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April foolship of fools 2

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Perhaps first today, a link to something that up and jumped out of me in the fall of 2004, amid oceans of tears,

portraits of six people who had a major influence on me during my formative years, behind a brief introduction of how that little book just up and jumped out of me quite a while before the angels just upped grabbed me in early 1987 – the rest, I suppose, is history :-).


Sloan haloSloan on the beach

Sloan angel

four somewhat dated “doctored” photos of moi, 

compliments the boss pirate publisher


After seeing a bit about it on TV news the other day, I went searching yesterday and found:

2 days ago – Anonymous, Garland Texas, Charlie Hedbo, Islamic State, Twitter, terror attack warning.


Garland, Texas – On May 4th Elton Simpson, 30, and his roommate Nadir Soofi, 34, opened fire on an unarmed security guard outside of a controversial Prophet Muhammad drawing the contest. Two days prior to that, a woman living outside of the US, connected to Anonymous, sent a message to the official Garland Police Department Twitter account warning of a potential Islamic State attack.

Apparently the message never raised any red flags or was forwarded on by police.

“That is the first time I’ve heard that,” GPD spokesman Joe Harn said, when informed of the warning, according to The Daily Dot. “We were monitoring things; we had the FBI and ATF, but we didn’t see anything [on Twitter].”

The Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest was, in actuality, a Muhammad drawing contest being held under the auspices of free speech. It would be considered blasphemous and a direct provocation to Muslims, as it is forbidden within Islam to create physical representations of the Prophet. It is widely thought that the January attack on satirical French paper Charlie Hedbo was a direct result of their humorous cartoon depictions of the Prophet.

Anonymous has shown a penchant for targeting Islamic State accounts on Twitter and has numerous IS-related groups that regularly attack and track the terrorist group on social media.

According to The Daily Dot:

At 5:37 p.m. on Friday, May 1, the user, who requested anonymity for the sake of her security, tweeted at the Garland Police Department’s official Twitter account, warning them of a potential attack. …

On Friday, the user discovered that another Twitter account, @AnsarAlUmmah49, had referenced an upcoming attack in Garland, where a group of Americans were planning a “draw Mohammad” event.

So the user tweeted to @garlandpd with a link to the tweet in question, which called for an attack, specifically in Garland and on May 3. @AnsarAlUmmah49 has since been deleted.



But this also raises some deeply troubling questions.

Why, if teams were on the ground and aware of the imminent attack, were these men allowed to open fire before being neutralized by law enforcement?

If the operation was conducted in the name of public safety then these men should have been taken into custody well before they actually attempted to execute an attack.

It would seem that law enforcement allowed the attack to take place, but why would they do this?

One possible explanation is that they allowed this plot to progress to the point of actual gunfire with the intention of creating a media sensation of a terrorist attack. This has been proven in the past to make people more fearful and thus more readily willing to give up civil liberties in the name of safety.

What’s certain is that Americans are tired of our government spying on them. Perhaps the state is attempting to justify why they have these blanket surveillance programs listening in on innocent U.S. citizens’ conversations.

What do you think; did the government allow this attack to take place as a means of making people more willing to give up security for the illusion of safety? Let us know in the comments below.

Please share this story if you think this “attack” was intentionally allowed to happen.

Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, freethinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has previously been published on and You can follow him on Twitter@sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

Then I read a heap of reader comments, and finally found one I liked and responded to:

Michael Michael · Top Commenter
I have no issue with any form of free speech. But people who act as if these idiots who setup this display WEREN’T hoping for some retaliatory action of this kind to occur, are stupid. What would you expect to happen if there was a “who can draw the biggest lipped black person!” contest in Texas? Pretty sure people would show up pissed, most likely armed, only to be met with other armed people hoping that this would happen, so they can “defend” their rights haha. Whatever.
  • Dustin Harris · Student at University of Alaska Fairbanks

    A valid point, but if your big lip art contest did happen yes, people would show up pissed and PROTEST, loudly, maybe some vandalism, but I really doubt the killing spree. Apples and oranges.
  • Sloan Bashinsky · Top Commenter · Janitor at God

    Michael Michael, your comment goes to the heart of the matter, for me anyway. Yesterday on TV, a woman being interviewed on a news show was livid over the cartoon contest, or whatever it was. Why deliberately provoke Islam in this way? When it is known how some elements of Islam will, and do, respond to such provocation, which they view as the gravest, most demonic form of blasphemy, under they beliefs, punishable by death. I wonder how long it’s going to be before America has made itself into a police state? It isn’t like America didn’t go over there into Islamic countries and mess with that maybe should not have been messed with. At one time, Islam was America’s ally against the Soviets. Islam had no use for communism. Well, in Genesis, God does tell Abraham that the seed of his son Ishmael, by Abraham’s concubine Hagar, selected by Sarah for Abraham, as I recall, since Sarah was barren, that Ishmael’s seed would become a great nation and would cause Isaac’s seed trouble. Issac was the son Sarah later conceived and birthed very late in life, a miracle as the story is told. Judaism and Christendom, which descended from Isaac, view him as the son God promised Abraham, but Islam views Ishmael as the promised son. There is a similar story in the Koran, and I imagine all Muslims view Ishmael as the promised son, and Islam as the true religion, therefore, and it is God’s will for Islam, Ishmael’s seed, to cause Judaism and Christendom, Isaac’s seed, trouble. A potent brew. Perhaps best not to poke with sharp sticks, or at all. I believe Jesus, were he around today, would tell his followers not to poke Islam with a sharp stick, or at all. I bet he would tell his followers to first take the beam out of their own eye, and to otherwise live as he taught in the Gospels. I don’t suppose, if he were President of USA, he would be waging war in Islamic countries. His war was internal, in the spirit. That is a very different jihad, and I imagine there are members of Islam who know of that jihad and attempt to wage it, I’m certain the Sufi sect in Islam knows of that kind of jihad, the internal war. The saints in Christendom knew that jihad. I wonder what’s really chewing on the people who put on that cartoon contest? I wonder what their friends and family members might say about that? What their ministers might say about that? If they have ministers.

Iraq or bust

Barack Obama NobelObama drones

Oil Tango

Click on this link to bring up that article and all the reader comments:

Anonymous Warned Garland PD of ISIS Attack Two Days …


Meanwhile, Paul, of Homestead, formerly of Key West, signed off on our email back and forth reported in yesterday’s fools errands and related misfit dilemmas – Key West proving ground post at

writing quill

OK, Sloan.
I won’t trouble you further.
Good luck with every thing.

I replied:

Aw, Paul, I was having myself some good old redneck mystic fun with Key West mammon worship and running for President Fool!

It gets a bit ridiculous, Key West thinking it’s so damn important, the center of the meverse (mutation off universe) reminded otherwise after Pres. Obomber opened up Cuba to USA visitors, it was reported in the Key West Citizen about ferries from KW to Havana are in the planning stage, even though the KW Port Authority is not up to the task, maybe a bit sickly after just giving the Mayor over a million for his new city hall, which I still say should be called THE MAYOR CATES CITY HALL, since it’s the flagship for his 4 mayor terms (he said the first time he would only run for and serve one term), even as the US Coast Guard says it’s going to search the ferries returning from Havana to KW, for illegal aliens and contraband, perhaps just one of many pesky hiccups President Obomber and City Commissioner Tony Yaniz didn’t foresee. Yaniz, Cuban, is saying Cuba opening could be as big as cruise ships for KW, if the cruise ships all stop coming to Key West, Cuba $$ will pick up the slack. Why don’t Tony man up and just say the City Commission should ban those sea killers from Key West? Then, he goes to Cuba and gets Raul and Fidel to do the same for Cuba.

As for my Presidential blabbering, the angels’ wit is wicked. The conservative (religious) right keep hollering about America having been founded as a Christian nation, that it is one nation, under God … what a howler, I’m going to be saying, okay, if that’s true, elect the only US Presidential candidate in a l-o-n-g time who says, when the Lord wants him to do something, then the Lord finds a way to let him know what it is, and when the Lord doesn’t want him to do something, the Lord finds a way to let him know that, too, and although it is true I don’t attend church, I would if I could find one where God was in charge. All of which redolent I have read Abraham Lincoln said, the former while he was in office, the latter when he was interviewed by the Republican big wigs from back east, after they realized he might end up being their candidate.

So, here I am waiting on the Christian right to have National Public Radio dial me up and maybe get themselves and Radio America patched through to Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek, that’s about as close to talking to God as I can get them, which ought to be good enough, since the Christian right, and the Christian left, too, think Jesus himself is God, when the actual God, Islam would say Allah, Jews might say Jehovah or Yahweh, Rastafarians would say Ja, actually is a bit more busy and occupied with far vaster matters than what happens on this small planet orbiting a small sun in an actually rather small galaxy, as far as galaxies go, in a universe surrounded by billions of other universes, oh, my bad, trillions. Yeah, God’s pretty tied up right now, and that’s not going to change before this solar system’s star novas and ends the redolent petty religious commotioning on this little planet once and for all.

Meanwhile, do you want Jeb Bush, or Hillary Clinton, or Marco Rubio, or Ben Carson, just for examples, conversing with the Masters of this universe, even though they have had no prior preparation to do that? Or do you want someone who actually is having those conversations? Sort of makes one nation, under God, seem kinda like not such a swell boast after all, yes? Voting against me, the Christian right, and the Christian left, and let’s not leave out the Christian middle, will vote against the three celestial messengers and overseers who put me up to be a candidate for the Offal Orifice, and since those three are thought to have hot lines straight to God, thought by the conservative right and by the left and middle, too, even though they have no clue their beloved mysterious Melchizedek was Mary Magdalene in the time of Jesus, that pretty well puts the lot of their asses in slings, don’t it, if they don’t vote for me?

What a redolent howler of a campaign. Dang good they closed all the state mental hospitals in Florida. Otherwise, imagine what the Christians, Catholics Jehovah’s Witnesses and Morons in America would do with Jesus, if it was him, not me, tossing his hat into the swine flu ring?

That’s for pig.

Which is for politics.

National variety.


Meanwhile, I suppose I will continue sharpening my knives and arrow and spear heads and blow gun darts, by sticking them in local pork drama queens.


Sloan for Presidentsky

Sloan at weddingabove, moi, in my Love Kills Slowly pirate t-shirt,

chomping down on a BBQ pulled pork sandwich

at a Big Pine Key wedding reception, 2012


Kari and Sloan 2

Kari and Sloan


moi and my running mate Kari Bradford-Dangler,

currently doing time in the county jail

on Stock Island, just above Key West,

plenty about that already published


perhaps plenty more ahead 

Feather Talk

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fools errands and related misfit dilemmas – Key West proving ground

April foolship of fools 2

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no problem, if you aren't homeless

Key West spring breaker

First today, a new “addiction marketing myth (scam)? page at, prompted by a vicious van dweller criminal amigo snowbird dropping this into my Facebook time line yesterday.

Few demographics are as misunderstood or misrepresented as the chemically dependent. In fact, addicts are some of the most negatively portrayed and unfairly…


You might find reader comments under the article more interesting and informative than the article itself. Looks to me, based on the number of pop ads for rehab programs that came up while I was opening each part of the article, I think maybe the main article is a rehab industry attempt to enroll new addict clients. Click on this link to see the article and many reader comments, starting with mine.

Sloan Bashinsky commented on an article.
 Edited ·

I’m not an addict, never was, using the definition, I always was able to stop drinking without withdrawal, and I was always able to stop drinking for long periods of time – years. I do not drink now, but not because I don’t want to, booze makes me physically ill in my liver and GI tract – just one beer or one glass of wine does that. So, I don’t drink beer or wine, which I used to enjoy drinking. I have had a lot of dealings with addicts, mostly booze and tobacco. I have lots of dealings today with homeless addicts, in Key West there I live. Mostly they use booze and tobacco, but many of them use spice, a blend of potpourri and bug spray. Some get prescription narcotics one way or another. Some get marijuana. My girlfriend, now in the county jail for violating her probation, which required she not drink booze, is homeless when she is not in jail, arising out of her boyfriend dying while she was in jail the first time, for aggravated assault, a felony, while she was drinking. When she was released on probation, she had no money and no place to live. She told me in a letter yesterday that she is really struggling with giving up booze and cigarettes, her two oldest good friends. She is off booze and tobacco now, in the jail, where she went through withdrawal for the third time in jail. She has done private rehab many times. She always went back to using. It cost her dearly, using, I will not say the details. But she knows it cost her dearly. I’m a mystic, so I don’t view life like non-mystics. I am in ongoing engagement and conversation with angels, mostly them conversing with me in various ways, most often in dreams, but they can and do speak to me in plain English in my sleep, at times. And they have ways of conversing with me when I am so-called awake, eyes open, mind so-called engaged. Just me saying this next thing, I find it hard to imagine anyone using a narcotic, prescribed or not, who does not know the risk of becoming addicted. So I find it hard to accept addiction is not something people choose, who keep taking a narcotic, knowing what it c an lead to. I have attended maybe 200 AA, NA, ALANON meetings, I have heard many addicts speak. I learned alcoholics do not tend to view themselves as drug addicts, but simply as alcoholics, even though booze is a narcotic, which NA recognizes. I did not attend those meetings because I was an addict, but for other reasons. In one stretch, because I was struggling with a horrible black night of the soul, and I felt some kinship with other people struggling. In the second, later stretchm because I had been living on the street and now was in a homeless shelter which required clients to have clean urine and attend AA/NA/ALANON meetings regularly. Over the years, old timers in AA and NA told me, reluctantly, 95 percent of people who enter those rooms return to their habit. I have seen in my ife that the relapse rate is very high. I’m going to toss in something mystical, now. This I learned from the angels. The core cause of addiction – narcotics, addictive behavior patterns, co-dependency, etc. – is injury to, even destruction of, the internal feminine, which in Christendom is called the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine I usually call it, the anima, the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung seemed to have called it. Without her restoration in a person, addiction recovery is very difficult, an act of will and stuggle ongoing, it seems. I have worked therapeutically with many people. Quite a few were addicts. I have no help for addicts. It’s on them to want to stop using, and then engage the ongoing struggle to say clean after rehab. The only real help I see is supernatural intervention into addicts, an infusion of the whole Divine Feminine. Without that, it’s the ongoing grind to stay clean, has been my observation. There are ways an addict can help initiate the infusion. Stop pointing the finger elsewhere. Take their own inventory ongoing. Stop crusading to save this or that perceived victim, or to right this or that perceived wrong, with which the addict as identified and merged psychologically, and actually is trying to save self by trying to save other. That’s a start, but the real cure has to come from the supernatural realm, and that doesn’t seem to happen much – a miracle. I tell addicts, who say they wish to stop using, to ask God to help them stop. I had the 12 Steps applied to me, when I was living in the homeless shelter. Applied to me by the angels who run me. It was terrible. I learned the 12 Steps are a bona fide spiritual method, if used as originally designed by Bill and Bob. That’s very different from reading the 12 Steps. That’s very different fro attending meetings. It’s not imaginable, having the 12 Steps imposed on you by angels, until is happens to you. Just me talking, I think it would be a great thing if the 12 Steps were imposed by angels on every human being on this planet. Meanwhile, because I am a mystic, I once had exquisite experiences with psychiatry. I know for a fact that drugs psychiatrists administer to their patients are addictive, and stopping using those drugs causes awful withdrawal symptoms. I have heard the same from psychiatrists’ patients, who tried to stop taking their meds. And I know for a fact, and have heard from many psychiatrists’ patients, that the meds themselves create awful side effects. And, i will toss in, I have had psychiatrists come to me for help, and psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers, and addiction counselors – not for chemical addiction issues. In all people who came to me for help, the core cause of their difficulties was internal feminine disorder, or destruction, and/or absence. Also was demonic infection, which is not as severe as demonic possession, but can move in that direction. But that, usually, was secondary to the internal feminine disorder. All of that the angels took me through in myself. It was a long, not fun process, and it’s still underway. As for psychiatrists treating addicts, I don’t see psychiatrists know how to really treat any serious mental illness, but that aside, I don’t see how they can expect their methods to work on an addict who still is using. Finally, based on the number of pop up rehab program advertisements, this article is sponsored by that industry, which might be why it stirred so many different reader responses.

Meanwhile, Comcast had a power outage last night,

Mark Twain on lightninglightning strike

and the Internet went down on Comcast’s cable throughout the Keys. I told my gracious host Todd German this morning, when something like that happens – power outage – it always means change headed my way. I said I’d heard on US 1 Radio this morning that a construction crew had cut a major fiber optic cable. Todd chuckled, said maybe the angels made the construction workers w cut the cable. I thanked him for moving me quicker to that same conclusion that I had yet reached.

Todd GermanTodd

Todd asked me if I’d received any action yet on my announcement in yesterday’s more cuckoo’s nest adventures in Key West and beyond post, that the angels seem to be moving me toward running for President of USA in 2016? I said, no, except for his inquiry but at least doing that might be fun, even if it is crazy.

cuckoo's nest

Somewhat in that looney toon arena, amiga Christine Russell, sometimes of Key West, replied to yesterday’s post at

Christine Russell

Hello Sloan!

I was just talking to a friend of mine in Panama whom I recruited to volunteer with Spay Panama. She has now volunteered with us 3 of the last 5 days. She LOVES our work we are doing and the difference we are making across Panama. It is so wonderful to spend time doing positive things, rather than beating ones head against the wall repeatedly – repeatedly – repeatedly…….. I was telling her about some my future ideas and plans with Spay Panama, and that some of the vets and volunteers may think I’m a little crazy :-)

And then within a few minutes I came upon your blog today – talking about “CRAZY” things and people.

