized and traumatised management and employees in my father’s business, which she took over and ran after he passed over in August 2005. The former CEO and Chairman with Parkinson’s doesn’t like her and should have fought her tooth and nail, fang and claw, but he did not do that. The accountant and the lawyer know her and should have done the same, but they did not. The born-again former management employee is her ally and is as detested at the company as she is.

Those are the facts. I have always liked regular Christians better than born-again Christians. Those are the facts, too.

You can read about four regular Christians in

by clicking on that or this link:

One of the four Christians, John Gillon, was my father’s lawyer, who trained the lawyer with whom I attended law school, now the lawyer for my father’s affairs. Gillon’s portrait is “What You Saw Was What You Got.”

One of the two non-Christians, Clarence W. Allgood, the federal judge for whom I clerked right after I graduated from law school. The most godly man I have known in this life, he did not attend church. His portrait leads off: “He used to drink moonshine.”

However, the Christian in the book who knew my father’s 2nd wife and booked no shennigans from her, nor from my father, was his brother Leo, whose portrait is, “He Called a Spade a Spade.”

Also portrayed, the black woman, daughter of a slave, who raised me as her own, the incarnated Melchizedek: “She Works Behind the Scenes.” During the time of troubles, as it was then called, Sister Charlotte Washington spent her days off from working for our family, she lived with us, going into black churches in Birmingham and nearby Bessemer, counseling her people to tolerant of and patient with their white brothers and sisters.

And, Lee Graham, the minister of my mother’s Episcopal church, who stood down his entire white congregation over their refusal to let black people attend services: “He Was a Parish Priest”.

And, Leopold Bashinsky, my father’s paternal grandfather, a Polish Jew: “He Was a Noble Creation”.

You can learn a lot about me by reading those six portraits. But you can’t learn it all in that way, because I am not them, and I am owned, bossed, advised and corrected by angels ongoing, one of whom says he is Jesus. Another says he is Archangel Michael. Another says she is Magdalene Melchizedek. My Board of Directors, Editorial Board, Political Advisory Committee, etc.

Okay, that diatribe over, here’s another prompted by something in today’s Key West Citizen (, which I personally think is totally out of line, for reasons I interject in bold italics into the article, I supplied the photos:

Bahama Village

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Rainbow roadwork set to debut
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The city confirmed Tuesday that four permanent rainbow crosswalks will grace a piece of Duval Street in time for this year’s Pride event June 10-14. The issue will not return to the commission for a vote prior to the installation.

Estimated to cost approximately $4,000, the rainbow-style stripes were proposed by the Key West Business Guild, which has agreed to pay $2,000 of the installation costs, and informally approved by a majority of the city commission earlier this month.

City staff will install the thermoplastic material to create rainbow flag-type stripes on Duval Street where Petronia Street is one-way and enters the Bahama Village arch.

At this corner is the 801 Club, a gay-lesbian bar, in which is a “private” room where gay orgies, come one, come all, occur.

801 Club801 Club, pink

This private room, to my knowledge, has ever been reported in the Citizen, nor in any Key West newspaper. As far as I know, I am the only person who ever reported it. I learned of it in early 2003, from a local bisexual man, Mike Mongo, who told me he had participated in an orgy in that private room, and had felt afterward that it was not right for him to do that. I also heard of the private room from then KW Police Chief Buz Dillon. I have heard of the private room from other people. Mike Mongo has entered this year’s city commission race against City Commissioner Teri Johnston, who is lesbian. Mike has run for mayor, in the past. In yesterday’s Teri Johnston, for Mayor of Key West, 2016; and a bit about birth stones, chakras, spiritual alchemy, Jesus and Peter, salvation and spiritual warfare, and, yep, cruise ships that walk on water better even than Jesus :-) post at, I promoted Teri to be Key West’s next mayor.

Mike Mongo and moi, fall, 2013

Sloan and Mike 2

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” said Matt Hon, executive director of the Guild. “Key West has been the LGBT travel destination for years and years. This is a great addition to help us continue doing that.”

The city will buy the materials for the crosswalks from Flint Trading, of Thomasville, N.C., which sells the heat-applied pavement markings. The community services department will install them with a company representative supervising, city staff said Tuesday.

The plastic material, used for highway stripes and standard crosswalk markings, is essentially melted into the pavement.

“They will seal the pavement and then torch-apply it,” said John Wilkins, the city’s parking manager assigned to oversee the project.

Three bids were sought, with the lowest one for the plastic coming in at $4,001.23 from Flint Trading.

Now, all the city needs are the supplies. There’s a catch, though.

“Purple is not a standard color and we do not yet have a lead time from the supplier,” Wilkins said.

One way or another, those four crosswalks at Duval and Petronia will sport rainbow flag colors by June 10, city spokeswoman Alyson Crean said Tuesday.

If the thermoplastic material doesn’t arrive in time, “we will have something temporary there,” Crean said.

Of elected city leaders, only Commissioner Billy Wardlow has openly opposed the rainbow crosswalks, saying they’re inappropriate on such a tiny island that carries the “One Human Family” motto meant to include everyone.

“They’re defacing the city,” Wardlow said Tuesday, adding that his opinion has nothing to do with LGBT issues. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to start something like that.”

You are right, Billy. But, if something commemorable is to be done at that intersection, it should be for Key West’s black community. Petronia Street is the entrance into Bahama Village, the city’s historic black neighborhood. Bahama Village is far older than Key West’s gay community. If Petronia is to be used in this way, let it be used to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King and the Selma march. That would be appropriate and fitting for this intersection. If the gays want a rainbow intersection, let it be somewhere else. And, yeah, where will be the straight people’s cross walk? And the homeless people’s crosswalk? And the Cubans’ crosswalk? And the East Europeans’ crosswalk? And the Mecican and Central Americans’ cross walk? And the Christians’ crosswalk? And the Jews’ crosswalk. And the Muslims’ crosswalk? And the Athiests? And the Buddhists? And the Hindus?

Still, Wardlow said he’s not going to fight the crosswalks, given the majority of the commission approved them, and the fact that City Manager Jim Scholl has authority over decisions that cost less than $20,000.

“We have a strong gay community and they vote,” Wardlow said.

And that, Billy, is why this is happening.

The Guild was inspired by cities such as San Francisco, which last installed rainbow crosswalks in the Castro District, along with West Hollywood, Philadelphia and Austin.

Opposing the rainbow crosswalks on Duval Street isn’t about opposing the gay community, said resident Shannon Lynch, in an email to city leaders.

“This should go out to the citizens to be voted on,” wrote Lynch, who works in public relations, adding that the rainbow stripes contribute to the marketing of Key West solely as a party destination.

I disagree with this going out to the voters, the mayor and city commissioners should decide this. However, a referendum on it might prove interesting; it might cause a great commotion if the religious right chimed in. I would chime right back a them, that sexual orientation is none of their business. Why, their favorite person in the Bible, St. Paul, was gay, that was his thorn in the flesh, and every woman who knew him, knew it.

For years, though, the rainbow flag symbol has served as a comforting sign of acceptance throughout Key West neighborhoods, Hon said.

Er, I ride my bicycle thought all Key West neighborhoods, and I don’t see a whole lot of rainbow flags. I see a rainbow flag every now and then. On people’s houses, porches.

“That is one thing we can do in Key West: walk down the street holding the hand of that person you’re in love with,” Hon said. “All of us who are LGBT, it gives us a level of comfort when we see that rainbow flag.”

Good, Hon. I look forward to you walking down the street holding hands with street people. With Neo Nazis. With right-wing Christians. With KKKs in white sheets. Don’t assume I don’t like gays. My brother was bisexual. I loved him. It never bothered me what was his sexual orientation, but it bothered him, because he kept it in the closet. I once had a lesbian girlfriend, who remains like a sister to me. I once talked a pod of younger gay men into attending an electic Sunday school class in the old line inner city Baptist church in Birmingham, in which both of my grandfathers once had been deacons. How I convinced them, was I told them they would be accepted and cherished in that Sunday school class, and that St. Paul was gay. They loved the Sunday school class, became valued members thereof. As far as I knew, there were no born-again Christians in that Sunday school class, nor in that church congregation. (They were regular Christians.)

The rainbow crosswalk installation was announced Tuesday in a press release by Newman PR that stated Key West Pride “salutes diversity on the subtropical island internationally known as a top gay and lesbian vacation spot.”

The unveiling of the rainbow crosswalks will take place sometime on the afternoon of the first day of Pride, June 10, in what Newman PR called, “the heart of Key West’s LGBT entertainment district.”

“We’ve got the atmosphere that you can be who you want to be when you’re on the island,” Hon said. “And nobody’s going to judge you or harass. That’s why rainbow crosswalks are so important. Key West has been a leader of LGBT rights and protections for years and years.”

Well, Hon, I can introduce you to lots of street people in Key West, who get judged and harassed ongoing by your city’s police and your city commissioners and mayor and maybe even by you, certainly by most people in Key West. I can introduce you to black people in Key West, who don’t feel they are part of Key West’s alleged one human family. Did you, for a heartbeat, ever consider the way blacks in Bahama Village might view, feel about, a rainbow crossing at the entrance to their community? Did you, for a heartbeat, ever consider putting up a monument there, to Dr. King and the Selma marchers? You understand, don’t you?, that they broke the hard ground, they shed the blood, sweat and tears, and even their lives, which led to gays and lesbians having rights similar to those blacks gained during that troubled, dark time.

Martin Luther KingLuther King Marches

Meanwhile, from Sancho Panza in the Big Apple:

Sancho Panza

Fw: Q & A?

Dear Abby, 
My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning,
and, when I confront him, he denies everything. What’s worse,
everyone knows that he cheats on me. It is so humiliating.
Also, since he lost his job 14 years ago, he hasn’t even looked for a new one.
All he does all day is smoke cigars, cruise around and
shoot the bull with his buddies, while I have to work to pay the bills.
Since our daughter went away to college he doesn’t even pretend to like me, and even hints that I may be a lesbian.What should I do?
Signed: Clueless
Dear Clueless: 
Grow up and dump him. Good grief woman!  You don’t need him anymore!
You’re running for President of the United States. 

So am I running for President, and I’ve had eight wives, counting Kari, who spirit traveled from the jail to me on Saturn, and we spirit traveled together back to the county jail, where we were married by a man holding a Bible. How many Christians today do you think would bow down to and worship Jesus today, if he was among them, poor, no paying job, living on the street, again? A bum. Dirt bag.

laughing Jesus

Kari and Sloan

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Teri Johnston, for Mayor of Key West, 2016; and a bit about birth stones, chakras, spiritual alchemy, Jesus and Peter, salvation and spiritual warfare, and, yep, cruise ships that walk on water better even than Jesus :-)

Feather Talk

comme un loup drawing

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In my next to last dream this morning, Key West City Commissioner Teri Johnston dominated my internet activity. Now what was that about? I wondered. After waking up. Am still wondering.

Teri JohnstonTeri

For starters, back in 2007, after Teri won her first race for city commission, I gave her a print of the original “When Pigs Fly” painting, by Candy Mense, which she did in the Art Behind Bars program, which Lynn Vantrigila had started and run for many years in the county jail on Stock Island. I bought the original painting, and Lynn gave me the print, which I gave to Teri, which she said she would hang in her city commissioner office. Later, she told me it was still hanging there.


In 2014, I tried my darndest to persuade Teri to run for mayor. She said she was happy being a city commissioner, for then, but maybe later. I said I wished she would reconsider. She thanked me, but not that year. I groaned, said I feared that would mean I would run for mayor that year, which turned out to be a waddle, instead of a run. Another fools errand. The angels love fools errands. When I run them. Maybe they have other errands for other people.

