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Seven Mile Bridge

About a year ago, a close friend down here in the Florida Keys told me I needed to meet Jerry Weinstock, of Key West, who was as ardent about protecting Mother Nature down here, as I was. Turned out, that was Jerry’s life-long passion, which included a deep love for fishing and diving. His profession, however, was psychiatry, from which he mostly was retired when we met. He told me that for a very long time he was the only psychiatrist down here, and he had treated every writer in Key West at some point in time, and he also had been the school board’s psychiatrist.

Since we met, not as doctor-client, Jerry and I have had many discussions, a few face to face, most however in emails, probably 90 percent of which were published

For example, the other day Jerry replied to the November 3, 2014 good Florida Keys people hazardous waste alert: incumbent mosquito control board commissioner Phillip Goodman and incumbent county commissioner George Neugent post, after a cold front had just come through Key West, night temperatures were in the high 50s F. It was awful.


Jerry wrote:

Sloan: I dislike the cold waves –harder to swim today –(I think) ////// but enjoyed the Blog——–just finishing my last Tuna suchi from our fishing trip ( Donna and I ) 4 days ago—-that’s what is really incredible about Key west –can go out and catch your own Tuna —clean it and eat (enjoy) the flavor — with some picked key Limes.
best wishes for a good day !! Jerry

I replied:

Thanks, alas, seems I’m swimming up Niarga Falls after it froze over and winter hasn’t even begun yet.

Jerry wrote:

see another good metaphor

[I had published a few days earlier, that what I get up, write, put together and publish each morning is fishing; I used to call it soul fishing.]

I replied:

it doesn’t feel like metaphor

the getting up and going fishing each morning, with what I publish, really is fishing – in times past I called it soul fishing

as I was about done putting today’s bait together, I sense I was to send it to my father’s lawyer, with a request that he share it with my father’s widow and three other people in Birmingham, who were, and still are, deeply involved in my father’s affairs

am pretty sure now all the writing I did about Ebola, besides being about Ebola and its spirit vibration, also was about something about as rough for me as Ebola, which was the recent correspondence with my father’s lawyer, and its accompanying spirit components, only the email I first sent to the lawyer, as per dreams, did I report so far; I heard back from him yesterday, what I anticipated, nothing encouraging, which led to me replying this morning back to him with a second much different (nice) tone email, as per dreams, and later on I sent today’s post to him to share around; the spirit currents are very heavy and very toxic, and I’m exhausted, my liver is wailing; this might go on a while, no clue how it will play out, but this river has to be paddled; once upon a time I was a pretty good whitewater paddler, and from time to time in dreams I am on a whitewater river in one of my old boats, and the dream is showing me what I am currently navigating in something I’m engaging when I’m awake; had such a dream in a nap a bit ago – perhaps I should call Trauma Star, get myself airlifted to, hmmm, Mt. Sinai – not literally, but literally in the soul sense :-)

I should have been given this to do months ago, when I could have eased through it without a lot of time pressure on me …

My father asked me in a dream last June, as I recall, what I was going to be doing in October? I wondered if it was about the mayor’s race, but I wasn’t for sure; when October came and the dreams filling in the blanks started coming, I knew I would be dealing with his lawyer and his widow, and I knew it would chew me up internally …

I dreamt night before last of being in Hawaii in April, and I awoke hearing the tune and some of the lyrics to “April Love,” by Pat Boone, I thought I recalled … the only woman, and the only person, in my life, so far, who actually was on the same page with me about spirit matters was the woman who went around the world with me on credit cards, in 2000, and we ended up broke and stranded on Maui; in 2001, after HEAVY WAIT came through me, she was its muse, she came to me in a dream and said we were even and were headed separate ways, but would meet again at the Capriatti Hotel, and she got into a yellow taxi cab and I got into another yellow taxi cab, and we went off in different directions; I met Brenda when she was driving a taxi in north Georgia, her email handle was “taxi girl” …

Maybe being in Hawaii in April is a physical move, maybe it’s about something important in my life concerning Hawaii happening … meanwhile, I’m paddling up frozen Niagra Falls, or something, and it ain’t a whole heap of fun …

Jerry replied:

a lot of convoluted issues—glad you can sleep and dream;
Without REM sleep (dreaming) insanity results —but you do well in the rather lush detailed dreams you experience”………keep dreaming; tell me some of them—ok —(truncated)—————-Jerry
(also your feelings during the dream)

I replied the next morning, November 4:

Lots of people have told me they do not dream, as in, they do not remember their dreams. Some people I have known only remembered dreams occasionally. Others reported dreaming ongoing. I associated that with the state of their internal feminine; the more whole and functioning it was, the more they remembered their dreams. I suppose, perhaps incorrectly, that all people dream, even if they do not recall dreaming – REM sleep.

I have been plainly told in my sleep, in plain English, that I need to dream so I will know what is really going on. That concurred with my being instructed and corrected in dreams ongoing. Closer to Carl Jung’s view of dreams, than to Sigmund Freud’s. But I imagine Jung would have serious trouble with my dreams, which would defy his view of dreams and their symbols and the archetypes.

After writing to you yesterday afternoon, a lot of pieces fell into place in my noggin very fast.

Going back to the dream last June, as I recall, in which my father asked me what I was going to be doing in October? And I awoke not knowing how to answer his question, and wondering what he meant?

I wrote a great deal about Ebola in October, perhaps that started in latter September. I understood the spirit vibration of Ebola had been put into me. Soon, I felt like I was coming down with a flu. As days passed, the flu grew stronger. Mostly, it was in my right lung – right is the male side of a human body in lots of people’s spirit symbology, as well as in my own spirit symbology. The flu in my right lung moved into pneumonia.

I’ve had that happen a number of times. I’ve even had doctors tell me it was pneumonia many years past. I stopped treating it medically, after I knew it was a spirit process and that treating it medically would make it harder on me; even if the antibiotics knocked the pneumonia back, it would return, and not only that, it would return more than once. So, I just started riding it out, and eventually whatever it was related to in spirit would work its way through me and the pneumonia would start to clear up, slowly, and often regressing back, and then progressing forward again, over and over, until it was finished. That happened maybe a dozen times over the years, after I got the hang of how to deal with it.

Ebola is from Africa. The final and biggest rupture in my and my father’s relationship came when I, and my two best men friends, one of whom had been a valued management employee of my father’s snack food company, which competed head-on with Frito-Lay, the fellow was the company’s production manager, all three of us had dreams that I had an older half-brother named Travis, whose father was my father, and whose mother was the daughter of the black married couple who lived in the servants’ quarters of my father’s home. I went to my father’s bother, whom I loved dearly, and asked him if I had an older brother I didn’t know about? He confirmed it and said he wanted nothing to do with it. That was early September 1998.

I didn’t know what to do with what I had learned, so I did nothing with it.

In early December 1999, I was overwhelmed, out of the blue, with knowing it was time for me to ask my father about Travis. We did not see each other, but sometimes we exchanged brief, cordial handwritten letters. I wrote to him saying I and my two best men friends had dreamed I had an older brother named Travis, and if that was so, I was not upset, but I would like to meet him, if that was possible. I added, if I did not hear back to my request, I would take that to mean Travis existed. I said nothing about Travis’ being mix-raced, and I did not mention my father’s brother.

I received no letter back. Christmas Day came and passed. Each year, my father gave his children, including his adopted daughter by his second wife, common stock he owned. The value of the annual Christmas stock gift ranged from $8,000-$10,000, staying at or under the limit my father could give away each year without having to deal with the IRS gift tax laws. I did not receive the Christmas stock gift. I said to myself, oh well, and moved on.

About a week later I was again overwhelmed from out of the blue, I was to legally change my name to Sloan Young, Young was my middle name at birth, and to legally renounce all of my inheritances from my father, and to then advise him I had done that and send him proof, and do the same with my daughters, their mother, my brother and sister, and my second wife who, under out divorce decree, had a claim against part of one of my inheritances. All of which I did. Then, I was told to leave the country using credit cards, as I had very little money, and go where I was directed to go. Which I did.

Later, I was told to legally undo all of that, which, after much resistance on my part, and much pressure in dreams and other ways, I finally did. After which, I learned that my Travis letter was intercepted by my father’s wife, my stepmother. I had meant the letter just for his eyes. I did not know she was intercepting letters I sent to him. I learned that in November 2004, from my first wife, mother of my children, who had a PhD in Psychology, but never practiced that trade. She told me that all of my letters to my father were forwarded to her, for her to read and access my state of mind, and report her assessment back to my father and his wife.

That’s how I learned my stepmother had intercepted the Travis letter, and perhaps it explained my father’s behavior. For he had made it very clear to me that he would not do anything to cross his wife, as it might pertain to me. But perhaps he would have done what he did in any event. He had gone to great lengths to keep Travis hidden, which was revealed to my two best friends in their dreams. My mother didn’t know about it. My father’s brother never told his wife about it, according to her some years later, after her husband out of the picture.

So Ebola comes from Africa. This very difficult situation for my father, Travis, on which I have no judgement against my father, came from Africa, so to speak. The angels got me involved in Ebola as a warm up for what really was coming my way from Africa, again. The pneumonia in my right lung is my father, and Travis, and my and their unfathomable heart-breaking losses, caused by a society which would not accept a young white man and a young black woman who loved each other dearly, according to my two friends’ dreams, from being together and raising their son, whom my father loved dearly, according to my two friends’ dreams.

All of that, and Ebola, is being processed in me, Jerry, because I was prepared and trained by angels to do such things, for myself, and for other people. Of late, it hit my liver, which can be viewed as a body organ, but also as a liver, as in someone who lives, is alive, without which, a liver, a person dies.

I tell you all of this, Jerry, not to elicit a response from you. I tell you because it needs to be told, and you being an M.D., who practiced psychiatry for many years, are, I suppose, the ideal person to have this dumped on, especially considering I am viewed my some of my family, and was viewed by my father, as mentally ill. It is very different between him and me in my dreams, which are not compensating dreams. They are live interactions, just as real, or more real, than your and my interactions, Jerry, although there is no way I can prove that to anyone. Nor is there any way anyone can disprove it.

There is yet another player in this family production. My father’s younger brother, Jack, was born with the cord around his neck and never mentally developed past infancy; and he was an invalid, required constant nursing care until he died in his late teens. My father and his brother were so embarrassed by Jack that they would not bring their friends over to their home. Finally, their father made arrangements for Jack to live in a facility in Pennsylvania, I think it was, and against his wife’s wishes and strong objections, Jack was taken there to live out the rest of his short, unfortunate life. My father’s mother developed manic-depression over all of that, today called bipolar disorder.

I was told in a dream in October 2002, that I had an adversary, of whom I did no know. Then, I was shown the adversary was Jack, with whom my father had identified me. Now I was Jack. The great embarrassment. Now my brother, Major, was the favored son, the good son. Major, who later would kill himself and try to make it look like someone had killed him. Which, sadly, I was given the awful job of refuting in posts at my website, even before it was known that Major was dead, and after his body was found. The local police detective and the coroner’s forensic pathologist later concluded it was suicide designed to look like murder.

What father could cope with a son who is shown in dreams, and in dreams of his friends, everything he needs to know about what is important to him? That must have been terrifying for my father, and for his second wife, and for some of my other relatives, while other of my relatives were not freaked out, but I did not dream about them in those ways.

So, Brenda in north Georgia had a dream last night, of something major happening in my father’s home in Birmingham, in which his widow now lives; the home which used to be owned by my mother, which she left to her children, with our father having a life estate. He then bought my siblings and my interests in the home; I would have given him my interest, and told him so, but he said he wanted to push money to this children.

I’m obviously being vague about what is going on in Birmingham, because it’s a work in progress and, as I wrote to you yesterday, I don’t how it will play out. What I do know is my father came to me in a dream last night and showed me I was behind the curve in getting myself in shape for a spiritual football game, and I needed to get that fixed fast.

I summarized that dream just now, it was a bit more involved.

If I told you the whole dream, and the history behind it, and all the meanings, it would take a while. And the meanings would mean nothing to you, nor to anyone, but me, because the dream was a message to me in language and symbols familiar to me. The dream could not be understood by any person but me.

So here I am getting in shape for a spiritual football game, as fast as I can.

I once had a dear friend in New Mexico, who had done a residency in internal medicine and an a second residence in psychiatry. Later, he contracted a horribly crippling case of MS, which nearly totally paralyzed one side of his body, the left side, as I recall – the female side. He had very rough issues with his mother, as I recall. We “treated” each other for our various soul and human relationship woes.

He sometimes would say, in moments when he, or I, or someone we knew was put hard face to face with our own self in ways we did not in the least want to be put face to face, “Ain’t spiritual growth wonderful?”