“Crazy” isn;t it a good thing? God I would hate to be thought of as one of the lemmings that drank too much of the Kool-aid. I don’t think I have to worry about that happening :-)

So here is what I and Steve Jobs think about the Crazy Ones – where would the world be without them? And though I am NO genius, I am proud to the thought of a little crazy :-)

Have a wonderful crazy day Sloan!

Here’s to the Crazy Ones.

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
Steve Jobs – Apple

I replied:

Hi, Christine –

The way I look at it, when someone attacks me as being crazy, either I am crazy, or my attacker is, because if I’m not crazy, what does that make the attacker? Or can we both be crazy? Or is crazy relative? And is that’s the true theory of relativity? Or is the true theory of relativity how relative God is to someone, or someone is to God, as in up close and personal? Damned if I know.

I don’t know where the world would be without me, but I imagine a lot more people will be glad when I am not on this world than the people who wish I was still around. Maybe I’ll like not being here anymore than I liked being here, time will tell. Kari has caused me to want to stick around, but the angels sure did go out of their way to make that a relationship for the gods to ponder and, I suppose, be amused by.

Am having a wild email back and forth today with a former Key West city transit bus driver, now living in Homestead, because he could not afford to live in Key West after he retired. He seems lots better educated than me, in the English grammar and literary sense. Have to use the dictionary sometimes, when I read what he is writing today.

I wish I had some place else than Key West with something going on I like. I’d be there, if the angels would let me be there, with Kari. I told her in the jail visiting room today, that I announced this morning that it seems the angels are causing me to think about running for president in 2016. Kari said, good luck winning. I said, no chance of winning. She said, I might get more votes than Hillary Clinton. I laughed, said not a chance. Kari said, at least Hillary is better than Bill, he’s deceitful. I said, I don’t know what Hillary is, she keeps changing, like a chameleon, like Barack Obama.

Hillary won’t get my vote. Nor will any Republican, as things now stand. Nor anyone else. I suppose that narrows it down to me :-). Well, I seriously doubt I could do any worse in the Offal Orifice, and maybe I would do better.

It occurred to me today to say, my platform is Biblical: If elected, I will do whatever God tells me to do, and I will not do what God tells me not to do. That ought to wrap up a landslide win for me, since I suppose at least 90 percent off all American voters claim they believe in God :-), and I suppose I will be the only candidate saying Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek are my Board of Directors :-), they own me, direct and correct me day and night.

Yeah, that ought to bring in lots of Christian, Catholic and Mormon votes. Lots.




Who invented the rule that poetry must rhyme, have pentameter, be cast into verse? Yes, please tell me who invented that really silly rule? Surely it wasn’t the maker of the first stone – otherwise there’d be no stones to break all those slaving rules!

Angel transmission to me, February 1994

Amigo Tim Gratz of Key West replied to the Dr. Ben candidate for President part of yesterday’s post at

Tim Gratz

I strongly support Dr. Carson [for President of USA]. He was raised in poverty to become the youngest and firdt black head of neurosurgery at prestigious John Hopkins Hospital. As I am sure you know he is famous for separating cojoined twins when other doctors were unable to do so. His life story is told in a movie in which he is played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. He received a prestigious award from the NAACP, the same award the NAACP gave to Rosa Parks.
And he is a Florida resident as well (the third Floridian in the race; the GOP has a surfeit of candidates for sure).
Tim Gratz

I replied:

Does Dr. Carson still believe homosexuals choose to be homosexual? If so, you still strongly support him?

What if he had said instead, people in slavery today choose to be slaves?

What if he had said instead, children choose to be molested by their parents?

I like his war stance, too. Just what we need, more stupid rich white men’s wars waged by a black President from humble, or at least, modest beginnings.

From Paul, the former Key West City Transit bus driver, who replied to the cruise ship dumping their wastes in the sea part of the day before yesterday’s myth, artificial intelligence, supernatural symposium, Key West and beyond post at


Oh Resplendent One!

Yesterday, the Doctor spake: ” NOT one cruise company coming to Key West utilizes treatment… besides, they empty their bunker oil – treating it with the same noxious/ toxic chemicals used in the Deep water Horizon disaster ” …
Ohhhh, Mighty One !!!

Is This not ACTIONABLE ???
I mean – It’s a Federal ( expletive deleted ) Bird Sanctuary – and Much, Much More.

Nah – am – sayin ?
Y’ Fee – mee, mannn… ?
She – eee – eee – iiih …


cruise ship butt

“cartoon” by Arnaud Girard,

co-editor/publisher of, aka Key West the Newspaper

I replied:

Resplendent One? Ha!


As you read in yesterday’s post, Dr. Weinstock declined to take his allegations to the local government authorities and to the local mullet wrappers, because he was too busy working on his book about what humanity is doing to (killing) the oceans and the planet.

As far as I know, cruise ships are not regulated on the open seas, and there is no action the US, the Florida and the local governments can do about that, but ban cruise ships from calling on US cities, which is what I keep saying Key West should do. And, it seems, I’m the only person who has told the city officials to do that.

Jerry Weinstock, the blue paper [], Last Stand, the Marine Sanctuary, Reef Relief, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, I don’t hear them calling for cruise ships to be banned from Key West, by Key West. Leaves me wondering what’s the point? Or, am I crazy, or, am I the only sane person in the city when it comes to cruise ships calling here? I ask the same question about other stuff going on in the city, and in the Florida Keys, too.

Doesn’t feel like resplendent. Feels like, hmmm, several colorful metaphors come to me, which the school district’s pristine server surely would throw back at me.


Paul wrote:

Maybe 10 or more years ago , at a City commission Tuesday night meeting, this, from an unfamiliar blond, maybe 30s: “Yeah. And I now represent the Cruise Ship Industry here, and we realize that there are some of you who don’t like what YOU feel to be our excessive presence here.”
Standing in the left front corner of the room, near the podium, she faced backward, toward the audience and said clearly: ” But let me assure you: We know ‘you’ plan to oppose our expansion in Key West. You should know that WE have OUR “Talons” planted deep in Key West, and WE will oppose YOU and all your silly, counterproductive ‘efforts’!”

…that was the word, Sloan, “Talons”…
OK. Reality? They got a budget that could squash France.
Without question, they – the Cruise Ship Industry – have long demonstrated the ability to dribble, casually, the Florida Governor, whether Republicrat or Republicrat, like a Harlem Globetrotters basketball. So …

What can you do? Even with a long sustained effort?
Probably not too much, net, net, net.
( look at Last Stand in recent years, anyway. Or Reef Relief, again, in recent years.)

They, the KW money players, might purposely factor in 1 or 2 out of 6 Reps in the City, or 1 of 5 on the County Commission as bona fide ‘loose cannons’ – but I believe the rest of them toe a pretty tight line.
At least on the ‘Money’ votes.

You gotta have a couple of ‘sort of genuine’ elected officials – unconstrained – to maintain the appearance of a “real” elected democracy. Verisimilitude is a necessary ‘biggie’.
BUT, ‘they’ will not permit enough elected opposition to disturb the occasional “money vote”, like, say, the per person fee for Cruise Ship Passengers at Key West.

… of course, Sloan, you know all this stuff, already…

Never Mind!

I replied:

Gosh, Paul, I had to go to the dictionary to make sure I was reasonably close to grokking,


attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.
“she was resplendent in a sea-green dress”

and again for


the appearance of being true or real.
“the detail gives the novel some verisimilitude”
synonyms: realism, believability, plausibility, authenticity, credibility, lifelikeness
“the verisimilitude of her performance is gripping”

How can the angels possibly have such an ignoramus pronounce, or would announce be more better, that he was told by angels to toss his hat into the USA President Circus Circus in 2016, on which you made not a mention in your erudite emails today – I had to look up the spelling of erudite, which brings Socrates to my mind,


having or showing great knowledge or learning
but I imagine old Socrates, the resplendent gadfly bathed in verisimilitude, were he able today, would say he simply had common sense, which otherwise seemed sorely lacking in his society.

I did not know about the talon-ed lady, maybe she had resplendent green eyes, maybe she was dressed in a resplendent green sheath dress, maybe she reeked of verisimilitude, given she seemed to have spoken truly, and maybe she reeked also of common sense, knowing the people she addressed on both sides of the dais would succumb to filthy lucre sprinkling down from cruise ship haven, er, heaven, money being more important to them than anything, probably least important of all to them, the ocean and its creatures and vegetation, given how the money god, that would be Mammon, just about always trumps resplendent Mother Nature and common sense.

Yeah, the green peace folks had themselves a little revival when, in 2013, the city started leaning toward bringing in even bigger sea-killing monsters, and more of the regular size sea-killing monsters, and after crushing that referendum the greenies and their allies all went back to sleeping and patting themselves on the back, all the while nagging in their souls, chewing their brain cells like little pac men, because they now knew, thanks to then Chamber of Commerce President Robin Lockwood, M.D., that the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships were calling on Key West, and had been calling for decades, and they had done zip about it, and they intended to do zip about it, and they have done zip about it, and they will not do zip about it, because deep down inside Key West is the WHORE OF THE CARIBBEAN and they are its loving, doting, loyal subjects.

Translated, no way in hell the resplendent, verisimilitude, erudite magnificent 7 on the dais now, or in the future, are going to ban cruise ships from Key West, which defaults to Mother Nature all and any means, fair or foul, to defend Herself. Maybe while at it, She will she will clean house in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., too.

Meanwhile, Key West and Florida Keys waters are awash with resplendent flesh-eating bacteria, which is condition known to all local physicians and divers, while the mayor of the pig trail end of this little asteroid belt flat denies is the case, the ocean is clean and beautiful, he said during the Pirate Radio mayor candidate debate in 2014, after I described the resplendent MRSA problem in Key West waters. Google image MRSA and get your eyes erudited and verisimilituded.

I haven’t been in the ocean down here since a Key West surgeon, Michael Klitenick, in June 2003, carved 3 horrific MRSA abscesses, 2 out of my groin and 1 out of my butt, and told me I then could do anything I wanted to do but go into the ocean. Later, my primary care physician, Ian Garriques, M.D., an infectious disease specialist, had a letter to the editor published in the Key West Citizen, saying MRSA was pandemic in the Florida Keys. Not epidemic, but pandemic, as in, hmmm, resplendent plague.

No way does Mayor Cates or the Key West Chamber of Commerce or the Florida Keys Tourist Development Council warn tourists, or locals, about the MRSA pandemic, which, that pandemic, perhaps is one resplendent way Mother Nature is striking back at the Whore of the Caribbean and all of her subjects and their guests?

Meanwhile, Elliot Baron gave me a hard time about using the photo of him on the retired Coast Guard Cutter Ingram during the run up to the bring in bigger and more cruise ships referendum in 2013.

Elliot Baron sniper

I got the photo off of, yep, Elliot’s very own Facebook page, where he was beating up on cruise ships and their allies in Key West pretty darn good. But, Elliot told me, he didn’t want the photo all over the place, after all, he was a respected businessman in the city, he owned a popular restaurant, Mangia Mangia, and he didn’t want to lose any business there because of that photo he’d had taken of him on the Ingram plastered all over the World Wide Web, in Key West.

Chow maim,


MRSA 2MRSA 6MRSA 3MRSA infectionMRSA 4MRSA 7MRSA 5mrsa.jpg

Daffy DuckBugs Bunnydunce.jpg

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more cuckoo’s nest adventures in Key West and beyond

cuckoo's nestlooney_toon_sloan.JPG

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Todd GermanTodd

Yesterday morning, my gracious host Todd German told me quite a few people have told him they know I am staying with him in his home on Cudjoe Key for a while. Todd said he doesn’t broadcast that, so it means they learned it by reading And, he said, they tell him they think he is crazy for letting me stay with him. I chuckled, asked, then why do they read, Are they crazy, too?

Ben CarsonBen Carson

In Key West yesterday, I bumped into an old friend I have not seen in a while, a black Key West native, that is, a Conch. I asked him what he thinks about Dr. Ben Carson, a black retired neurosurgeon running for US President on the Republican ticket? My friend, chuckled, said, he’s heard plenty for a long time about all the black Democrat political assholes, now he’s hearing about a black Republican asshole.

He paused, said, you’d think someone who is really smart, easily understands the theory of relatively, cannot be an asshole, but that’s not true.

Whew! If my life depended on it, I could not begin to explain the theory of relativity.

April foolspace ship white house

I keep finding myself thinking the angels are going to tell me to announce I’m a candidate for President in 2016, and I keep wondering how I would go about doing that, since I belong to no political party, and would not join one, and I have no campaign workers, and no grassroots support known to me, other than perhaps the crazy people who, or rather, maybe some of the crazy people who read I suppose some people who read that blog do so only to stay on top of what crazy thing I have said and done since the last time I said and/or did something crazy, mostly likely the day before, or maybe more recent

What, I wonder, would be my campaign platform for President?

I’ll probably have to get back to you on that, after I get out of the nut house :-).

I dunno, maybe the religious right would support my candidacy?

Facebook chat initiated by a Sugarloaf Key lady I’m starting to get to know:

Michelle Pahanish, April 27th

You are very spiritual correct? I have an unexpected EVP after I left my computer on. It says. Yes Jesus Lives. Cool. But then again I knew that

Me, April 27th
I am hounded and run and corrected and advised by angels, is that very spiritual, when I have no say in it, except how I cope with it? One of the angels goes by the name, Jesus. What was the unexpected EVP, and what is, EVP?

April 27th,

EVP means Electronic voice phenomena and it was on my computer surveillance. People that investigate the supernatural, ghosts, as it were or demons too I expect, but this EVP said Yes Jesus Lives.

Me, April 27th
I have reason to believe he lives, now, on this planet, and in spirit.

April 29th, 7:50pm

I believe in Angels and I believe in Jesus just don;t know where he is. Perhaps he visits here at his whim. Only god knows. I am a believer.

Me, April 29th, 10:16pm
Jesus is about his own business, and God’s. I don’t know what that is on this world, at this time. I know him from spirit tones, messages, and sometimes what I see, when I’m awake, and in dreams. He’s plenty real. And, the religion that claims him might wish to get to know him better.

May 6

I admire your faith. I am very spiritual but not a church goer. Don’t believe in organized religion. Grew up Catholic and I tend to stay with those beliefs. You have yourself a good day.

Me, May 6

I don’t attend church, either, but then, when am I ever not in church ?

May 6

well said. My kind of guy.

But then, maybe the religious right won’t support my candidacy.

Jesus clears temple

More Facebook chatter yesterday:

Victor Clarke's photo.
Victor Clarke's photo.
  • Sloan Bashinsky I have done plenty of both, and bums tend to be more fun, and more interesting, but I suppose it helps to be a bum to know, as I recall my Bible reading, Jesus was homeless.
    soup kitchen Jesus

But then, I bet the religious right would swoon over this posted into my Facebook timeline by amiga Brenda in north Georgia – Brenda’s in shaman training – about one of my all-time favorite Bible people:

Brenda Garcia shared a video to your timeline.

I don’t remember ever hearing a story from the Bible “come alive” like this. This little girl is AMAZING! Enjoy it, I sure did!

Sloan Bashinsky my recollection is, Jonah didn’t care for any of it, including how it ended, when God spared the people of Nivea because they had repented their evil ways :-). I lost track of the number of times God swallowed me until I did what God wanted me to do. And I lost track of the number of times it didn’t run out like I thought it should.

keel haulwitch burning

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myth, artificial intelligence, supernatural symposium, Key West and beyond

ship of fools large

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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, Mother Nature and ocean lover and activist wrote to me the other day, which I published in the the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships call on and are welcome in Key West post at

I can tell you for certain—the treatment plants on cruise ships rely on multiple filters which have to be maintained and replaced —-reading every book on the subject that I was able to get —–replacement costs for filters nullify./ cancel their use —

NOT one cruise company coming to Key West utilizes treatment… besides they empty their bunker oil –treating it with the same noxious/ toxic chemicals used in Deep water Horizon disaster –that settle over our sea bottom killing all along with enormous amount of silt and debris the props stir up…. they pushed thro congress a bill which says 3 weeks—notice has to be given before any inspection can happen. To make the large profit they make Historic Tours of America must ignore the dreadful side reactions of poisoned air and water——

more and more money is their aim …so very criminal !! All are felons
if we should call a spade a spade!! .(the truth is with what city official) ????——-cool weather –enjoy—————Jerry .

I replied:

What wonderful news, Jerry! I hope you forward your nice report, by email, to Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners. Here are their email addresses, for your convenience:;;;;;;

And to the Key West county commissioners, Heather Carruthers and Danny Kolhage, and the other three county commissioners, George Neugent, David Rice and Sylvia Murphy:;;;;

And to the Citizen, the Keynoter and Key West the Newspaper, as a letter to the editor: (the Citizen);;

If possible, please attend a Key West City Commission meeting and during closing citizen comments read your nice cruise ship report to the mayor and city commissioners, city staff and the citizen audience.

Then, accept a key to the city from Mayor Cates, for exceptional public service :-). Aw, my bad, that key was already given to the cruise ship industry and Historic Tours of America.


Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: You can send them with my FULL PERMISSION and Blessings;and my name from your Blog;;;;whatever ??!!!!!!!
Letter to the editor (my editor and publisher) say if I don’t concentrate and complete revisions
rewritings and other corrective action I will be subject to cruel and unusual punishment..
Seriously the book will cauterize all the issues that are unfair unhealthy and corrosive to the environment not TO mention
our spirit and soul deep within us –it is really scalding—–especially with the graphics… super Cheers –Jerry
(my time is so limited )

I replied:

Jerry, your reply is so lame that it puts you in league with the local felons you decried in your beautiful indictment. 5 minutes, with the email addresses I had provided, is all it would have taken you and your editor to [do] what I asked you to do, to complete the beautiful thing you had started. I was left feeling, I could give a shit, this entire city can go to hell. Seriously. Sloan

Jerry replied to yesterday’s in search of the unfindable and other fools errands (aka, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug), Key West investigations post at

SLOAN: another forever debate about homelessness and what the city
is responsible for providing—-really about how one views homelessness
and related empathy, and sensitivity toward each other. Yes, there exist all kinds
of rationalizations those people are drinkers and druggies–as are many people but
what are the underlying reasons–human consciousness in our modern society is way too stressful is what I would subscribe to. –in innumerable ways. My book says we have lost basic contact with the Natural world —ie— nature.
The Citizen front page –changing –height laws for buildings….:::
If we build high rises the shadows alone will blank out sunlight to vegetation, flowers and trees obscure the sky —and destroy what little charm we might still have –we will be the same as everywhere.

The article front page of the Citizen—Michael Browning says we need “Higher” —-the new high rises around Central Park in NY city have created havoc as shadows have detracted severely from Central Park’s joy. innumerable complaints…and articles… CHEERS: Jerry (artifical Intelligence is a myth.)

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – the main difference I see between my views of homeless people and the other verbal and written pundits’ views, is my views are based in direct, up close and personal experience. The myriad and varied causes of homelessness are irrelevant, in my opinion. A homeless addict, who is using, will not change. That has to be addressed first. And it’s so difficult to address. And the relapse rate for recovering addicts is so high, about 95 percent, according to what old timers in AA and NA reluctantly told me, that it seems like mission nearly impossible for homeless addicts, who, in my experience living on the street, make up 90-95 percent of street people.

That reality is not going away, no matter who spins it, and how. You yourself explained just how difficult it was for you to help addicts stop using. Massive psychotherapy, at great money cost to them, your fee, and, as I recall, you maybe had 6 addicts, in decades of private practice, stop using? And the effort overall was heartbreaking for you? Homeless people cannot afford massive psychotherapy. And even if it was provided to them free, how many would avail themselves of it? And how many, after doing it, and getting straightened out, would eventually relapse? Looks to me recovery from addiction, absent a supernatural intervention, no myth, is a myth.

A good example of that came my way when I spent time yesterday morning with a dear friend, who is a long-term alcoholic. He once had sober spells, but when a good friend died and he discovered the rotting corpse in his friend’s apartment, and about the same time the local AA chapter house (Anchors Away) went to paying its coffee and juice bar workers, which he was, by check, instead of in cash, which threatened his Social Disability monthly check, he quit working the bar and quit hanging out at the chapter house, and he went back to drinking, and has been hard at it ever since, say 8 years now.

He had a bad wreck on his bicycle in late February, which I learned about only yesterday. He came away with a serious back injury. I told him he needs to see a chiropractor. He said his insurance probably won’t pay for that. But it probably would pay for a neurosurgeon to see him, give him pain killers, perhaps operate. I know a chiropractor who would have seen him for nothing, when he still had an office in Key West, but now he’s only working on Big Pine Key. I doubt another Key West chiropractor would see my friend, for free. For he cannot pay.

He spends his Social Security benefits on some food, a little public housing rent, a little cat food, and the rest on booze. He sees a psychiatrist about every 2 months for 10 to 15 minutes, paid for by Soc. Sec. He is prescribed Seroquel (anti psychotic), Amitriptyline (anti-depressant) and Remeron (major depression anti-depressant). He said when he took the three, he felt like a zombie. I said, “like chemical lobotomy.” He said, yes, and Seroquel caused him to feel suicidal and other two made him really depressed.

He accepts the scripts his psychiatrist writes and gets the scripts filled at a pharmacy, because that enables him to keep getting his Soc. Sec. disability, but he throws the pills in the toilet and flushes. I heard that again yesterday. I told him no psychiatrist could help him as long as he was drinking. Nor if he was not drinking, I said, did I think any psychiatrist could help him. He’s been seeing psychiatrists a very long time, on the U.S. government’s dime.

His was put in prison at age 18 because he would not fight in Vietnam. Wonder what was done to an 18-year-old boy in prison? The newest Republican candidate for US President, Dr. Ben Carson, a retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon of highest regard, was quoted once as saying homosexuality is a choice, proven by men who go to prison and end up practicing it and continuing to practice it after they leave prison.

Carson also has said he’s definitely for US proactive wars and troops having boots on the ground. I’d love to see him lead the charge, with his wife and children. You’d think a black man, which Carson is, 80 percent black, according to a geneology Wikipedia says someone did on him, would not be in favor of rich white men’s wars being fought by people with black skin, or brown skin, or yellow skin, or red skin, nor by poor and middle class people with white skin, but Carson apparently is gung ho for it.

He’s very religious apparently, Seventh Day Adventist, his wife, too. I have heard that’s a splinter group off the Mormans, but not sure that’s true. Maybe there are sides to him, which do not disagree with me.

In a 7 Ridiculous Things Ben Carson Believes article about him I found online, written by a harsh critic, probably a Democrat:

Anarchy could cancel the 2016 election

Carson warned in an interview in 2014 that if we “continue down this pathway that we are going down,” referring to “this pathway where everything is framed in a political sense and our representatives are not working for the people, they’re working for their party,” then the anarchy could lead to the 2016 election being called off. He claimed that the growing national debt, ISIS and the then-Democrat controlled U.S. senate’s refusal to consider legislation passed by the Republican House of Representatives all pointed toward the idea that the country is headed toward anarchy. If Carson’s prediction proved to be true, he said, Obama could declare martial law and the 2016 election would not occur.

I read that to my host Todd German, and said I personally think something like that could occur in America. And that I have a very dear friend, MIT PhD graduate, who taught there after working at Oak Ridge as part of his Master’s at MIT. Later, he went into the private sector, building factories in America, South America and overseas. I became convinced he was CIA. He and I are light years apart politically, he hates Obama and Democrats. They give him apolexy. Yet he and I agree, the USA train is going to jump the tracks, and we hope we are not here when it happens.

I wonder what Dr. Carson thinks about street people? I wonder if he ever knew one?

He was an Independent all his life, and became a Republican in 2014, according to Wikipedia, as part of his drifting toward maybe running for President in 2016.

What a mess, humanity. I just a bit ago got off the phone with Kari, who called me from the jail. At one point in our conversation, she said there are lots of bad people, and I said maybe the only solution is all people be exterminated, the few good people dying would be worth getting rid of all the bad ones. She said I was really messed up. I said, yeah, but that would solve the problem.

Meanwhile, I keep being reminded of, “We plan, God laughs!” Human scientists once believed the myth that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. Who on this planet can know Artificial Intelligence does not already exist in the universe and it is evolving on this planet much as it evolved elsewhere, where its creators had no clue what they were creating until it was in control of them?

With God, all things are possible, even addicts being cured, which is very different from addicts simply not using. The cure is infusion into them of the Divine Feminine, what Christians call the Holy Spirit. Her absence in them is the cause of their addiction. Her absence is the cause of all of humanity’s problems.

She is no myth. I know that for a fact, but there is no way I can prove it scientifically or mentally.


Sloan at Smathers Beach

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in search of the unfindable and other fools errands (aka, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug), Key West investigations

Mary Chapin Carpenter 2

Mary Chapin Carpenter

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I’m sitting in Sippin’ Internet Cafe on Eaton Street next to Tropic Cinema, in Key West, just after eating a scrumptious breakfast Virginia ham, cheese, tomato and pesto mayonnaise sandwich on homemade whole wheat Guinness Stout bread. Of late, after getting down to Key West in the morning, either with my gracious host Todd German or on the city transit Key-West to Marathon shuttle bus, I walk over to where I keep my bicycle locked up inside a locked fence and head for Sippin’ to finish writing and publishing each day, like I did for a number of years when I lived just off Duval Street next to the city hall on Angela Street.

Todd GermanTodd

Yesterday, Todd asked me what I think about the city’s new homeless shelterplanned for the Easter Seals property on Stock Island? I said the new shelter is too small, even smaller than the present shelter known as KOTS (Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter). The city will end up not liking the new shelter, but they will build it. There is no cure to the city’s homeless problem. Todd said, the soup kitchen on Flagler Avenue will be moved to the new shelter. I said, yes, but what’s needed there instead is more beds.

Todd said, the city hopes moving the soup kitchen to the new shelter will cause homeless people to stay on Stock Island, instead of hang out in the city. I said, that’s their thinking, but it won’t get that result. Already, many homeless people in Key West won’t use the soup kitchen on Flagler, because of how far it is from where they hang out. Move the soup kitchen to Stock Island, even fewer homeless people using the soup kitching now, will travel up to Stock Island to eat. The homeless who will use the new soup kitchen already are hanging out on Stock Island, or will be staying nights at the new shelter.

There are twice as many homeless people, I said, in the Key West area, than there are homeless people using KOTS. If KOTS is full, where can the remaining half sleep nights without the police bothering them? If the new shelter sleeps 20 less homeless people than KOTS, where do those 20 homeless people sleep nights, without the police bothering them?

That doesn’t count the homeless people in the jail on Stock Island.


Then, because of its warm winter weather and party town imagine, Key West is a magnet for lots of people, including new homeless people.

Todd knows of the Pottinger case, which handed Miami’s homeless situation over to a US District Court in the 1990s, which Court still has control over Miami’s homeless situation, Miami lost all control and say so, held Miami could not use its police to harass or arrest homeless people for sleeping outside if there was no shelter where they could sleep and they could get to the shelter, or they refused offers of transportation to the shelter. That same US District Court has jurisdiction over Key West, and it looks to me, for Key West to be in compliance with the Pottinger case, its new homeless shelter needs to be big enough to sleep all of the homeless people in the area, instead one half or less. And, that does not count the homeless people living in the jail at any given time.

Todd said it is a problem for homeless people, and for the city, and for the criminal justice system, for people to get arrested, jailed, and convicted, and put on probation, and then they are not able to get free of the local criminal justice system, thus cannot leave the area. I said, many homeless people get arrested for drinking in public, which does not happen to people who are not homeless, and the police add on other charges, so it is not just drinking in public that has them on probation, but trespass, disorderly conduct, assault (threat to injure someone else), relieving themselves in public, public indecency, etc.

Furthermore, KW police now are telling homeless people in city parks, if they are sitting or lying on the ground, and there is ground cover between them and the ground, a towel, a blanket, a tarp or even a newspaper, they are camping and they cannot do that. The police are telling homeless people who are sleeping on the ground during the day that they cannot sleep, that’s camping. Homeless people who do not get enough sleep have emotional and mental problems they did not have when they got enough sleep. That, on top of their other problems, emotional, mental, booze, spice, other narcotics, and being caught in the local criminal justice system, is a recipe for them staying in Key West indefinitely, homeless or in jail.

Feather Talk

My lady Kari, in jail, told me on the telephone last night that she and other women in her unit, who have money in their jail commissary accounts, are unable to buy envelopes with stamps on them, such as the post office sells, with which to write to relatives, friends, family, their lawyer, the judge presiding over their case, their probation officer. Kari said female inmates who have no money are given 3 stamped envelopes a week, a pencil, eraser and writing paper, and their commissary account is charged $3, creating a negative balance entry. Kari said she now has written twice on the in-jail kiosk computer to the jail official in charge, she thinks, of the commissary, about not being able to get envelopes, and has not heard anything back. Kari asked me to publish that today, hoping the women in the jail, who have money in their commissary accounts, can get envelopes with stamps on them. Otherwise, those women are put to trading their commissary purchases for envelopes and other writing implements, which is against jail rules, Kari said.

I will visit her again on Thursday, and maybe I will be able to find someone in the jail, or at the sheriff department nearby, to speak with about this. Not trying to cause a fuss, just trying to help the ladies out, who wish to correspond with the outside world. Some of these women, like Kari, will be homeless when they are released. Perhaps with stamped envelopes and other writing implements, they can make arrangements with relatives, friends, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Samuel’s house, former employers, to have something waiting on them when they get out, so they will not be homeless.

Here, again, is yesterday’s Key West Citizen ( article on the new homeless shelter,my further thoughts in bold italics:


Key West’s current homeless shelter

Sunday, May 3, 2015
$1.2M to relocate homeless shelter
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

It will cost the city at least $1.2 million to relocate its overnight homeless shelter several blocks down College Road, including about $650,000 for building improvements, according to the latest staff report made public.

“Based on assessment of building condition and proposed use, staff recommends mainly superficial repairs, plumbing upgrade for laundry and ADA compliancy,” states the report by City Manager Jim Scholl scheduled for presentation to the city commission at their meeting this week at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

The rebuilt homeless shelter would be slightly smaller than the existing one.

The “established sleeping capacity” at the former Easter Seals site, 5220 College Road, is 120 people, the report states, citing a code requirement of 50 square feet per person. KOTS (Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter) currently has room for 140 on any given night at its 5537 College Road location.

But KOTS’ relocation remains in the planning stages, Mayor Craig Cates said, when asked about the proposal to reduce the capacity by 20 people. He hadn’t seen the new capacity number and said he knows of no push to create a smaller shelter, about which the commission reserves the final say-so.

“We just want to know what is allowed there now and then we can see what to do,” Cates said Saturday. “We’ll probably discuss that. I don’t know if we could give a variance to allow more.”

As directed by the commission in February and March, Scholl’s team has begun providing regular updates on the relocation of the shelter, which the city promised to do in order to settle a lawsuit by nearby condo owners who claimed the shelter was built in 2004 without proper permitting.

In fact, KOTS was built without proper permitting. The city rushed to build KOTS, because homeless people were camping in plain view, in tents, after the city stopped letting them camp in the woods because the homeless people were trashing the woods. The Pottinger case required the city to let the homeless people camp somewhere, if there was no homeless shelter where they could sleep nights.

According to the report, which is written in list form, various city administrators have made site visits to the old Easter Seals location, where commissioners finally decided in a split vote to plant the homeless shelter. Staff has also met with the shelter’s managers, who work for the nonprofit Southern Homeless Assistance League (SHAL), located next-door to the sheriff’s office, and plotted a basic budget of $1.2 million.

As for the sleeping area of the new shelter at Easter Seals, the city’s best bet is to construct a 3,000-square-foot building shell rather than go with a building that has “roll-down side weather curtains,” according to the report.

“Based on favorable cost comparison, staff recommends sleeping area with closed sides,” the report reads. “Provide metal exterior walls; access doors; incorporate screened window openings with window curtains. Better security. Improved weather protection. Structurally more sound.”

If the new shelter is not enclosed, bug proof, and air-conditioned, there will be more disease among homeless people staying there, transmittable disease: MRSA, influenza, tuberculosis, mosquito-borne, scabies, body lice, bed bugs …

While staff says the old Easter Seals building, on city-owned property, needs only “superficial repairs,” the fixes will cost at least $150,000, while “building improvements’ are estimated to run $630,000.

The $1.2 million budget includes a contingency fund of $154,000, reserved for unexpected costs down the road. The fund is 15 percent of the project’s overall cost of $1,176,000.

Also, the report includes a preliminary sketch of the new shelter site, calling for a 6-foot-high opaque fence around the property plus a 5-foot-wide landscape buffer. Two sleeping buildings are on the designs, along with a “Time-Out Area,” proposed for corralling drunk or disorderly people.

The time-out area is a good idea, drunk and disorderly homeless people should not be with homeless people who are not drunk and are peaceful. Unfortunately, I imagine 80 percent, or more, of homeless people now using KOTS are drunk and/or high on another narcotic. The time-out-area might be reversed to be the main area, and the homeless people who are not under the influence of something use the time-out-area. I have heard, reliable, I think, that the present management at KOTS has reduced significantly the number of drunks staying there at night, and the amount of booze and other narcotics smuggled in there by KOTS clients. Where do those homeless addicts now sleep at night? Where will they sleep at night after the new shelter is built?

The new KOTS would add a dining area to the city’s shelter, bike racks and storage for “client personal effects,” according to the designs.

“We do have very limited storage for clients who volunteer and who work outside jobs,” said John Miller, interim executive director of SHAL.

There needs to be storage for all KOTS users. Otherwise, they have to carry their belongings with them everywhere they go, or rent commercial storage, which can run close to $100 a month, or stash their belongings in a hiding place, hoping no one finds and takes whatever they wish. How do homeless people who want to work get employed if they have all of their belongings with them? How do they stay employed if they have all their belongings with them? Or if they have their belongings stolen? I have heard, probably reliable, about 30 percent of the homeless people using KOTS, are employed. Also I have heard those homeless people are not making enough to afford Key West rents. And, I have heard many of them can’t get into Florida Keys Outreach Coalition or Samuel’s House, because of they are drinking and/or have violent crime records. Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Samuel’s House provide down an out people a chance to turn their lives around, and cheap rent for so long as they are in those programs. Graduates from those programs then face market rate rents if they cannot get into public housing, or into some other subsidized housing. If they do not relapse, go back to their homeless ways, including boozing and/or other narcotics. The relapse rate for addicts is very high.

Miller said the proposed dining area is where St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, which serves a meal daily at its Flagler Avenue outdoor site, would relocate to the new shelter.