Anyway, I told my gracious host Todd German all of that this morning, and that Teri might win the mayor’s race in 2016, if she files to run. She would easily be the best candidate, I said.

I don’t always agree with Teri, but I admire her tenacity and straight talk at city commission meetings. She does her homework. Reads and studies the back up on, and researches, all the items on city commission readings. She is most usually the voice of reason at city commission meetings. She is deeply invested in Key West. She likes people. She runs a contracting company, catering to people who want to build or rebuild a home. She is not, as far as I know, a developer. She is lesbian. She is female. She knows what it’s like to be discriminated against. She would provide city voters with a viable alternative to Mayor Craig Cates and City Commissioner Mark Rossi, who is not seeking reelection this year and has as much as announced he will run for mayor in 2016.

Cates is a Bubba Conch (born here), now in his 4th term. He said when he ran the first time, in 2009, that, if elected, he would only serve that one term. He is putting up signals that he will run again in 2016, after the city attorney, a Bubba Conch, proclaimed the term limits amendment to the City Charter, passed by the City Commission, will not prevent Cates from running for a 5th term in 2016, which pronouncement surprised the hell out of everyone else on the City Commission. Teri Johnston seemed outraged about that news.

Mark Rossi is an interesting man, I like him, except when he’s backing cruise ships and KWPD can do no wrong, ever. Rossi runs sin businesses on Duval Street, which do well with cruise ship passengers. A Duval Street stripper told me KWPD cops are trafficking street drugs in Duval strip clubs and bars, in exchange for providing nighttime security when they are off KWPD duty.

I have felt for some time that Teri was spinning her wheels as a city commissioner, and she should run for mayor. I told Todd this morning that I felt Teri could have won in 2014, and that her political capital probably is not as strong now, as it was then. Even so, I hope she runs for mayor in 2016. She’s the best hope Key West has to move forward. I bet quite a few people in Key West agree.

Oh, Teri attended the candlelight memorial for Charles Eimers on South Beach, where he had been killed by KW cops on Thanksgiving Day 2013: they believed he was homeless, but he wasn’t. Mayor Cates and Mark Rossi knew of but did not attend the memorial.

Charles Eimer's take downCharles Eimers smothered

Eimers one human

“cartoons” by Arnaud Girard,

co-publisher Key West the Newspaper

On a very different front today, recently my lady Kari, currently in the county jail on Stock Island just above Key West, sent me a letter in which she said my birth stone is opal and hers is turquoise, and the chakras associated with my birth stone are the crown (7th) and brow (6th) chakras, and the chakras associated with turquoise are the throat (5th) and heart (4th) chakras. Kari asked me what I thought about all of that?, and to read further on it and get back to her on it.


opal, left, turquoise, right


This morning, I hand-wrote this letter to Kari:

Tues. 12 May, 2015

Dearest Meow,

So, about birthstones , opal (mine), turquoise (yours), and chakras, etc. 7th and 6th, mine, 5th and 4th, yours …
This 2-headed donkey sez: all that sez to me, compatability in the upper chakras, birth stones.
I’m on the shuttle bus, getting bounced around.
Anyway, I used to ponder and study on chakras and crystals, was important to me. Common thinking, 7th and 1st chakras, symbionic.; 5th and 2nd chakras, symbionic; 6th and 3rd chakras, symbionic; 4th chakra, independent, interdependent, regulator. Lots of schools on that, working directly with chakras, or trying to. Lots of similar schools on crystals.
Where I ended up, though, just doing what is in front of me, best as I can, in keeping with my training and spiritual guidance (dreams, transmissions, visions, ahas, body sensations, emotional sensations, etc.), was my focus and path, and that dealt with all the other which interested my mind, but did not advance me alchemically – lead moving toward gold, spiritually, which plays out in various ways in my human affairs. This, I feel, was, is, the essence of Jesus, Peter, in the Gospels & Acts (Peter).
Whenever someone tells me, “I am a born again Christian,” I ask, “Like Peter was born again? He is what Jesus meant in the Gospels, by being born again, which is seen in the parts of Acts about Peter. What Christians today call born-again is not what Peter experienced.”
Well, that usually is not well-received, surely only the devil could come up with that. :-)
In fact, the devil, D, came up with Christendom’s salvation formula, while Peter experienced Jesus’ salvation formula, after Jesus lived it himself. I keep saying Jesus is one of the 2 angels who first called on Me in early 1987, Michael was the other, but then I did not know their identities – only that they were angels, I saw them, I heard them, I felt their lightning strike me 3 times. I was wide awake, I was not in the DTs :-). Not made up. It happened. And it’s been happening ever since.
They melt me down over you, from time to time, to show me how deeply connected you and I are, how important you are, to them and to me. How many people do you imagine have the 4 Horsemen with them? You do. You could take all of that as a, hmmm, compliment. You could. Yeah, you could. Or, you could be a 2-headed donkey, which never worked well for me being that.

(The rest was written off the bus.)

Todd told me last night, when he was a boy, his father wouldn’t do business with people who told him they were born-again Christians, because he knew they would screw him. Todd said, again, that he really likes the Jefferson Bible, which Thomas Jefferson cut and pasted out of the Gospels, leaving out all the miracles. I said, the miracles are what Christendom fastened on, and missed the way Jesus lived and taught others to live. Todd said that was Jefferson’s point, how Jesus taught people to live was good, it made them better people.

In Acts, Peter’s community, except for one couple, put all of their money into a common pot, and each person received back what he/she needed. The one couple said they had put in all of their money, but had not. When Peter confronted the husband, I suppose the Spirit had alerted Peter, the husband confessed. Peter said he was sorry, then the husband dropped dead. As his body was being carted away, his now widow showed up and Peter told her what had just happened, and said he was sorry, and she dropped dead.
Now in my thoughts is your strong reaction yesterday, on the phone, to my saying I need a pile of money to effectively move forward and to do what I can to help you with your various difficulties, and if my stepmother dies, she will be better off, a win-win for her and me, and for you. I did not say, also for Brenda, who is near-starving in northern Georgia. I told you I didn’t always think that way, but I got over it. I didn’t want to engage my stepmother at all. You asked why did I engage her, then? I said, because the angels told me to do it, and they are bigger and meaner than me.
Perhaps all that was referenced in my last dream this morning, around dawn. I was talking with a young brunette woman I do not know, not even in my waking life. She says she is trying to raise money for St. Peter’s Church. I say, so the church and assist refugees? Yes, she says. I say, I think that church is privately endowed, it might be okay financially, be able to take care of refugees.

Maybe you and I are refugees?, and Brenda? There is a St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Key West. It is the church I attended here, whenever I felt the need to attend church, for me, not as a work assignment. It was built by black Bahamians. The congregation is mostly black. My mother was Episcopalian. My white mother. My black mother was Baptist. A Melchizedek in human form. The Holy Spirit’s emissary.
So, we’ll what we will see.
I’m including in this long missive the part of yesterday’s post at, about

Write On | Musings by the Ladies at the Key West Detention Center …

and the comments I submitted to Stacey’s poem.
I love you, Kari, you are my running mate :-)

Back story
On my stepmother’s passing, I receive my second inheritance under my father’s will, plus 1/4 of what my stepmother was receiving under a trust my father set up in the latter 1970s, to shield his estate from the IRS and any relatives turned greedy. I didn’t want to ask my stepmother for an advance from her own funds of one-half of my second inheritance, which I would repay her estate upon her death, out of my second inheritance. I resisted until the angels, and my father, in dreams, convinced me to do it, and to keep pressure on her, through her and my father’s lawyer, ever since, very little of which I have published at my websites. It sure looked to me that the angels were pushing me to kill my stepmother, if she did not advance me one-half of my second inheritance under my father’s will. I hated it, but finally I got over it and viewed it as just another awful work assignment the angels had dropped on me. Can’t imagine Peter liked telling that couple, he was sorry, and then they dropped dead.

As I was typing that last sentence, Kari called me from the jail, and I told her about my dream at dawn, and I summarized the above and told her the story in Acts about Peter, and she said, OH. Yeah, she agreed, we are refugees.

Kari and Sloan 2

Kari and Sloan

About 5 minutes before Kari called, I checked my email account and found this from Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, a big fan of Mother Nature, especially her oceans:

psychiatrist interviewsgreat white

Subject: divinity

SLOAN: in the camp with Jesus are Cruise ships –sacrosanct ;
they don’t plow through the water or tear up the sea floor because
they walk on the surface –sail on the surface –no fumes they
cruise along on will power —-if there was a vote Cruise ships
would come out ahead of Jesus and God as absolutely sacred…

I replied:

True in Key West, for sure.

cruise ship butt

another Aruaud Girard “cartoon”

candidate for US President, 2016, on the, hmmm, loon ticket


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Life Is Fragile: Key West’s new homeless shelter, how quickly city officials forget; plus, musings and muses from the ladies in the Sheriff’s Detention Center on Stock Island, just above Key West, and a solution to Monroe County’s unwanted stepchild – Higgs Beach Park

homeless census

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First today, let’s time travel back to shortly after Key West opened its homeless shelter …


KOTS dorm

From the Key West Citizen (, provided this morning by my gracious host Todd German, who sits on the Citizen’s Editorial Board, my interjected thoughts in bold italics,.

Addressing rec center atmosphere at shelter a step in right direction – 10/04/2004

There’s a new group in charge of the tents set up for homeless people near the jail on Stock Island, and things are going to be a little different from now on.

The back story is, the new group, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition (FKOC), Father Stephen Braddock and Charles Davis and Sam Kaufman, FKOC’s lawyer and Chairman of the Board, and I told the city during the spring of 2004, not to open the new homeless shelter. We told them it would become a den of booze and other drug usage and trafficking, sex trafficking, thieving, fighting and disease. FKOC had declined to operate the new shelter for the city. The city opened the shelter, and it immediately became what we had told them it would become. So, the city went to FKOC’s CEO, Father Stephen Braddock, begging him to have FKOC take over the shelter. Steve replied that FKOC would do it, if Charles Davis would handle it. Charles had moved back to Nevada. Steve called Charles and told him what was up. Charles said he would come back and straighten the shelter out, if he got to call all the shots. Steve passed that along to the city, and the city and the Sheriff agreed to it. The shelter was on the Sheriff’s land, on Stock Island. So, Charles came back to Key West and straightened out the shelter. I heard this story from both Charles and Steve. The Citizen never reported it, as far as I know. I reported it many times at As far as I know, I’m the only person/publication, who reported it, ever.

The city has signed a contract with the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, headed by Steve Braddock, to run what has been called the homeless safe zone since it opened in late June.

Father Stephen Braddock

Father Stephen Braddock, FKOC’s President and CEO

The Outreach Coalition is renaming the area the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter, or KOTS.

On Sunday, representatives from the Outreach Coalition met with people who have been staying in the tents, emphasizing ‘temporary’ in the site’s new name. While previous lodgers at the shelter could remain there throughout the day, the new rules call for people to leave the shelter with their belongings every day by 7:30 a.m., and check in at 7 p.m.

Tents, technically, but actually quonset huts. I stayed there two nights in early 2005. The quonset huts look today, as they looked back then, except I heard they were fiber-glassed over after Hurricane Wilma, in the fall of 2005.

The safe zone had become to much like a rec center, the new management says, and they hope forcing people to gather up their belongings each day will compel them to look for other options or seek more long-term help, such as substance abuse or mental health treatment.