I knew when I saw what I was being put to do in Birmingham, by writing to my father’s lawyer and to his widow, for an advance against my next inheritance, that it was a test for the lawyer, my stepmother, my father’s other trusted advisers, who still look after his affairs, and for me. I was furious that my father did not deal with them directly, as he deals with me directly. I’m still furious. But here I am, doing yet again something I don’t want to be doing. As if it matters to God that I like what I am given to do.


work mule

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Veterans Day 2014 road less traveled reports on America at war, and a discussion with the author of a new book on the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy

good morning Vietnam

Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam”,

from which I hijacked the name for this and two other “goodmorning” websites

good morning Vietnam 2

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Not being a veteran of American foreign wars, I cannot speak for veterans. I cannot imagine what they experienced in combat, and what life afterward was and today is like for them. I can wish they had not had to fight. I can wish those wars had not happened. I can hope such wars do not happen again. And I can tell some stories about American foreign wars, which literally fell on me out of the blue.

the sky is falling

The first story was in summer, 1988.

Vietnam war protest

I attended a Downtown Birmingham Rotary Club luncheon with my father, who was a member. The guest speaker was the president, as I recall, the CEO in any event, of the National Geographic Society. The subject of his talk was something like, “Getting to Know Our Neighbors.” Our foreign neighbors. The Geographic, he said, felt that it might help if people of different countries knew more about each other, and especially if Americans knew more about foreign countries and their people. For example, he said, a study was done, and 97 percent, as I recall the number he gave, of American high school students could not locate Vietnam on a map.

I suppose he talked around twenty minutes. After which, he took questions and comments from the audience.

Someone in the audience asked if the Geographic ever took a position on the Vietnam war?

The Geographic official said, before America went into Vietnam, the Geographic had news correspondents in Saigon, when a massive street demonstration occurred; the streets were filled with Vietnamese carrying posters begging America to save them from the North Vietnamese. The Geographic’s correspondents spoke Vietnamese and talked with a number of the demonstrators. Turned out, they did not speak English, did not know what was written on the posters they were carrying. They had been paid money by the Vietnamese government to demonstrate. The demonstration was aired on TV nationwide in America. That turned Americans sentiments from not intervening militarily in Vietnam, to intervening. The Geograpic dug further into it and learned the money for the demonstration had been paid to the South Vietnamese government by the US government and US corporations.

You could have heard a pin drop in the Rotary meeting. My father, a World War II Army Aircorps combat veteran, looked like he wanted throw up. We had come to the meeting in my car. As I drove him back to where he had parked his car outside the downtown area, he was quiet and somber.

The second story was in spring, 2005.

CIA in Vietnam

In the Unitarian church in Key West, a “seekers group” met weekly to share stories and information.

At one meeting, a man perhaps ten or a few more years older than I, a Key West resident, said he had worked for the CIA in Vietnam, when the French were trying to take it back from the North Vietnamese, who had taken over after the Japanese were defeated in World War II. Before that war, Vietnam had been a profitable French colony. The fellow said, although the US’ public foreign policy was to back the French in their trying to retake Vietnam, his unit’s mission was to do all they could to help the North Vietnamese defeat the French. The goal was for the US to replace the French in Vietnam. Mainly, so the US could control the Vietnamese rubber plantations, which were extensive. The North Vietnamese defeated the French, but the US then wanted too much and Ho Chi Minh turned to the Soviet Union as an ally and trading partner. And that’s how the US Vietnam war came about.

I looked around at the group, waiting for someone to say something. Nobody said anything. I asked, did they hear what he just said? No respsonse. I asked again, did they hear what he just said? No responses. They seemed drugged. Brain dead. As if the man had said nothing. When I last saw him a few years ago, he said he still lived in Key West.

The third story occurred around the time of the second story.


Hiroshima A-bomb

I think it was LIFE Magazine, some US national magazine anyway, ran a story on US President Harry Truman’s decision to use the A-bomb on Japan.

Harry Truman

The story included photostatic copies of entries from Truman’s handwritten diary. In one entry, Truman wrote that he did not use the A-bomb on Japan to defeat the Japanese. The Japanese were trying to surrender; they knew America had the bomb. He used the A-bomb on the Japanese to intimidate the Russians.

Thus began the nuclear arms race, for the Russians indeed were intimidated.

I myself was spared being inducted and sent to Vietnam. I was spared by a miracle. I won’t retell that story today. I will simply say I viewed it then, and even today, as God not wanting me to fight in Vietnam. To my discredit, I did not have the good graces to then protest the Vietnam war. I was many years developing a conscience about my country at war. And about other affairs concerning my country.

The day before yesterday, Tim Gratz, of Key West,

Tim GratzKennedy assassination

dropped off in my mailbox THE MEN AT SYLVIA’S DOOR and THE AGENT WITH THE DIRTY FINGERNAILS, Book 1: JFK Assassination unraveled, by J. Timothy Gratz and Mark Howell, who was the popular SOLARES HILL’s editor, before it was folded by the Key West Citizen. Published in trade paperback in Key West, by Shirrell Rhodes’ ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BOOKS, and as an ebook:

Tim wrote to me yesterday about his and Mark’s book, and about the criminalizing of people who feed homeless people part of yesterday’s post at

Did you get the book? You are right. Ft Lauderdale police would have arrested Jesus for sure. He fed five thousand!

I replied:

Yes, and I started reading it last night.

Do you know how Patrick Hemming died suddenly? i.e., medical-determined cause of death? This reader was left thinking maybe he was bumped off, because he was about to spill the beans to you.

In the part about the fake secret service agent on the knoll near the shooting, and the other fake secret service agents near the building, which we talked about in the Harvey Government Center during the recent election returns, I still do not feel it was proved with certainty that they were not real secret services agents.

No telling what sort of dirt and grime real secret service agents might get into, and under their fingernails, trying to secure a place where the president will be; or trying to bump him off. I agree, though, those men claiming to be secret services agents not being jumped on by the Warren Commission stunk to high heaven and leaves no doubt the Warren Commission “cooked the books”.

The fear of World War III, if the truth ever came out, is intriguing. However, and alas, I had a nap dream yesterday afternoon, before your book arrived here, in which I was told Vietnam is in play.

Although tomorrow is Veterans Day, I felt, after reading some of your book, through the three introductions he House Select Commission on Assassinations starting on page 13, and after all the preludes and statements of conclusions as fact, and the nastiness of the whole affair, were causing my head to ache and my guts to gripe, that Vietnam was in play in the Kennedy assassination.

Specifically, Kennedy was assassinated because he was not getting on board with the military-industrial complex going into Vietnam. He was assassinated by Americans who wanted America going into Vietnam. Personally, I don’t see that being the Mafia. I see the highest reaches of the US Government involved. If I had to wager, I’d bet Vice President Lyndon Johnson was at the very top of that shit pile.

Tim replied:

I have no reason to believe that Hemming’s death eas other than natural.
All the SS agents were accounted for. All werea ssigned to the motorcase itself.
Plus of course per this Silva (as reported by Acker) Hargraves had false secret service credentials.
As you know, the FBI never interviewed either Silva or Hargraves.
Yes many think Vietnam was in play here.
And many many (including my publisher) think LBJ was involved (although I do not).
My own opinion is that it was a combo of Mafia and rogue CIA agents. The CIA agents and Cuban exiles were mad at JFK because they felt he had “murdered” members of the Bay of Pigs Brigade by refusing air cover during the BOP invasion.
A CIA agent named David Morales admitted his involvement in the assassination. He was a “drinking buddy: of mafioso Johnny Rosselli, who also admitted his involvement (to his lawyer).
Morales died at a very young age–some think suspicious.
And Rosselli was murdered in Miami in August 1976 before he was scheduled to testify a second time.

I replied:

Hi again, Tim –

Saying you have no reason to believe Hemming’s sudden death was other than natural leaves me thinking you don’t know the cause of death. As I wrote earlier, the way you reported Hemming’s sudden death flat out made me wonder if he was killed to stop him from spilling the beans to you.

I was glad to see you and Mark do not blame Fidel Castro for having Kennedy killed, although, based on all I have read, Fidel certainly had as much reason as anyone, and based on other stuff I have read, and talks you and I have had, Fidel, or at least his intelligence service, apparently knew something big was going down in Dallas that day. The angels don’t see Fidel had anything to do with it.

The ache in my right ear, which started yesterday, and then subsided some overnight, is throbbing pretty good again, and there is a sore on the right side of my anus, which came up yesterday and is not yet remitting. Both indicating a big nasty male something impacting me. Another way of saying it, demons attacking me over my being gotten involved in something they don’t want me involved in, including their screaming into my right ear. That’s happened quite a bit over the years, earaches and sores near my anus, and even in my nose, when I’m engaging something nasty.

I have to think Lyndon Johnson and the U.S. military-industrial complex weren’t too terribly thrilled with the Bay of Pigs abortion, either. What better clever cover for Johnson and the military-industrial complex, than disgruntled rogue CIA officers, pissed-off Cuban ex-pats, and Mafia business partners of Batista no longer raking in the dough in Havana?

  • in 1959: The Downfall of the Havana Mob

    Feb 21, 2010 – 1st January 1959 was a turning point for Cuba in a number of ways but …. Mob Owned Cuba … and Then Lost it to the Revolution – T.J. English

I might write about this tomorrow; if I do, that ought to be a bit more of a splash for your book than my simply reviewing it. A number of typos, so far, suggests it was not copy-edited. I suppose the angels might have something to say tonight about this nastiness. Maybe Robin Williams will make a special guest appearance :-).


Tim wrote:

I had read Havana Nocturbe before and coincidence of coincidences picked up a free copy at the library two hours ago.
Have you read the book? An amazing story about Trafficante setting up a three way for JFK. What makes it ironic is that I believe ST was involved in the assassination. His lawyer Frank Ragano claims that ST admitted his involvement to him although some doubt Ragano’s story.
I missed the typos. I hate that!

I replied:

Your co-author, Mark Howell, and you two’s publisher, Shirrell Rhodes, did not read the manuscript, mark typos, commas out of place, etc.? I did not use a copy editor for my last novel; for all know that is clear for anyone who reads it.

Have not read Havana Noturne, had never heard of it before using Google before I last wrote to you, to see if the Mafia had ties with Bastista, thus something to regain in Cuba, if the Bay of Pigs invasion had succeeded.

However, it has been my sense in a number of things I have read, that the Mafia tends to be patriotic when it comes to waving the American flag.

ST is?

It took me a while to think I had figured out what you meant by (NUK) in your book – name unknown?

I wrote later:

Just now finished reading your book, but did not read the Odio testimony following in the appendix. I did read your and Mark’s bios at the end.

There were further copy-edit glitches, the same sequence of words repeated in a few places, which were like hitting bumps in the road and stopping to take a breath and figure out what was coming next, and there were a few more glitches.

My impression: you wrote this book. You asked more questions than you answered. I learned a little about a number of people I had never heard of, and the great mystery of who the various possible players in the Kennedy assassination were remains mysterious, unless you have second sight. Wonder if the angels will chime in tonight in my sleep?


I wrote this morning:

As far as I could tell, nothing from the angels in my sleep. They told me last year, I think it was, when you and I were discussing the Kennedy assassination, that Lyndon Johnson was behind it, and I passed that along to you, and you didn’t agree. I take their silence last night as their view has not changed.

I figured out ST was Trafficante.

Your book is yet another very good reason for all Americans not to blindly trust Uncle Sam at war, probably not at anything. My post today at will provide a little more “ammunition” for that “position statement”.


Tim wrote:

Another friend has pointed out numerous typos etc in the book which embarrasses me.
I still do not think LBJ did it although many do. There are several books advancing that argument including one I can lend you by Roger Stone who was a close aide to both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. In his latest book on Watergate he alleges that Hemming was involved in a plot to kill Nixon which was aborted.

I replied:

Today’s post is up, will send you email reproduction shortly.

South of the border …

Kill The Messenger

now showing at Tropic Cinema in Key West, said to be based on a true story, is yet another story of why Uncle Sam should not be blindly trusted in war matters. In that story, a journalist in a smallish southern California newspaper miraculously stumbles upon and breaks a story that the CIA paid Central American drug dealers huge amounts of money to bring huge amounts of crack cocaine into America; the drug dealers gave the money to the Contras in Nicaragua, who were trying to overthrow their repressive government. This all happened because Congress would not approve President Ronald Reagan supporting the Contras. Another side of that story already was far better known: the Iran-Contra scandal.

From Wikipedia:

Iran–Contra affair
Reagan meets with aides on Iran-Contra.jpg

Reagan meets with (left to right) Secretary of DefenseCaspar Weinberger, Secretary of State George Shultz, Attorney General Ed Meese, and Chief of Staff Don Regan in the Oval Office
Date August 20, 1985 – March 4, 1987
Also known as Iran–Contra
Participants Ronald Reagan, Robert McFarlane,Caspar Weinberger, Hezbollah,Contras,Oliver North, Manucher Ghorbanifar,John Poindexter,Manuel Antonio Noriega

The Iran–Contra affair (Persian: ?????-??????, Spanish: caso Irán-Contra), also referred to as Irangate,[1] Contragate[2] or the Iran–Contra scandal, was a political scandal in the United States that occurred during the second term of the Reagan Administration. Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo.[3] Some U.S. officials also hoped that the arms sales would secure the release of several hostages and allow U.S. intelligence agencies to fund theNicaraguan Contras. Under the Boland Amendment, further funding of the Contras by the government had been prohibited by Congress.