The eating area at the Flagler soup kitchen is larger than any sleeping dorm at KOTS.

homeless soup kitchen

The church has provided the soup kitchen for many years. That’s what churches do: feed the poor, thus the homeless man Jesus, as per his saying in the Gospels, “I was hungry and you fed me not.” The church will keep the soup kitchen open if it is not moved to the new homeless shelter.

The final sentence of the four-page report states, “Staff requests guidance from commission on how to further proceed.”

Perhaps city staff, the city manager and the city commissioners and the mayor should request input from people who know the terrain but do not depend on the city for funding: Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Samuel’s House, homeless people, me.

On Feb. 3, commissioners voted 4-3 to move the homeless shelter at the city-owned lot that formerly housed the Easter Seals nonprofit’s office. The vote came months after a 3-3 vote killed a proposal to put it there.

The vote was taken knowing the city does not have the money to build the new shelter and not knowing how the money would be acquired.

ex Machina

Yesterday afternoon, I wandered out of Sippin’ into Tropic Cinema to watch “Ex_Machina”, a sci-fi artificial intelligence drama, which I enjoyed but won’t say much about else I spoil the plot for people who want to see the movie. When I told Todd this morning that I’d seen “Ex Machina” yesterday, he said Steven Hawking, Elon Musk (Telsa Motors), and Bill Gates (MicroSoft) all three are saying artificial intelligence will be a serious issue for humanity. But then, humanity already is a serious issue for this planet and its other inhabitants.

ET view

Perhaps related, I also told Todd that I’d heard yesterday of Earthling scientists who think they may be able to develop faster than the speed of light star drive. Todd said he’d heard that, too.

I thought, did not say, goodness, imagine humans invading other planets in this star system, and other star systems. My goodness, imagine what beings living elsewhere will think about that, and what kind of response they might make to being invaded by Earthlings.

Imagine artificial intelligence on this planet turning Earthlings into drones and giving them star drive and sending them into space to get rid of them? And to infect all organic life forms with human disease and open the heavens to artificial intelligence proliferation, domination and … “the second coming”?

about time

Kari told me a joke the other day.

Kari and Sloan 2

Three guys out in the Mojave Desert come across a lamp, which they discover, when one of them rubs it, has a genie inside, who comes out and says, “Oh, there are three of you. Hmmm, so each of you get one wish.”

One of the guys thinks, says, “Okay, I want to be 10 times smarter than any other person on this planet.” The genie says, “Okay, your wish is granted.”

The second guy thinks, says, “Well, I want to be 50 times smarter than any person.” The gene says, “Okay, your wish is granted.”

The last guy thinks, says, ” I want to be smarter than any person.” The genie thinks, says, “Okay, you’re a woman.”

El Machina is a female AI.

Next time I talk with Kari, I will remind her of the three rules about women.

Rule 1. All women are crazy.

Rule 2. There is nothing that can be done about Rule 1.

Rule 3. Never forget Rules 1 and 2.

Sloan in dress


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the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships call on and are welcome in Key West

cruies ship facade

cruise ship butt

“cartoon” by Arnaud Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (

cruise ship truth

cruise ship leaving Key West’s Outer Mole pier

cruise ship invasion

Key West Citizen ( editorial cartoon of even bigger sea monsters docking at the Outer Mole pier and at Fort Zachary State Park, where no cruise ships yet dock – yet

Depress ctrl and + keys together to increase text size; depress ctrl and – keys together to reduce

During the run up to the October 1, 2013 “channel-widening study” referendum (actually, bring in bigger and more cruise ships referendum) in 2013,  Robin Lockwood, M.D., President of the Key West Chamber of Commerce, during a public forum on the referendum, while arguing on behalf of the Chamber for the referendum to be passed, said, “The dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships are calling on Key West.” A statement he later denied making.

On October 21st, 76% of the voters said NO.

(Dr. Lockwood’s son, Robert, an assistant public defender, is running for the Public Defender seat in this year’s city elections, against Chief Assistant Public Defender Trish Gibson.)

Amigo Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, Ocean and Mother Nature lover and activist,

psychiatrist interviews

replied to yesterday’s various Sunday one flew over, and under, the cuckoo’s nest sundries, Key West mostly, but not entirely post at

great white

Sloan: this issue is a bit difficult to read as the sentences are so long;
reducing –too small –so a work of labor–was accomplished—.
however worthwhile issues —

I can tell you for certain—the treatment plants on cruise ships rely on multiple filters which have to be maintained and replaced —-reading every book on the subject that I was able to get —–replacement costs for filters nullify./ cancel their use —

NOT one cruise company  coming to Key West utilizes treatment… besides they empty their bunker oil –treating it with the same noxious/ toxic chemicals used in Deep water Horizon disaster –that settle over our sea bottom killing all along with enormous amount of silt and debris the props stir up…. they pushed thro congress a bill which says 3 weeks—notice has to be given before any inspection can happen. To make the large profit they make Historic Tours of America must ignore the dreadful side reactions of poisoned air and water——

more and more money is their aim …so very criminal !! All are felons
if we should call a spade a spade!! .(the truth is with what city official) ????——-cool weather –enjoy—————Jerry .

I replied:

What wonderful news, Jerry! I hope you forward your nice report, by email, to Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners. Here are their email addresses, for your convenience:;;;;;;

And to the Key West county commissioners, Heather Carruthers and Danny Kolhage, and the other three county commissioners, George Neugent, David Rice and Sylvia Murphy:;;;;

And to the Citizen, the Keynoter and Key West the Newspaper, as a letter to the editor: (the Citizen);;

If possible, please attend a Key West City Commission meeting and during closing citizen comments read your nice cruise ship report to the mayor and city commissioners, city staff and the citizen audience.

Then, accept a key to the city from Mayor Cates, for exceptional public service :-). Aw, my bad, that key was already given to the cruise ship industry and Historic Tours of America.


Historic Tours of America, Ed Swift’s alter ego,


is paid $500,000-plus, annually by the city to use its conch trains to ferry cruise ship passengers in from the Outer Mole pier to HTA conch train/Old Town Trolley terminals/gift shops, where those cruise ship passengers buy Key West souvenirs made in Asia and purchase city tours on conch trains and trolleys.

Conch TrainOld Town Trolley

Some years ago now, the city forked out about $8,000,000 to settle an anti-trust lawsuit filed against the city by Duck Tours, which an earlier city commission had put out of business just as Duck Tours was getting started, to protect HTA conch trains and trolleys from competition.

This isn’t the first time the mayor and the city commissioners were apprised of the dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West. Dr. Lockwood’s remarks were published the the Key West Citizen, and at this website.

I myself repeated Dr. Lockwood’s remarks during citizen comments at city commission meetings, and the mayor and the city commissioners were silent.

They love those sea-killing cruise ships and all the cheap, sidewalk-clogging, goggle-eyed, often drunk day tourists cruise ships dump into Key West several days a week, sometimes two cruise ships a day, sometimes three a day.

They love city streets clogged with loud conch trains and trolleys hauling cruise ship passengers on already too busy city streets and through otherwise quiet residential neighborhoods.

They know the “channel-widening referendum, actually was a cruise ship referendum, which was defeated 76-24 percent. They know how 3/4th of city residents feel about cruise ships calling on Key West.

They know, even as they talk ongoing about the city going green and do nothing about the dirtiest, worse possible cruise ships calling on Key West. They say there is nothing they can do.

Baloney. The mayor and the city commissioners can stop paying Ed Swift’s HTA over half-million a year to haul cruise ships in from the Outer Mole. They can stop providing harbor services, including tug boats. They can stop selling cruise ships Florida Keys Aqueduct water, piped to Key West from the mainland. They can raise disembarkation fees so high cruise ships stop calling on Key West. They can pass resolutions at city commission meetings asking the Florida Legislature and the US Congress to ban cruise ships from Florida and American ports and waters. They can capture cruise ship passengers and feed them to hungry pet sharks lounging under the piers where cruise ships dock.

The mayor and the city commissioners can stop being accomplices with those sea-and-reef killing monsters and Ed Swift, who, I was told, has a candidate in two of this year’s city commissioner races, Valera and Barroso. The candidate in the third city commission race, McPherson, has a brother who works for HTA. Their mother used to work for HTA.

Cruise ship collision

Yesterday’s post was long. Today’s is short and sweet.

the beatings will continuekeel haulElliot Baron sniper

Elliot Baron on decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter Ingram moored in Truman Waterfront harbor, 2013

Sloan the bad


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various Sunday one flew over, and under, the cuckoo’s nest sundries, Key West mostly, but not entirely

cuckoo's nest

Daffy DuckBugs Bunnydunce.jpg

Depress ctrl and + keys together to increase text size; depress ctrl and – keys together to reduce

psychiatrist interviews

Amigo Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, Ocean and Mother Nature lover and activist, wrote yesterday:

great white

SLOAN: the technology exists to turn sewage human waste into drinking water;
I have seen the plant at lake Tahoe —and drunk the water —excellent….

this is important –it takes will and priorities –and a sense of morality.

wow are we lacking much of that—the people that think like that generally
treat all other people with empathy and humanly. –we have so much hubris
like an attorney I can think of that would destroy completely our ocean and its resources.
What kind of monsters reside next to us in Key West—-sincerely –Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry – yep.

Several times during the 2007 KW mayor’s race, I promoted further treating KW’s treated waste water, so it was safe to drink. I cited a city in California, where it was dry, which was doing that – pot to tap, it’s called. The idea went nowhere, as I had anticipated. I brought the idea up from time to time thereafter, with same outcome. And, I suggested using what now is being injected into a deep well, or at least part of it, for irrigating city parks, trees, shrubs, etc. Same outcome.

All the going green talk in Key West, and the city is pumping into deep injection wells how many millions of gallons of treated waste water, which originally came from south Florida aquifers and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s desalination plant in Florida City, and was pumped down here through the aqueduct?

All the going green talk in Key West, and the city will not let people plaster their roof tops and yards with solar panels. All the talk about going green down here, and, instead of composting all of the city’s plant waste, the city pays Waste Management to haul it to the mainland, where, I think, Waste Management composts and sells it. Instead of incinerating its garbage locally, Key West pays Waste Management to haul it to landfills in south Florida.

The only green thing I see the city doing, and it’s still got a long ways to go, is the city’s deal with Waste Management to recycle paper, glass and plastic waste, etc. The least green, unless you view it for what it is, thing the city does is receive cruise ships, which happily jettison their sewerage and food wastes and, I imagine, their garbage into the sea outside the 3-mile limit.

Next time I hear Mayor Cates campaign about him being green, maybe I throw a water balloon at him filled with green paint :-)

During the 2007 mayor campaign, at a candidate forum in Tropic Cinema, I asked Mayor Morgan McPherson when the city was going to do something about the toxic waste water cruise ships were dumping into the ocean? Morgan replied, he been taken on a tour of a cruise ship, shown its waste water treatment plant, was told the treated water was good enough to drink, but he didn’t try it. I sat beside him, slowly shaking my head. The audience saw me do that, but did they take it to mean I was saying Morgan was lying, full of shit, out to lunch?

The other day, someone I had only just met asked me what I do? I paused, said, I’m a professional pisser offer of other people. The person chucked, asked how that paid? Not much, I said. The person chuckled again.

Twice in Sippin’ Internet Cafe this week, I was asked if I’m going to run for office in 2016? I said I was running, away. I had dreams after that, which left me feeling the angels were laughing, and not happy also, about my reply to those two inquiries.

One of the people wanted to know if I was I going to run for Sheriff? I nearly fainted. I was working on my author’s manuscript, which, if it gets made into a book, won’t make the Sheriff’s day, nor the Sheriff’s father’s day, nor quite a few other people around Marathon and elsewhere’s day.

The smart author sold his home and moved out of the Keys just recently, and is traveling USA in a camper. The stupid editor of the author’s manuscript is still here, easy to find.


After paying me about 1/3 of what he offered to pay me, which was fair for the amount of work I had done, the author fired me over feedback I gave him about his letting two known crazy, dangerous pilots fly the author’s biplane with paying passengers on board, both of which flights ended with crashes and, miraculously, no one being hurt; and over what I had been told in my sleep about ETs abducting one of the two crazy, dangerous pilots and that caused his crash. Even so, I told the author I would continue working on his manuscript until I had it in what I felt was fairly decent shape. I sent him this email yesterday containing the entire manuscript:

Wiley Coyote

Subject: A fairly well edited manuscript, Boy Scouts are Dead?

PAUL, HEARD FROM GARY LEE [not KWPD Officer Gary Lee Lovette, who led the charge to kill Charles Eimers] THAT YOU ARE OFF AND TRAVELING, HOPE THAT’S GOING WELL FOR YOU.








SLOAN, MAY 1, 2015,, (305) 407-4285

Here’s the “editor’s preface” I suggested for the book:


Editor’s Preface

When Paul Goodwin first contacted me in Key West and started telling me bits and pieces of his wild adventures up around Marathon, which lies just above Seven Mile Bridge, it never dawned on me that I would get personally involved in those adventures. Yet, that’s what happened.

Why not? I was a published author of maybe 20 books, and was publishing daily ravings at my local website, not entirely to the pleasure of probably any elected official in the Florida Keys. I was an ex-practicing lawyer from Alabama, still trying to quit practicing law. I didn’t believe in coincidences. I didn’t hear a story from Paul, and say, no way that could have happened! Indeed, his stories were so Florida Keys that I would not dare say, no way that could have happened!

You see, three times I ran for the county commission in the Florida Keys, one time I ran for the school board, and four times I ran for mayor of Key West. And once I campaigned really hard for a friend to become our next state attorney, which he did. State attorney is like district attorney, the head criminal prosecutor. That same year, I campaigned hard for another friend to be our next sheriff, which she didn’t get, but, boy, did she cause a great stirring and commotioning in the sheriff quarters. So I kinda know how things go down here in paradise pretend.

And, back when I practiced law, I had tried a complicated airplane crash case in federal court, which had learned me a thing or two about bad pilots, air traffic controllers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigates airplane crashes.

And, after graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law, I had clerked for a federal judge in Birmingham, who presided over all federal criminal prosecutions in the United State District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. I watched a heap of criminal trials defended by top-notch defense lawyers and prosecuted by top-notch US Attorneys. I sat in my judge’s chambers with the lawyers, as they talked about stuff in private, which the jury would never hear, nor the newspapers.

I also saw in action heaps of darn good trial lawyers in civil litigation, defense and plaintiff lawyers. Although I was not in those lawyers’ league, nor in the criminal defense lawyers and the US Attorneys’ league, I knew what good lawyers, judges, FBI agents and US Marshalls did in Birmingham and north Alabama. I can’t say I found the same standard of jurisprudence and law enforcement in the Florida Keys.

When Paul and I first connected, he was blasting the Internet with snippets of his adventures, mostly on Facebook. I told him to stop doing that, and to simply write it down, starting at the beginning, and tell it like a dunce ought to be able to understand it. Ought. So, Paul started writing. Then, he asked me if I would edit the manuscript? He would pay me. A novel thought, getting paid for doing something – novel to me. I said I probably could do it, after writing about 20 books, and being edited by very good editors in publishing firms, and by a desktop publisher later, after my own books went so far off the human chart that I had to self-publish them, or let them die.

As I read Paul’s manuscript, I saw a lot of railing and preaching, mixed in with a lot of gripping, educational, hilarious, maddening reports. He kept shifting from past to present tense, and from present tense back to past tense. I felt a New York publishing house editor would basically rewrite Paul’s book, so it didn’t sound much, if at all, like Paul’s voice. Sort of like, hmmm, a New York publishing house’s editor might like to edit an Alabama redneck’s report on snake handling churches in tucked away backwoods places, and snagging big catfish barehanded out from under river banks, and getting drunk sitting on a tail gate before the Iron Bowl, where Auburn and Alabama go at it each late November on the gridiron.

No, I wasn’t gonna make Paul sound like somebody I didn’t know. I was gonna let him tell it his way, in his voice, and I wuz gonna fix the grammar and sentence structure a bit, where it needed some band-aiding, and I wuz gonna tighten the story up here and there, where it was too loosely goosey, so any dunce ought to be able to understand it. And, I recommended creating an APPENDIX for the Marc Hightower “mahogany alarm clock miracle” tale from beyond belief, which followed Paul’s first chapter in the manuscript, because Marc’s tale seemed mostly an entirely different affair. Mostly.

I told Paul, me once having been a lawyer, or so I claim, that I didn’t figure any publishing house would want to publish his book as he had wrote it, because the probable proximate result of the book being published that way was the publisher getting the shit sued out of it for libel (written defamation). Note, I said sued. I did not say successfully sued. You see, the truth is always a defense when you publish that some low down, worthless, lying, cheating, thieving, murderous skunk is a low down, worthless, lying, cheating, thieving, murderous skunk.

I told Paul, if he did get sued over his book, he didn’t need no lawyer to represent him. All he needed to do was answer the plaintiff’s complaint, in writing, in the court where it was filed, and to attach to his answer a Request for Production for of all of the skunks’ cell phone and land line records, and emails and Facebook and other social media stuff going back five years, so Paul could ascertain further the nature of the character of the skunks to prove the skunks should have sued them own selves for libel.

I also suggested an Author’s Preface, such as the one below, which I wrote to kick off the book and let it be told as Paul wrote it, and not as a New York publishing house editor would rewrite it and make Paul out to be somebody he ain’t. Given he was fond of redneck and dialect, and given he wrote, “The trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right,” I don’t imagine Mark Twain would have much complaint with that approach. Or with my leaving mostly alone Paul’s not entirely Oxford-educated way of writing and expressing himself.