There are long-term programs offered to homeless people in the Keys, including the ones offered to men and women by the Outreach Coalition. Those programs provide housing to people who agree to stay off drugs or alcohol, look for work and move toward getting their own homes. Some of the programs give people up to two years in what is called “transitional housing.” And others, like those offered to veterans and people with mental illness, can be offered for longer stretches of time.

Good theory, didn’t pan out. Or, we plan, God laughs!

The shelter provides an excellent opportunity to get the word out to those who need these services. At a meeting at the shelter on Sunday, Outreach Coalition staff members handed out a resource list with phone numbers for people who might want to seek help from the Domestic Abuse Shelter, AIDS Help, the Children’s Shelter and several other agencies, along with a map to their locations in Key West.

Again, good theory, didn’t pan out. It became a permanent place for homeless people to sleep at night. There was very little “transformation”, if any, among shelter clients. Jail trusties were used to clean up KOTS each morning, which improved sanitation. However, it eventually was discovered that trusties were finding caches of drugs and other contraband stashed away at KOTS and bringing it back into the jail, and the Sheriff stopped letting trusties clean up KOTS.

We congratulate the city for getting the shelter up and running, and also Andy Williams, who managed it for the first three months.

Andy knew nothing about homeless people, he was leagues out of his depth, as was the city. He was replaced because the shelter was a disaster and the city knew it.

The shelter gave the city and county a place to tell homeless people they could go when being kicked out of public parks, beaches and other areas.

True, because the city wanted to be able to arrest and jail homeless people for seeping outside at night, but to do that, the city, under the Pottinger federal case brought by the ACLU, which arose in Miami, under much the same circumstances, back in the early 1990s, required Miami to provide sleeping shelters for homeless people, and only then could Miami police arrest and jail homeless people who did not sleep in the Miami shelters. Also, the shelters had to be convenient, so Miami homeless people could get to the shelters. Otherwise, Miami homeless people had to be given transportation to the shelters, and only if they refused transportation could they be arrested for sleeping outside at night. Key West was in the same federal court’s jurisdiction. In the beginning, Key West city buses were free for city homeless people wanting to get to KOTS at night. But that program was ended and homeless people were left to their on ways of getting to KOTS. KOTS was built for one reason: to stop homeless people from sleeping outside at night. There was no other reason. I was involved in that up to my eyeballs. I was sleeping nights in a tent, in the wetlands across South Roosevelt Blvd from Smathers Beach. I was in ongoing dialogue with Assistant City Manager John Jones and City Manager Julio Avael.

We’ve seen that such a place can exist in Key West, and now it’s time to refine the shelter’s rules. It shouldn’t be so comfortable that it becomes a permanent home for people who need to address problems that led to their homelessness in the first place.

But it did become a permanent home for quite a few local homeless people, and for homeless snowbirds, who came down during the cold months, and left when the hot months approached.

And at just the right time, in steps Braddock and the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition to orchestrate such changes. We commend the city for its choice, as we believe the Outreach Coalition and Braddock will manage the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter in a professional, compassionate way but with a firm commitment to moving people toward self-sufficiency.

— The Citizen

Very reluctantly, Steve Braddock took on KOTS, he told me that himself, and that he was glad to be rid of it, when, in 2010, as I recall, the city was sued by the marina/condo association across the saltwater canal from KOTS, for public nuisance and building KOTS without permits, and FKOC was named as a defendant, too. Being sued hurt FKOC’s ability to get grant funding, so it gave KOTS back to Key West. Mayor Cates called me, furious at Steve. I asked Mayor Cates if he had told Steve the city would hold FKOC harmless in the lawsuit, for FKOC did not build KOTs and it was the city’s, not FKOC’s shelter? Mayor Cates said, no, he had not offered to hold FKOC harmless. I said, Steve never wanted to manage KOTS. He had told the city not to build it. He had run KOTS on a shoestring, it was not a profit maker for FKOC. It’s the city’s shelter. The city had to have it. Let the city run it, and see how well it does this time. The city then hired Southern Assistance Homeless League (SHAL) to run KOTS. SHAL still runs KOTS, which did not turn out at all like the city envisioned. I told the Monroe County Commission in the Harvey Government Center in Key West, in 2003, not to get involved with the city’s homeless shelter, it was not the county’s problem, but the city was trying to rope the county into helping with it. I bet the present county commissioners wish that County Commission had taken my advice. I bet the present Sheriff wishes that County Commission had taken my advice. I believe County Commissioners George Neugent and David Rice were on that County Commission.

Back to the future,

the sky is falling

in today’s Key West Citizen (, my interjected thoughts in bold italics:

City leaders are counting on Monroe County to chip in at least 50 percent of the operating costs for a new homeless shelter on Stock Island.

Why, it’s the city’s homeless shelter. The County Commission never felt the county needed a county homeless shelter. The city has always insisted it needs a homeless shelter. The city should pay for it, therefore.

The city’s $1.2 million plan to relocate its homeless shelter to 5220 College Road call for 120 beds, 20 fewer beds than the existing one, the addition of the local soup kitchen and a sprinkler system. Two sleeping areas will be housed inside new metal buildings, rather than ones with roll-down side canopies.

new KOTS design

Todd German astutely observed that more space is allocated for intake, case management and administration, than for sleeping area. He astutely asked, where do all the clients hang out, when they are not in the sleeping dorms, on their sleeping pads? He astutely asked if the time out area will be locked up, like a jail cell, under the Marchaman Act? I said I doubted that. Monitors will tell disorderly and/or drunk or otherwise wasted clients to go to the time out area, or leave the facility, and if they refuse to leave, the monitors call KWPD and ask for police enforcement, since it’s the city’s homeless shelter, and not the Sheriff’s.

City commissioners, however, appear more concerned about where the money will come from to make the shelter relocation from the sheriff’s office property up the road — necessary in order to settle a lawsuit by nearby condo owners.

“Yeah, where’s the money going to come to pay for this? City Commissioner Mark Rossi asked city staff, immediately after the first report detailing the costs, design and construction was presented at Tuesday night’s meeting.

“Is it coming from Monroe County?” Rossi asked. “Who’s going to pay for this? I’m a taxpayer, too, just like everyone else. I’m not going to foot the bill for $1.2 million.”

This is crazy thinking. The city insists on having a homeless shelter. But the city insists on the county, which doesn’t want a homeless shelter, to pay half of the cost. Hey, Commissioner Rossi, why don’t you tell Mayor Craig Cates to get the $1.2 million out of the Bight Authority’s reserves, like he and the City Commission got $1.3 million recently out of the Bight Authority’s reserves for Mayor Cates’ new city hall in the old Glenn Archer Elementary School? Mayor Cates later said on US 1 Radio, 104.1 FM, I heard him say it, than anyone who does not believe the Bight Authority’s reserves are the taxpayers’ money is insane. Right there on US 1 Radio, I heard Mayor Cates say that. Todd German told me that he thinks I am making a great point, if the Bight Authority reserves are the city government’s to do with as the city wishes, then those reserves can be used to build the city’s new homeless shelter.

04/16/2015 City Hall gets board funds
The Bight Management District Board has agreed to hand over $1.3 million from its reserves to the growing construction budget for the new City Hall in Key West — now pegged at $18.8 million.The vote Wednesday evening was 4-2…   (FromKey West Citizen)

Commissioners Billy Wardlow and Tony Yaniz followed suit, questioning whether the county would agree to team up with the city once the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter (KOTS) is relocated to the former Easter Seals site on College Road.

KOTS costs the city about $440,000 a year to operate and has room for 140 people on any given night.

Actually, KOTS has beds for 120 people, the other 20, when the shelter is at capacity, sleep outside the quonsut huts. Also, there probably are double that many homeless people in just the Key West area, and there are more homeless people at any given time in the county jail on Stock Island.

“The county said, show us your plan and your budget, Commissioner Teri Johnston. “This is the start of the conversation. Every indication I’ve gotten is they wanted a plan, they wanted a budget.”

City manager Jim Scholl said his last conversation with County Administrator Roman Gastesi confirmed the county’s intention to help at least run the shelter. “We would expect a 50 percent investment at least in the operations, if not in the upfront capital costs,” Scholl said. “This is a plan.”

“Plan”? Really? Gastesi makes that call? Nope. The five county commissioners make that call, and I know for a fact that the three county commissioners who live up the Keys from Key West are not happy about funding Key West’s homeless shelter. What the five county commissioners do about that, though, I will not predict. 

Also on the table is a pending decision by the state on whether Monroe County Land Authority funds could be used on the Key West homeless shelter relocation.

The city is claiming the shelter is affordable housing, so it should be funding like any other affordable housing. Currently, the Housing Authority money cannot be used to acquire/build affordable housing, but can only be used to acquire land on which affordable housing can be built. There is a push to have a special law passed in Tallahassee, which will allow Housing Authority funds to be used to build affordable housing, historically thought to be public rental housing. KOTS clients pay nothing to stay there. They cannot be made to pay to stay there. For then it is not a homeless shelter. It is a rental shelter. The Pottiinger case requires the city to pay the rent, and everything else, if it forces its homeless people to sleep in the shelter, or be arrested and jailed for not sleeping there.

The city’s civil engineer Gary Volenec delivered the staff report, the first detailing a proposed budget and a site design at the Easter Seals location.

Yaniz asked Volenec whether the $1.2 million budget is “fully funded,” a phrase he has blasted as being bandied about on various projects, including the City Hall at Glynn Archer School, which is now estimated to cost $18.8 million.

“Is the $1.2 million ‘fully funded?’” Yaniz asked Volenec. “Say no, please.” “No,” Volenec replied. “Thank you,” Yaniz said. “The sleeping facilities would need 50 square feet per person. That provided some constraints to us.”

On Friday, Johnston said she has talked with staff about the 120-capacity figure, saying it isn’t a permanent decision. She added that many of the KOTS residents work for a living. She recently met a man who works three jobs, with one of his employers being the city, who sleeps at KOTS.

“We’ve got to get out of that mindset that people out at KOTS are deadbeats,” Johnston said. “It’s an incredibly effective program. We’ve just got to keep giving them support out there.”

I have reliable information that perhaps 30 percent of KOTs clients have jobs, but those jobs are not providing a living for those clients who cannot pay high Key West rents. I have reliable information that, of those who work and stay at KOTS, that many of them spend a good bit of what they make maintaining their drug habits of choice. Just as most KOTS clients, who are receiving social security disability, retirement or VA benefits, use their benefits to support their drug habits. I am told by KOTS personnel that the present KOTS management is not allowing into KOTS clients who are wasted by booze and/or other drugs. But I know, from what I frequently see at the staging area across from the Easter Seals property on College Road, that many homeless people using KOTs are long-term addicts, and they are using. All you have to do to know that, is look at them, although getting out of your car, or off your bicycle, and talking with them brings even more clarity. Commissioner Johnston needs stop listening to city staff and to SHAL personnel who run KOTS. She needs to spend time at KOTS. She needs to sleep a few nights there, talk with the homeless people who stay there. Then, she will have a more clear picture of what really is going on at KOTS and among the city’s homeless people. Same advice to the other city commissioners and Mayor Cates. Advice I gave them a number of times at city commission meetings. Advice they have not yet used, as far as I know. If the do what I advised, they will find that most KOTS clients are “dead beats”, by mainstream’s standard, or are mentally ill, or are not interested in changing, or able to change, and, hmmm, 90 percent are addicts.

The new shelter will have a sprinkler system in case of a fire, something KOTS lacks. But unlike the bunkhouses on the sheriff’s property now, the new metal buildings for sleeping won’t be air-conditioned, staff said.

“The ceilings would be insulated and there would be some ceiling fans,” Volenec said. Key West’s tropical heat and the proposed metal buildings won’t add up to a proper shelter, said Yaniz, calling for the shelter to have sleeping areas with removal canopy sides instead.

