the secret of salt, in Key West, Birmingham, America, Turkey, Syria, Russia, and other places the Devil likes to hang out

Just in case any readers are thinking I’m on vacation in Birmingham, yes, at times, I am. At times, I am not.

The Facebook chat below with a lay minister amiga currently hanging out in Key West, sometimes she is elsewhere, provides a snapshot of my wobbly comet’s recent transit, starting a couple of days before I was flown first-class on Delta out of Key West last Friday.

  • Wednesday

  • Sharon Slay

    12/14, 10:08pm

    Sharon Slay

    Sloan i am thankful for your friends kindness safe travels for you. I am glad you chose to go it seems like an open door for you. Blessings my friend.

  • Thursday

  • Sloan Bashinsky

    12/15, 2:47pm

    Sloan Bashinsky

    thanks, off into the wild blue yonder I go again …

  • Sharon Slay

    12/15, 2:47pm

    Sharon Slay

    I am very happy for you

    Bon Voyage

  • Saturday

  • Sharon Slay

    12/17, 8:03am

    Sharon Slay

    I hope you had a lovely trip home to Bham. Are you already in new apt? A kitchen & bathroom are really great.

  • Today

  • Sloan Bashinsky


    Sloan Bashinsky

    Hi, Sharon, thanks, so far, it’s going very well, I’m still kinda in overwhelmed, surreal mode, writing daily about it and KW stuff too at and same now being posted at Hope all okay with you.

  • Sharon Slay


    Sharon Slay

    Thanks been reading, so glad you have bed & food

  • Sloan Bashinsky


    Sloan Bashinsky

    Me, too, and lots more than that. Because of my benefactor, I’m able to get around in one of her spare cars; she’s providing money for gas, groceries, and some new clothes. Kept man, me. I have yet to see her, but probably will later today. Have now played bridge twice at the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club, two different partners they arranged for me. We came in 2nd both times. Have found a new city park where I was told by a park ranger people hang out and play checkers and chess. Soon as this cold/rainy front moves through, I’ll go there with my chess set and see how that goes. Have TV/cable, internet/wi-fi off the cable, warm apartment, big apartment, great view of city. My benefactor told me yesterday to go looking for a bicycle she can buy for me, so I can keep getting exercise in that way. Here, I’m pretty sure helmet law enforced. Not much in the way of bike paths here. Streets busy. I don’t recall seeing bicycles on streets here very often. But it can be done, and there are sidewalks beside the busy streets.

  • Sloan Bashinsky


    Sloan Bashinsky

    I suppose the Sloan haters down there are befuddled that such good fortune has befallen me. I’m befuddled, too, and really grateful. I imagine, though, the angels will keep extracting their daily, weekly, monthly, annual tons of flesh from my hide, emotions, mind and soul. They got onto me in a dream last night about coasting, slacking, and then there was something I was supposed to address “in tandem” (that would mean someone else was involved).

    Only heavy work I could imagine when I woke up was the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, which I first heard of from Kari yesterday.

    Then, I heard a radio news report yesterday evening, when I was in the car going places to shop. Article in today’s Citizen lays it out pretty well, as did news reports on TV this morning. Very serious matter. Imagine if it had been the American ambassador to Turkey, instead.

    The “special forces” Turkey cop turned out to be a religious zealot. Pissed off about Russia siding with Assad in Syria, against ISIS. I told Kari there are factions within Islam, which hate each other as much, apparently, as radical Islam hates America, which goes back to Daddy Bush going to war against Saddam Hussein/Iraq, after Daddy Bush’s ambassador told Hussein Daddy Bush/America would not have a problem with Hussein taking part of Kuwait. That cast the die for all that came later between America and Islam, and then Baby Bush threw gasoline on it, by invading Afghanistan over 911, and then the invented war against Iraq, which had zip to do with 911 and everything to do with oil.

    Talking heads on US TV news this morning pointed out Baby Bush and Obama both kept making it clear America was not at war with Islam, 1.6 billion Muslims, but was at war with terrorists. Who just happen to be Muslims. Who just happen to be getting funded by Muslims, such as SAUDI ARABIA. America’s so-called ally. Kari said when she called me this morning, back when she was in jail, she read the Koran. It does not sanction what ISIS is doing. It tells Muslims to get along with other peoples; not to fight, unless Muslims are attacked. What’s wrong with Muslims who twist the Koran to justify war?, Kari asked.