Populist might fit Paul getting up on his bandwagon at times in his tellings. I kinda have a feeling he says what lots of people without Oxford educations are thinking, or wish they were thinking, and wishing they could say it without getting red dots lasers make on persons in the crosshairs of high tech pistols and rifles familiar to snipers and SWAT teams.

Mark Twain on lightning

Suggested Author’s Preface

Okay, since I’m the main minor player in this whacko true life report on bad pilots and bad, or badder, law enforcement officers, I’m going to provide a little foreplay, which, if you are into slam, bam, thank you m’am, you can skip over and K-Y Jelly yourself straight to the “Wrong Way Corrigan” (chapter 3), which is what spawned this entire maddening, outrageous, hilarious, orgasmic, aerobatic upchuck.

But not to worry. When required, I point you back to the foreplay, to fill in the back story, subtexts and undercurrents, and who I am and my pilot credentials, which you didn’t read all about because you were in such a big K-Y Jelly hurry. And, after the multiple main orgasms, you can read bits and pieces of the puzzle I didn’t know about during the multiple main orgasms. You might view that part of the book as the afterglow, interrupted from time to time by minor orgasms.

Paul Goodwin,


the man with a death wish, which means something to you, if you live in the Florida Keys, where people long before 9/11 and Homeland Security, have been known to just up and disappear without a trace, forever.

And here’s the editor’s postscript re ET abduction:

Editor’s postscript: After reading Marc Hightower’s tale several times, as reported by Paul Goodwin, I was told in my sleep one night, by a familiar voice, “MARC HIGHTOWER WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS.” I took that two ways. Way one, that’s what happened to Mark and to his passenger and Sweetie Pie Too, and that’s how come they all got back safely to the airfield, as aliens tend not to harm humans they abduct, but return them alive, with amnesia. Way two, the angels, who edit me ongoing, wanted Marc’s tale abducted from the front of the book, where it was stalling the the Splash tales, which were why Paul wrote the book in the first place. Marc’s part of the book, although interesting, was incidental to telling how Splash and his various evil empire confederates proved boy scouts are dead, if you really don’t believe in Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobe, Yoda and the Force. Also, it might well be Marc’s prior difficulties in the air also were caused by his being abducted by aliens and resulting amnesia. Paul’s tale, and the sum of its parts, all happened on, or near, the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, which ain’t entirely science fiction.

On the current hot topic, in Key West, in today’s Key West Citizen (

To Kill a Mockingbird

from “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Racial profiling exists, can be corrected in communities

There used to be a section in the Citizen for letters to the editor. My guess is, now that we have the Voice there are a lot less letters to the editor.

In this age of tweet and Instagram, we have learned to shorten our responses to issues with less characters. This means we do not give complete thoughts in our opinions. This is what prompted me to write this letter to the editor.

The Citizen printed a comment in the voice eluding to it being a fact that “black folks” are inherently bad.

Not true.

The police target the black community, making it seem that crime is rampant and making it appear the people who live in these areas are criminal minded and are bad representatives of a people. It is obvious that the author is not black and does not live or frequent the neighborhood.

If, he/she did, they would have a different life experience and would not make that assumption.

This person would’ve known what it is like to have your family and friends stopped, searched and questioned with no probable cause. When you are the target of law enforcement you are more likely to have encounters. More encounters mean more opportunity for arrest and more chances for violence.

The police have an “us against them” posture from the beginning in certain areas. I have never heard of a sting being conducted in New Town. Only, Bahama Village and Stock Island are targeted for stings. In my experience being a black man in America I have been stopped many times and many of the encounters where unnecessary and clearly racial profiling.

When a cop pulls me over, in my mind this could be it. I could end up dead or in jail just because he thought I was about to do something or the officer is having a bad day. We have to teach our kids how to survive a police encounter.

If you are not black you will never know the feeling. I submit there is less crime and fewer criminals living in Bahama Village then in many other sections of Key West like Duval Street, Simonton Street, New Town and the graveyard but, there are no stings or random stop and search operations that target these neighborhoods.

How many undercover operations have you heard of in the Key West bars, hotels and restaurants? Understand the problem in Key West is the same problem all over America. We don’t know each other.

We believe what we have been told. Not what we have lived. This can be fixed.

All we need to do is: First, take the police out of the cars. Partner them up and have them walk a beat. Make sure they interact with the people who live in that neighborhood and we all must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The golden rule applies.

Ken Sullivan

Up Baltimore way, it’s quieter now, but this ex-lawyer also thinks the black prosecutor has a long, difficult row to hoe, because nobody seems to know, or is willing to tell, what happened inside the back of the police cruiser to cause the suspect’s death.


In the news
  • BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s top prosecutor acted swiftly in charging six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a grave spinal injury as he was arrested and put into a police transport van, handcuffed and without a seat belt.

But getting a jury to convict police officers of murder and manslaughter will be far harder than obtaining arrest warrants.

Legal experts say the case is fraught with challenges. A widely shown video that captured the nation’s attention shows Gray, 25, being loaded into the van, but not what happened once he was inside. Other than the accused officers, the only known witness is a convicted criminal later placed in the van’s other holding cell, unable to see what was happening with Gray.

State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced the charges Friday amid a backdrop of a city in turmoil — four days after public anger over Gray’s death triggered riots, with heavily armed troops enforcing a nightly curfew, and the day before protest marches that drew thousands.

By bringing charges less than two weeks after Gray’s death, Mosby, 35, said her decision showed “no one is above the law.”

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for, ‘No justice, no peace,’” the prosecutor said. “Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

Within hours, the city’s police union questioned the prosecutor’s impartiality, accusing her of a rush to judgment and demanding she recuse herself from the case.

Even some of those who support Mosby’s stand worry further violence might erupt if she fails to win convictions.

Alan Dershowitz, a well-known criminal lawyer from New York and professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, suggested that Mosby’s actions were motivated more by political expediency and short-term public safety than strong evidence. He called the charges “outrageous and irresponsible,” especially a second-degree murder count filed against the van’s driver under a legal principle known as “depraved heart.”

“The decision to file charges was made not based on considerations of justice, but on considerations of crowd control,” Dershowitz said Saturday.

A call Saturday to Mosby’s spokeswoman for comment was not answered, and her voicemail box was not accepting messages.

Regardless of the motivation, the announcement of the charges immediately shifted the prevailing mood on the city’s streets from one of rage to relief.

To win a conviction, city prosecutors will have to convince a jury that van driver Caesar Goodson acted so recklessly that he knew his actions could take Gray’s life. The classic example often taught in law schools is that a person who drops a flower pot off the balcony of a skyscraper onto a busy sidewalk below, or someone who fires a gun into a crowded bus.

“That’s really the sort of shocking charge,” said Andrew Alperstein, a Baltimore defense attorney and former prosecutor.

Across the nation, it is very rare for law enforcement officers to be charged following fatal encounters with suspects, much less convicted by jurors often predisposed to give extra weight and credibility to the accounts provided by police.

Mosby’s speediness in ordering the officers’ arrests stands in stark contrast to the slow pace of the investigations that resulted in no criminal charges against the officers involved in the deaths of Michael Brown in Fergusson, Missouri, or Eric Garner in New York City. Mosby also does not have the benefit of a video capturing a decisive moment where lethal force was used, such as a video showing a North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer shooting a fleeing Walter Scott multiple times in the back. Despite initial claims by authorities that the shooting was in self-defense, the officer was quickly charged with murder after the video was provided to the media.

In the Gray case, the video evidence is much murkier, with no visual evidence the officers purposely hurt him. Expert witnesses are likely to disagree on whether Gray was seriously injured when the officers pinned him to the sidewalk and cuffed his hands behind his back. Gray was recorded being hefted toward the waiting van, his feet dragging along the ground.

In her statement of facts, Mosby alleged the officers later also bound Gray’s feet together and placed him in the van face-down, rather than buckling him into a seat belt, as required by departmental procedures. That would have left Gray unable to brace himself as he slid around on the floor during the van’s travel through Baltimore. She also recounted the multiple stops made by the van, even after it likely became clear Gray was in distress. Nearly an hour passed before Gray received medical attention.

However, the prosecutor steered clear of specifically alleging Goodson took Gray on a “rough ride,” a term commonly applied in Baltimore to a practice of the driver making quick stops and sharp turns so as to slam the prisoner around in the back of the van.

Glenn Ivey, a defense attorney and the former chief prosecutor in Prince George’s County, Maryland, said Mosby’s prosecution would likely be considered successful if she were to secure any felony conviction against the officers that results in lengthy terms in prison. Second-degree assault carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

“Typically in police cases, if you get a conviction on almost any of the charges, it’s viewed as successful, because police cases are hard to win,” he said.

Even in Baltimore, where juries tend to be skeptical of police officers, they can still make compelling defendants and persuasive witnesses, said Ivey, who is currently a candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Washington suburbs.

During his tenure as a prosecutor, Ivey secured a 45-year sentence against a county homeland security official and former police officer in the shooting of two furniture deliverymen at his home, a rare case in which a law enforcement officer was charged with murder. Keith Washington was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Andrew Levy, a longtime Baltimore defense attorney and adjunct professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, said lawyers could argue that their individual clients cannot be held responsible for Gray’s death.

“If you dissect this from the initial pursuit to the initial detention to the arrest to the transfer to the vehicle, that’s a pretty complicated timeline, and I think we’re going to hear lots of defense from individuals basically that will distill down to, ‘It wasn’t my job. I was just following orders,’” Levy said. “Those are not frivolous defenses in a context like this. Not everybody is necessarily responsible for everything.”

Defense attorneys for the officers will likely use Mosby’s public statements about the case against her in requests that the venue for the trial be moved outside of Baltimore. Though such changes of venue are relatively rare, there have been several examples of such motions being granted in cases that have garnered intense media coverage or where local officials are deemed to have made public statements that could unfairly influence potential jurors.

An example where that happened was the prosecution of the police officers acquitted in the 1991 video-taped beating of Rodney King. The trial was moved from Los Angeles to a much-less racially diverse suburb, where a jury acquitted the lawmen — triggering violent riots that left wide swaths of the city smoldering.

Back down Key West way, one of the usual suspects got nailed, again …

Sloan drop trou

2009 candidate forum, left to right, mayor candidates Mike Mongo, incumbent Mayor Morgan Mcpherson, Craig Cates, who would win the primary without a runoff, and moi threatening to drop trow

homeless apprenension
Homeless man screams,
threatens to drop pants

KEY WEST — A 59-year old homeless man who has been arrested six times in the last two years threatened to drop his shorts in a profanity-laced arrest on Duval Street, according to Key West police. The man faces charges of brawling and resisting arrest. Both are misdemeanors.

Keep reading, to get the back story.

The incident occurred at 12:45 p.m. on April 23 on the 500 block of Duval Street when Officer Frank Betz allegedly saw the man drinking alcohol, reports say. When Betz told the man he needed his identification in order to give him a notice to appear in court rather than arrest him, the man reportedly began screaming curses.

Great detective work, Officer Betz. You perceptively saw the man drinking alcohol, surrounded on all sides by other people doing same. Perhaps you should be called “Eagle Eye” Betz, henceforth.

At one point he told the officer to “Kiss my ——- —! as he raised up again and moved to drop his shorts,” reports say. The man was in a wheelchair, but was able to stand, though he reportedly did have a prosthetic leg.

Throughout the ordeal, the man used “many colorful phrases,” directed at police and went limp falling on the ground as police went to arrest him, yelling, “Help! Help!” He was taken to Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island.

Dang, I would love to know what those colorful phrases were! All because the man was, yep, homeless. I hazard a wild ass guess that the man’s prior arrests stemmed from him being homeless. Lesson, don’t be homeless, and you can get drunk on Duval Street and be given a key to the city by the mayor and Officer Betz.

homeless bust

So, here’s Mayor Craig Cates’ and some of the city commissioners’ solution for getting homeless people of the streets of Key West. When pigs fly.

lipstick on a pig

Sunday, May 3, 2015

$1.2M to relocate homeless shelter
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

It will cost the city at least $1.2 million to relocate its overnight homeless shelter several blocks down College Road, including about $650,000 for building improvements, according to the latest staff report made public.

Currently, according to Mayor Cates and CityManager Jim Scholl, the city has no money to build the new homeless shelter. The mayor hopes to persuade the Florida Legislature to enact legislation which allows the Monroe County Housing Authority to build affordable housing with its funds, which funds the mayor then hopes to persuade the Housing Authority to give to Key West, to build its new homeless shelter, because the mayor says the new homeless shelter affordable housing, although the only reason the existing shelter was built in 2004 was so city police could put Key West’s homeless people in jail, who did not use the shelter. Back then, very few homeless people wanted a homeless shelter, and today most of them who use it don’t like it, but only use it because they don’t want the police on them about sleeping outside at night. There are about as many homeless people in the Key West area not using the current shelter, as now use it.

“Based on assessment of building condition and proposed use, staff recommends mainly superficial repairs, plumbing upgrade for laundry and ADA compliancy,” states the report by City Manager Jim Scholl scheduled for presentation to the city commission at their meeting this week at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

The rebuilt homeless shelter would be slightly smaller than the existing one.

The “established sleeping capacity” at the former Easter Seals site, 5220 College Road, is 120 people, the report states, citing a code requirement of 50 square feet per person. KOTS (Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter) currently has room for 140 on any given night at its 5537 College Road location.

But KOTS’ relocation remains in the planning stages, Mayor Craig Cates said, when asked about the proposal to reduce the capacity by 20 people. He hadn’t seen the new capacity number and said he knows of no push to create a smaller shelter, about which the commission reserves the final say-so.

“We just want to know what is allowed there now and then we can see what to do,” Cates said Saturday. “We’ll probably discuss

that. I don’t know if we could give a variance to allow more.”

As directed by the commission in February and March, Scholl’s team has begun providing regular updates on the relocation of the shelter, which the city promised to do in order to settle a lawsuit by nearby condo owners who claimed the shelter was built in 2004 without proper permitting.

According to the report, which is written in list form, various city administrators have made site visits to the old Easter Seals location, where commissioners finally decided in a split vote to plant the homeless shelter. Staff has also met with the shelter’s managers, who work for the nonprofit Southern Homeless Assistance League (SHAL), located next-door to the sheriff’s office, and plotted a basic budget of $1.2 million.

As for the sleeping area of the new shelter at Easter Seals, the city’s best bet is to construct a 3,000-square-foot building shell rather than go with a building that has “roll-down side weather curtains,” according to the report.

“Based on favorable cost comparison, staff recommends sleeping area with closed sides,” the report reads. “Provide metal exterior walls; access doors; incorporate screened window openings with window curtains. Better security. Improved weather protection. Structurally more sound.”

While staff says the old Easter Seals building, on city-owned property, needs only “superficial repairs,” the fixes will cost at least $150,000, while “building improvements’ are estimated to run $630,000.

The $1.2 million budget includes a contingency fund of $154,000, reserved for unexpected costs down the road. The fund is 15 percent of the project’s overall cost of $1,176,000.

Also, the report includes a preliminary sketch of the new shelter site, calling for a 6-foot-high opaque fence around the property plus a 5-foot-wide landscape buffer. Two sleeping buildings are on the designs, along with a “Time-Out Area,” proposed for corralling drunk or disorderly people.

The new KOTS would add a dining area to the city’s shelter, bike racks and storage for “client personal effects,” according to the designs.

“We do have very limited storage for clients who volunteer and who work outside jobs,” said John Miller, interim executive director of SHAL.

Miller said the proposed dining area is where St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, which serves a meal daily at its Flagler Avenue outdoor site, would relocate to the new shelter.

The final sentence of the four-page report states, “Staff requests guidance from commission on how to further proceed.”

On Feb. 3, commissioners voted 4-3 to move the homeless shelter at the city-owned lot that formerly housed the Easter Seals nonprofit’s office. The vote came months after a 3-3 vote killed a proposal to put it there.

Key West

homeless tourist ad

priceless Arnaud Girard “cartoon” highjacked by me from Key West the Newspaper, www.thebluepaper,com, published online, only, each Friday by Arnaud and his wife, Naja, where journalism a contact sport – same, but a bit different, at this website,

Here’s the Key West Citizen Editorial Board’s plan in today’s Citizen – some might say, “What plan?” – for building affordable housing, so there won’t be even more homeless people in out-of-sight-cost-of-living Key West:

homeless Riverahomeless soup kitchen

Can city afford its affordable housing?

Key West City officials are scrambling to create a strategy, a plan and a means to finance 3,000 affordable housing units they estimate the city needs to build or acquire.

The latest two city staff plans delivered to the City Commission outlined the prospects of building three-story apartment buildings at a portion of the Truman Waterfront and at Poinciana Plaza in New Town.

According to consultant Don Craig, the former city planning director, Key West has room for up to 201 apartments at Poinciana Plaza and up to 70 units at a corner of Truman Waterfront.

That would mean three-story buildings at each site, with the average size of an apartment being 850 square feet, according to city staff.

On the city-owned land at the Truman Waterfront, city officials estimated the proposed affordable housing apartment project would cost $23 million based on a formula of $392 per square foot for construction.

Math tells us that each of the 70 850-square-foot units on the Truman Waterfront — arguably some of the most valuable property in the city, state or even in most of the country — will cost approximately $330,000 per unit to build on city-owned land.

According to the Key West Association of Realtors, the median selling price for a condo/townhouse in Key West for January 2015 through March 2015 was $357,000.