I told Todd German this morning, during the summer months, the new dorms will be sweat lodges. That will discourage homeless people staying there at night. Sweat lodges will encourage disease and its transmission. Native Americans might find that an amusing twist of fate.

In a year or two, city staff will be asking to install air conditioning, Yaniz predicted, adding that the new shelter plans will attract even more homeless people to the island.

“If that brochure gets out to the midwest and thenortheast, they’ll be packing their bags and heading south,” he said.

Tony, the brochure is already out, it’s been out for decades. Homeless people come to Key West because they don’t freeze here in winter, and the city is a party town, and most of them love to party. And, this new shelter will be smaller, as designed, in the number of beds, than the existing KOTS shelter. Where will the local displaced KOTS clients sleep nights after the new shelter opens? This cartoon by Arnaud Giarad, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (, sums up what already is out there, and has been out there a long time.

homeless tourist ad

Moving laterally into the county jail on Stock Island, yesterday, I submitted a comment under Stacey Legate’s poem:

Write On | Musings by the Ladies at the Key West Detention Center …

write on

“Life is Fragile”

Blowing rocks, it is high tide

We tell each other this isn’t goodbye

Left behind the sunshine

Now we are lost

In hidden places beyond the shadows

Our love was tossed

A whispered wish in the wind

God please forgive me for I have sinned

He can’t sleep, the rain is falling

The path of darkness, you’ll find him crawling

Tears blast from her eyes

Outside the lightning strikes

Bitter cold and off color, ready to let go

In that moment He chose love

And told the Devil NO!!!

In the sky a spill of stars

He sees her halo, thou she is far

He’s finally getting off the ground

Emerging from the dark

She smiles back at him

And the both feel that amazing spark

Holding hands, their hearts awaken

There healed hearts no longer breaking

Moon light, lovers laughing

Waves break, water crashing

Life is fragile, their love remains

Together happily ever after

They grow old and go insane

They hold each other, go to sleep

And written on there stone

A beautiful carving that says

K J Loves Stacey

And they finally made it home

Stacey Legate

Stacy, other ladies contributing to this blog …

My lady Kari Dangler, now in the sheriff’s jail where you are, told me about your website, and twice now I have provided its link in posts at my, and probably will continue doing that from time to time, as I view your poetry and prose important, relevant, gripping and often heart-wrenching.

I can’t, nor can anyone, who has not been in jail, or in prison, know what that’s like, but we who have not had the experience can learn a lot of you who have had it.

I once had a number of men inmate pen pals arising out of a workshop I did in a maximum security prison in Colorado, in early 1991, as I recall, which the prison chaplain asked me to conduct after he had read my book THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to Legal Problems, published in the fall of 2000. In 2001, I published PRISONS & FREEDOM, 1/3 of which was about the workshop. Both books are a metaphysical approach to legal and other troubles, THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD was the first such book I wrote. Before that, the books I wrote were legal consumer topics, secular.

I was unable to sell enough copies, nowhere close, of THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD and PRISONS & FREEDOM to even pay myself back the cost of self-publishing the two books, and eventually I donated most of the copies I’d had printed and bound to The Prison Library Project in Clermont, California, which, based on its website,!services/ca4p , still seems to be operating.

They gave away a lot of copies those two books, and that’s what led to me having even more inmate pen pals for a number of years. You can write to them and tell them what subject interests you, and they will try to match a book, or books, to the subjects you indicate, and send you the books to you free of charge.

Prison Library Project
915-C W. Foothill Blvd, PMB 128
Claremont, CA 91711

As far as I know, prisons and jails around the US allowed inmates to received books mailed to them from the Prison Library Project.

THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD and PRISONS & FREEDOM might still be available there, and sometimes I see them at online bookstores, and even at If you would like a copy of each sent to the jail, and if I can find copies online, I will have them sent to whomever you designate, or to Kari, who is in Unit B, currently.

Kari already was sent a copy of the last novel to jump out of me, which has a lot of legal stuff in it, some prison stuff, and lots of metaphysics, drama, and romance (man-woman kind): HEAVY WAIT; A Strange Tale. She may not have gotten it yet, but she read maybe 1/3 of it before she went back into the jail, a copy I gave to her. It’s still in print, and same offer to you for it, as the other two books.

My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Sloan Bashinsky, ex-lawyer (I quit, it was killing me)

Dreams last night left me feeling I didn’t say enough about the 3 books I wrote. They are about psychological and spiritual healing, which means they are about introspection, instead of laying blame elsewhere for our predicaments. Also, the books are about supernatural intervention into the lives of people who are using that approach.

Stacey, my apology for leaving the e out of your first name in my first comment.


Last today, I started a new “Sloan Bashinsky for US President” page yesterday at, chronicling excerpts from posts about my campaign for US President in 2016. I will keep updating that page, as more national election madness consumes me. Key West and Monroe County taught me a heap about politics and government and bureaucrats and elected officials. A heap.

Just for example, I told Todd German today that Monroe County should have given Higgs Beach Park to Key West, because the park is costing the county a lot of money and it is in Key West.

Higgs Beach from ocean

Todd said the city doesn’t want to own and operate the park. I said, true, but the county commissioners could solve that quickly, by telling the city commissioners and city mayor, either take over Higgs Beach Park, or the county will close it, stop cleaning it up every morning, stop cleaning the public restrooma, and put up no trespassing signs and start having deputies arrest trespassers, even if they are county commissioners and the city mayor, and  take them to the Sheriff’s jail. Todd said the county commissioners cannot do that. I said, sure the county commissioners can do that. It’s the county’s park. The county can close it for economic reasons, if the county commissioners vote to do that. Todd said, the county can’t do it, there would be too much outcry, the pressure on the county commissioners would be awful, they would not do it. I said, that’s my point. To be a real elected official, you have to be immune to that kind of pressure. You have to be bullet proof. If you aren’t, you should not be an elected official. I did not think to say, mea culpa, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman, who had his second White House in  Key West, seemed to know that.

Sloan at Smathers Beach

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many times, in frustration over something I had said or done, my mother said to me, “Only a mother could love it!” If only she were here to say that now! – Happy Mother’s Day, Florida Keys Mother Nature and America free trade lovers!

First Amendment

The pen is mightier than the sword,

thus the sword defends the pen

Archangel Michelle

lightning woman

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Mother Nature

This being Mother’s Day, two letters to the editor about Mother Nature in today’s Key West Citizen (, my interjected thoughts in bold italics, after which, a great question posed to me by Sanco Panza, re, if I were POTUS, what I would do about the new proposed foreign trade agreements?

Solution needed for Cudjoe deep well

dump the pumps

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection never required the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority to conduct an environmental impact study before approving the old landfill on Cudjoe Key as the site for the wastewater treatment plant.

In the 1970s, when the Cudjoe landfill site was used, it was not constructed with a liner to protect the surrounding environment, meaning that whatever was dumped there can leach unimpeded into the land and potentially into the water.

At the urging of Dig Deep Cudjoe, FKAA engaged Dr. Henry Briceno from Florida International University and Dr. Eugene Shinn from the University of South Florida to conduct a tracer dye study to determine whether fresh water injected into the shallow wells would end up in the near-shore waters.

Their discoveries are twofold: first, there is interconnectivity between the shallow wells and the surface waters as the dye migrated laterally. Secondly, they discovered the presence of fluorescein and rhodamine, used to color automobile antifreeze. Imagine a daily flushing of the chemicals from the landfill into the near-shore waters.

Chris Bergh, director of the Nature Conservancy for South Florida explained: “Putting these two facts together leads me to the conclusion that the groundwater under and surrounding the Cudjoe Key landfill is likely to contain substances other than fluorescein and rhodamine and that those other substances are likely to be mobilized into the surface environment by injection of treated wastewater at the depths of the existing shallow wells. This makes me extremely uneasy.”

The solution is clear: Don’t hook up residents to the plant without performing a thorough scientific study and risk assessment, including a baseline analysis of the water.

FKAA plans to start up the plant this month and begin hooking up residents in June.

FDEP has not been attentive to our environmental concerns. The Environmental Protection Agency only steps in after the fact, so no help there, either.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the best friend rich landowners, mangrove cutters, polluters, developers, Realtors, Chambers of Commerce and their bought and paid for elected local and state officials ever had.

Here’s the irony: FKAA is spending millions of our tax dollars to bring us a “modern” sewer system that will foul our waters for the next two to three years while they take their sweet time permitting and constructing a deep well.

Diane Johnson
Sugarloaf Key

Sanctuary Advisory Council won’t relinquish power

At a recent Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary meeting, I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation put on by an environmental scientist by the name of Jeremy Jackson.

His presentation covered his findings and opinion on the real causes of our reef system’s continuous demise.

Contrary to popular opinion, which puts most of the blame on global warming, bad water quality is due to over-development and agricultural runoff. Agreed, but sewerage run-off also in play, as the reef cannot tolerate nitrogen. For the first 30 minutes, Jackson spoke of one of the main problems in his mind, which is over-fishing, and the die-off of our sea urchin population.

As far as the sea urchins go, I concur with Mr. Jackson that the demise of so many sea urchins played a devastating role in the death of much of our coral habitat. Without the urchins around to eat invasive algae blooms and other damaging growths, coral polyps were slowly smothered, with widespread and devastating consequences.

I am not sure how that can be blamed on fishermen, but I am sure that given time someone will figure it out.

Now, here is where I got lost.

As I listened to Jackson’s presentation, he finally got to the punchline on the fishermen’s (proven?) part in the coral reef’s demise.

According to his studies, parrot fish — which are herbivores and feed on invasive growth that attacks coral — have been overfished.

Now, unless there is a secret fishhouse buying parrot fish, and restaurants are serving parrot fish under another name, I challenge Dr. Jackson to show proof of this fishery.

Agreed, and, having fished in the Keys many decades, in another life, I know parrot fish are not likely to take a bait, because they eat stuff on coral. And, I know most people do not think parrot fish are safe to eat, because they eat coral and may contain ciguatera. However, I ate parrot fish on the island nation of Dominica, in the Windward Islands, speared by a local teen, and they were delicious and I did not get sick, nor did the Dominicans who ate those parrot fish. If the esteemed ocean scientist Jeremy Jackson was so far off about parrot fish being fished out in the Keys, he unfortunately damaged the rest of his argument, with which I agree. Perhaps Jeremy should investigate what made parrot fish scarcer on the reef. Could it be there is a lot less living reef in the Keys than there used to be, about 90 percent of the reef died, and that made many parrot fish go elsewhere to find something to eat?

Further along in the meeting, a letter was read by Superintendent Sean Morton, authored by Mayor Craig Cates. In the letter the mayor asked to be considered for a position on the sanctuary board, in order to observe and have more input in the process which will directly affect not only the economics of our city, but also its future as a tourist destination.

The committee never brought this motion to a vote, because apparently Mayor Cates’ wishes could not even get a second to the motion.

The reasoning behind this denial, according to their own words, was that there were already too many people on the board, and if they allowed Mayor Cates to join, they might have to allow a representative from other Keys as well.

The City of Key West has little to no representation on the board, and in my opinion, their denial of the mayor’s request was a slap in the face to all Key West residents, although as a local fisherman who has attended many of these meetings, the outcome was to be expected.

The Sanctuary Advisory Council is working with a stacked deck, and though the mayor is open-minded to both protecting the environment and the people, the SAC is not about to relinquish any part of that deck without being forced to do so.