    I said, well, lots of Englishmen did the same thing a long time ago, it was called The Crusades. They sailed their ships to Palestine to save the “Holy Lands” from the infidels (Islam). Must not have been getting enough sex in England, I quipped. But why? Kari asked. And kept asking. Do people behave that way. The early Americans, they were Christians, did the same thing to the natives. Took their land. Killed them. But why? Why? Kari kept asking.

    I will tell you why, if you will let me, I said. But why? But why? Kari goes on rants like that. Asking why? why? why? When something makes no sense to her. Since she was a girl, she said, she was like that. Her parents got tired of it and told her to go outside into a pasture with a bucket and pick up rocks out of the pasture and take them somewhere and dump them.

    But why? But why?

    If you will be quiet, I will tell you why.

    Okay, why?

    Mass demonic possession.

    But why?

    Mass demonic possession. That’s why people behave that way.

    Quiet. Then, but why?

    Demonic possession. The Devil. For real.

    Yesterday, and again this morning, Kari told of a row that had started at the bus stop on Kennedy Drive yesterday, in front of the BTNB building. Two Spanish speakers, a man and a woman going it. They seemed drunk. The man finally punched the woman in the mouth. Kari took off, to get away from it. Cops came. Kari was up the way, watching from safe distance. The cops took both the man and the woman to jail.

    Demonic possession, Sharon.

    Same thing went on in that church where you hang out. Demonic possession.

    Article in today’s Citizen about the Glad Tidings church minister, whom I have met and had a meal with, with Tim Gratz, who set it up, then I attended a service in that church. This minister took over 2 different churches formerly run by Pastor Ernie Deloach. The 1st church was in the Bahamas. Glad Tidings is the second. I attended a few services at Glad Tidings back when Ernie was the pastor. The presence of Lucifer was so strong in the church services that I had to get up and leave.

    The last time I was there, when Ernie had the church, he told his congregation, ‘You are the choicest of the choicest of the chosen.” Was he out of his mind? Possessed? Trying to butter them up so they would give the church more money? Trying to make them feel better about themselves, because they were depressed?

    The service led by the new minister felt a lot better to me, but too much theater for me. I told him later than he needed to have the church start ministering to homeless people again, which was important to Ernie, whose wife said said to hate homeless people and she wanted Ernie to stop the church’s homeless outreach, but he resisted her. I respected Ernie for that. But the new minister did not take my advice, as far as I know.

    I’ve been wondering whether I will attend church services here in Bham. There is one inner city church, in which my grandfathers both were deacons, which I attended in the later 1990s. They had an eclectic Sunday school class, which welcomed gays. In fact, gay men started attending that class, who had given up on church altogether, after I told them St. Paul never wrote that he was married or had children, and he was a Pharisee, which meant he was required by Jewish tradition and by God to marry and have children; and he put women beneath men in their standing with God and Christ; and he told people he wished they were celibate like him, sex caused nothing but trouble for men and women; and he never did explain what was his thorn in the flesh he asked God to remove and God did not remove it. Paul’s perceived thorn in the flesh was he was gay, I told the gay men. Really? Yep, and if God wasn’t worried about Paul being gay, why do many Christians today make such a big fuss about homosexuality? Wow! Come try out our Sunday school class. You will like it. They tried it out. They liked it. The church is Southside Baptist in Five Points South.

    That was the only church in Birmingham I attended where I did not feel the strong presence of Lucifer pretty quick. I was really messed up back then, in a black night of the soul for part of that time. The black night is a spirit interdiction. Nothing to do with medicine, psychiatry. Beyond the range of churches, too. St. John of the Cross wrote about it in his commentaries. Worse than the dark night of the soul, which is awful, he wrote. Woe be to anyone the black night befalls. He survived it. As did I. But only because angels kept me from killing myself. That, and my fear of what would be waiting for me if I did kill myself. The angels showed me what to do to start it lifting off of me. I stalled, but finally I did it, and it began to lift. Then more angel-induced fun began. And before long, yep, I was in Key West, early 2000, broke, homeless. And more fun began. Angels ain’t always sugar and spice and everything nice, has been my experience with them.