This data indicates that the proposed Truman Waterfront “affordable” units are not significantly lower in unit price than a “market price” Key West condo/townhouse.

Is the city suggesting that the average “market” priced housing unit is in essence the same as an “affordable” housing unit?

And considering the city’s poor track record of construction cost control — think City Hall and Simonton Fire Station, which are both at least 40 percent over their initial proposed budgets — why would citizens trust that this construction estimate is anywhere close to reality?

According to city reports, since 1999, the Key West Housing Authority has built, acquired or rehabilitated 369 units at a total value of $30 million.

Math tells us that the value of each of these units is approximately $81,300. These existing units were either one heck of a deal or the proposed $330,000 for each affordable unit on the Truman Waterfront is, shall we say, not such a great deal.

These reports also paint another facet of progress or lack of progress in the City’s efforts in acquiring affordable housing units.

If it took 16 years to build, acquire or rehabilitate 369 units, or 23 units a year; the City ‘s ambitious goal of 3,000 new affordable units will take 130 years.

And if the city’s construction estimate is correct at $330,000 a unit, the goal of 3,000 units equals a staggering $990 million — just shy of a billion dollars, yes “billion” with a “b”.

This staggering financial implication without a funding source is just one hurdle in the city’s strategy. Another is acquiring enough building permits under ROGO, or the Rate of Growth Ordinance that controls growth in Monroe County, and lastly, identifying enough land in Key West on which to build thousands of units.

Of course, there are those like City Commissioner Tony Yaniz who immediately suggested raising building height to six stories, or about 60 to 70 feet depending on flood zone restrictions.

We’ve seen this movie before, as raising height restrictions only opens a can of legal worms that have caused many resort communities in Florida to become corridor canyons of expensive high rise condos while their affordable housing problems persist.

Is the city’s only affordable housing strategy to throw gobs of non-existent money at proposed high-rise apartment buildings on precious waterfront parkland, ignoring restrictions of building permit allocations and the resulting negative impacts on density, congestion and safety of hurricane evacuation, while calling for easing of height restrictions?

We certainly hope not.

— The Citizen

How about the City Commission voting Key West a dry city, no booze. That would kill the Key West economy and reduce its resident population from about 25,000 to maybe 5,000, and, goodness, what self-respecting homeless person addicted to booze and who knows what else would stay in Key West, either?

Duval Street drunkFantasy Fest Duval StreetSloppy Joe's

Here’s the Monroe County Commission’s plan to build housing Keys people can afford, so they won’t be homeless – note former Key West City Planner Don Craig’s estimate of 6,500 needed new affordable housing units, which is only 3,000 new units in the Editorial Board’s editorial.

Higgs Beach homeless summit

Sunday, May 3, 2015
Report: Keys face significant challenges with affordable housing

Monroe County faces a “quadruple impact” when it comes to dealing with its affordable housing issue, according to a recent study that referred to the county’s affordable housing problem as a “crisis.”

The four main challenges facing the Florida Keys are high land values, limited land and environmental restrictions, housing supply limited by controlled growth (the Rate of Growth Ordinance or ROGO) and a tourism economy with a prevalence of lower paying service-sector employment, according to a study by the FCRC Consensus Center at Florida State University.

In August 2014, the Monroe County Commission commissioned the FCRC Consensus Center to assess the housing issue in the Keys to better determine the mission of the county’s workforce housing committee, which has been recently resurrected after a roughly seven year hiatus.

The Monroe County Commission disbanded the affordable housing committee shortly after the housing market crumbled in 2008. An increase in property values and an ever strengthening local real estate market motivated the commission to reconvene the committee.

FCRC Consensus Center released a 68-page report this month that outlines many of the Florida Keys affordable housing issues. The report is to serve as a starting point and resource for the affordable housing committee. The county commission is scheduled to discuss the report and establish meeting dates and criteria for the affordable housing committee when the county commission meets next on May 20 in Key Largo.

“The findings of all of several recent reports on Monroe County’s current housing situation confirm that there is a significant and growing shortage of affordable workforce housing, both rental and ownership,” wrote Robert Jones, director of the Consensus Center.

“This stakeholder assessment report confirms that there is wide agreement that Monroe County is facing a significant and growing workforce housing crisis with shortages for both affordable rental and ownership units.”

Unlike many other reports on affordable housing, the consensus center report detailed what a living wage in the Keys has to be in order for a person to rent or buy. In Monroe County, an hourly wage needed to afford a two-bedroom at fair market rate is $26.27 an hour. In order not to pay more than 30 percent of family income on housing, a household must earn $4,553 monthly or $54,640 annually, Jones said. Residents who pay more than 30 percent are referred to as “cost burdened.”

The Consensus Center report cited one recent study that found that 51 percent of Monroe County households pay more than 30 percent of income for housing while the statewide estimate is 43 percent. More than half of Monroe County renters pay more than 30 percent of income and about 45 percent of Monroe County homeowners pay more than 30 percent.

Mark Moss, executive director of Habitat for Humanity’s Key West and Lower Keys chapter, was interviewed for the report and called on the county to look at every possible solution. However, he called funding the most important solution.

“Without money, it’s not serious,” Moss said. “We need to explore every possible approach to have an effective solution … We need to look at mother-in-law units. We need to look at accessory units. We need the shopping center guys to look at placing units above their commercial properties. We need to look at building height.”

In addition, the county and local city governments must deed restrict affordable housing projects in perpetuity and be vigilant about enforcing those deed restrictions, Moss said.

The FCRC Consensus Center report sited an audit on the loss of deed restrictions in the Keys, which found that out of a total 1,089 affordable units, 223 are expected to have their deed restrictions expire, or have expired by the end of 2015.

There has been several instances in the past where Key West city officials only deed restricted properties for 10 years or less, which did nothing to help resolve the long-term affordable housing problem, Moss said. One example is the Shipyard on Truman Annex, whose units can now be rented out to tourists on a weekly basis.

People illegally renting out their homes and apartments to tourists has become a major issue that is negatively impacting the affordable housing pool in the Keys. The issue has Key West and county code enforcement officials actively investigating those who advertise their properties online in attempt to rent them out to tourists.

County Commissioner Heather Carruthers called the affordable housing and affordability issues among “the most pressing” in the Keys.

Former Key West Planning Director Don Craig projected a deficit of more than 6,500 units of affordable housing units in the city of Key West. County officials did not have recent specific estimates on the deficit of affordable housing.

“It has many prongs — cost of housing, cost of living, insurance,” Commissioner Carruthers said. “This is a very real issue for the people who make up the fabric of our community.”

The Consensus Center report can be found on Monroe County’s web page at

How about Key West commandeers cruise ships after the reach Key West, and turns them into affordable rental housing :-)?

another priceless Arnaud Girard “cartoon”

cruise ship butt


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various local and national funs and not so funs, at

ship of fools 2

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Todd German

Last night, my gracious host Todd German said one of my fans, who prefers to remain anonymous to me, told Todd that he/she wished I would not lead off posts at with stuff about my lady Kari and me, but to save my personal stuff for the end, and lead off posts with the local political uglies the fan likes reading all about. I said I would take that under advisement, and I had not written about Kari and me for a few days, but did my anonyomous anonymous fan understand that much of what I write about Kari is about homeless people and their issues, and the way Key West and its police deal with homeless people? Todd said, yes, that is in play when I write about Kari, and he didn’t know if my anonymous fan understands that, or cares about homeless issues. Todd said he was fine with me reporting our conversation.

Amgia Christine Russell, who has written to me, and I have published it, that she, and many people, are following what I publish about Kari and me, and who has offered Kari and me a good bit of advice about how to proceed, wrote to me yesterday on another matter:

Christine Russell

Hi Sloan!
Maybe it was my computer, or a sun-spot or something, but there was nothing in your email today :-(
Maybe a May Fools joke?
Hope all is well with you :-)

I replied:

A May Day joke, on me. I suppose if you got a blank email, so did others. The post went up at the website around 11 a.m., it was peachy :-). Here it is.

It really ain’t smart to piss off Mother Nature, Key West Golf Club and other repeat offenders

I told Christine a few times, that there is nothing I, nor anyone, can do to help Kari, if she does not stay off booze after she gets out of jail. That has to be resolved, before anything else is addressed.

I have had that same conversation with many homeless people, and that is why I keep saying, if they are addicts, they will not turn around if they keep using. What if they are bipolar, or schizophrenic, or obsessive-compulsive, borderline, multiple personality? If they are using booze and/or another narcotic, how do you effectively treat any of those disorders, or demonic possession, if they are using? I say you can’t treat them effectively, if they are using. That’s why I keep saying that over and over again, and why I keep saying over and over again that pointless to provide homeless addicts, who are using, with free housing, and it’s pointless to expect anything different from them while they are using.

Not to pick on homeless people, I have had the same conversation with many addicts who are not homeless, but very well might end up homeless, if they keep using.

Anyone who ends up homeless down here in Key West, and even in the Florida Keys, and then falls into the clutches of the local criminal justice system, may never get free of that system.


In that regard, the city transit shuttle bus to Marathon I wanted to catch yesterday afternoon turned out to be running about an hour late, due, I would learn on the bus, to a driver not showing up for work – drunk?, hung over? forgetful? didn’t care? – and another driver had to be found to drive that route.

The shuttle bus being late enabled me to meet and talk with a homeless man, who had a bicycle so loaded up that I thought maybe he was a traveler. But no, he was stranded in Key West, he said, because he had been arrested for trespassing, camping in the woods behind the soup kitchen, after being turned in by the church across the street from the soup kitchen, and then three weeks in the county jail. On release, his wallet, driver’s licence, food stamp card and other important things had not been returned to him, and he had filed a complaint against the cop for stealing his wallet and ID, and that is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Meanwhile, with no ID, he can’t get anything done about leaving Key West, and he is determined to get back what was stolen from him, to make it hard on him. Cops do that to homeless people all the time, he said. I had no reason to doubt him, I’ve heard lots of similar stories.

Then, he went off on political rant about all that’s wrong with America, thanks to there being no border barriers to Mexicans and other south of the border people, and it’s all the Democrats’ fault, and President Obama’s fault. I asked what was his position on the Iraq war? He said he never took a position. I said the man who started that war should have been hanged, for treason. And his vice-president and national security adviser, too. What about weapons of mass destruction?, the homeless man asked. What weapons of mass destruction?, I said. They wanted Iraq’s oil, that’s why they invaded Iraq. I don’t like Obama, either, I said.

The homeless man said, President Obama is a right-wing Muslim terrorist. No, he’s a Christian, I replied. No, he’s a right-wing Muslim, the homeless man said, Jeremiah Wright preached, “God-damn America”. I said, Jeremiah Wright is a Christian minister, he is not Muslim. He was preaching “Revelation” to America. The homeless man looked disgusted with me, turned and walked away. If he had stuck with me, I might have said I tend to agree with Rev. Wright, who was asking God to damn America for the way it often behaved against God’s and Jesus’ ways, was my take on that sermon. And, because of that sermon, Barack Obama, then a candidate for president, in 2008, separated himself from Rev. Wright, who for a long time had been Obama’s pastor and mentor. I felt, and published, Obama would have been better off, and America, too, if he had stuck with Wright. If Obama had stuck with Wright, maybe he would have ended the rich white men’s wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, instead of accepting the Nobel Peace prize for continuing them.

After telling Todd about that this morning, I said that white homeless man represents the people who will wage civil war in America against the government and other Americans. I said, I was with him pretty much, when he told me about his problems with the cop and being jailed and his stuff not being returned. But after he went off on the political tear, I was left wondering if anything he had told me before that was reliable?

I don’t remember if I thought to tell Todd the homeless fellow had told me he came to Key West on Greyhound, to work here. He had work lined up before he left Oregon. But it didn’t work out. He said he had workedhere  for David Wolkowsky, $10 an hour, regardless of skill level. He said he was skilled in construciton. I said I had a friend who had worked for Wolkowsky a few years back, who had the same to say about David, all heart, low pay, no matter what the skill level. I told the homeless man, if he had contacted me before he set out for Key West, I would have told him to stay in Oregon, he did not want to come to Key West.

For camping in the woods behind the soup kitchen, the homeless man from Oregon is stranded in Key West. That all could be be just as he said. I’ve heard similar stories about that church and Key West cops, from homeless people.

Todd said he was reading online that the black state attorney in Baltimore had charged 6 cops, and three of the cops were black, three were white. I said I was glad to hear black cops also were involved, and they had been charged. That should end the racial bias allegations, perhaps the rioting will stop in Baltimore. Should.

We discussed nobody wants to take responsibility for their own problems, they want to blame everyone else. I said, cops do that, too, and they know they can get away with it, or they have known that. Maybe that will change, maybe not. I said I watched some of a video yesterday, of the young, black Baltimore state attorney. She came across like a 3-year-old girl to me, but I only watched a short part of the video. Here’s a Facebook link to article and the video, sent to me by a vicious van dweller criminal amigo yesterday:

Maybe its time to further investigate the “Charles Eimers” case and the Good ole Boys in KWPD

State’s attorney Marilyn Mosby announces criminal charges and says Freddie…
  • Sloan Bashinsky not holding my breath, State Attorney Catherine Vogel went out of her way to exonerate those KW cops and get the grand jury to return a no billLike · Reply · 1 hr
  • Victor Clarke Maybe somebody should investigate SA Vogel FDLE etc etc etc
  • Sloan Bashinsky God’s karma angels? I probably won’t be holding my breath on Vogel, FDLE etc etc etc investigating themselves,
 thin blue line

Locally, in today’s Key West Citizen (, my cheerful thoughts inbold italics:

Zimmerman justice

Saturday, May 2, 2015
City to redo special magistrate hire
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The Key West city commissioner who freely admitted calling a candidate for the special magistrate job while the bid process was open — and while a new city law forbid such communication — wants to scratch everything and start over.

Jefferson Overby was chosen by a 4-3 commission vote March 17 to continue as the city’s special magistrate — who decides code enforcement violation cases — after city staff had put out a request for proposals, the same process used to hire contractors for construction projects.

But before casting her vote for him, City Commissioner Teri Johnston announced she had made a phone call to Overby in an effort to obtain his track record as magistrate.

That wasn’t supposed to happen, City Attorney Shawn Smith said in response. Although no one accused Johnston of trying to steer the vote and she maintains she simply had some questions about Overby’s track record that staff couldn’t answer, the call clearly broke a recently installed law, Smith found.

In a proposed resolution set for a vote Tuesday by the commission, Johnston proposes scrapping the entire bid and starting over. This time, the resolution states, city staff will be asked to form an evaluation committee and deliver a recommendation to the commission on who to hire.

“As a legislative body we don’t work directly with these people, so it’s very important we get a staff recommendation,” Johnston said.

Unsaid, the local Conchs (born here people, natives), across the board, are trying to take back control of Key West, and the other magistrate candidate is their candidate). Also unsaid, Overby is paid a modest salary, but for “overtime”, he is paid a considerable hourly fee. I want to know how much he actually was paid by the city formeach of the last 5 years he was the city magistrate. I think the general public is entitled to know what he was paid, even if the mayor and the city commissioners don’t know, or don’t want to know.

Smith said the phone call was in violation of the city’s 2013 “Cone of Silence” law, created to prevent the badgering of elected leaders and city staff by vendors and their supporters while the city has a bid open.

The new law is so strict that it inadvertently became an obstacle to getting information needed to make an educated decision, Johnston said Friday.

If you were uneducated, Commissioner Johnston, why did you vote to rehire Overby? Why didn’t you decline to vote, pending getting your questions answered?

“The ‘Cone of Silence’ was meant to keep people from badgering city commissioners and allow us to make a good decision based on all information,” Johnston said. “I don’t think it was intended to inhibit us from asking questions. Consequently, that’s what it does.”

In the Overby call, Johnston said she simply wanted the commission to have his track record as magistrate, such as how many appeals have been lodged to his decisions and how may cases he has presided over since he took the job in 1998.

I’d like to see that information, too, and the public needs to see it. The public needs to know the percentage of rulings Overby made for the city, against and forlocal citizens and visitors. Are we dealing here with something like an old-time speed trap, where the cops and the justices of the peace are in cahoots? Is Oberby’s main function to generate revenue for the city, via fines imposed by various city departments, affirmed by Overby? For a fact, I know Overby is used by the city’s Tree Commission, also known as the Tree Nazis, to discourage appeals from Tree Commission fines and orders. The Tree Commission is a local organized crime syndicate. It’s members are appointed by the mayor. I attended a number of Tree Commission meetings and concluded it was a Star Chamber proceeding. It’s lawyer, Assistant City Attorney Ronald Ramsingh, I published several times should be disbarred and put into prison. A local tree company owner, Radim Havlicek, told me a horror story about his time before the Tree Commission, Ramsingh, and then Overby, from all of which Radim appealed to the local circuit court, and finally settled for $10,000, far less fine than the Tree Commission originally had imposed for Radim over-trimming royal poinciana trees at Mary Star of the Sea Church, at the church’s request. The church got a wrist slap. Radim ended up paying out about $100,000 combined for the fine, expert witness and lawyer fees, for, his expert told him, under-trimming royal poincianas, which today the Tree Commission lets just about anyone remove altogether, because now they are viewed as invasive weeds, even though in the Tree Commission’s own rules and guidelines royal poincianas are considered important, valuable, imported exotic trees. Radim said he brought his expert, a nationally recognized arborist, to Key West, to testify before the Tree Commission, and when they and Ramsingh saw who they were going to hear testimony from, they continued Radim’s case, so they would not have to hear the expert’s testimony, and so the expert’s testimony would not be in the record before Jeff Overby. 