I disagree. What drives Mayor Cates is a Conch mentality. Conch’s are born here, natives. They are what has led to the local waters being polluted with human sewerage. They are what has led to the ocean being over-fished. They are what has led to Key West being overrun with development, tourists and booze and other drug addicts. They are who once sent through a pipe all of Key West’s sewerage two miles out into the ocean. Cates categorically denied during the 2014 mayor race that Key West’s waters are full of MRSA bacteria, he said the ocean is beautiful and clean, although every diver and physician in Key West knows that is not true; that MRSA is a constant threat to anyone who goes into the water here. Cates is not a fisherman. He is a mechanic and a power boat racer. He his a business man. And he is a politician. I don’t blame the Sanctuary for not having him on their Advisory Council. 

Richard Gomez

Key West

Moving beyond the tiny asteroid at the tip end of a tiny asteroid belt, 
Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza wrote yesterday:

Since you are running for POTUS, ask the angels about Grayson!

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink


I replied:

Great question, Sancho –

I listened to Grayson’s video, not sure I understand what he said about Warren Buffett’s import certificates solution, and I didn’t find that yet online, but will look further. Do you know, can you explain, Buffett’s solution? I have some rudimentary thoughts and will be mulling this over night. I had told the angels, if they put me up to this POTUS thing, whatever it is, they need to start giving me things to say that will get people’s attention. So, this email is to them, too :-).


Don Q

Sancho sent back, which I did not see until after I had written again to him this morning:

Import certificates – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Import certificates are a proposed mechanism to implement balanced trade, and eliminate a country’s trade deficit. The idea was proposed by Warren Buffett in 2003 to address the U.S. trade deficit. In the United States, the idea was first introduced legislatively in the Balanced T…
Preview by Yahoo
 Basically, exporters are given the priviledge of buying these import certificates(ICs) that are equivalent in initial value to the amount of dollars that they are “EXPORTING”. Importers will require these cerificates to IMPORT goods and the only way they can get them is from……. the exporters….. so this gives an advantage to those businesses that chose to keep producing here and seeling overseas. The acutal value of the ceritificate will be determined in the free market… the more demand there is for importing a particular comodity the higher the value of the IC for that commodity…. and vice versa! Anyway, you’re a lawyer, you should be able to understand this sort of things a lot better than me! *:) happy

Import certificates
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Import certificates are a proposed mechanism to implement balanced trade, and eliminate a country’s trade deficit. The idea was proposed by Warren Buffett in 2003 to address theU.S. trade deficit. In the United States, the idea was first introduced legislatively in the Balanced Trade Restoration Act of 2006. The proposed legislation was sponsored by Senators Byron Dorgan (ND) and Russell Feingold (WI), two Democrats in the United States senate. Since then there has been no action on the bill.
Buffett’s plan proposes creating a market for transferable import certificates, (ICs) that would represent the right to import a certain dollar amount of goods into the United States. These transferable ICs would be issued to US exporters in an amount equal to the dollar amount of the goods they export and they could only be utilized once. They could be sold or traded to importers, who must purchase them in order to legally import goods into the USA. The price of ICs are set by (free-market) forces, and are therefore dependent on the balance between entrepreneurs’ willingness to pay the ICs market price for importing goods into the USA and the global volume of goods exported from the USA, (i.e. supply and demand).
Proceeds from the sale of ICs would encourage exporters (who would gain that extra money in addition to the proceeds of their exports) and discourage importers (who would need to pay the additional cost to acquire ICs as well as the cost to acquire the goods they are importing). This system would essentially create a broad-based tariff on imports to the United States, and subsidy for exports – compare cap and trade, which creates a similar market in pollution.
Many who are aware of the ”Balanced Trade Restoration Act of 2006” text find it has faults that could have been easily corrected:
They regret that assessments would not be adjusted to exclude the value of specifically listed scarce or precious minerals integral to the goods being assessed. We should discourage the export of cast gold paper weights encrusted with gems in order to facilitate importing high-tech or labor intensive goods. This fault could severely undermine the bill’s economic benefit to our nation.
Natural gas and oil should have also been included in such a scarce or precious minerals list. The proposal itself should not favor the export or inhibit the import of such scarce minerals. (The original U.S. Senate draft temporarily (for only 5 years) excluded the entire value of goods containing petroleum).
The act should be self-funding. Only those exporters of goods from the USA who choose to pay fees that would fund all of the act’s entire net expenses should have their goods assessed and receive the transferable ICs based upon that assessment. Exporter’s potential profits would motivate them to pay those fees.
IC market prices are market rather than government driven
The IC market price (per dollar of face value) is eventually an additional cost to USA purchasers’ of foreign goods. The IC price is directly dependent upon the USA’s purchasers’ aggregate willingness to pay additionally for foreign goods.
Differences between exporters of USA goods expenses for dealing with ICs and the IC prices are additional revenues to the exporters that would induce lesser prices of USA goods to foreign purchasers; (i.e. an induced price reduction of USA goods to foreign purchasers which in turn induces increasing USA exports of goods). This proposal would increase the aggregate sum of USA’s imports plus exports more than otherwise.
Under this proposal to the extents that USA purchasers willingness to pay additionally for foreign goods indirectly induces increasing USA exports of goods, or USA’s purchasers refraining from paying such additional costs indirectly induces increased USA production to satisfy Our domestic want of goods, will in both instances reduce our trade deficit and bolster our GDP more than otherwise.
Buffett argues that the concept is of little value to a nation which maintains a trade surplus of goods. Conceivably under this proposal USA’s economy could improve to the point that demand for USA goods abroad closely approaches or exceeds the demand for foreign goods within USA’s domestic market. In such an environment the open market value of ICs wouldn’t be worth much more than the expense of their acquisition.
It’s been suggested that during such favorable conditions the government by executive-congressional agreement, (by CEA) could for a limited duration of months or subject to presidential termination, waive the requirement that importers surrender ICs. There are precedence’s’ for CEAs.


I sent to Sancho, not yet having seen the above from him:

Okay, been doing homework …

Running for POTUS sounds sort of like running for the commode :-). I heard in my sleep last night, “You don’t have to be married to it.” On waking, I thought maybe I didn’t have to be married to NAFTA, which started the USA foreign trade train to hell, according to many. And, maybe I don’t have to be married to running for President.

I told my host Todd German last night, that I figured any campaign I ran would be a lampoon campaign, but perhaps I would be mistaken. He said, if Americans end up having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, I might do pretty well. I said, my understanding is, it’s hard to get onto the ballot and it takes a lot of campaign workers and grassroots, none of which I have. I’d just tell people to do it the old-fashioned way and write my name on their ballot, for President. Whether or not their vote would be counted, I wasn’t sure. But it would be their vote anyway.

Back to your great question …

I figured, first, I had to study up on NAFTA, which is where it is said the trade deficit went south (of the border), mostly, according to Wikipedia, by more Mexican goods being imported into USA than USA was importing into Mexico, and by USA corporations relocating operations into Mexico, putting lots of Americans out of work.

Similar but less fiscally draining happened between USA and Canada, the third NAFTA country in the 3-way agreement. According to Wikipedia, many Canadian corporations later were bought out by foreign interests.

I well recall Ross Perot, on Larry King Live, tried to persuade George Bush from going in and saving Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. Oh me, oh my, how things might later have gone differently, if Bush had listened to Perot.

Well, Bush also spearheaded NAFTA, but he got unseated in his bid for reelection by Bill Clinton, primarily because during his first campaign Bush had campaigned on, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” which his opponent, Walter Mondale, said was a lie, and it turned out to be a lie, and Bush then said it was only campaign talk, and at the next presidential election the voters seemed to have different sentiments about Bush’s moving lips.

Anyway, Clinton liked NAFTA, too, and he sent his Vice President Al Gore to debated Perot on national TV about NAFTA, and poor Perot, he got caught by the short hairs, it looked like, when Gore asked him, if NAFTA goes through, would Perot’s companies benefit from NAFTA? Gore said Perot was playing it both ways, so he would win whether NAFTA was passed, or not, by Congress. Perot handled it poorly. NAFTA was passed by Congress.

So, my rudimentary thinking (brain stem, survival instinct) says, stop the hemorrhage. Congress repeals NAFTA. But I think NAFTA is a treaty, so that takes more commotion and no doubt makes lawyers happy, as in died and gone to heaven.

So, redneck mystic solution: screw the lawyers, ignore the international tribunals in which, according to Wikipedia, the NAFTA treaty says disputes will be decided. This is life or death. Stop honoring NAFTA, which will make lots of American meat farmers unhappy, as, according to Wikipedia, post NAFTA Mexico started importing considerably more American meat, and more corn, as Mexico did not produce enough corn for itself.

So, given all of that, and taking all of it as the down and dirty close to ugly truth, for darn sure, don’t do a NAFTA simile with Asia and another one with Europe.

As for Warren Buffett’s import certificates solution to the trade deficit, found this article, which seems to lay it out pretty good:

Balancing Trade – Remember The “Buffett Plan”
MAY 1, 2014
Dave Johnson

The enormous, humongous trade deficit is doing incredible damage to our economy. Our country’s elites used to care about that.

In 2003 Warren Buffett wrote a highly-influerntial article, America’s Growing Trade Deficit Is Selling The Nation Out From Under Us. Here’s A Way To Fix The Problem–And We Need To Do It Now. Buffett began, “I’m about to deliver a warning regarding the U.S. trade deficit and also suggest a remedy for the problem.” Then he added, “… our country’s ‘net worth,’ so to speak, is now being transferred abroad at an alarming rate.”

To make his point, Buffett used a hypothetical example of “two isolated, side-by-side islands of equal size, Squanderville and Thriftville.” Thriftville lived off the food they grew, and worked extra time so they could export food. The people in Squanderville stopped working and issued IOUs so they could just buy food from Thriftville, thinking “they can now live their lives free from toil but eat as well as ever.”

Of course, Squanderville couldn’t issue IOUs forever to buy Thriftville’s food. Eventually Thriftville owned all of Squanderville and the people there had to start working 16 hours a day to make up for the work they hadn’t done. And because Thriftville now owned Squanderville, the long hours would continue forever, generation after generation.

The 2002 US trade deficit that had Buffett sounding this alarm was $417.4 billion — an enormous, humongous number. By 2005 it reached $708 billion. The Great Recession knocked that way down, as we stopped being able to buy so much, but we made no changes in our trade policies and recovery returned it to $560 billion in 2011. It is down to $470 billion now, largely because the oil and gas boom reduces imports. (And lower oil and gas imports do not reopen factories, etc.)

Buffett went on to explain how the trade deficit is affecting us.

In effect, our country has been behaving like an extraordinarily rich family that possesses an immense farm. In order to consume 4% more than we produce — that’s the trade deficit — we have, day by day, been both selling pieces of the farm and increasing the mortgage on what we still own.

When You Sell The Farm, The Jobs And Ability To Make A Living Go Away

When a family sells off the farm to a housing developer the members of the family might put a bunch of cash into their bank accounts, but all the people working at the farm are out of a job and the surrounding community loses its ability to grow food to eat in the future. That is what our country is doing. That is the inequality we are experiencing. The trade deficit is a few people selling off our jobs and ability to make a living in the future. They get really rich, and the rest of us lose everything in the long run.

To put the huge trade deficit in perspective, picture our economy if $470 billion of orders came in right now to companies that make or do things inside the US. Picture the factories reopening, the people hired, the suppliers thriving, the communities reawakening, the tax revenues filling up government coffers, etc. That is the harm that this trade deficit is doing, because those things are not happening. That is the harm done when we borrow so we can buy things made elsewhere.