A later Uncle Sam at war scandal was depicted by an artist:

Iraq or bust

That disastrous war and its related disastrous war in Afghanistan proved and still are proving Uncle Sam learned nothing about his disastrous war in Vietnam.

Lyndon Vietnam

US President Lyndon Johnson, pinning medals on Vietnam soldiers, after he had solemnly promised Americans on national television that he would never send American boys to die in war Asia

Vietnam Wall

veterans against war 3

Sloan Bashinsky

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criminalizing people for feeding homeless people criminalizes Jesus, again

Jesus with leper

This post is mostly a Facebook thread started by a Key West resident, who reveals in the thread that she is homeless and lives with friends, as Jesus provides:

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: A 90-year-old man and two ministers were arrested after feeding the homeless in public in Ft. Lauderdale.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Ft. Lauderdale officials are sticking to their guns about a new ordinance that outlaws people from feeding the needy in public.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>What do you think? Should SWFL follow suit? Watch Rising to find out more and chime in here.

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: A 90-year-old man and two ministers were arrested after feeding the homeless in public in Ft. Lauderdale.

Ft. Lauderdale officials are sticking to their guns about a new ordinance that outlaws people from feeding the needy in public.

What do you think? Should SWFL follow suit? Watch Rising to find out more and chime in here.

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  • Yolanda Rosato Are you KIDDING ME! REALLY!! OK something has to be done to make this right!! God help them!!
  • Sally Laporte Osborn Souza sick world we live in..
  • Sally Laporte Osborn Souza They also stopped it in Burlington Vt. from some friends of mine.They did not get arrested,cause they stopped.Dear lord ,goes with the times BUT our time is near for restoration of ALL things..We are in the world ,but not of it..
  • Dustanne Proctor Contant I think that is horrible. Why is it wrong to help those who are in need but not those who are destructive?
  • Sloan Bashinsky baaaaaad kaaaaaarma
  • Christi Marie Leader ~Yep.. it’s against the law here in Orlando also at Lake Eola where so many homeless hang out, ect..
  • Sushant Dahivalikar whats bad thing in it if some one is trying to feed the homeless. Its not wrong. I think if the law say its wrong than I must say whole law is wrong.
  • Arthur Fischer Would they arrest Jesus too? Come on folks how would you feel if you had no home and food?
  • Vangrace Compassion -Uganda

    Sustainability For Transforming Lives of Orphans Starts with you Learn More
  • Sloan Bashinsky A few hours before receiving this FB thread, I had covered the Ft. Lauderdale and other homeless venues fairly comprehensively in the first parts of yesterday’s “skid row forum, Key West and beyond” post
    Starting mid-199
    9, I lived on the street and in other ways was homeless in Key West and elsewhere for several years.
    My views on homelessness are shaped by having been homeless.
    My legal views on homeless issues are shaped by having practiced law.
    My spiritual views on homelessness are shaped by having had Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek hard on my case for 27+ years.
    Jesus was homeless during the time of his ministry – the foxes have their dens, the birds have their nests, but the son of man has no place to lay down his head.

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  • Sloan Bashinsky If Jesus were to show up in Key West today, living as he did 2,000 or so years ago, he would be treated just like any other street person here is treated by city police and their bosses in city hall. He would not feel like he is part of Key West’s alleged “all people are created equal members of One Human Family”, which is the city’s official philosophy, adopted years ago by its city commission. He’d have about the same experience with most Christians in Key West, as he had with their counterparts in the Jewish community during his ministry in Palestine.
    It’s one thing to claim to be a Christian; it’s quite something else to follow Jesus.
    The six-sided star is Melchizedek’s symbol, actually. It’s very, very old.

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  • Sloan Bashinsky Abraham had some dealings with one Melchizedek in Genesis. The anonymous letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament makes somewhat more mention of Melchizedek, in which Order Jesus Christ is said to be High Priest..
    There are a number of Christian sec
    ts which claim to ordain human Melchizedek priests. Actually, the Melchizedek Order, that is, Melchizedek angels do the training and ordaining of their human priests. This training and ordination are suggested, but not explained, in the Letter to the Hebrews, in the New Testament.
    This was given to me from very far away in 1992, as I recall, after I was induced into a trance: “Melchizedek … Melchizedek is an order of Angel, which comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it to receive the Christ … Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek …”

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  • Arthur Fischer How I agree with that brother.
  • Martin Richards Its most unfortunate and this goes against biblical teachings in Romans 12:10
  • Sloan Bashinsky Jesus was a bit more jolting about this in Matthew 25:
  • Angela J. Willard Perez Yes, eternal punishment is pretty jolting. Yet many do not know the word, even those who think they preach it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky “But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. 32 Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. 34 Then the King will tell those on his right hand, ‘Come, blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; 35 for I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me drink. I was a stranger, and you took me in. 36 I was naked, and you clothed me. I was sick, and you visited me. I was in prison, and you came to me.’
    37 “Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, and feed you; or thirsty, and give you a drink? 38 When did we see you as a stranger, and take you in; or naked, and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick, or in prison, and come to you?’
    40 “The King will answer them, ‘Most certainly I tell you, because you did it to one of the least of these my brothers , you did it to me.’ 41 Then he will say also to those on the left hand, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels; 42 for I was hungry, and you didn’t give me food to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink; 43 I was a stranger, and you didn’t take me in; naked, and you didn’t clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’
    44 “Then they will also answer, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and didn’t help you?’
    45 “Then he will answer them, saying, ‘Most certainly I tell you, because you didn’t do it to one of the least of these, you didn’t do it to me.’ 46 These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”
  • Sloan Bashinsky Did Jesus really say this? According to Matthew, yes. Personally, and what I have been taught by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, eternal damnation in hell fire is over done in the New Testament; however, in the face off that passage, how can anyone claiming to be a Christian make it illegal and/or arrest someone for feeding homeless people?
  • Vangrace Compassion -Uganda Oh God have Mercy and forgive those that arrest your true followers feeding the homeless. Father forgive them as don’t know what they are doing. Help them to know the truth.…/2014/9/1/lets-pray

    Father, according to Your Word, we present our body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable, in Your sight. We are…
  • Sloan Bashinsky Personally, I’d like to see God do something which gets the undivided attention of those who pass laws against and arrest people for feeding homeless people. I imagine God, and Jesus, are pleased to see anyone feed the homeless, regardless of the feeder’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I am pretty sure homeless people appreciate being fed by anyone who wishes to feed them, regardless of the feeder’s religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I imagine, if it were looked into, in the main, if not all of the people in America, who pass laws against and arrest people for feeding homeless people, are Christians. I used to stand in a soup kitchen line in Key West, on Sundays, run by a local church, and hear people from that church tell us standing in line, if we accepted Jesus as Lord, we would stop being homeless. One day I retorted back loud and clear, “What’s wrong with being homeless? Jesus was homeless!” One of the ministers came over to me later, where I was eating and grateful for the meal, and asked why I had said Jesus was homeless? I said Jesus said so himself, in the Bible. Where in the Bible, the minister asked? The foxes have their dens and the birds have their nests, but the son of many has no place to lay down his head, I said, and asked the minister if he read his own Bible? The minister said that passage didn’t mean Jesus was homeless. I said that’s exactly what the passage means. The minister said, besides, Jesus had a home. Where was that, I asked? He could stay with his mother, in her home, the minister said. Where in the Bible does it say that, I asked? The minister said it again, Jesus could have stayed with his mother. I was tempted to say, but did not, that Jesus didn’t seem to care to be with his mother, in the Gospels. When he spoke to her, or of her, it was pejorative. Another time, later on, when we were told in that same soup kitchen line that we would not be homeless, if we accepted Jesus as Lord, I retorted back, loud and clear, “There has been enough of that! Every person in this line has accepted Jesus as Lord, some of them several times, and we are still homeless!” I don’t recall hearing again in that soup kitchen line that we would not be homeless, if we accepted Jesus. I imagine in God and Jesus’ eyes, we all are homeless.
  • Angela J. Willard Perez Well I totally understand what you are saying, Sloan. I am a follower of Yeshua (Jesus) -the Way, the Truth and the LIFE! I am an ordained minister who has been “kicked out” of churches here in Key West, but God always has my back, and yes I am currently homeless. But oh well, my Savior leads me to kind hearts and opens doors to where I can have a place to call “home” if even for a week or two. And I continue to work towards feeding the hungry here in Key West and abroad. Homelessness has opened my eyes to the needs of others, and I am so grateful for that. God knows best!
  • Sloan Bashinsky Did you have the good fortune to know St. Dorothy Sherman, who started the soup kitchen in Key West out of her own funds, and mothered and nurtured it for quite a while, before she went to her great reward? During Dorothy’s wake in St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic church’s packed standing room only nave, not a dry eye in the place, on Valentine’s Day 2005, lay minister Peter Batty said Dorothy was a living saint, she was Key West’s Mother Teresa, and who among us would take her place? Dorothy, and her husband George, and their wonderful dog, whose name regrettably now escapes me, were my dear friends; and many, many other people’s dear friends. It’s been some years since I was homeless, but my funds are really low now, and if something doesn’t happen soon, like before the first of December, I will be homeless again, in Key West, or somewhere. At my age, 72, and physical health, that’s stretching me to even contemplate doing again. I actually did get kicked out of a church here in Key West, banned for life, by the Unitarian Universalist church. In a dream before I was expelled, the church leaders were compared to the Luftwaffe (the Nazis’ air force). I told them about the dream, and lots of other stuff they did not find universally acceptable . I was sent into a number of churches here, and elsewhere, where I was not kicked out, but I was not making people in those churches, and their ministers, feel like they had died and gone to heaven. I felt the palpable presence of Lucifer in those churches. St. Peter’s was not like that for me; maybe because I was raised Episcopalian, and by a black woman, an emanation of the Holy Spirit, who loved me as her own. I asked one minister up in north Georgia, who was a pretty good friend, where did he think the Devil would hide where nobody would ever think to look? The minister said he couldn’t think of where that might be. Maybe I told him, in a church; maybe I left him wondering still. I don’t recall now. When he said he wanted his church to be an Acts II church, I said, really? Weren’t those people communists? At least Peter’s community, in which all but two members, a husband and wife, had put everything they had into a common pot, and received back what they needed. The two, you know the story, who held back a part of what they had, but said they had put all they had into the common pot, were confronted by Peter, one at a time, and after they confessed, Peter said he was sorry, and they both died and their bodies were carted off. When a fellow friend down here not all that long ago told me only born-again Christians are saved and die and go to heaven, and all others go to the other place and burn there forever, I said, well, was he born-again like Peter was born-again? Well, probably not. I said, well, that’s what Jesus meant by being born-again in the spirit, what was going to happen to Peter, which was, yep, the baptism in fire and spirit Jesus lived and dished out, and then the Holy Spirit took over and took Peter for another ride, and eventually, he was born again and useful to God. Perhaps you’d like to get together, break bread somewhere? If you have access to a telephone, my cell (and only number) is 305-407-4285.
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  • Angela J. Willard Perez Thank you Sloan, we will talk.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Thank you for starting this FB thread. I used it today, up to your comment this morning, in today’s “criminalizing feeding homeless people and other Jupiter in the living room sightings and crash-landings in Key West and beyond” post at That website went online in July 2007, and the 2665 posts there somewhat chronicle what I was given to engage after I came into an inheritance Valentine’s day 2006 and was no longer homeless. In some ways it got easier, in other ways, internally mostly, it got more difficult. came on line later in 2007, and a few years – I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I belong to no religion; was taken past that by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek. It was heaps of fun. Changed how I thought about just about everything.
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  • Angela J. Willard Perez Even Jesus was not religious and neither should we be, unless of course it true religion! James 1:27
  • Sloan Bashinsky James 1:27English Standard Version (ESV)
    27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky What I liked of James’ testimony was his saying don’t ask him about his faith, but look to his works and see his faith. I imagine no two people have the same precise calling; I don’t know anyone who was shanghaied into what I was taken into, although a woman I was with for a while got a pretty big dose of it for a while. Looks to me having the direct experience ongoing, like Peter apparently had, and Paul, and others, is beyond religion. Looks to me, religion is a human creation. As you said, Jesus was not religious. He was in direct contact; what did he need religion for?
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  • Angela J. Willard Perez It’s God’s desire that we are all in direct contact with Him
  • Sloan Bashinsky If that is true, why come direct contact isn’t being experienced by every person on this planet? Or maybe it is, and most people don’t recognize it; or they recognize it, and don’t like what God has to say. I think maybe God is a bit too occupied with the unfathomable vastness of the Creation to personally dial up any person living on his molecule, or perhaps only an electron, or proton, or neutron in the heavens. But I personally have witnessed and experienced angels of the Lord having direct contact with human beings, including me. And I often ask the angel bosses of me why come they don’t relate to every person much as they relate to me? And I just as often tell the bosses of me this would be a very different world, if that were happening. People would be thinking and talking and behaving very differently. And I also say, but then, maybe if everyone was having direct contact, then all but maybe 5,000 people would die, either by their own hand, or at the hand of other people being driven just as insane by no longer being in charge of anything, except how they respond to no longer being in charge of anything. Saying it another way, I imagine universal application on this speck of dust in the heavens of not my will, but God’s will be done, would change humanity completely. I still wonder, if people were made in God’s image, male and female alike were they made, how God turned out to be him?
  • Sloan Bashinsky “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” The angels bossing me around never said why everyone doesn’t experience direct contact, but they did say in the Christian Trinity, the Holy Spirit is the female side of God, the Divine Feminine. Many, many times they have said that. Made sense to me; otherwise, how could people be made in God’s image, male and female alike were they made? And, how could they reproduce, people and God, if they were not male and female? As above, so below, as below, so above.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Were there any queens in Proverbs? I saw somewhere in the Old Testament that Wisdom was assigned the female gender, and Shekina, the spirit of God, in the Hebrew cosmology, is female gender. For some time now, I have been of the view that Christendom, and humanity, need massive injections of estrogen .
  • Angela J. Willard Perez The bible answers questions better than I. I’m sure we have way more that will be answered when we see Him face to face.