At issue, Johnston said, is that city staff didn’t offer a recommendation to the commission when it came to the special magistrate hire. Typically, a committee of staff members reviews, ranks and recommends contractors.

“I asked that the answer be brought,” Johnston said. “If we’re not getting any information from staff, to me it sent us into voting on an issue with very little information. An RFP is supposed to have a recommendation by the people who actually deal with these respondents.”

“If that’s the unintended consequences, this gives us a chance to tweak that ordinance,” Johnston added.

Maybe Commissioner Johnston, who knows me pretty well, should invite an ex-lawyer, me, who does not work for the city, who knows a bit about this and that, query Overby in “open court” – the city commission meeting, locally televised, without any interruptions from Overby, the mayor, the city commissioners, the city attorney, or city staff.

The commission is set to meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Old City Hall, 510 Greene St.

The next code compliance hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. May 27 at Old City Hall.

dump the pumps

The other day, one of my “fans”, who moved from Key West to Homestead, wrote to me that he felt my best service/writing is about Florida Keys issues, principally the environment. That got hashed out somewhat in the day before yesterday’s The Eagle’s Gift: a little bit of rain and sunshine is good for everyone, don’t you think, Key West? post at

In keeping with his “heads up”, I republished (hijacked) yesterday the Key West the Newspaper (www.thebluepaper)


article in last Friday’s online only edition, in yesterday’s It really ain’t smart to piss off Mother Nature, Key West Golf Club and other repeat offenders post at A new reader comments came in afterward, and I responded to it this morning:

Scarletrose says:
May 1, 2015 at 9:19 pm
The DEP stands for Dept of Environmental Pollution,

Sloan Bashinsky says:
May 2, 2015 at 6:30 am
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Dump the Pumps would agree with you, Scarlet Rose. I agree with you, too. I learned about DEP back maybe 2007. I told Dump the Pumps it was wasting its breath trying to get DEP to do something about E-1 grinder pumps, which Dump the Pumps then learned by trying to get DEP to follow its own rules and procedures.DEP is like the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FDLE, which protect and serve cops agency the Charles Eimers case proved to be a joke. NOAA (the Sanctuary steward) has not impressed me, either. NOAA should have been all over Cudjore Regional and the Big Coppit sewerage fiascoes. Last Stand should have gone after F-1 grinder pumps, as well as against shallow injection wells. NOAA wants to release dirty water back into the Everglades, at least that was NOAA’s position at a public meeting maybe 2 years ago. NOAA’s regional direction, Billy Causey said so, and that the Glades would clean up the dirty (chemicalized) water, before it left the Glades and reached the Bay of Florida. The other scientists who presented said they had a way to clean up the dirty water before it was released into the Glades: run dirty through dirt traps they would build. I tried my darndest, from the floor, and talking with the scientists off to the side during the meeting, to get them to convince me, and the audience, they could clean up all that dirty water. I kept raising my hand later, during citizen questions and comments, and the woman lawyer from Everglades Law Center, who was hosting that part of the meeting, kept looking at me and then giving someone else in the audience the nod to speak. I chewed Billy Causey out, one one one, after the meeting. I wrote to the Army Corps of Engineers official, who was in charge of whether or not the Corps would go along with NOAA, which, it was announced in that public meeting, the Corps was not agreeable with NOAA, and told her what I had witnessed at the NOAA meeting, and that I did not believe NOAA had a way to clean up that dirty water, and that it was ludicrous for Causey to say the Glades would clean the dirty water up before it reached the Bay of Florida. I wrote to her after I had spoken at length with Joel Biddle, who used to work for the Sanctuary, and who knew Causey, and who was at the public meeting, and who was really not happy with what Causey had said during the meeting. Also, I tried my darndest to persuade Naja, who then was President of Last Stand, which I believe co-hosted the public meeting, perhaps not, to included Brian LaPointe, PhD, a well-known water scientist, on the panel of scientists, because I knew LaPointe would say dirty water passing through the Glades in years past had wreaked havoc in the Bay of Florida, and had made its way into and through the Keys and onto the reef, and had killed much of the reef. LaPointe had told me that himself.He had presented his views to the Key West City Commission earlier that year, at the request of City Commissioner Jimmy Weekly. LaPointe used a slide show and aerial infra red photos showing the chemical contaminants south Florida rivers were bringing into the Bay of Florida, migrating from there down to the Keys and onto the reef. Naja told me LaPointe already had his say, now it was Causey and his team’s time to have their say. I said that wasn’t the reason for not inviting LaPointe. If he had been on the scientist panel, Causey would have not liked it. They were open adversaries. Causey might not even have participated. During the presentation, Causey said there is no evidence that chemicals from the mainland injured the reef. LaPointe,had he been there, would have disagreed, strongly. When I talked with LaPointe after the NOAA meeting, by phone, and told him what Cause had said about the Glades cleaning up the dirty water, LaPointe said Causey was wrong. When I said the other scientists had said they have the technology to clean up the dirty water, before releasing it into the Glades, LaPointe said they didn’t have the technology to do that, and dirty water should not be released into the Glades. Me, personally, I don’t see a solution. Right now, the dirty water is being funneled to the east and west coasts, through canals, and is wreaking havoc there, especially with the manatees, because the dirty water is killing the sea grasses they eat, and they are trying to eat the red sea grass, which likes the chemicals, and is what causes the red tide, and that grass is toxic to the manatees, is killing them, and the dirty water is causing other problems on the east and west south Florida Coasts. Obviously, the solution is to stop dirty water from being made by Big Sugar, farming, golf courses, pretty green yards, etc., which use chemical fertilizers. Perhaps by the time the dinosaurs return, that will have happened? Or maybe the seas rise 100 feet and resolve the matter. Or the planet quickly shifts on its axis, and humans go the way the dinosaurs went. Meanwhile, down here in this little asteroid belt, the Key West Golf Course needs its fertilized semi-treated waste water, and the Smith family needs it’s US Constitution guaranteed right to property and profit therefrom, and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the Monroe County Commission want to use shallow injection wells in Cudjoe Regional, to keep their lovely F-1 grinder pumps company, until the deep injection well is dug and operational, while NOAA and the various other Keys federal wildlife and ocean preserves snooze – zzzzzz. Back to the planet axis shift. Or a string of Category 5 hurricanes in the Keys and south Florida. A long string.

When I just now checked the reader comments  under that blue paper article, Scarlet Rose’s is the last comment showing, and mine is not showing in moderation there.

Back to Kari.

Kari and Sloan

She told me when I visited her in the jail on Thursday morning, that she had been moved to a new part of Unit B, nearer to the lock down cells, and to where the locked down inmates are allowed 1-hour out of lock down a day, often after lights out, and they are loud, crazy, or mean, or both, and she’s getting lots less sleep, and she looked like she was getting lots less sleep.

She said all the women in there need pencils, erasers, writing paper and envelopes with stamps on them, like the post office sells, so they can write to relatives, friends, their lawyers. I told her I would publish that.

If you have the blood, guts and grit, here again is the link to writings and poems from ladies in the Scock Island Hilton:

write on

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It really ain’t smart to piss off Mother Nature, Key West Golf Club and other repeat offenders

Mother Nature enlarged

lightning woman

Key West Golf Club

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psychiatrist interviews

Amigo Jerry Weisinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, a living fossil and devout lover and defender of the ocean and Mother Nature, replied to the Key West Chamber of Commerce article in yesterday’s Key West Citizen (, reproduced and sliced and diced in yesterday’s The Eagle’s Gift: a little bit of rain and sunshine is good for everyone, don’t you think, Key West? post at

great white

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: To get right down to it following the career of David Paul Horan —-sound his last name out
leaving off the an—-for decades he has always represented the authentic bad guys AGAINST every well thought out sensible regulation and FOR the people who are for unrestrained slaughter….
he is behind every anti-environmental vibration;
the sanctuary members are very good people –some converted from over-fishing murderously –to understand that there is no tomorrow for commercial fishing or any fishing if rational restraints to help spawning fish and protect a breeding stock….. Reserves have been accepted all over the world —-
Cuba has 25% of its productive fertile sea in no take reserves –we have 6%
A widely published study –was front page NY Times from hundreds of sources — describes we arein big trouble if we go for all the dollars today and don’t plan for tomorrow–all fish will be endangered.–and follow the Cod fishery off the cliff into the void —
( apologies to some hard working sincere prostitutes ) ——————-Jerry

I replied this morning:

Jerry, you bleeping heretic, purveyor of shrill cries of doom, betrayer of the god of everything, lucre, aka money, dinero, what’s to become of your soul? Hell-bound for sure, for ever and ever. Just end for all apostates who dare to challenge that nice, benevolent, it’s more blessed to take MAMMON (god of all and everything), in whose thrall and legions local attorney Barton Smith and his parents reside, according to the article below, in today’s Key West the Newspaper (, are embalmed devoted acolytes, aka disciples and priests.


water pollution reduced

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…

“The water would turn green,” says Dr. James Fourqurean. “The effluent coming out of the sewer plant will basically be fertilizer.” Dr. Fourqurean, a marine biology expert, testified last Tuesday about the effects of injecting approximately 1 Million gallons of treated sewage into a shallow well in Safe Harbor on Stock Island.

Attorneys for a Stock Island sewer plant and environmental group Last Stand were in Court most of this week fighting over DEP’s intent to issue the controversial shallow well permit.

Construction and development have been booming on Stock Island. Hotels, gated communities, and new residential homes are in the works. Every owner of a boatyard, vacant lot, or marina appears to be dreaming about those tourist dollars. But what to do with all of that added sewage?

Key West Resort Utilities, a privately owned Stock Island sewer plant, has followed suit with an expansion plan and is seeking a permit that would allow it to double its capacity to treat sewage to just under a Million gallons per day; just under the legal threshold that would trigger a requirement for a deep injection well.

The two additional shallow wells the plant wants to use would cost about $60-$80,000 each compared with upwards of 7 Million dollars for a deep well.

Shallow wells, however, have become very controversial. A month ago, on Cudjoe Key, when the four shallow wells there were being tested prior to becoming active, the ground around the injection site erupted with gaseous bubbles. Within seconds of sending water down the well, “Bubbles were coming out like an aeration rock for an aquarium,” said Walt Schwarz, Engineering Manager of the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater Program. He told The Blue Paperthat the ground in the Keys was extremely porous, “When we dig around here we hit sinkholes everywhere.” One of them, he said, was so deep that they were unable to reach the bottom.

FKAA’s plan for shallow wells for the Cudjoe regional treatment plant was subsequently scrapped and the County Commission unanimously voted to spend the money to dig a deep well – cased down to at least 2,000 feet instead of 60’ feet.

So, if everyone is in agreement that shallow wells offer little environmental protection in the Keys, why are DEP, Last Stand, and Key West Resort Utilities spending tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to argue before an Administrative Law Judge about something everyone already knows the answer to?

Because, “This is not a case about solving the environmental problems of the Florida Keys,” said attorney Barton Smith, whose family owns the Stock Island sewer plant, “It’s about following regulations in the issuance of a permit. As long as the plant is processing less than 1 Million gallons per day, shallow wells are allowed.”

And for Key West Resort Utilities, the permit to use shallow wells represents the difference between approximately $150,000 and $7 Million. [Actually Chris Johnson, President of Key West Resort Utilities, testified that a deep well could cost up to $10 Million.]

For Last Stand, it is about the DEP issuing a permit to continue degrading waters that appear murkier every year. In fact, there is more to the shallow well permit question than a simple cap of less than 1 Million gallons per day. One of the main issues Diana Davis, Last Stand’s attorney, is asking Judge Cathy Sellers to determine is whether, before deciding to issue the permit, DEP had gathered the mandatory “reasonable assurances” required by law, that the plant was not going to negatively impact water quality in the area.

The two “bad guys” in the story are called Phosphorous and Nitrogen. Both are found in large quantities in domestic wastewater. Both threaten the two iconic species found in Florida Keys waters: Turtle Grass and Coral. Dr. Fourqurean testified Tuesday that even when treated to the proposed Advanced Wastewater Treatment standards [called AWT], sewage effluent carries 15 times more Nitrogen and 100 times more Phosphorous than healthy seawater.

Of the two, he explained, Phosphorous is the most dangerous as its effects are “permanent and cumulative.” Its presence allows the slow growing Turtle Grass to be replaced by fast growing seaweed and the seaweed to be replaced by algae blooms. [That is when the water turns green.] The damage done by an overabundance of Phosphorous is irreversible. Decades later, Fourqurean explained, it can still be found at the location of the grass bed it has helped to destroy.

Key West Resort Utilities attorneys argue that the sewer plant will go to AWT and begin collecting effluent from smaller “package plants” and septic systems that don’t have AWT capabilities which, in turn, will result in improving water quality rather than degrading it.

“Convoluted logic,” observed Dr. Fourqurean while on the stand: DEP admits the expanded plant will contaminate surface waters with nutrients but claims it should be permitted, nonetheless, because it will be polluting less than the rogue systems it is designed to replace.

This claim to a ‘right to pollute’ sparked off a perplexing moment in the Courtroom on Tuesday.

There was a long, rather ambiguous presentation by Johnson as to his plant’s AWT “capability.” Finally, Judge Sellers asked for clarification:
“So is the sewage treated to the AWT standard now?”
“Huh? No.” said Johnson.
“Why not?”
“Because we don’t have to; not until January 1, 2016,” said Johnson.

And attorney Barton Smith added that the plant has been capable of treating to AWT since 2009.

And so there was a moment; a moment when the vision of billions of gallons of poorly treated sewage floated in the minds of the 20 or so people in attendance. Apparently, for the past 6 years, substandard effluent has been poured into the ocean, not because it could not be treated to AWT, but because the plant owners had ”the right” not to treat it to the higher standard.

Thirteen witnesses from the Keys including fishermen, tour operators, divers, and others were expected to testify as to their concerns over the increasing turbidity and dramatic algae blooms observed in the near shore waters, but attorney Barton Smith objected, stating that he had not received the list of witnesses 35 days in advance, as per the rule, and those witnesses were denied the right to testify.

And DEP’s water quality expert, Ken Weaver, testified that Florida Keys waters are “healthy.” Not at all suffering from an imbalance in the level of nutrients… or algae blooms….

“The $7 Million cost is not an excuse,” said Key West resident Christine Russel who sat in on the proceedings, “Developers are building hundred million dollar hotels on Stock Island. If they want their resorts they should pay to inject the wastewater safely – even if it costs seven of them a million dollars each.”

At press time the trial was still raging.

Stay tuned.


Full Disclosure:  Naja Girard is a Director on the Board of Last Stand

  • By: Arnaud and Naja GirardArnaud and Naja Girard, owners and editors of the new, digital, Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) previously reported for the former Key West The Newspaper, Key West’s longest running independent weekly, published by Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D., from January 1994 until November 2012. The Girards are perhaps best known for their discovery of the US Navy’s 1951 claim of ownership of Wisteria Island. Arnaud and Naja have lived in Key West since 1986.


I tried to PRINT your excellent cartoon , because I wanted to paste it around town for tourists and citizens and tourist industry types to see and understand. Some do not have a clue you know. Looks like it cannot be printed and that’s a shame because it says a lot. Can you fix that please? Great article too.
Meanwhile the County and FKAA are trying to start up THEIR shallow wells to dump all theirs into Cudjoe Bay when we know the effluent is going to bubble up right there and other places yet unknown. Stupid and stubborn and we need to stop that too.

  • Did anyone else notice when Kirk Zuelch talked on 104.1 US1 Radio last Thursday about sending Key Haven’s wastewater to either the Key West plant or the KWRU Stock Island plant?

    Key Haven’s pipes are so leaky that FKAA did not need to run auxiliary pumps when the lift station pumps quit. They just let the raw sewage leak out of the pipes instead of the letting the tidal seawater leak in!

    Yes, Key Haven is really just one long horizontal cesspit below tide level, but it is still called central sewage collection and touted as what is needed to save the Keys waters. Not that all central systems are terrible, just as not all on-site systems are terrible. And don’t believe for a moment that AWT treatment plants consistently do a wonderful job of removing nutrients. That is only on the good days. On the bad days, not much treatment happens at all- it is basically just diluted with rainwater. Sort of like a really expensive combined stormwater-sanitary sewer reminiscent of medieval London.

    Did you also catch that FKAA is in negotiation to purchase the KWRU Stock Island plant? A publicly owned treatment plant is not held to the same standards as a privately held plant. For example, they can accept some wastes denied to a private plant, and are typically not fined for violations. And as we have seen with state agency FKAA and state agency DEP, absolutely anything goes when it’s consensual. But it is the unwilling public getting screwed.

    Why is it that hundreds of thousands in legal fees have been spent in the last two years fighting against legitimate environmental concerns resulting from cut-rate sewer solutions? Wasn’t protecting the environment the excuse for all the high tech, power intensive sewer systems?

  • Bart Smith told me years ago, that his parents bought the sewerage treatment plant and the golf course on Stock Island, because they wanted to use the nutrient rich “treated waste water” to water and fertilize the golf course.

    I told someone just yesterday that Bart looks to me like he is really ill, as in, he has no soul. He has company. It took moving heaven and earth to get the Monroe County Commission to spend the money for a deep injection well for Cudjoe Regional. Even then, I expect to see Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority, which built Cudjoe Regional and will operate it, to use the shallow injections wells that were built without any test to determine how shallow injection wells would perform in Cudjoe Regional.