The trade deficit has been draining our wealth. It is the main reason the economy is having so much trouble. The unequal distribution of our wealth is part of the problem, too, but only part. In other words, right now we are unequally redistributing less and less wealth. Our economic problem is not the budget deficit, the budget deficit partly results from the trade deficit.

The trade deficit is a few rich people selling the farm that grows the food we eat and where the rest of us work.

The Buffet Plan

Buffet proposed a simple plan to balance our trade. The government could issue “Import Certificates (ICs) to all U.S. exporters in an amount equal to the dollar value of their exports.” The number of import certificates determines the level of trade imbalance or balance that we allow.

Each exporter would, in turn, sell the ICs to parties–either exporters abroad or importers here–wanting to get goods into the U.S. To import $1 million of goods, for example, an importer would need ICs that were the byproduct of $1 million of exports. The inevitable result: trade balance.

The idea was sort of like cap-and-trade. Exporters would get a certificate for the value of their exports. The certificates allow anyone holding them to import that dollar amount of goods or services. So selling these certificates would mean extra cash to exporters, and would help them modernize factories, pay specialists and the other things needed to revive our in-country industries. Or the extra cash would let them sell for less, which would counter currency manipulation and other subsidies that other countries provide to their exporters.

There are a number of pluses and minuses, and Buffett goes on to list some of the negative effects of balancing trade. For one thing, prices would necessarily go up. But, of course, jobs and wage gains would return to our economy.

Buffett closes by saying we need to stop wishful thinking about the trade deficit.

Perhaps there are other solutions that make more sense than mine. However, wishful thinking–and its usual companion, thumb sucking–is not among them. From what I now see, action to halt the rapid outflow of our national wealth is called for, and ICs seem the least painful and most certain way to get the job done.

Variations On The Buffett Plan

Senators Russ Feingold and Byron Dorgan proposed the The Balanced Trade Restoration Act of 2006, similar to Buffett’s plan. The bill warned, “The surging trade deficits could soon create a balance of payments crisis for the United States, which could wreak havoc with the economy of the United States.” The bill didn’t go anywhere.

A 2008 paper from the Levy Institute, The Buffett Plan for Reducing the Trade Deficit suggest that the government auction import certificates and use the revenue to offset the negative effects of the initial transformation back to an exporting economy.

A 2009 paper from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), Addressing Balance of Payments Difficulties Under World Trade Organization Rules says that government auctioning of Import Certificates would be more consistent with WTO rules than letting companies sell them to exporters. According to the paper,

Warren Buffett’s trade balancing proposal would bring the chronic U.S. trade deficit into balance by creating import certificates equal to the value of U.S. exports. These certificates could be granted to exporters and sold by them on the open market, or they could be auctioned by the government through a certificate market. While the first method would provide benefits to exporters, the second method would help reduce or eliminate potential inconsistencies with WTO prohibitions on export subsidies.74 In addition, the second method could generate a stream of revenue for the government.

In a 2011 article, “What Would Buffett Do? — A Plan to Balance Trade, Create Jobs and Restore American Manufacturing,” Bill Parks goes into detail on a similar plan, and suggests a mix of private and public sale of the import certificates. He also suggests that the government could adjust the ratio of exports to imports as needed.

We Have To Balance Trade Somehow

It should be noted that in a free market these trade imbalances would be at least partly addressed by currency rates moving to market levels. America’s dollar would weaken, moving prices low enough that we would start selling much more of what we make and do. But countries like China and others are benefitting from this trade imbalance and are keeping their currencies from adjusting. And there are beneficiaries inside of our own country — Wall Street, giant multinationals an others — who are benefitting from the status quo. So the vast imbalances continue.

The Buffett Plan was just one idea for balancing trade. But balance we must. As Buffett warns, these huge trade deficits cannot be sustained. They are draining our economy. There has to be a reckoning. We have not faced that reckoning yet, but it is inescapable. It has to happen. We have to tackle this as a country, with a national plan.


However, Sancho, I don’t myself care for Buffet’s certificates, because the US Government will give them to US for profit corporations, who will use them to export more products, or spend on their corporate needs, or squander, or sell to other exporters, or to foreign importers, and how’s that going to affect the US budget deficit? I don’t see how those import certificates will not become commodities, like pork bellies, wheat futures, foreign currencies. I can see those import certificates having serious unintended consequences, like NAFTA apparently had. I can’t go with import certificates issued by the US Government.

There is a bit more in play here, which perhaps Buffett did not want to drag into it, I can’t imagine he doesn’t know. That’s the huge amount of US military spending overseas. Military bases, personnel, equipment, ordnance, naval vessels, civilian contractors, and, yeah, armies and wars. Wonder how much they would spend in America, if they were not overseas? As President, they would not be overseas. I order them to be here, in America, or in American territories, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. Defending Americans from external and internal attack.

Also I can’t imagine Buffett is not aware of US Corporations setting up foreign subsidiaries and not paying US taxes, which I suppose increases the amount of money leaving the US, and also increases the US budget deficit. That needs to be rectified, too, but that will take Congress passing changes to the US Tax Code and the IRS sleuths enforcing those changes.

Whew! Rough first day on the job, you caused, Sancho. Oh, my bad, I was assassinated one hour after I ordered all US military forces to come home, and I told Israel it gets no more US aid over which I, POTUS, have any control. Stop that US budget and foreign trade drain, too.



Something needs to be done about the US dollar being artificially propped up, after all, capitatisim, free markets, laissez faire, the law of supply and demand, etc.

Todd also said that I’d be the only non-millionaire in the race, for that reason, and other reasons, I’d be able to speak to homelessness and other issues the millionaires could not address. I said, yes, and I doubted I would do any worse than any prior President, and I might do better.

I was shot in the back of the head by a closet left-wing Zionist on my Secret Service detail, just moments before a closet right-wing Skinhead on my Secret Service detail was about to do the same. Instead, he shot the Zionist and was promoted to Deputy Director of Homeland Security.

Sloan at Smathers Beach
Sloan Quixote

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Sloan for Presidensky! – first reported at

April foolship of fools 2

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Perhaps first today, a link to something that up and jumped out of me in the fall of 2004, amid oceans of tears,

portraits of six people who had a major influence on me during my formative years, behind a brief introduction of how that little book just up and jumped out of me quite a while before the angels just upped grabbed me in early 1987 – the rest, I suppose, is history :-).


Sloan haloSloan on the beach

Sloan angel

four somewhat dated “doctored” photos of moi, 

compliments the boss pirate publisher


After seeing a bit about it on TV news the other day, I went searching yesterday and found:

2 days ago – Anonymous, Garland Texas, Charlie Hedbo, Islamic State, Twitter, terror attack warning.


Garland, Texas – On May 4th Elton Simpson, 30, and his roommate Nadir Soofi, 34, opened fire on an unarmed security guard outside of a controversial Prophet Muhammad drawing the contest. Two days prior to that, a woman living outside of the US, connected to Anonymous, sent a message to the official Garland Police Department Twitter account warning of a potential Islamic State attack.

Apparently the message never raised any red flags or was forwarded on by police.

“That is the first time I’ve heard that,” GPD spokesman Joe Harn said, when informed of the warning, according to The Daily Dot. “We were monitoring things; we had the FBI and ATF, but we didn’t see anything [on Twitter].”

The Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest was, in actuality, a Muhammad drawing contest being held under the auspices of free speech. It would be considered blasphemous and a direct provocation to Muslims, as it is forbidden within Islam to create physical representations of the Prophet. It is widely thought that the January attack on satirical French paper Charlie Hedbo was a direct result of their humorous cartoon depictions of the Prophet.

Anonymous has shown a penchant for targeting Islamic State accounts on Twitter and has numerous IS-related groups that regularly attack and track the terrorist group on social media.

According to The Daily Dot:

At 5:37 p.m. on Friday, May 1, the user, who requested anonymity for the sake of her security, tweeted at the Garland Police Department’s official Twitter account, warning them of a potential attack. …

On Friday, the user discovered that another Twitter account, @AnsarAlUmmah49, had referenced an upcoming attack in Garland, where a group of Americans were planning a “draw Mohammad” event.

So the user tweeted to @garlandpd with a link to the tweet in question, which called for an attack, specifically in Garland and on May 3. @AnsarAlUmmah49 has since been deleted.



But this also raises some deeply troubling questions.

Why, if teams were on the ground and aware of the imminent attack, were these men allowed to open fire before being neutralized by law enforcement?

If the operation was conducted in the name of public safety then these men should have been taken into custody well before they actually attempted to execute an attack.

It would seem that law enforcement allowed the attack to take place, but why would they do this?

One possible explanation is that they allowed this plot to progress to the point of actual gunfire with the intention of creating a media sensation of a terrorist attack. This has been proven in the past to make people more fearful and thus more readily willing to give up civil liberties in the name of safety.

What’s certain is that Americans are tired of our government spying on them. Perhaps the state is attempting to justify why they have these blanket surveillance programs listening in on innocent U.S. citizens’ conversations.

What do you think; did the government allow this attack to take place as a means of making people more willing to give up security for the illusion of safety? Let us know in the comments below.

Please share this story if you think this “attack” was intentionally allowed to happen.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on and You can follow him on Twitter@sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

Then I read a heap of reader comments, and finally found one I liked and responded to:

Michael Michael · Top Commenter
I have no issue with any form of free speech. But people who act as if these idiots who setup this display WEREN’T hoping for some retaliatory action of this kind to occur, are stupid. What would you expect to happen if there was a “who can draw the biggest lipped black person!” contest in Texas? Pretty sure people would show up pissed, most likely armed, only to be met with other armed people hoping that this would happen, so they can “defend” their rights haha. Whatever.
  • Dustin Harris · Student at University of Alaska Fairbanks

    A valid point, but if your big lip art contest did happen yes, people would show up pissed and PROTEST, loudly, maybe some vandalism, but I really doubt the killing spree. Apples and oranges.
  • Sloan Bashinsky · Top Commenter · Janitor at God

    Michael Michael, your comment goes to the heart of the matter, for me anyway. Yesterday on TV, a woman being interviewed on a news show was livid over the cartoon contest, or whatever it was. Why deliberately provoke Islam in this way? When it is known how some elements of Islam will, and do, respond to such provocation, which they view as the gravest, most demonic form of blasphemy, under they beliefs, punishable by death. I wonder how long it’s going to be before America has made itself into a police state? It isn’t like America didn’t go over there into Islamic countries and mess with that maybe should not have been messed with. At one time, Islam was America’s ally against the Soviets. Islam had no use for communism. Well, in Genesis, God does tell Abraham that the seed of his son Ishmael, by Abraham’s concubine Hagar, selected by Sarah for Abraham, as I recall, since Sarah was barren, that Ishmael’s seed would become a great nation and would cause Isaac’s seed trouble. Issac was the son Sarah later conceived and birthed very late in life, a miracle as the story is told. Judaism and Christendom, which descended from Isaac, view him as the son God promised Abraham, but Islam views Ishmael as the promised son. There is a similar story in the Koran, and I imagine all Muslims view Ishmael as the promised son, and Islam as the true religion, therefore, and it is God’s will for Islam, Ishmael’s seed, to cause Judaism and Christendom, Isaac’s seed, trouble. A potent brew. Perhaps best not to poke with sharp sticks, or at all. I believe Jesus, were he around today, would tell his followers not to poke Islam with a sharp stick, or at all. I bet he would tell his followers to first take the beam out of their own eye, and to otherwise live as he taught in the Gospels. I don’t suppose, if he were President of USA, he would be waging war in Islamic countries. His war was internal, in the spirit. That is a very different jihad, and I imagine there are members of Islam who know of that jihad and attempt to wage it, I’m certain the Sufi sect in Islam knows of that kind of jihad, the internal war. The saints in Christendom knew that jihad. I wonder what’s really chewing on the people who put on that cartoon contest? I wonder what their friends and family members might say about that? What their ministers might say about that? If they have ministers.