    Galatians 3:28

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, shucks, Angela – if Paul really meant that, why’d he write in Ephesians: ” Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. 24But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.…” Is there any place in Paul’s writings where he said he ever was married and had children? Me, I like pondering what Jesus said about Jesus and how to live, since he is the horse’s mouth in the Gospels. I like pondering why he asked a woman, who happened to be his wife, but you will never get Christendom to admit it, to go from the tomb to the male disciples, who were hiding out somewhere, bravehearts that they were, and tell them she had seen Jesus and he had sent her to tell them he would be with them soon; and dear Peter was sort of upset about that; a woman being sent to them with the good news, the gospel. On Tortola, Easter Sunday, 1996, in the Anglican church in Old Town, I heard a black British-trained Anglican priest ask, if that was not an ordination of a female minister of the gospel, then what was it? I nearly fell out of my pew, I had been asking the same question for years.The pesky bosses of me told me, and others, that Paul’s thorn in the flesh, which he asked God to remove, but God would not remove it, was he was homosexual, and he dealt with it by being celibate, which seriously influenced his advising some of his followers to be like him, celibate; and his telling some of his followers that Christ’s return was imminent, and so there was no point in having sex and making babies. If that advice had been followed in Christendom, it would have died out in 2-3 generations. I do not see, Angela, anything in your writings of you having direct experiences. You seem to rely entirely on Bible passages.

Angela knows heaps more about the particulars of the Bible than I ever will know in this life. Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek know heaps more than is in the Bible.

The Gospel of John begins, “In the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God, and the Word was God.” That was said of Jesus, by that author. That was not said of the Bible, by that author. The Bible came into existence several hundred years after Jesus’ ministry in Palestine.

laughing Jesus

In the early 1990s, an American woman named Marlo Morgan published Mutant Message Down Under,

Australian aborigine

about her unexpected life-changing experiences with the real people, an Australian aborigine tribe still living in the old ways. The real people told Morgan they liked and respected Jesus, who came to this world to help the mutants, like Marlo, but they, being real people, did not need his help.

The angels running me ragged seemed to really like Mutant Message Down Under, to the extent they sent me to Australia in November 1995, to meet two members of that tribe, who came to me out of dream time, when I was awake, so to speak, and introduced themselves. We had a short visit, in which they told me I had nothing they needed, they were real people. They said they came to welcome me into their tribe, I wept a bit, and they went back into dream time. Then, I was sent back to America, to see if I could be a real person living in civilization, which the real people had told Marlo Morgan they were not able to do. That was why they lived in the wild: they preferred being real people.

When white people brought their ways and beliefs to Australia, the aborigines viewed dream time as the real time, and waking time as a shadow of dream time. Aborigines traveled freely between dream time and shadow time. They were telepathic and did not need to speak to be heard. They could speak to each other over very long distances. Among them there were no secrets, because they all knew what each other were thinking. That was in keeping with the angels telling me in maybe 1993, “There are no fig leaves in Paradise, nor any secrets.”

Adding further to the criminalizing feeding the homeless Facebook thread

soup kitchen Jesushomeless soup kitchen

started by Angela J. Willard Perez , which was included in yesterday’s post at 

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: A 90-year-old man and two ministers were arrested after feeding the homeless in public in Ft. Lauderdale.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Ft. Lauderdale officials are sticking to their guns about a new ordinance that outlaws people from feeding the needy in public.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>What do you think? Should SWFL follow suit? Watch Rising to find out more and chime in here.

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: A 90-year-old man and two ministers were arrested after feeding the homeless in public in Ft. Lauderdale.

Ft. Lauderdale officials are sticking to their guns about a new ordinance that outlaws people from feeding the needy in public.

  • Angela J. Willard Perez God bless you Sloan.
  • Sloan Bashinsky God bless you, too, Angela.
  • Sloan Bashinsky The angels are working me really hard, I suppose that’s a blessing, but this fellow kinda reminds me of how it feels a great deal of the time

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
  • Sloan Bashinsky A friend living on Cudjoe Key called yesterday evening, haven’t seen or spoken to her in a good while, wanting to try to get together last night and see a movie, maybe after dinner, but I got the call too late. She said maybe today; her son, now with a driver’s license, might be down here playing music – that’s something, and acting, it seems is his natural gifts, and he feels called to be a minister and seems to have the passion and caring for it, although his inclination for some time is church-related. He plays music in church bands. My friend said maybe we could hear him play, if he’s playing today down here today. I said not if he’s playing in a church; I just can’t do that anymore, not voluntarily. She said, no, not in a church, she would never go to a church with me again, it was too embarrassing in the past. I said, well, it was she who asked me to go to those churches, which I didn’t want to go to and told her so, but she kept asking me to go, so I went … I told her son he needs to be very careful about what goes on in churches, when he walked into the middle of a conversation his mom and I were having about the last church I went to, which she had asked me to visit, she was sure I really would like it. What happened, as with prior times, was something not in the least pretty while I was there, and then I was put to write about it I kept telling her the angels showed me what they wanted me to see about churches she wanted me to like, not what she wanted me to see at those churches. She’s pretty spirit-gifted, but right now seems covered up with just trying to get by, be a mom, pay the bills. She has had some really big dreams about various things, and one poem I will share in this thread, if I can find it, which burst out of her and she sent it to me and I published it.

    God’s poet

    jesus-in-the-temple_thumbnail.jpgTIME TO CHOOSE

    I cry out from my within my soul, a place filled with such grief that only
    my subconscious ventures there
    Out of fear of never returning from the guttural screams and wails, I
    awake only to find the world to which I am returning, the war that is not

    The principalities, the powers, the unseen,
    Einstein measured math and explained the unexplainable.
    There is no formula for this world though, the war between good and evil.
    It was attempted , the explanation many and many times in the past
    with the Koran, the Bible, the tribal languages.
    In writings and in generations passed down time and again.
    The invisible weapons.

    The Indians trying to explain a gun to the village.
    No comprehension, no words to describe the terror of it.
    The tribe saw his fear as he explained in terrifying images,
    the death of his friend and brother.
    The village looked on. Was he crazy? He tried so to convince them.
    He warned them.
    He knew the weapons would come on the shoulders of the evil warriors.
    Calling for the heads of the Indians on a platter,
    like John the Baptist, delivered.
    Where were the laws of the U.S. then? Where were the Courts?
    What was the difference? They called for the heads to be delivered on
    They still do.

    The principalities, the powers of darkness, calls for heads everyday.
    And unknowingly you choose your side.
    When the Indians, the homeless, the children are not worth standing and
    fighting for, you have become a tool of darkness, watching the deliverance
    of the Saints.
    “Don’t be surprised when they hate you”, said Jesus, “for they hated me
    first without a cause.”
    But that is terrifying. Who wants to be hated?
    We run a popularity contest in the U.S.
    We can’t win, can’t succeed without our friends. Then what would be the
    measure of our worth?
    Jesus said his saints would be like the salt of the earth scattered abroad.
    Some have lost their savor. How many are left?
    Few, outnumbered, holding the ground, fighting the wars of the unseen.
    And the village hears of the weapons and can’t imagine, so they prepare not.
    How do you prepare for the unbelievable?
    “Only with God, the armor of the Lord, and the Holy Spirit”, says Jesus.
    But these words are pungent in the ears of the Christians, the civilized.
    “No heads are called for”, they say. Yet they are, by Satan everyday.
    And the idle stand by and do nothing as the saints are delivered,
    And the idle claim innocence of the blood of it all,
    because they carried not the gun to slaughter the Indians, the Jews, the
    homeless, the children, the Saints.

    But I tell you truth, idle ones, you are guilty!
    You chose not to engage in the battle and the battle engaged you,
    knowingly or not.
    When you said, “No”, to the chosen, you said, “Yes” to Satan.
    You said, “Yes, Satan carry on and deliver him on the platter, but I want
    no part of it.”
    You watched the slaughter but raised not a word in protest.
    Fear of losing the popular friends, fear of becoming the salt of the earth
    scattered about and preyed on by Satan and his devouring angels.
    Why would Satan destroy one of his own? Of course not.
    He would not target the idle, who allow him to deliver the heads on the
    The ones he despises are the workers of God, the salt of the earth.
    Where is their army, where is their law?
    We believe we live by rules. We live by rules other than those we see.
    The rules were written, they tell us the price.
    They are written in the Bible, in the Holy books of old.
    We read with our lips and see with our eyes but believe not in our heart.
    Or we would become the salt, the persecuted, sawn asunder, living in
    caves, destitute, beheaded, tortured in prison and so the Book goes.
    And so the sale is void. There are no takers.
    They want none of the hardships of the Lord elect.
    Those promised, those delivered.
    The idle fall by the wayside, planted shallow, planted on rocks,
    Yielding nothing but thorns.
    And Jesus says, “It is hard to kick against the pricks.”
    The pricks of the fallen, the fence walkers, they will not choose a side.
    The side is too torturous that bears the eternal promise.
    The other side, Satan’s side, is full of success, victory in this world,
    and awards and accolades.

    The elect sleep without a home, without a country, alone with our wounds
    with only God to comfort us.
    Speaking to the unseen as our only friend.
    “Too hard” the idle say. “Not appealing.”
    Then go and take your reward. Sit alongside as they deliver the heads on
    And know…. you will have your reward! For it is written.
    It can’t be seen, but it is explained in the Book, the Bible;
    You have chosen even if you refuse to.
    You have chosen if you are not engaged.
    You are not the salt of the earth if you are comforted, and popular.
    No words of Jesus offered prosperity.
    No words of Jesus have offered rewards here on earth.
    Jesus spoke of trials and tribulations, and persecutions on earth.
    Only above from the Father in a world yet to be seen, will our efforts be

    In a world Einstein could not explain.
    In a world where the formulas work, but no man can figure them out.
    In a world too grand.
    “Do you understand how I hung the moon and the stars?”, said God.
    “Then how can you understand things greater?
    They only heard from the Indian, who had seen the gun.
    They didn’t recognize the evil ones who carried it.
    Nor did they know when the evil ones would come,
    or how many there would be.
    But the heads have been called for and surely they will be delivered,
    as always.
    And the platters with the blood will be full,
    And your hands will not be clean if you sit idly by,
    And you will be rewarded with your portion for the killing.
    It is written.