    I hope the administrative law judge in the Stock Island case is not the same administrative law judge who gave Monroe County and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority the green light (green for nitrogen) to inject and infect Cudjoe Regional, just a few miles up US 1 from the MAMMON SMITH KINGDOM, with E-1 grinder pumps, which FKAA’s Board of Directors, in my and quite a few other civilians’ presence, said FKAA didn’t want to use; FKAA preferred gravity sewerage collection, the FKAA Board said, and would provide it if the County Commission gave FKAA the money to do it, which, of course, didn’t happen.

  • How sad that NOAA has once again remained mute on yet another sewage treatment plant that will impact the very resources they are charged to protect. After decades of sanctimonious meetings on water quality protection, it is clear that talk is cheap, with resource protection trumped by sycophants, doughnuts and hors d’oeuvres.

  • Simply more arrogance of the well heeled elite of privilege and their inalienable rights to behave criminally and immorally. As Christine Russel said eloquently and honestly, “Developers are building hundred million dollar hotels on Stock Island. If they want their resorts they should pay to inject the wastewater safely – even if it costs seven of them a million dollars each.”

    Cleaning up and disposing of all that sewage should be factored into the cost of doing business.It would be so nice to see these “developers” act responsibly. It would make for great press and pay off in the long run. That may be the problem right there, the long run doesn’t enter into their quick buck mentality.

Continuation of my email to Jerry Weinstock:

I told someone just yesterday that Barton Smith looks to me like he is really ill, as in, he has no soul.

Barton W. Smith, Esq.

Back to David Paul Horan … He came through okay prosecuting the City of Key West and a number of its unknightly police officers who killed Charles Eimers, so maybe he ain’t all bad, although he didn’t do it out of the goodness of his heart, but for about 40 percent of the action, which got diluted when he brought in mainland plaintiff lawyers with perhaps bigger, sharper shark teeth.

Perhaps David should consider extending a bit of professional courtesy to sharks swimming, perhaps not for much longer, in Key West and Stock Island waters. Perhaps David should do that by divorcing himself from the Key West Chamber of Commerce at Mother Nature’s Expense, like the Chamber’s other lawyer, Jennifer Hulse, recently did. Perhaps I won’t be holding my breath, though.


David Paul Horan
Senior Partner
believes that a true Patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.


Jerry replied to me:

SLOAN: David Paul has been bad when significant matters of the environment and fisheries are involved———-no one is pure anything but David manages to try and get in
on any decent regulation or environmental issue, and be influential in getting it trashed
and obliterated.———I have known him for his entire law career and his son —we are oddly enough friends.of a sort—————————–(-enjoy–Sloan–life is not all that long.)——Sincerely Jerry

I replied: 

Well, my life seems like it’s been very long, and it hasn’t been nearly fun enough, yet, and I’m wondering, and hoping, if the angels are going to let me be baaaaaad and create real commotion in various pockets of evil here and there, for a change; I’m way past weary of the angels creating real commotion in various pockets of evil in me and in people I’m close to, which, when they are jostled and poked, ricochets into me.

Sloan at Smathers Beach

ex-Alabama lawyer, still trying to quit practicing law

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The Eagle’s Gift: a little bit of rain and sunshine is good for everyone, don’t you think, Key West?

eagle woman

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bald eaglelightningsunshine.jpg

Poems and writings of ladies in the Monroe County Detention Center, on Stock Island, just above Key West, not for the faint of heart.

write on

My north Georgia amiga in shaman training dropped this into my Facebook account yesterday:

Brenda Garcia shared a video to your timeline.
This Video is worth sharing… Please watch and share
  • Sloan Bashinsky I hope this boy is able to stay the way he now is, as life takes him where it will. Me, I’m hanging on my my fingernails most of the time, but then I’m maybe 8 times that boy’s age, and maybe when he’s my age, he will be hanging on by his fingernails most of the time, too. I can’t begin count all the times I walked off a cliff because I felt it was God’s will for me. Or, before I thought in that way, because I felt it was the right thing for me to do. That took faith, a lot of it. Each time I did it.

on the wings of eagles

In yesterday’s looking for alternatives to humanity’s troubles, Key West investigations post at, I described a young man I had met on the Key West City Transit shuttle bus, who was interested in eagles. Turned out, he got onto the same shuttle I was on yesterday afternoon, headed up the keys.

eagle walking stick

Right away, I noticed he had a walking cane with an eagle head for the handle. He said somebody had given it to him that day. The day before, he had given away his necklace with the eagle pendant to a young woman who had said she liked it. And right away he was given the eagle walking stick, the eagle wants to stick close to him, I said. Interesting, he said, he had not yet connected those dots. Yes, he said, he still has the belt with the eagle buckle.

I told him to read my post at when he got home, it would come right up if he opened that website. Or, if he waited until today, he could click back one day. I said the post contains the story of the eagle and wolf I had mentioned to him several times on the shuttle bus. I found it right after seeing him on the shuttle bus the day before. And there are two other shaman vision stories in the post. And an explanation of how he and I had met, and how he had prompted me to look up the eagle and wolf story, and, at the very end, what I think the spirit world is going to do with him.

eagle and wolf

I told the young man the spirit world has has plans for him, and unless told to do so in a dream, he should stay away from mind-altering drugs that cause people to take spirit trips. I said his dreams will change, become tutorial, instructive. I said I was not trained by human shamans, but by angels.

I said I have told Native Americans they should not be teaching their ways to white people, who are not spirit-wired for Native American ways, and likewise I have told  Native Americans they should not become Christians, but should stick with Native American ways for which they are spirit-wired.

Eagle Woman 2

The young man said he has Native American blood in him, through one of his father’s grandmothers, who, he thought, might have been full-blood Lakota Sioux. I said I could see the Native American in his face, he could learn from Native American shamans, but the same angels running me are with him, they brought us together, and they will teach him.

I said I once had met a Lakota Sioux woman, who had corrected my impression that the shaman-mother earth-spirit world incident “conspiracy in the movie “The Emerald Forest” was not possible. Very possible, she rebuked me.

The Emerald Forest

I suggested he watch that movie, and also “Man Facing Southeast”,

Man Facing Southeast

and that he read Carlos Casteneda’s, The Eagle’s Gift.

The Eagle's Gift

The young man said he has access to Netflix, he will download the movies online. I said Casteneda’s The Eagle’s Gift is not entirely what the title sounds like.

I told him being trained by angels is a bit different from being trained by a human shaman. I say, my shaman training was terrible, then I was trained in something else, and that training made the shaman training seem like a donut. Sometimes, I still do shaman work.

I didn’t say perhaps I should send the City of Key West, the Key West Chamber of Commerce and the Monroe County Government a bill for the rain dance I did two days ago, which followed the rain dance my lady Kari did in the Stock Island jail a few days earlier. The torrential rain yesterday broke the drought we’ve been hearing so much lamenting about on the local radio shows. What size bill? Hmmm, $500,000? Kari and I would give a bit of that bounty to the local homeless people, who suffered mightily during the torrential rain.

Perhaps those local governments and chambers of commerce also should get a bill for Kari and me not doing a Category 5 hurricane dance, which I personally think, she disagrees, is sorely needed, as it is the only thing that might get Key West and the Chamber and Monroe County’s attention. Might. Maybe it will take a string of Category 5s. Even then, that might not get their attention, but it would take care of

the problem

the invasive species


Sort of in that regard, recent correspondence with a fellow who used to live in Key West, but after retiring, he moved to Homestead, which he could afford.

writing quill

I wrote to him:

When I went to renew my Citizen subscription today, I learned from them that you had transferred a balance in your account to my account paid through February 2016. I told them i recalled you saying you were doing something, but you didn’t explain it, or I didn’t understand it. Thanks.

He replied:

Don’t mention it.
Actually, I extended yours and reopened mine from years past. You were then facing difficulties at your old address – made tougher by the continuing strictures of a modest Social Security income.
I figured that no matter what ensued, deleting even the small monthly Citizen expense would be a meaningful incremental improvement to your personal monthly balancing act.
I know where $800 a month leaves you. In key West, it means you’re up a tree, permanently, without able, mellow friends… like Todd.

Worst case, i figured, an open news account, plus your laptop, would facilitate your ability to “do what you do best” even if you were sleeping in the bushes for a while.
Staying in motion, even with the leanest of carburetors…

So, good!

I reopened my Citizen thing – on a whim – for a few months. But, Christ, Sloan, it’s hard to read.
The City Commission is still like an oil painting. Nice, nice people individually, but together? They’re sort of like the sum of their parts, but with a perpetually deferred Sum.

More and more, when I look at the behavior of any newsworthy figures and organizations, whether private or public sector, I keep flashing back on Plato’s Cave.
You know. The original East Side “Nickelodeon”?
Before their was a Hollywood, or scriptwriters, or special effects?

I have the continuing, ever more distinct impression that the whole terrestrial, apparently “Live!” media extravaganza that defines our daily, macro, non-fiction input is a network “Show”. I’m more inclined, daily, to accept that “Our World” was blocked out on a seriously confidential Story Board many decades ago. Remember? – Truman was in the White House before “They” told him about the Bomb,
Worse, visible Government – even with its invisible components, like the Manhattan Project, is only the tip of the National iceberg’s machinery. In ’51, when I was 4, the Senate Banking Committee was told, with Authority: “We’re getting World Government” whether YOU like it or not!”
The “Invisible Hand” of the Market may not be apparent to us Munchkins, but, neither is air pressure. Only a few more months to Hurricane Season.

But i digress, big time. Good luck down there.
Keep up the good work.
It’s all I can do to keep my face in a book half a day at a time. I have increasingly little faith. I take a few notes. That’s the extent of my “workload”.
But you?
Go get ’em, Tiger!


I wrote:

I don’t suppose it looks pretty “out there”, do it? Unless the old head is stuck up where the much older sun don’t ever shine, which is another kinda not pretty,


He replied:

Yeah, i’m not a happy camper.
it’s not that i fear drenching my fangs in the blood of inveterate miscreants. Near or Far…
It’s just: I got a real strong aversion to manufacturing even well – meaning Collateral Damage. That, formally, is the realm of “Drama”.

Keep up the good fight, Sloan!

Then he wrote:

You strive to do good on many local fronts.
My take on your relative effectiveness across the spectrum of MC issues?

It’s when you have supported those people a few feet up the road who want to get the Lower Keys’ Plumbing “right” that your full power as an influence for good in the community is most apparent.
Read your own stuff in support of the lower Keys people. It’s strong and detailed. It’s factual. It’s, perhaps, ACTIONABLE.
If they are successful, they not only take care of their own wallets, they preserve – to the extent that it’s still possible – an absolutely singular… a unique National Asset. The Keys.

You listen to the County Commission and it’s like they’re on Darvons.
(okokok, i know the reef is dead. but there’s still the vast grass beds that COULD be reclaimed in one lifetime.)
There’s still the canals in which future kids COULD someday, once again, swim.

Read your own stuff, Sloan. The Lower Keys water quality fight is where your comprehensive abilities are most evident

Read your own stuff, Sloan. See the composite perspective over the years.
You sound like their paid Attorney , cum Tinsley surrogate.

I got a file of your posts, stored. Most involve your thinking on the anti pump people, Brian LaPointe and other stalwarts.

ok, i’m done. i’ll check back with you in, say, August.
i know you got a lot of stuff to do.


I replied:

Hi, Paul –

I had thought I was striving to help all of the Florida Keys, the islands themselves, years before Dump the Pumps came into existence. I attended numerous Dump the Pump meetings, did not feel I was being heard by them, and still don’t.

I was trained to do something entirely different from this little asteroid belt’s politics. The only Mother Nature ally ever to run for county commission, as far as I know, I never came close to being elected, which told me just how most people in the Keys feel about Mother Nature down here.

What I published today at includes spirit technology anyone can use to impact anything: asking God for another way, and letting that other way come and run its course.

I have presented other kinds of spirit technology, which also can be used to impact stuff going on down here, or anywhere.

And, ongoing, I am in spiritual warfare, head to head with serious bad supernatural ju ju makers, and their human proxies (pawns).

Whatever the angels arrange for me to engage, I engage it. Not to engage it is asking for a terrible spanking, or worse.

Maybe you are right, maybe the angels will focus me more on Mother Nature’s interest down here. Personally, I’d be happy to see her tilt this planet about 30 degrees on its axis, in about 10 seconds, and take care of her and the planet’s problems herself. Would put an entirely different meaning on “climate change”, a meaning the dinosaurs learned up close and personal, and lots of other species learned it, too, when there were other planet axis shifts.

A planet axis shift would solve lots of problems humanity has, or at least reduce those problems significantly, leaving opportunity, perhaps, for a constructive restart, if humanity had gotten the message. IF. Not likely.


In today’s Key West Citizen, I added Mother Nature.

Mother Nature

Questions chamber, city positions on Sanctuary

Now is the time for all hardworking concerned citizens of Key West to turn their attention to the Sanctuary.
More importantly, to focus on the attempt by a few to derail the fair process that promotes sustainability of our fishing industry. We should all support a sustainable fishing industry because it is such an integral part of the entire Keys economy. However, the Key West Chamber of Commerce and the City Commission have taken aggressive anti-Sanctuary positions that are not only premature but simply wrong. How did this happen?
In Gwen Filosa’s column of April 25th entitled “2 Chamber Leaders Exit,” Ms. Filosa quotes attorney David Paul Horan stating that he “represents the chamber pro bono”. If that quote is accurate, then Mr. Horan and members of the Chamber’s executive committee have some explaining to do.
David Horan and Cara Higgins are partners in Horan, Wallace & Higgins, LLP, a law firm that represents the interests of certain commercial fishermen. Ms. Higgins is also a member of the executive committee of the Key West Chamber.
These two individuals, with the help of Executive VicePresident Virginia Panico and current President Nicki Will, manipulated the Chamber and the Key West City Commission into rejecting sound sustainability recommendations without waiting for the important data from the Sanctuary to be published.
Using your position on the Chamber board or your position as an attorney for a not-for-profit organization to lobby that same organization to pass a resolution that your own law firm drafts in support of one of your clients is simply not ethical and not in the interests of the Key West business community.
All of this deserves a high degree of scrutiny, and if it is proven that Mr. Horan has actually represented the Chamber and at the same time lobbied the Chamber and/or the City Commission, either directly or through his partner Cara Higgins, then the executive committee members and the Executive VP, Virginia Panico, must resign. Mr. Horan must retreat from any further “representation”of the Chamber.
The Chamber’s members and the entire Key West business community deserve better.
I commend the Sanctuary Board and environmental organizations like Last Stand and Reef Relief for making sure that this cabal did not succeed and for supporting sustainable fisheries.
I also commend the Marathon Chamber of Commerce and other Keys business organizations for disassociating themselves from these irresponsible and unprofessional acts. And I certainly commend the two board members who refuse to have any further association with an organization that engages in such self-dealing tactics.
Ed Russo
Key West

My thoughts:

Good letter, looks kinda like a person versed in the law wrote it, but Russo is not, I don’t think, a lawyer. However, his fiance, Jennifer Hulse, is. And, she was one of the two board members who resigned. She also resigned from the Chamber. And thereby she resigned from being the Chamber’s president elect. And, she had thought, its lawyer.

Until that fated meeting where David Paul Horan held forth, Jennifer thought she was the Chamber’s lawyer. She had represented the Chamber when she, and it, had backed the referendum to study widening the channel, so bigger and more Mother Nature-raping cruise ships could get into Key West’s harbor. The referendum was defeated 74%, to 26%.

I doubt Ed Russo will ever convince me that, all by himself, he wrote his letter to the editor, with which I agree completely. I’m glad to see Jennifer divorced from the Chamber, which I personally believe worships money, only. I hope to see Jennifer, who, during the run up to the channel-widening study referendum, said at public forums on that referendum, that she was an environmentalist, she loved the ocean, diving, fishing. I hope to see Jennifer put her passion and legal abilities into doing all she can to protect what’s left of Key West and the Florida Key’s only asset: the ocean and its plants and sea creatures, including what’s left, not much, of the only living coral reef in the continental US. I hope to see Ed Russo join her in that critical endeavor.

But for the ocean, Key West, the Key West Chamber of Commerce, and the rest of the Florida Keys governments, chambers of commerce and communities, would all be out of business. Well, except …

Duval Street drunkFantasy Fest Duval Street

no problem, if you aren't homelessSloppy Joe's

An article in the Key West Citizen today reports a study saying Florida Keys residentsdrink booze and binge drink at a higher rate than any place else in Florida. Florida Keys residents. Tourists come to the Keys, especially to Key West, to party, which is said to have more bars per capita, than any city, anywhere. I bet if the study had inquired into other narcotics consumption in the Florida Keys, the result would be the same. The Florida Keys are the narcotics capitol (seat of government), sort of rhymes with capital (money), in not only Florida, but in American, and on this planet.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Ed Russo would have written his letter, if he were not Jennifer Hulse’s fiance? I wonder why the Citizen didn’t insert an editorial note, that Jennifer is Ed’s fiance, and, until she resigned, she was the Chamber’s lawyer and president-elect? I hear Ed works for, or is in business with, Donald Trump. If so, perhaps Ed can persuade Donald to fund my meager efforts to save the Florida Keys






monster hurricane


I bet my friend in Homestead would find that amusing :-), and our fee for not doing a Category 5 hurricane dance, he might find even more amusing – $5 billion.

A little bit of rain and sunshine is good for everyone, don’t you think?

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Sloan in dress

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