    Maybe more later, this above is a heap already.

  • Sloan Bashinsky


    Sloan Bashinsky

    One more thing. I came to the point some years ago. If something terrible happens that simply does not make sense, I mean terrible done by a person or by people to another person or persons, then demonic possession is the cause. The Devil is having a fine time in Syria, for example. And wherever there is war. It’s perhaps impossible to imagine the Devil’s glee that Donald Trump was elected US president. Although the Devil would have loved Hillary in the White House, too. Different opportunities for the Devil, Trump and Hillary. One nation, under God. Hmmm … Ultimately, yes. Meanwhile, hmmm …

  • Sloan Bashinsky


    Sloan Bashinsky

    And …

    On KW one human affront, heard from a fellow this morning, who has been staying in the bunkhouse attached to the soup kitchen on Flagler Avenue.

    “I may need a favor….as you know i live at Catholic Charities…the building is scheduled ti be torn down before our apartments are built…that will leave us with a window of time where we have no place to stay….so heres my plan….no matter how ill concieved…we each recieve $5000 by the Catholic Church…i also have the backing of the Catholic Church…but i need legal representation…you know Kaufman? Can you arrange an introduction?”

    I wrote back to him:

    “if you have the backing of the church, why do you need legal representation? Please tell me what you mean by your having the backing of the church. Names, details, who said what to whom, when, where, etc. And, why is the church doing it this way and displacing the people living in the bunk house? That seems bizarre to me. Things might be easier if we talk on telephone, for me to get the overall picture. Then, I can make introduction with Sam Kaufman. My cell is 305-407-4285”

    He wrote:

    “Ill call you when i get off work….thanks”

    I replied:

    “de nada”

    Now you tell me, Sharon. If that is what Catholic Charities is going to do, and CC does not provide those men with another place to stay, or with money for rent somewhere else, that is the work of God? If not, what is it the work of? There is only one other possibility that comes to my mind, and that possibility is not in CCs’ favor. Without that man having to get Kaufman involved, CC already should have taken care of what he wrote to me. Maybe CC already has taken care of it, but he is not fully informed. I hope that is the case. For this man is banned for life from KOTS [the city’s homeless shelter], by Mike Tolbert [the homeless shelter’s manager], the bizarre details of which I published fairly recently at

    Obviously, moving me to Bham did not hinder the angels from keeping me in Key West 🙂, which, I suppose, is not making some people in KW particularly happy.

    Kari called just now, asking if I know anywhere she can go on Christmas Day for a free dinner. I told her I would ask you and the fellow staying at CC, since I have you both “on the line” today. When I suggested Kari call Pastor Omar to see if he knows somewhere, she said the last time homeless people ate Omar’s breakfast at Higgs Beach, prepared by someone else, Omar was not there that day, a lot of people got sick, food poisoning. So she is not inclined to call Omar.

    When it rains, it pours, and I an’t thinking about no Morton Salt poster girl.

    Matthew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his flavor, with which shall it be salted? it is thereafter good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

    Sharon Slay


    Sharon Slay

    AA is serving time I’m not sure noon or 11 better get there early if she wants to eat. I heard about soup kitchen kicking them out by Jan or something of the sort. George who works at Publix’s goes to Adams wed nite bible study, I will inquire of him exact details. I’ve always felt most people in the churches aren’t real Christian’s but a few are & I always feel to spur on those & maybe push others to God centered living. I never thought like that it was all demonic, like you said but, that is certainly probably the truth. I never think anyone who kills others i.e. crusades etc is or was a follower of Christ or God. I’ve been going to Glad Tidings on Sunday nite & yes I feel your observations are correct. As far as Omar’s breakfast David Leto pays for the food & cooks it, I don’t believe Omar does any part of the food for quite a while maybe a year. Sometimes Sandy’s donates the eggs & food I was told.

    I haven’t gone to Omar’s for several weeks now just don’t feel motivated & I realize all the churches are probably missing Christ but I try to help people with this temporary open door I have here.

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