    Sandy Downs, Cudjoe Key

    Sandy Downs

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  • Sloan Bashinsky The way I came to meet Sandy was a most interesting demonstration of how the angels do me. I was living on Little Torch Key in 2006, and was in the habit of stopping at bus stops on US 1 and offering people waiting on a bus a ride down to Key West, or how far they were going. I met a lot of interesting people doing that. And coming back from Key West, too. Well, one day headed down to KW, I passed a bus stop on Cudjoe Key, where there were maybe 5 younger people, maybe early 20s. For some reason,I drove on past, and right away a really weird unpleasant painful toxic sensation started in the left side of my neck, and the sensation went up into the left side of my brain and left eye, and down my left side into my left testicle. I’d had that happen before, many times, in 2004, but back then it was far more disabling and quite terrifying – the angels were then trying to have me be Mary Poppins all the time, it seemed, and I wasn’t in the mood, given the nature of what I was being given to engage, and I was living in a tent in the wetlands in Key West, and I had MRSA, and I was lonely and heartbroken over a lady, and it was rather horrible to say it in the kindest way. So every time I engaged something the angels gave me to engage, like I was from Mars, instead of from Venus, the angels zapped me in my entire left side, all the way down to my left foot, and I’d be a day recovering and the recovery time was really awful. The left side was the female side, the message was crystal clear, I was being clobbered in my female every time I engaged something like I was from Mars. But this time in 2006, on US 1, the sensation was not so bad as all of that that. But it did not let up as I kept driving down US 1, so just naturally it occurred to me that maybe I should have stopped and asked those kids if they wanted a ride, so I slowed down to a crawl and did a U-turn and headed back toward the bus stop, as an experiment, as much as anything else, to see what would happen about the bad sensations in the left side of my body. When I reached the bus stop, the bad sensations were just about gone bye bye. I slowed, did another U-turn, asked them if they wanted a ride to Key West. Hell, yeah, thank you! So they all piled in; I had an SUV, plenty of room. So we get to talking about this and that, and I say I just finished running for the county commission, and my campaign mantra was, “No more new development in the Keys, they already way over -developed, and nobody living her can look in a mirror and argue otherwise.” I tell them what happened which caused me to turn around and pick them up. Wow, far out, right on! They ask if I know Sandy Downs? I say no. Well, they work for her tree care company, and they think she and I will really like knowing each other. I ask if they like to read? Yes. In the car, I had copies of my latest just-published novel, HEAVY WAIT – A Strange Tale, which the angels ran through me back in 2001, out of the blue, which is about and man and a woman, who didn’t know each other, being introduced by angels, and then being taken over being healed and then being run by those angels, but no mention is made of angels in the novel – it was just something a whole lot bigger than the man and the woman. Would they like copies to read, I asked the kids, without telling them what the novel was about, other than it was far out? Sure, they say. So, when we stop at where I’m headed to in KW, I pass out copies, and one for Sandy and I say it will tell her a lot about the author. They say they will give it to her and tell her they met me. So, time passes. I keep hearing about Sandy from time to time, but I am not able to locate her. Now I’m living in Key West. Out of the blue, either I get an email or a phone call from Sandy. She’s been looking all for me since her tree workers told her about me giving them a ride and the novel, which she read and loved and gave it to her father in Indiana and he read and loved it. And she was reading my writings, which were being published on‘s popular telegraph. That was before I had a website, but now I have my own website, which is being linked to the Coconut Telegraph daily by the owner of that website, who built my website. How can we meet, Sandy asks? I suggest lunch at Coco’s (now closed) on Cudjoe Key. We meet there, she bends my ear for 2 hours about all sorts of Keys political and related scuttlebutt intrigue, mostly nasty, going on in her life, mostly. I ask her why I’m hearing all of that? The angels must have howled bent over double laughing. More time passed. I saw very well why I had heard all of that, because I was gotten up to my eyeballs in all of it. But that’s another story. Last fall, Sandy told me I needed to meet Jerry Weinstock, a local medical doctor, actually, a psychiatrist, who was very invested in stopping further destruction of the Florida Keys, the ocean, the sea creatures and Mother Nature. But that’s another story, Jerry and me, often covered in posts

    Thursday, November 6, 2014 Since 2002. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with pictures. Published Monday…
  • Arthur Fischer I live in Palm Bay, Fl. There is a soup kitchen on Friday’s where they feed whoever comes, homeless or not, plus they get to take produce when they leave. Amazing that in one part of this Sate a man gets arrested for feeding these people, why so drastic?
  • Sloan Bashinsky Father Stephen Braddock, who heads up Florida Keys Outreach Coalition in Key West, a structured residence shelter program, which gives down and out people a chance to turn their lives around, send me this below today:
  • Two Pastors and 90-Year-Old Charged for Feeding Homeless

    Three people were charged for feeding homeless Sunday in Fort Lauderdale under an ordinance that virtually bans private groups from handing out food.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Arthur, Key West has a soup kitchen which feeds daily. Attempts have been made to shut it down under the theory feeding homeless people “enables” them to remain homeless. The soup kitchen has said no way it’s going to stop feeding homeless people. So far, the Key West city government has sided with the soup kitchen. Arthur, I’ve been involved in homeless issues since 2000, when I started living on the street because I ran out of money. The mood toward homeless people has grown increasingly harsher since then, 9/11 racheted up the mood, but it was growing harsher in all events. There appears to be no changing people who hate or just want homeless people to go somewhere else. It will take acts of God to change such people, just as it will take acts of God to change most street people. 90 percent are addicts. A large percentage of them are mentally ill. They do not change, if they are addicts and keep using. There is no cure for mental illness, sometimes meds help, but meds tend to have have horrible side effects, which cause resistance to meds – I know this from personal experience and having known many people on meds. Fortunately, there are people who are doing what they can to help homeless people, if only to feed them, provide clothing, shoes, blankets, used bicycles, medical treatment, friendship, counseling when requested. I hate saying, people who arrest people for feeding homeless people are doing evil, but that’s how I see it, and in some of those cases, it looks worse than that, to me; it looks to me they are demonically possessed; they really are close to Auschwitz.
  • Francisca Shikanda Someone please tell me. What is a soup kitchen?
  • Sloan Bashinsky A soup kitchen serves free meals to poor people. It is a generic term, soup kitchen. Mother Teresa had a very big soup kitchen program in Calcutta, India, for example. I read once, when some of Mother Teresa’s followers said they should actively try to raise money for their soup kitchens, she told them, “If we do God’s work, God will provide the money.” Back to people who won’t let other people feed homeless people, it seems to be something only I have raised in this FB thread, those people who are stopping it, who are passing laws against it, who are having people arrested for feeding homeless people, who are arresting and jailing people for feeding homeless people, are Christians. Mother Teresa, were she here today, would give then hell about that. Their karma, as I first said when I entered this FB thread, is baaaaaaaad. Being Christian will not save them from their karma. For they are trampling Jesus. They are denying him. They are crucifying him. They do not know him. But just as bad, in my opinion, are Christians who, as I have described in this FB thread, run a soup kitchen, and before feeding homeless people, make them stand in line, hungry, hearing sermons, and worse, being told, if they accepted Jesus as Lord, they would stop being homeless. My friend Sandy Downs, mentioned yesterday in this FB thread, and her family, used to volunteer in a soup kitchen operated by a church here in Key West, which fed homeless people on Sunday, and often on Thursday, in a public park here. I did not know Sandy then, but she told me maybe two years ago that she first met me in that soup kitchen line, after I had raised hell about them telling hungry homeless people they would not be homeless, if they accepted Jesus. I said there would be no more of that; everyone in this line waiting to be fed has accepted Jesus, some many times, and we are homeless. Sandy said, after being served my meal, I came to her off to the side and told her she and her family should get away from that church, there was something really wrong in it. After we got to know each other years later, she kept trying to get me to give that church another chance, and I would tell her stories about other things I’d seen happen in that church, away from the soup kitchen line, in church services, which were not pretty. Such as the minister of the church, the head minister, telling his congregation they were the choicest, of the choicest of the chosen. Such as that minister’s wife hating homeless people and always trying to get him to close the soup kitchen, which, to his credit, he did not do; but she kept after him, making his life miserable, and finally he resigned from that church. The new pastor who took his place was really charismatic.This is a Pentecostal church. He was supposed to resume the soup kitchen, that was clear as a bell, but he did not. Another friend of mine here lobbied me to meet this new minister, which I did over lunch, the three of us. He was hearing from angels, but he was very entrenched in church, too – like he could not live without it; like it was God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I liked the man, and I attended a service, and his sermon lasted forever it seemed, it was a theatrical production, entitled, “Is the Bible insufficient?” He said yes, because people read the Bible and did not live by it. That part was okay, except I wondered why he wasn’t telling his flock they should be hearing directly from God, and then they would not even need the Bible. But it was the theater that was wearing me out, and he had passed the collection plate before he gave the sermon, when the congregation was still high from the opening half hour of singing and feeling what they believed was the Holy Spirit. I really wanted to get up and leave during the sermon, I was starting to feel awful from what I was absorbing from the spirit in that church and the minister, but I knew, unlike the other times in that church, when I had gotten up and left, I knew I had to ride this service to the end, which I did. I reviewed the service and the minister in my post the next day at – it was not a rave review; I gave the minister credit where it was due, and suggested places for improvement. Most of all, I said he really needed to resume the soup kitchen. My friend, who had put me up to all of it, not having a clue what was probably going to happen, said that was interesting, that they should resume the soup kitchen. He thought it would happen. A year now has passed. It has not happened. Jesus was hungry, and they fed him not. Jesus still is hungry, and they still feed him not. Who is in the more precarious position? Christians who arrest Christians for feeding the homeless, or Christians who were given a soup kitchen to run, by God, and closed the soup kitchen, and when told to reopen it, they did not reopen it? I never was able to get Sandy to see what I could not avoid seeing in that church.

Sloan at Smathers Beach
Sloan Bashinsky

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when there is nothing fresh at this website …

lollipopWhen there is nothing fresh at this website, there probably is at, where I publish daily, usually by noon. Key West is where I’m hanging out now.

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9/11, in retrospect, probably a minority report

george-w-bush.jpg911Osama bin Laden

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There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: maturity, 9/11, and other planetary missed perceptions in Key West and beyond

Meanwhile …

Sloan angel

Last night, September 8/9 was the, hmmm, 13th anniversary of being asked in my sleep by a voice I had come to know well, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” I awoke somewhat startled, wondered what that was about? I said, “I pray for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity.” Then, I closed my eyes and soon fell back to sleep.”

Later on September 9, I told Patricia, a woman I was sweet on, what I’d heard in my sleep. She asked what I thought it meant? I said I had no idea, but I figured something big was coming down.

September 11 was Patrica’s day off from work, she was to pick me up around 7:30, I had no vehicle, and we were going to a state park for a couple of hours with her pooch. When she arrived where I was waiting for her, she asked if I’d heard the news? No. I lived in a tent on a friend’s land and had no way at that time of the morning to learn the news. Patrica told me what had happened in New York City and Washington D.C. I said, wow. She said that’s what I heard in my sleep was about. I said, yes.

We did not react. We were not outraged. We were subdued. Sober. Calm. In what I can only say was a state of grace – the spirit energy was palpable. Our concern was America would counterattack, start another war overseas. We knew that was the worst possible response. We hoped America would find a different response.

A few days later, the angels told me USA should get out of the Middle East altogether, and stop all USA aid to Israel, and let Israel work it out, or shoot it out, with Islam, and in that way let the world see whose side God was on.

G.W. Strangelove

America did not find a different way to respond to the 9/11 attack. The result was catastrophic just in the number of American troops killed, maimed and battle shocked. American troop casualties alone proved beyond any doubt that the invasion of Iraq was nuts. American troop casualties alone proved the invasion of Afghanistan was nuts. The Iraqi and Afghan casualties, troops and civilian, proved again the two wars were nuts. As did what happened in Iraq after America “won” that war. As did what is happening in Iraq now. And in Afghanistan now.

America’s reaction to 9/11 pleased Osama bin Laden immensely. 9/11 was his bait, hoping to lure President Bush & Gang into at least one land war in an Islamic country. Two land wars in two different Islamic countries was beyond Osama’s wildest dreams come true. He won the Iraq war the day America attacked Iraq. He won the Afghanistan war the day America attacked Afghanistan.

(For conspiracy theorists, the angels say 9/11 was bin Laden’s doing. George W. Bush & Gang, the CIA and/or Israel had nothing to do with it.)

George Bush visits wounded warrior 2

Maybe three years ago, a Republican amigo passed along an email forward, which included the photo below and a note praising former US President George W. Bush and his family for supporting the wounded warriors.

George Bush visits wounded warrior

I replied that Bush darn well ought to be visiting those young mutilated soldiers, he was the reason they were mutilated.

My Republican friend got really upset. I said Bush and his gang should have been prosecuted for treason and murder and hanged. My Republican friend liked that even less. I said not to feel picked on, lots of Democrats supported those two wars. And, as far as I was concerned, Barack Obama should be taken out and lined up against a wall and shot for accepting the Nobel Peace prize while still waging George Bush and his gang’s two ruinous, evil wars, which rivaled, or were worse than, America’s ruinous, evil war against Vietnam.

Barack Obama Nobel

That made my Republican friend feel a little better, since Democrat President Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Johnson

had launched the Vietnam war, so the US could get Vietnam’s rubber trees and other natural resources, after promising Americans on national television that he never would send American boys to die in a war in Asia.

My Republican friend’s relief ended, when I said George W. Bush was a draft-dodger during the Vietnam war; he went A.W.O.L. from his Alabama National Guard unit and got away with it. Then, when John Kerry

John Kerry

challenged Bush in 2004, Kerry was attacked by Vietnam vets for doing his tour of tour of duty in Vietnam, and then going back to the States and protesting that ruinous, evil war. Whereupon, Kerry set out to out-hawk Bush during the 2004 campaign, instead of saying Bush & Gang’s reaction to 9/11 was just what Osama bin Laden had hoped Bush & Gang would do, and the proof of that was America’s ruinous, evil wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those two wars killed what, if anything, remained of America’s soul after the Vietnam war. Those two wars destroyed the American treasury, because President Bush & Gang lowered taxes on the rich, and financed the two wars simply by using various ways to print more US currency. Two wars certain of President Bush & Gang’s corporate relatives in America, INC. made a great deal of money on, and still are making a great deal of money on.