Iraq or bust

Barack Obama NobelObama drones

Oil Tango

Click on this link to bring up that article and all the reader comments:

Anonymous Warned Garland PD of ISIS Attack Two Days …


Meanwhile, Paul, of Homestead, formerly of Key West, signed off on our email back and forth reported in yesterday’s fools errands and related misfit dilemmas – Key West proving ground post at

writing quill

OK, Sloan.
I won’t trouble you further.
Good luck with every thing.

I replied:

Aw, Paul, I was having myself some good old redneck mystic fun with Key West mammon worship and running for President Fool!

It gets a bit ridiculous, Key West thinking it’s so damn important, the center of the meverse (mutation off universe) reminded otherwise after Pres. Obomber opened up Cuba to USA visitors, it was reported in the Key West Citizen about ferries from KW to Havana are in the planning stage, even though the KW Port Authority is not up to the task, maybe a bit sickly after just giving the Mayor over a million for his new city hall, which I still say should be called THE MAYOR CATES CITY HALL, since it’s the flagship for his 4 mayor terms (he said the first time he would only run for and serve one term), even as the US Coast Guard says it’s going to search the ferries returning from Havana to KW, for illegal aliens and contraband, perhaps just one of many pesky hiccups President Obomber and City Commissioner Tony Yaniz didn’t foresee. Yaniz, Cuban, is saying Cuba opening could be as big as cruise ships for KW, if the cruise ships all stop coming to Key West, Cuba $$ will pick up the slack. Why don’t Tony man up and just say the City Commission should ban those sea killers from Key West? Then, he goes to Cuba and gets Raul and Fidel to do the same for Cuba.

As for my Presidential blabbering, the angels’ wit is wicked. The conservative (religious) right keep hollering about America having been founded as a Christian nation, that it is one nation, under God … what a howler, I’m going to be saying, okay, if that’s true, elect the only US Presidential candidate in a l-o-n-g time who says, when the Lord wants him to do something, then the Lord finds a way to let him know what it is, and when the Lord doesn’t want him to do something, the Lord finds a way to let him know that, too, and although it is true I don’t attend church, I would if I could find one where God was in charge. All of which redolent I have read Abraham Lincoln said, the former while he was in office, the latter when he was interviewed by the Republican big wigs from back east, after they realized he might end up being their candidate.

So, here I am waiting on the Christian right to have National Public Radio dial me up and maybe get themselves and Radio America patched through to Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek, that’s about as close to talking to God as I can get them, which ought to be good enough, since the Christian right, and the Christian left, too, think Jesus himself is God, when the actual God, Islam would say Allah, Jews might say Jehovah or Yahweh, Rastafarians would say Ja, actually is a bit more busy and occupied with far vaster matters than what happens on this small planet orbiting a small sun in an actually rather small galaxy, as far as galaxies go, in a universe surrounded by billions of other universes, oh, my bad, trillions. Yeah, God’s pretty tied up right now, and that’s not going to change before this solar system’s star novas and ends the redolent petty religious commotioning on this little planet once and for all.

Meanwhile, do you want Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or Marco Rubio, or Ben Carson, just for examples, conversing with the Masters of this universe, even though they have had no prior preparation to do that? Or do you want someone who actually is having those conversations? Sort of makes one nation, under God, seem kinda like not such a swell boast after all, yes? Voting against me, the Christian right, and the Christian left, and let’s not leave out the Christian middle, will vote against the three celestial messengers and overseers who put me up to be a candidate for the Offal Orifice, and since those three are thought to have hot lines straight to God, thought by the conservative right and by the left and middle, too, even though they have no clue their beloved mysterious Melchizedek was Mary Magdalene in the time of Jesus, that pretty well puts the lot of their asses in slings, don’t it, if they don’t vote for me?

What a redolent howler of a campaign. Dang good they closed all the state mental hospitals in Florida. Otherwise, imagine what the Christians, Catholics Jehovah’s Witnesses and Morons in America would do with Jesus, if it was him, not me, tossing his hat into the swine flu ring?

That’s for pig.

Which is for politics.

National variety.


Meanwhile, I suppose I will continue sharpening my knives and arrow and spear heads and blow gun darts, by sticking them in local pork drama queens.


Sloan for Presidentsky

Sloan at weddingabove, moi, in my Love Kills Slowly pirate t-shirt,

chomping down on a BBQ pulled pork sandwich

at a Big Pine Key wedding reception, 2012


Kari and Sloan 2

Kari and Sloan


moi and my running mate Kari Bradford-Dangler,

currently doing time in the county jail

on Stock Island, just above Key West,

plenty about that already published


perhaps plenty more ahead 

Feather Talk

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fools errands and related misfit dilemmas – Key West proving ground

April foolship of fools 2

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no problem, if you aren't homeless

Key West spring breaker

First today, a new “addiction marketing myth (scam)? page at, prompted by a vicious van dweller criminal amigo snowbird dropping this into my Facebook time line yesterday.

Few demographics are as misunderstood or misrepresented as the chemically dependent. In fact, addicts are some of the most negatively portrayed and unfairly…


You might find reader comments under the article more interesting and informative than the article itself. Looks to me, based on the number of pop ads for rehab programs that came up while I was opening each part of the article, I think maybe the main article is a rehab industry attempt to enroll new addict clients. Click on this link to see the article and many reader comments, starting with mine.

Sloan Bashinsky commented on an article.
 Edited ·

I’m not an addict, never was, using the definition, I always was able to stop drinking without withdrawal, and I was always able to stop drinking for long periods of time – years. I do not drink now, but not because I don’t want to, booze makes me physically ill in my liver and GI tract – just one beer or one glass of wine does that. So, I don’t drink beer or wine, which I used to enjoy drinking. I have had a lot of dealings with addicts, mostly booze and tobacco. I have lots of dealings today with homeless addicts, in Key West there I live. Mostly they use booze and tobacco, but many of them use spice, a blend of potpourri and bug spray. Some get prescription narcotics one way or another. Some get marijuana. My girlfriend, now in the county jail for violating her probation, which required she not drink booze, is homeless when she is not in jail, arising out of her boyfriend dying while she was in jail the first time, for aggravated assault, a felony, while she was drinking. When she was released on probation, she had no money and no place to live. She told me in a letter yesterday that she is really struggling with giving up booze and cigarettes, her two oldest good friends. She is off booze and tobacco now, in the jail, where she went through withdrawal for the third time in jail. She has done private rehab many times. She always went back to using. It cost her dearly, using, I will not say the details. But she knows it cost her dearly. I’m a mystic, so I don’t view life like non-mystics. I am in ongoing engagement and conversation with angels, mostly them conversing with me in various ways, most often in dreams, but they can and do speak to me in plain English in my sleep, at times. And they have ways of conversing with me when I am so-called awake, eyes open, mind so-called engaged. Just me saying this next thing, I find it hard to imagine anyone using a narcotic, prescribed or not, who does not know the risk of becoming addicted. So I find it hard to accept addiction is not something people choose, who keep taking a narcotic, knowing what it c an lead to. I have attended maybe 200 AA, NA, ALANON meetings, I have heard many addicts speak. I learned alcoholics do not tend to view themselves as drug addicts, but simply as alcoholics, even though booze is a narcotic, which NA recognizes. I did not attend those meetings because I was an addict, but for other reasons. In one stretch, because I was struggling with a horrible black night of the soul, and I felt some kinship with other people struggling. In the second, later stretchm because I had been living on the street and now was in a homeless shelter which required clients to have clean urine and attend AA/NA/ALANON meetings regularly. Over the years, old timers in AA and NA told me, reluctantly, 95 percent of people who enter those rooms return to their habit. I have seen in my ife that the relapse rate is very high. I’m going to toss in something mystical, now. This I learned from the angels. The core cause of addiction – narcotics, addictive behavior patterns, co-dependency, etc. – is injury to, even destruction of, the internal feminine, which in Christendom is called the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine I usually call it, the anima, the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung seemed to have called it. Without her restoration in a person, addiction recovery is very difficult, an act of will and stuggle ongoing, it seems. I have worked therapeutically with many people. Quite a few were addicts. I have no help for addicts. It’s on them to want to stop using, and then engage the ongoing struggle to say clean after rehab. The only real help I see is supernatural intervention into addicts, an infusion of the whole Divine Feminine. Without that, it’s the ongoing grind to stay clean, has been my observation. There are ways an addict can help initiate the infusion. Stop pointing the finger elsewhere. Take their own inventory ongoing. Stop crusading to save this or that perceived victim, or to right this or that perceived wrong, with which the addict as identified and merged psychologically, and actually is trying to save self by trying to save other. That’s a start, but the real cure has to come from the supernatural realm, and that doesn’t seem to happen much – a miracle. I tell addicts, who say they wish to stop using, to ask God to help them stop. I had the 12 Steps applied to me, when I was living in the homeless shelter. Applied to me by the angels who run me. It was terrible. I learned the 12 Steps are a bona fide spiritual method, if used as originally designed by Bill and Bob. That’s very different from reading the 12 Steps. That’s very different fro attending meetings. It’s not imaginable, having the 12 Steps imposed on you by angels, until is happens to you. Just me talking, I think it would be a great thing if the 12 Steps were imposed by angels on every human being on this planet. Meanwhile, because I am a mystic, I once had exquisite experiences with psychiatry. I know for a fact that drugs psychiatrists administer to their patients are addictive, and stopping using those drugs causes awful withdrawal symptoms. I have heard the same from psychiatrists’ patients, who tried to stop taking their meds. And I know for a fact, and have heard from many psychiatrists’ patients, that the meds themselves create awful side effects. And, i will toss in, I have had psychiatrists come to me for help, and psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers, and addiction counselors – not for chemical addiction issues. In all people who came to me for help, the core cause of their difficulties was internal feminine disorder, or destruction, and/or absence. Also was demonic infection, which is not as severe as demonic possession, but can move in that direction. But that, usually, was secondary to the internal feminine disorder. All of that the angels took me through in myself. It was a long, not fun process, and it’s still underway. As for psychiatrists treating addicts, I don’t see psychiatrists know how to really treat any serious mental illness, but that aside, I don’t see how they can expect their methods to work on an addict who still is using. Finally, based on the number of pop up rehab program advertisements, this article is sponsored by that industry, which might be why it stirred so many different reader responses.

Meanwhile, Comcast had a power outage last night,

Mark Twain on lightninglightning strike

and the Internet went down on Comcast’s cable throughout the Keys. I told my gracious host Todd German this morning, when something like that happens – power outage – it always means change headed my way. I said I’d heard on US 1 Radio this morning that a construction crew had cut a major fiber optic cable. Todd chuckled, said maybe the angels made the construction workers w cut the cable. I thanked him for moving me quicker to that same conclusion that I had yet reached.

Todd GermanTodd

Todd asked me if I’d received any action yet on my announcement in yesterday’s more cuckoo’s nest adventures in Key West and beyond post, that the angels seem to be moving me toward running for President of USA in 2016? I said, no, except for his inquiry but at least doing that might be fun, even if it is crazy.

cuckoo's nest

Somewhat in that looney toon arena, amiga Christine Russell, sometimes of Key West, replied to yesterday’s post at

Christine Russell

Hello Sloan!