Yesterday on’s Coconut Telegraph moan and praise forum:

Pandora's box 2[Muslims Ruining the World] We wouldn’t have this world problem if Bush had left Saddam Hussein in power. Only a strongman dictator can control these backwards thinking peoples and Saddam did a good job of it until Bush had him killed. Because of Bush’s ignorance of foreigners he was able to open Pandora’s Box and wake the sleeping giant and unleash the hate called Islam.

On FOX TV News yesterday was mention of President Obama’s multistrategy to attack ISIS …

tar baby

I was not encouraged that President Obama had learned any more from the tale of “Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby”, than had George W. Bush. In the real tar baby tale, there is no magical getaway for the uppity rabbit into the briarpatch where he was born and raised. The rabbit is still stuck in the tar baby the fox made to catch the uppity rabbit, and the fox is firing up his cook pot to have the stupid rabbit for dinner.

A recent Facebook thread:

Hmm . . . </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>h/t Go Left

Hmm . . .

I received dailies from Reader Supported News. This one below came in the other day. The reader comments interested me more than the New York Magazine article itself, so I copied and pasted in a “few” of the reader comments below the article, from which I deleted the part of the article not about America at war. The reader comments are not entirely politically correct, bad words sometimes are used, considerably more salty and irreverent than most reader comments under controversial Key West the Newspaper – – articles. You should be able to see the entire New York Magazine article and all the reader comments by clicking on this link: READ MORE . I added the “cartoon”. And, I tell a few more bedtime war stories below the readers comments .

Obama drones

Obama’s Foreign Policy Critics Are Wrong
By Frank Rich, New York Magazine
06 September 14

Every week, New York Magazine writer-at-large Frank Rich talks with contributor Eric Benson about the biggest stories in politics and culture. This week: Obama’s restrained response to ISIS and Putin, the White House contemplates an immigration executive order, and the revolving door continues to spin.

The end of the summer has been a remarkably bleak time in international affairs. ISIS has beheaded two American journalists — James Foley and Steven Sotloff — and Russia has grown more brazen in its backing of separatists in Ukraine. President Obama has been criticized for his cautious reaction to the two crises, especially after he said last week that “we don’t have a strategy yet” to deal with ISIS. Has Obama over-learned the lessons of the “shoot first, ask questions later” Bush years?

I have my share of quarrels with President Obama. And, like most other Americans, I find the beheadings of Foley and Sotloff so savage on so many different levels that I fully concede there is an ugly part of me that would like to bomb any country that harbors ISIS terrorists back into the Stone Age, as the American general Curtis LeMay, the prototype for General Jack D. Ripper in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, once proposed for North Vietnam. But Obama’s deliberateness in the face of ISIS’s provocations as well as Putin’s — his refusal to follow the trigger-happy foreign policy of the Bush-Cheney era — is to be applauded.

You will notice that the crowd of pundits and (mostly Republican) politicians insisting that Obama “do something” about these horrors never actually say what that “something” is. They offer no strategy of their own beyond an inchoate bellicosity expressed in constructions along the lines of “we must more forcefully do whatever it is that Obama is doing.” That’s because Obama is already doing the things that can be done (and that some of his critics redundantly suggest): bombing ISIS positions wherever it is feasible; searching for allies to join action that might defeat them on the ground; trying to rally Europe to tighten the economic noose on Putin and Russia. There will surely be more actions to come when America’s ducks are in a row, and if the president were to delineate them, you can be certain he’d be condemned for tipping off our enemies in advance.

Contrast his deliberateness with his critics, most of whom have in common that they were completely wrong in endorsing the disastrous Iraq War that precipitated the current crisis. Hillary Clinton, for instance, has gone on record of late saying that she, unlike Obama, would have armed moderate forces in Syria to bring down Assad. But as Thomas Friedman, these days a much-chastened Iraq War enabler, has pointed out, there’s a reason why even Israel didn’t take up that tactic: Those “moderate” forces, to the extent they could be identified, were doomed to fail, and chances are that whatever arms we got to them would have fallen into ISIS’s hands. (As indeed has been the case with armaments we bestowed upon Maliki’s Iraq government.) As John McCain chastised Obama for not doing enough to fight ISIS last month, he had the gall to brag on CNN that he had “predicted what was going to happen in Iraq.” He had indeed predicted that Iraq might be destabilized by the withdrawal of American troops, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and, besides, McCain is always in favor of more American troops as a one-size-fits-all panacea for international conflicts. His earlier predictions were that we would win the Iraq War “easily,” and that the Sunnis and Shia would “probably get along” in post-Saddam Iraq because there was “not a history of clashes” between them. Why in God’s name should Obama listen to him or Clinton now? Why, for that matter, do Sunday talk shows repeatedly book McCain and repeatedly fail to challenge his long record of wrong calls on the Middle East?

As a corrective, I highly recommend an essay by Michael Cohen of the Century Foundation, published last weekend in the Daily News, that lays out in detail why Obama has a strategy for ISIS, Russia, and other foreign-policy crucibles, and why most of his critics do not. It’s a much-needed blast of reality. As an aside, Cohen also raises another intriguing question: Why are politicians and pundits giving the relatively slender threat of an ISIS attack on America more weight than the “gun violence that takes the lives of an estimated 30,000 Americans every year”?


We are concerned about a recent drift towards vitriol in the RSN Reader comments section. There is a fine line between moderation and censorship. No one likes a harsh or confrontational forum atmosphere. At the same time everyone wants to be able to express themselves freely. We’ll start by encouraging good judgment. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to ramp up the moderation.

General guidelines: Avoid personal attacks on other forum members; Avoid remarks that are ethnically derogatory; Do not advocate violence, or any illegal activity.

Remember that making the world better begins with responsible action.
– The RSN Team

-62 # Archie1954 2014-09-06 21:53
Fine but who really cares what you think? you are just another American enabler of phoney exceptionalism. It was the US that damned well created ISIS in the first place. Now it seems that its creation has turned on it a la Doctor Frankenstein’s monster. Perhaps people with a lot more intelligence (the brainy kind) should be brought to Washington before the current crop of idiots totally destroys the US! Quit the foolish Obama is right crap. Both Obama and his predecessor are degenerate imbeciles!

-38 # Floe 2014-09-07 07:35
I wholeheartedly agree with you. When I looked to see who the writer was, I immediately thought “typical”. Can any of these pundits say anything unpredictable? Can they ever see things for another angle besides the two-party stooge show?

-61 # RMDC 2014-09-06 22:16
Curtis LeMay was a savage on a scale rarely reached in human history. ISIS is a bunch of boy scouts compared to him. He even admitted that he’d be a war criminal if he were fighting on the losing side. Even to invoke this fucker’s name shows how bankrupt Frank Rich is on these subjects.

Guys like Rich accept all the bullshit that comes out of the Whore House and CIA propaganda machines. And then he acts as if he is so frustrated that he just wants to bomb the world back into the stone age. If he only had a bullshit filter so he could see what is really up with ISIS he would not be so confused.

It is no wonder I cannot finish a column by Frank Rich. He just makes no sense. He is like a high school boy who reacts to whatever shocks him and never looks any deeper.

Frank Rich is a waste of time. And space.

+66 # cherylpetro 2014-09-06 22:18
President Obama handles it like a chess game. He is not going to attack early. His moves are thoughtful and intelligent. People who jump on him early, are usually the ones who have to go back later and say OOOPS! He is not a knee jerk reactor like Bush. His moves will be well planned, direct, swift and effective.

-29 # Floe 2014-09-07 07:46
Yeah, towards his own people too. He’s a warmonger like the rest of the Republicans.

+59 # tauzinger 2014-09-06 22:25
The question is not how quickly we act, but why it has to be *us* to do anything. 482 million people in the region might be affected by ISIS, but most are doing nothing about it.

-24 # Terry5135 2014-09-06 22:27
Which Putin provocations exactly might those be?

I saw no reason to read this cretin any further.

-42 # CuttySark 2014-09-06 23:25
Frank, you should have stuck with that Broadway critic’s job you used to have. But no one ever thought it would come to this.

+83 # asbpab1966 2014-09-06 23:31
If Dumb-ya Bush-league and the Bush-Cheney-Rum sfeld-Rove-Ashc roft junta had not lied the US into that Iraq debacle that cost trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives; there would be no such thing as ISIS. Just about everything the US has done in the Mideast has blown up in our face. We should stay the Hell out of this mess.

+24 # ritawalpoleague 2014-09-07 07:56
Soooooo true, asbpah1966. And, I love your ‘Dumb-ya Bush’ says it all logo.

Foley and Sotloff, may they rest in peace, might easily have reported, with words and/or photos, what a nightmare from hell these U.S. endless wars for $$$ into the bottomless coffers of the MIC, and oil, oil, oil control for the villainaire fossil ‘foolers’ actually are.

I’ll go to my grave unable to forget what I heard re. the ‘why’ poor, precious Kimberly Rivera could not return from her leave to duty in Afghanistan – no way could she, the mother of two, do what she was ordered to do by the U.S. military: shoot and kill any and all who came nearby, including civilians and children.

If only we the sheeple would all pull together, and demand that we get and stay out of oh so profitable for the 1%ers, endless war in the mid-East mode. Try hard we must, and loudly and firmly tell this Pres. and Congress that yet more war could well be the straw that breaks the sheeple’s back, and gets us/U.S. into full blown implosion/revol t.

+4 # Johnny Genlock 2014-09-07 12:14
I’ll have to look up Kimberly Rivera. As far as Foley and Sotloff, . . the British government has spoken saying the Foley beheading is fake. As a video guy, so many of these beheadings have been fake going back to Nick Berg. My friend, Barry Chamish, says Sotloff was Mossad. What prevents all this from simply being “theater” for more war??? Sept 2 saw the first 300+ Billion payment on several Quadrillion in “derivatives”; i.e., mortgage-backed securities. Somehow we squeaked by with THIS first payment. But the 1% need a good “wag the dog” war to divert attention from the extent of the looting as we slip into the 25-year depression a CIA economist said has arrived. The Petro Dollar dies next week as investigative reporters head down to the Bush properties in Paraguay where Mr. Nose Job Ken Lay is hiding out in plain view. This transcends a Dem-Repub issue. It is an issue of corruption, of the stench of rot. The stench grows as good men do nothing.

+5 # ritawalpoleague 2014-09-07 13:08
FYI, I was with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now a week or two before I visited Kimberly Rivera here in the Colorado Springs El Paso County jail. Amy had brought out truth, per usual, as to how worried folks around the world, including Amnesty International were, re. the hell Kimberly was in. Thank God I visited Kimberly here in jail, and based on the severity of her suffering, when 8-10 weeks pregnant with child number five and fearing a miscarriage while under light 24/7 and getting awful food to eat, i.e. literally rotten potatoes. The press conference, with good press shining the light and asking questions at the jail, caused immediate better care, end of 24/light, etc..

Pull up: Kimberly Rivera press conference on KRDO.

0 # bmiluski 2014-09-08 11:46
Unfortunately asbpab1966…as Colin Powell once said…..”If you break it, it’s yours.” We broke Iraq and now we have to fix it or we’ll have another 911 on our hands.

+20 # Anonymot 2014-09-07 03:15
If we had no troops in the Middle East, Foley & Sotloff would not have been in the Middle East and ISIS would not have existed. Cheney & Co put us there and Obama expanded our presence. If they were Japanese leaders they would have commited hari kari long ago. Instead they sacrificed their fellow citizens and hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners’ lives.

You’re a bright man, Mr. Rich, and the bellicosity of commentors like Archie, if understandable, are unjustified. However, defending the present administration because that’s all there is except worse on the Republican side is not what we need from the people with brains and a forum like this.

We need you to put the status quo in serious question, including the politicians quo. We need a real revision of the system and a renewal of the people in charge. Think about that rather than propping up the failure that is.

We’d all be more grateful.

+13 # FIRSTNORN1 2014-09-07 04:34
Quoting Anonymot:
If we had no troops in the Middle East, Foley & Sotloff would not have been in the Middle East and ISIS would not have existed. Cheney & Co put us there and Obama expanded our presence. If they were Japanese leaders they would have commited hari kari long ago. Instead they sacrificed their fellow citizens and hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners’ lives.

You’re a bright man, Mr. Rich, and the bellicosity of commentors like Archie, if understandable, are unjustified. However, defending the present administration because that’s all there is except worse on the Republican side is not what we need from the people with brains and a forum like this.

We need you to put the status quo in serious question, including the politicians quo. We need a real revision of the system and a renewal of the people in charge. Think about that rather than propping up the failure that is.

I agree with some of what you say, Anonymot, but I think Rich’s article is both accurate and brilliant. I don’t think he is “propping up the failure” of Obama’s Administration. After all, it is not just the “politicians quo”, but also the ‘at least three justices of SCOTUS quo’. Rich points out in his final paragraph why so many people in this country know that we will probably never be able to make things ‘right’ with the ‘tool’ of the ballot box. Something is going to have to happen for people like Archie1954 to see his own arrogance.