I was just talking to a friend of mine in Panama whom I recruited to volunteer with Spay Panama. She has now volunteered with us 3 of the last 5 days. She LOVES our work we are doing and the difference we are making across Panama. It is so wonderful to spend time doing positive things, rather than beating ones head against the wall repeatedly – repeatedly – repeatedly…….. I was telling her about some my future ideas and plans with Spay Panama, and that some of the vets and volunteers may think I’m a little crazy :-)

And then within a few minutes I came upon your blog today – talking about “CRAZY” things and people.

“Crazy” isn;t it a good thing? God I would hate to be thought of as one of the lemmings that drank too much of the Kool-aid. I don’t think I have to worry about that happening :-)

So here is what I and Steve Jobs think about the Crazy Ones – where would the world be without them? And though I am NO genius, I am proud to the thought of a little crazy :-)

Have a wonderful crazy day Sloan!

Here’s to the Crazy Ones.

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
Steve Jobs – Apple

I replied:

Hi, Christine –

The way I look at it, when someone attacks me as being crazy, either I am crazy, or my attacker is, because if I’m not crazy, what does that make the attacker? Or can we both be crazy? Or is crazy relative? And is that’s the true theory of relativity? Or is the true theory of relativity how relative God is to someone, or someone is to God, as in up close and personal? Damned if I know.

I don’t know where the world would be without me, but I imagine a lot more people will be glad when I am not on this world than the people who wish I was still around. Maybe I’ll like not being here anymore than I liked being here, time will tell. Kari has caused me to want to stick around, but the angels sure did go out of their way to make that a relationship for the gods to ponder and, I suppose, be amused by.

Am having a wild email back and forth today with a former Key West city transit bus driver, now living in Homestead, because he could not afford to live in Key West after he retired. He seems lots better educated than me, in the English grammar and literary sense. Have to use the dictionary sometimes, when I read what he is writing today.

I wish I had some place else than Key West with something going on I like. I’d be there, if the angels would let me be there, with Kari. I told her in the jail visiting room today, that I announced this morning that it seems the angels are causing me to think about running for president in 2016. Kari said, good luck winning. I said, no chance of winning. She said, I might get more votes than Hillary Clinton. I laughed, said not a chance. Kari said, at least Hillary is better than Bill, he’s deceitful. I said, I don’t know what Hillary is, she keeps changing, like a chameleon, like Barack Obama.

Hillary won’t get my vote. Nor will any Republican, as things now stand. Nor anyone else. I suppose that narrows it down to me :-). Well, I seriously doubt I could do any worse in the Offal Orifice, and maybe I would do better.

It occurred to me today to say, my platform is Biblical: If elected, I will do whatever God tells me to do, and I will not do what God tells me not to do. That ought to wrap up a landslide win for me, since I suppose at least 90 percent off all American voters claim they believe in God :-), and I suppose I will be the only candidate saying Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek are my Board of Directors :-), they own me, direct and correct me day and night.

Yeah, that ought to bring in lots of Christian, Catholic and Mormon votes. Lots.




Who invented the rule that poetry must rhyme, have pentameter, be cast into verse? Yes, please tell me who invented that really silly rule? Surely it wasn’t the maker of the first stone – otherwise there’d be no stones to break all those slaving rules!

Angel transmission to me, February 1994

Amigo Tim Gratz of Key West replied to the Dr. Ben candidate for President part of yesterday’s post at

Tim Gratz

I strongly support Dr. Carson [for President of USA]. He was raised in poverty to become the youngest and firdt black head of neurosurgery at prestigious John Hopkins Hospital. As I am sure you know he is famous for separating cojoined twins when other doctors were unable to do so. His life story is told in a movie in which he is played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. He received a prestigious award from the NAACP, the same award the NAACP gave to Rosa Parks.
And he is a Florida resident as well (the third Floridian in the race; the GOP has a surfeit of candidates for sure).
Tim Gratz

I replied:

Does Dr. Carson still believe homosexuals choose to be homosexual? If so, you still strongly support him?

What if he had said instead, people in slavery today choose to be slaves?

What if he had said instead, children choose to be molested by their parents?

I like his war stance, too. Just what we need, more stupid rich white men’s wars waged by a black President from humble, or at least, modest beginnings.

From Paul, the former Key West City Transit bus driver, who replied to the cruise ship dumping their wastes in the sea part of the day before yesterday’s myth, artificial intelligence, supernatural symposium, Key West and beyond post at


Oh Resplendent One!

Yesterday, the Doctor spake: ” NOT one cruise company coming to Key West utilizes treatment… besides, they empty their bunker oil – treating it with the same noxious/ toxic chemicals used in the Deep water Horizon disaster ” …
Ohhhh, Mighty One !!!

Is This not ACTIONABLE ???
I mean – It’s a Federal ( expletive deleted ) Bird Sanctuary – and Much, Much More.

Nah – am – sayin ?
Y’ Fee – mee, mannn… ?
She – eee – eee – iiih …


cruise ship butt

“cartoon” by Arnaud Girard,

co-editor/publisher of, aka Key West the Newspaper

I replied:

Resplendent One? Ha!


As you read in yesterday’s post, Dr. Weinstock declined to take his allegations to the local government authorities and to the local mullet wrappers, because he was too busy working on his book about what humanity is doing to (killing) the oceans and the planet.

As far as I know, cruise ships are not regulated on the open seas, and there is no action the US, the Florida and the local governments can do about that, but ban cruise ships from calling on US cities, which is what I keep saying Key West should do. And, it seems, I’m the only person who has told the city officials to do that.

Jerry Weinstock, the blue paper [], Last Stand, the Marine Sanctuary, Reef Relief, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, I don’t hear them calling for cruise ships to be banned from Key West, by Key West. Leaves me wondering what’s the point? Or, am I crazy, or, am I the only sane person in the city when it comes to cruise ships calling here? I ask the same question about other stuff going on in the city, and in the Florida Keys, too.

Doesn’t feel like resplendent. Feels like, hmmm, several colorful metaphors come to me, which the school district’s pristine server surely would throw back at me.


Paul wrote:

Maybe 10 or more years ago , at a City commission Tuesday night meeting, this, from an unfamiliar blond, maybe 30s: “Yeah. And I now represent the Cruise Ship Industry here, and we realize that there are some of you who don’t like what YOU feel to be our excessive presence here.”
Standing in the left front corner of the room, near the podium, she faced backward, toward the audience and said clearly: ” But let me assure you: We know ‘you’ plan to oppose our expansion in Key West. You should know that WE have OUR “Talons” planted deep in Key West, and WE will oppose YOU and all your silly, counterproductive ‘efforts’!”

…that was the word, Sloan, “Talons”…
OK. Reality? They got a budget that could squash France.
Without question, they – the Cruise Ship Industry – have long demonstrated the ability to dribble, casually, the Florida Governor, whether Republicrat or Republicrat, like a Harlem Globetrotters basketball. So …

What can you do? Even with a long sustained effort?
Probably not too much, net, net, net.
( look at Last Stand in recent years, anyway. Or Reef Relief, again, in recent years.)

They, the KW money players, might purposely factor in 1 or 2 out of 6 Reps in the City, or 1 of 5 on the County Commission as bona fide ‘loose cannons’ – but I believe the rest of them toe a pretty tight line.
At least on the ‘Money’ votes.

You gotta have a couple of ‘sort of genuine’ elected officials – unconstrained – to maintain the appearance of a “real” elected democracy. Verisimilitude is a necessary ‘biggie’.
BUT, ‘they’ will not permit enough elected opposition to disturb the occasional “money vote”, like, say, the per person fee for Cruise Ship Passengers at Key West.

… of course, Sloan, you know all this stuff, already…

Never Mind!

I replied:

Gosh, Paul, I had to go to the dictionary to make sure I was reasonably close to grokking,


attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.
“she was resplendent in a sea-green dress”

and again for


the appearance of being true or real.
“the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude”
synonyms: realism, believability, plausibility, authenticity, credibility, lifelikeness
“the verisimilitude of her performance is gripping”

How can the angels possibly have such an ignoramus pronounce, or would announce be more better, that he was told by angels to toss his hat into the USA President Circus Circus in 2016, on which you made not a mention in your erudite emails today – I had to look up the spelling of erudite, which brings Socrates to my mind,


having or showing great knowledge or learning
but I imagine old Socrates, the resplendent gadfly bathed in verisimilitude, were he able today, would say he simply had common sense, which otherwise seemed sorely lacking in his society.

I did not know about the talon-ed lady, maybe she had resplendent green eyes, maybe she was dressed in a resplendent green sheath dress, maybe she reeked of verisimilitude, given she seemed to have spoken truly, and maybe she reeked also of common sense, knowing the people she addressed on both sides of the dais would succumb to filthy lucre sprinkling down from cruise ship haven, er, heaven, money being more important to them than anything, probably least important of all to them, the ocean and its creatures and vegetation, given how the money god, that would be Mammon, just about always trumps resplendent Mother Nature and common sense.

Yeah, the green peace folks had themselves a little revival when, in 2013, the city started leaning toward bringing in even bigger sea-killing monsters, and more of the regular size sea-killing monsters, and after crushing that referendum the greenies and their allies all went back to sleeping and patting themselves on the back, all the while nagging in their souls, chewing their brain cells like little pac men, because they now knew, thanks to then Chamber of Commerce President Robin Lockwood, M.D., that the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships were calling on Key West, and had been calling for decades, and they had done zip about it, and they intended to do zip about it, and they have done zip about it, and they will not do zip about it, because deep down inside Key West is the WHORE OF THE CARIBBEAN and they are its loving, doting, loyal subjects.

Translated, no way in hell the resplendent, verisimilitude, erudite magnificent 7 on the dais now, or in the future, are going to ban cruise ships from Key West, which defaults to Mother Nature all and any means, fair or foul, to defend Herself. Maybe while at it, She will she will clean house in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., too.

Meanwhile, Key West and Florida Keys waters are awash with resplendent flesh-eating bacteria, which is condition known to all local physicians and divers, while the mayor of the pig trail end of this little asteroid belt flat denies is the case, the ocean is clean and beautiful, he said during the Pirate Radio mayor candidate debate in 2014, after I described the resplendent MRSA problem in Key West waters. Google image MRSA and get your eyes erudited and verisimilituded.

I haven’t been in the ocean down here since a Key West surgeon, Michael Klitenick, in June 2003, carved 3 horrific MRSA abscesses, 2 out of my groin and 1 out of my butt, and told me I then could do anything I wanted to do but go into the ocean. Later, my primary care physician, Ian Garriques, M.D., an infectious disease specialist, had a letter to the editor published in the Key West Citizen, saying MRSA was pandemic in the Florida Keys. Not epidemic, but pandemic, as in, hmmm, resplendent plague.

No way does Mayor Cates or the Key West Chamber of Commerce or the Florida Keys Tourist Development Council warn tourists, or locals, about the MRSA pandemic, which, that pandemic, perhaps is one resplendent way Mother Nature is striking back at the Whore of the Caribbean and all of her subjects and their guests?

Meanwhile, Elliot Baron gave me a hard time about using the photo of him on the retired Coast Guard Cutter Ingram during the run up to the bring in bigger and more cruise ships referendum in 2013.

Elliot Baron sniper

I got the photo off of, yep, Elliot’s very own Facebook page, where he was beating up on cruise ships and their allies in Key West pretty darn good. But, Elliot told me, he didn’t want the photo all over the place, after all, he was a respected businessman in the city, he owned a popular restaurant, Mangia Mangia, and he didn’t want to lose any business there because of that photo he’d had taken of him on the Ingram plastered all over the World Wide Web, in Key West.

Chow maim,


MRSA 2MRSA 6MRSA 3MRSA infectionMRSA 4MRSA 7MRSA 5mrsa.jpg

Daffy DuckBugs Bunnydunce.jpg

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