0 # BKnowswhitt 2014-09-07 17:53
Two subjects here. How fucked up the american political system and resulting lack of representation of issues on main street – which is in direct proportion to the freezing of House of Representative seats per population which dillutes any real chance of democracy – they did that a long time ago. And Subject two Issis or Isle .. whichever you prefer. Under the Imperial Rule of Hussein they were suppressed. However the core question is this? Do you think even with the US intervention and all the bad shit going down in the Middle east Syria and now in Iraq that Issis has a legitimate gripe which allows them to carry on their form of genocide? And tell me if you think that it’s only because of USA intervention? In my view it is still a heads up for all of us that EVIL is a comcomitant component in The World today .. and certainly worth fighting up against and standing up for. Let’s at least not lose sight of that!

-21 # Anonymot 2014-09-07 04:52
P.S. My twin brother is black. Those knee jerk lightweights who voted Obama in BECAUSE he is black rather than because he would make a brilliant world leader did themselves no favors. We’ll not have another black president until this entire generation has died out and forgotten Obama. The next easy-sale suckers in line are women.

What made me think of this P.S.? Your photo including Susan Rice. All of the major positions filled by Clinton, Bush, and Obama with women have been disasters, neocons or worse, and indicate it’s what is between the ears that counts not what’s between the thighs.

The Rice girls, Albright, Hillary, Napolitano, Powers, just to name a few, are all neocons and beyond. The men Obama has appointed are mostly of the same catastrophic far right or money minded ilk. So anyone considering how to get out of this impasse needs to get the caricatural options out of their heads.

We’ve ruined the country with our failure to educate minorities for once male WASP-only positions – and filled them by sex, color, and minority qualifications, a thing few are willing to admit in public.

It’s time to think more clearly or we will all be going to the mosque on Fridays.

-5 # Anonymot 2014-09-07 09:51
I’d love for some of the negative voters to say why they voted negative. Is it because I criticised the WOMEN chosen, just as I criticise the MEN chosen? I think Warren is wonderful. Can I not find the women cited neocon and incompetent even if they are neocon and incompetent because they are female? If so, where’s equality?

Is it because I stated the obvious, Obama is partly Afro, but so was Colin Powell and I’d put him up for President in the morning.

Or do you think our minorities are as well educated as our white public. If so, you’re on a different planet, but I’d really like a thoughtful, non-knee jerk reply.

+9 # riverhouse 2014-09-07 14:07
I didn’t vote on either of your posts above but I will offer that this isn’t about race or gender. African Americans traditionally vote Democratic and if they were particularly energized to vote for Barack Obama who can criticize that. Colin Powell, you might remember, was part and parcel of the Bush Cheney Rice lie us into war crowd. Race and gender aren’t the issue. I preferred Barack Obama because of what he said during his campaign, not because of his gender or race. And I will determine my choice in the next presidential election not by gender or race but by my determination of who will best serve as leader.

-1 # Anonymot 2014-09-07 15:15

If you’ll remember, Powell was dragged kicking a screaming to lie to the UN and soon after retired, because he was opposed to the war.

+7 # X Dane 2014-09-07 15:58
I certainly DO remember that, but by then the damage was done. He should have acted BEFORE. Then he would have made an impact
He let himself be used to sell Bush’s lies.

Some people may have “bought” them, because they believed in HIM…..Which was of course why Bush wanted HIM to sell the lies.

+9 # X Dane 2014-09-07 15:40

I used to think highly of Colin Powell. But I lost respect for him, when he did not act like a responsible person. He should have said: Mr. President I have to resign my post, because I believe we are wrong in attacking Saddam and Iraq. It will end badly, and we will OWN it.

Had he done that, he MAY have changed the scenario. The country would have reacted, I believe, for we were many that admired him. Instead he drank the Cool Aid and fed the world all the lies he was told to tell. That was unforgivable.

Colin Powell at UN

US Secretary of State Colin Powell

As CIA Director, George W. Bush’s father

George Bush, Sr.

was chummy with Saddam Hussein,

Saddam Hussein

and helped Saddam rise to power in Iraq, to make Iraq a buffer against the Soviet Union, after Islamic radicals and their radical Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran and drove America’s puppet dictator Shah of Iran into exile.

Later, the Ambassador of George W. Bush’s US president father, the former CIA Director, gave Saddam Hussein the impression that the US would not react to Saddam’s army invading Kuwait. When the opposite happened after Saddam’s army took Kuwait, Saddam felt like he had been double-crossed. He had good reason to feel that way. He and that President Bush and been buddies.

Ross Perot on Larry King

Larry King, left, Ross Perot, right

As if it mattered which Arab despot held Kuwait. That Arab, as Ross Perot told Larry King, would still sell Kuwait’s oil to America. Ross Perot said Kuwait was not worth one American soldier being killed or wounded. Ross Perot, the arch-conservative self-made computer icon billionaire. Ross Perot who had accompanied hired mercenaries to rescue his company’s employees, who had been taken hostage in Iran, about which the US was unable to do anything.

George W. Bush’s president father later said on national US TV that he could not let the American way of life be threatened; he had to get Saddam out of Kuwait. It was all about Kuwait’s oil. That President Bush could have cared less about the Kuwait people, or their deposed government and shiekh.

So ,a UN coaliton was formed, USA leading the charge, England next, then France, and Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden’s home country – oops! – and other nations. US military forces, commanded by US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 4-star General Colin Powell, and the Coalition went into Kuwait and drove Saddam’s army back into Iraq, and stopped there, because that was all the UN mandate allowed.

That President Bush knew, if he let Colin Powell chase Saddam’s army all the way back to Baghdad and take Iraq, the Saudis and all of Islam would raise bloody hell; and somebody might try to obliterate Israel from the face of the map. Already Israel was under Scud rocket attacks from Iraq. But what if Iran, Syria, Egypt, or the Soviets had weighed in against, hmmm, Israel, just to get everyone’s undivided attention?

That’s what was stuck in the second President Bush’s craw when he got his 9/11 golden opportunity to go into Iraq for any reason his gang of henchmen could dream up, even though they knew Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. They wanted to be rid of him, and they wanted Iraq’s oil. What they wanted in Afghanistan was a natural gas pipeline running from the natural gas fields lying to the east of Afghanistan, through Afghanistan (the blond country without a name in the map below) and Pakistan into the Arabian Sea.

Arabian Sea

It was all about money. Catching Osama bin Laden was their cover in Afghanistan, proven by they gave up trying to catch him. That was left to President Obama to do, long, long after bin Laden had won both wars.

Support the troops. Get them the hell out of the Middle East, since they, and their Commander-in-Chief, don’t have the good sense and the balls to get themselves out of there.

Oil Tango

Obama-Palin tango (mock)

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

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credence clearwater revival (swift boats for truth): US Military just says NO to future wars for profit

veterans against war 3

veterans against warverterans against the war 5

veterans against war 4

Depress ctrl and + keys together to increase zoom/font size; depress ctrl and – keys together to enlarge

The angels who run me made it crystal clear in my dreams that they view this article in the most recent Friday edition of Key West the Newspaper – – as super important for Americans. The reader comments to the article kept coming and went to the heart of it.


Longtime readers know that, of all the adventures I have had in my life, I rank my three years of military service at near the top, especially my time as a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne. That time changed my life. I was discharged back into the real world, still young, but way more mature and responsible than before the Army. My brief time in the service does not make me a military expert, but I do have my opinions. Case in point: The prisoner exchange this week that resulted in Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release from captivity as the only American prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

I remember what I thought when I heard the national news about Bergdahl’s capture back in 2009. How could that happen? What could the situation have been that would have given the enemy an opportunity to capture an American soldier? Well, subsequent news reports provided that answer– Bergdahl was a deserter! He simply left his post and walked off of his base. But regardless, our military has a tradition that we do not leave soldiers on the battlefield. So, during the five years that Bergdahl was in captivity, his fellow soldiers continued to look for him with the goal of freeing him from captivity. And six of them died in that effort.

Recently, with the war winding down in Afghanistan, the Obama administration apparently had an opportunity to do a prisoner exchange to bring Bergdahl home. But what the Taliban wanted was outrageous– the release of five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world from the prison at Guantanimo Bay in Cuba. No matter. The Obama administration agreed– even though the President has admitted in public statements that at least some of these terrorists are likely to be a threat to Americans in the future. But if that turns out to be the case, Obama said, they will be tracked down and dealt with. Yeah, right. Recall that Obama also said that the terrorists who killed four Americans in Benghazi would be tracked down and dealt with.

Many in Congress on both sides of the aisle are publicly wondering what the hell Obama was thinking. Yes, we should always try to bring all of our soldiers back from the battlefield. But aren’t there some limits? In this case, how many more American lives should be at risk to bring one disgraced soldier home? That does not mean that efforts should not have continued to free Bergdahl. But the deal that Obama made was a bad deal. And once again, the Obama administration seems to have been totally clueless as to how the American people would view the Bergdahl exchange.

Of all people, Security Advisor Susan Rice was sent out to the Sunday talk shows to proclaim that Bergdahl is a hero who had served with “honor and distinction” and that expedited action was required to make this exchange because Bergdahl’s health was failing. Both of those assertions now appear to be false. Recall that Susan Rice was the same spokesperson they sent to the Sunday shows to tell us with a straight face that the attack in Benghazi was a response to a anti-Muslem video! In addition, Obama hosted a celebratory event at the White House with Bergdahl’s parents, apparently thinking that Bergdahl’s return would be seen as a great victory for his administration.

Now, he seems to be surprised that the American people are saying, “You did what?!” In fact, it appears that this may be another embarrassing “you can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor” pinocchio moment for Obama. While it is good that Bergdahl has been freed from captivity, the reality is that he is likely to be court martialed and will spend years in prison. Desertion is one of the most serious crimes a soldier can commit. The Army will not, cannot ignore what Bergdahl did.

Prisoner Exchange


Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D

Dennis Reeves Cooper founded Key West The Newspaper in 1994 and was editor and publisher until he retired in 2012.
Key West The Newspaper [The Blue Paper] encourages spirited, open debate in comments on our stories. We do ask that you refrain from profanity, personal attacks and remarks that are off point. Please join the conversation!


Thank you for addressing this topic. We got a real wing-dinger in the white house. It’s not a matter of politics, democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, black or white. I wish it were that simple.

All five of the released terrorists will return to killing, kidnapping and injuring as many Americans as they can. Every national security agency document secured thus far, attests to this fact.

The terrorists that our president set free are the brain trust of the Taliban. They are on equivalent to four star generals within our Armed Forces.

There are serious questions surrounding the soundness, stability and sanity of an individual, who reignites the capacity of our assailants to kill us. Particularly, when said person is charged with a constitutional oath, to protect and defend us against all enemies.

SISTER JUNE 6, 2014 AT 9:32 AM
Are you going to believe it too when the news reports that these “terrorists” are the masterminds behind hijacking flight MH370 that has now been used to detonate a nuke over israel causing the official start of WW3? Oh but don’t worry, Obama will track them down (in whatever US funded torture chamber they are currently in) and they will be dealt with. Too bad the lie believers are the majority.

KEYSBUM JUNE 7, 2014 AT 5:26 PM
wow, for a moment there I thought I clicked on a column by Shawn Hannity….
are you kidding with this Mr. Reeves?? with your journalistic background it is indeed a shame you are so loose with the narrative before the facts are in. first, we are the ones invading their country, so we’re the enemy, and we’re the terrorists, let’s get that straight. second, how do you know he is a deserter? that has not been resolved yet, and in this country we are innocent until railroaded to guilty, so there’s that. also, where is the proof that anybody died looking for him, let alone 6 soldiers? it appears that that has been debunked. but then the military has a history of that; remember Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman? then you go along with the propaganda that the released prisoners are all hardened murders just waiting for the chance to slit every American throat they can. Again, when we look at the facts (they’re pesky aren’t they?), we see that these men have all been jailed since 2002. they have long been dethroned from whatever position they may have held, and their relevancy surely has been diluted. but wait, we don’t know what they were because they were never charged with anything, never saw the inside of a court, just picked up and jailed.
so Mr. Reeves, I suggest you put down the Fox News Reporting for Dummies book you are reading, and get back to Journalism 101.
Lastly, I’m glad you enjoyed your military service, and I’m glad you got something out of it. but thousands upon thousands of other people were not so lucky to have that same experience at the hands of the U.S. military. killing people should not be a career.

I thank Sister and Keysbum for their comments. It has caused me to dig a little deeper into this matter. I will offer a response for their consideration.

Primary sources to the event in question, attest to the fact that Mr. Bergdahl deserted his post. The Platoon Leader, Squad Leader and Medic, along with 6 fellow soldiers, unanimously and publicly identified this man as a deserter. They all said that he walked away from his assigned post, abandoning his combat position, while they slept. If this occurred, it is a serious offense. When it’s done in a combat zone, it’s punishable by death.

To a man, each one of these soldiers said they considered Bergdahl a Brother. They further stated that they would have unhesitatingly sacrificed their lives to save his.

I witnessed several interviews given by the mothers, fathers and wife of two soldiers who were killed during subsequent combat operations following Mr. Bergdahl’s disappearance. They all believed their sons were killed while looking for Bergdahl. Thus far, their sentiments have been corroborated by members of Bergdahl’s Platoon.

Particularly disturbing to me, was the fact that these veterans were all in agreement that the precision and accuracy of the attacks launched against them, significantly increased after Bergdahl’s departure.

I agree with Keysbum, Mr. Bergdahl is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, as American citizens we are entitled to research, investigate and secure evidence, which may be used in formulating an opinion concerning the matter that is before us.

I’ve attempted to be impartial and objective with the information that I’ve shared. I recognize that I’ve had experiences which could distort my processing this event. However, my life’s work has demonstrated a capacity to get at the truth. My yearning to authentically realize incidents as they really are, has superseded my personal biases. The propaganda, or lies that I’ve been fed, haven’t taken hold.

Two of the five prisoners set free are wanted by the United Nations for “War Crimes Against Humanity”. They are charged with killing thousands of innocent Shiite Muslim men, women and children.

Another, is the Deputy Minister of Intelligence for the Taliban and Al Qaeda. He is accused by “Human Rights Watch” of murdering and torturing Afghan civilians.

Included in this exchange is a senior Taliban Commander considered to be a military mastermind in developing violent tactics utilized in assassinating political dissenters. He is a Taliban Governor for the Balkh and Lagman provinces, who has been implicated in the murder of thousands of Shiites in northern Afghanistan. When asked about the killings, he did not express any regret and stated: ” They did what they needed to do in their struggle to establish their ‘ideal state.’”

The last prisoner let go is a former Chief of Staff and Deputy Finance Director of the Taliban Army. He served as Governor of the Herat Province in Afghanistan and has been identified as a powerful opium trafficker. He specializes in smuggling missiles and amassing weapons for the purpose of murdering Afghan civilians that disagree with him.

Keysbum, far from being dethroned from their positions of power and influence, the aforementioned terrorists are now revered as distinguished and preeminent celebrities. They are energizing and recruiting those who find the lives of women worthless, as they kill anyone or thing that questions their authority.

Documents reveal, that even after their capture they wielded considerable influence throughout Afghanistan. An in-depth assessment determined that: “If released, detainees would likely rejoin the Taliban and establish ties with other terrorist groups”.

Formulating an opinion based on studying documents, investigating events and researching interviews, is not akin to parroting information proffered by any type of news program.

War is the ultimate insanity. It highlights the weaknesses inherent in human beings. Intolerance, anger and aggression are fueled by selfishness and ignorance. Incompetent and ineffective leadership finds expression in the military industrial complex.

We are all called upon to serve our Country and God in a multitudinous of ways. I’ve not walked in another’s shoes. I’ve come to understand the implications involved in the quote: “Judge not lest ye be judged”.

A well developed sense of discernment and perspicacity has served me well. Most importantly, I’ve had the good fortune of learning where Peace and Love reside; between my ears.

The village idiot wonders what in the hell we were doing having troops in Afghanistan in the first place? And before that, in Iraq? Obama is a national joke. His predecessor was a national joke. National jokes, which caused huge harm to American troops, their families, the US treasury, and to foreign troops and their families and civilians. Vietnam taught America nothing. I got shanghaied to write a bit about that into a Facebook thread yesterday, started by a Keys amiga I know somewhat. One of the participants in that thread said his National Guard unit in Iraq discovered something there, which, was his drift, justified the US invasion of Iraq, but it was classified back then, and still is. I replied, how convenient, it’s classified; didn’t pass this Vietnam generation American’s smell test. That entire FB thread, and my second, quite long off-Facebook reply to the Iraq veteran, are included in the June 8, 2014 “If you think it’s too expensive to treat veterans, then don’t send them to war – better yet, don’t fight stupid, ruinous Corporate USA wars in the first place ” post at

SISTER JUNE 8, 2014 AT 8:14 PM
I’m going to take that as a “yes” to my question, John.

KEYSBUM JUNE 9, 2014 AT 10:44 AM
Mr. Donnelly….

first, let me say that I consider this whole episode another clown show put on by the US government and disseminated by their communication arm, the US mainstream media. the cast of characters are right out of central casting (the bearded father is hilarious).
having said that, getting at the truth is a lot harder than watching Fox News (or MSNBC for that matter), or accepting government produced documents or spokespeople. I referenced the cases of Jessica lynch and pat tillman in my previous comment as testament to the “truth telling” we can expect. we do not know the real truth, the real agenda behind this story. but we do know there IS an agenda, and it IS a story. hopefully we will find out someday.
but there are some truths that can be discussed now. for example the 5 men released from US custody. these people were Taliban. there were fighting US aggression. does that make them a terrorist or freedom fighter? the fact that some or all, of them may have been involved in killing members of their own country is horrifying of course, but puts them in the same company of countless of other governments (remember the US created Taliban governed Afghanistan until we over threw them), including our own (remember Waco?). these people would be of no consequence, and would have no effect on America save for the fact that we INVADED their country! whatever their crimes were, they are not against us, and should not be dealt with by us. they were illegally taken prisoner, denied any due process, probably tortured, and kept in a cage by an invading army carrying out an illegal act of aggression. who are the war criminals again?
now, the story goes that 6 soldiers died trying to save Bergdahl. nonsense. the reasoning they have all used is to state that these soldiers might not have been where they were killed if Bergdahl had not left. stupid. what if more would have been killed if Bergdahl hadn’t of left? woulda, coulda, shoulda. just nonsense. but not one of these soldiers died even remotely connected to Bergdahl, not one. but it makes for a better story, more discussion points, more controversy, and more distraction (anyone talking about the VA story anymore?).
one thing can be assured Mr. Donnelly: if you are getting your facts from anything you see on TV, or reading it from anything you can buy on a newsstand, you are getting a sponsored truth, and one that should only be accepted with a boulder (not grain) of salt.

Keysbum, I value and appreciate your comments. You said a lot.

Invading a sovereign nation and chasing a ghost, for reasons unbeknownst to us (given only the government’s version), propped up by a media that proffers the government’s position; while killing the invaded nation’s children and innocent civilians, constitutes crimes against humanity.

We have changed many administrations through the years. It appears that War and Violence are a part of our culture. Apparently, it’s accepted as a solution and answer, in rectifying differences.

If an individual is a pacifist or conscientious objector, the Armed Forces is not for them. They can nobly serve their country and the world at large via the Peace Corps and VISTA. Or, in any manner that they choose.

That being said, most, if not all soldiers, particularly those in combat are ‘a political’. They join the military out of a sense of duty and desire to serve their nation.

Perhaps, as the world’s consciousness evolves, we will not have to protect ourselves from those desiring to do us harm. The need for Warriors will decrease. Maybe even to the point where they become obsolete.

However, it appears that we aren’t there yet. Until that day arrives, shall we just turn the other cheek? Perhaps… I do not believe that Self-Defense is a Violent Act.

What are we to do? Where are we to go to get our information?

In one sense, I’m not ubiquitous. I have to rely on my experiences, accumulate wisdom and knowledge to address everything that the world dishes out on any given day. Intuition and instincts, along with reviewing any documents and news accounts pertaining to the issues at hand, all play a role in securing information.

Skepticism of any ‘party line’ has been my forte’. Being a lone wolf, I often seek answers for myself. I’m not afraid to be wrong, as I’m quickly able to improvise, adapt and overcome. As a seeker of truth I make no apologies to anyone. When in error I will take responsibility for my mistakes, learn what I need to learn, and move on.

I’m still under construction in formulating a deeper understanding of all that’s involved in our Creation.

I have to have a base line and foundation from whence I can proceed. However, my commitment is to Truth not consistency. That is why I sincerely welcome and acknowledge the benefit of your words. Thank you…

I think Keysbum has it pretty well sized up; all this fretting over this molecule on the little toe of a monster, which is USA invading Afghanistan, as if the Soviet experience there didn’t happen to warn us invading Afghanistan wasn’t a great idea. I spent a while last night on Caroline Street talking with a Marine vet who said he’d been in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. He got shot in Afghanistan, then was honorably discharged on medical grounds. That was in 2011. He went into the Marines at age 21, now is 43. For three years, he’s been trying to get his VA benefits, which he said he was told will be $2,000 a month if he receives them. Then, he will be able to afford a place to stay on the mainland. Meanwhile, he’s in Key West, homeless, biding his time, because he doesn’t need much money to stay here. He was running with several vets last night, from different branches of the US military. They all are homeless. They run together, it’s more comfortable to them. He seemed to have his head screwed on okay, the others seemed pretty messed up. He seemed to be looking out for them. He said the police down here treat homeless people, including homeless vets, like shit. My sense was, he and his buddies kinda feel like they are still in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are the VA, Key West police and local civilians who hate homeless people. This fellow was courteous to passersby and to people siting at the tables nearby where we were talking. After he had moved on, I said to a woman he’d had some conversation with at the next table over, that it’s amazing what can be learned from people, if you aren’t all stuck up inside. She laughed. I didn’t get into the politics of the wars he’d been in. It didn’t seem the time or place. I am going deep into the politics in today’s post at It’s a little before 8 a.m. That post should be up by 10 a.m. Today is June 10, 2014. In my experience, 99 percent, maybe 99.99 percent, of Americans don’t want to know about that side of their government.

KEYSBUM JUNE 11, 2014 AT 6:25 AM
Mr. Donnelly:

your comment surely defines you as a conscientious, thoughtful, introspective individual. i do not proclaim to have all the answers, nor do i especially relish the idea of proselytizing my belief system on anyone without solicitation. however, if i may be so presumptuous, may i pontificate ever so delicately on some of the points you so eloquently authored.

in your first paragraph you correctly define our Afghanistan incursion as a crime against humanity; in that we most certainly agree. where we differ is your resignation of that crime as a part of our culture. wars are not, as governments would have you believe, morality plays; they are not about freedom, restoring rights, establishing democracy, protecting the Homeland, or any of the myriad humanitarian fictions trotted out to rouse the populace into servile compliance. think about it: in what war was your individual freedom as an American imperiled? was Iraq a threat to you? Libya? Viet-Nam? are we in peril of the goat herders from Afghanistan marching down Main Street, USA shaking their staffs as we cower behind our tanks and jets, hastily putting in our Amazon orders for burkas to cover our women folk?

no, Mr. Donnelly, the only people who are a direct threat to your individual freedom are the men and women of the United States Congress, the Executive branch of the United States government, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Be aware, the greatest enemy of any government is their own people. When the president of the United States proclaims the Constitution ‘just a goddamn piece of paper’, you should quake in your boots, and realize the paradigm of America you thought existed, the country that you revered and served, had been relegated to the ash heap of history. In its place, rising like a Phoenix, is a nation ensconced in the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the TSA, the militarization of police, endless war, and the deconstruction of the middle class and a national economy.

Now you may ask how does this occur. I will offer a very brief, totally inadequate response. My educational background is in economics; i have three degrees in that subject, and one in finance. the totality of that education can be summed up in three words: follow the money.

the world is run by the people who own and control the world’s central banks and their retail banking satellites, which through the fractional reserve system, literally creates money out of thin air. these people own the governments of the world, as well as most of the means of production. as profit seekers, they entertain those activities which will increase their wealth. war is an especially lucrative endeavor, and that is why you see so many of them. name any war in the last 400 years, and you will find the genesis of those wars to be the financiers (yes, even WWII). economic booms and busts are all calculated planned events, and these people secure profits in both. because you see, it is the amount of money/credit in an economy that defines whether it’s feast or famine. and they control the amount.

so Mr. Donnelly, I would ask you to consider the next time the government is telling you that some poor goat herder in Iraq or Afghanistan means to do you harm, consider the motives of the parties in question. is it more rational to believe that rich people are looking to get richer, or that a sandal wearing guy, a half a world away, scratching out a living with a few emaciated goats, is worrying that you have too many freedoms, and therefore must kill you? the next time you are watching a program and they trot out some lackey to tell you about ‘some buck’ out buying crab legs with food stamps, ask yourself why you are seeing that, and not outrage at the fact that 1 in 6 Americans cannot afford to eat and need help.

as to where to get your information? that is a hard question to answer, and i suppose there is no ready answer. however, if you approach everything you ingest by ascertaining the relative agendas of the people involved, and realize that what is put in front of you in terms of government, mass media, and education is merely a facade, you are ahead of the game.

Again, follow the money.

SISTER JUNE 11, 2014 AT 1:35 PM
Positively perfect Keysbum. Thank you. You’ve restored my faith in humanity. If I could add, a good place to start for someone seeking truth might be the documentary All Wars are Bankers Wars.

I can only imagine the positive impact that talented and intelligent people such as a Mr. Cooper and Mr. Donnelly could have on our world if they truly wanted to seek out and speak out truth.

John Donnelly, my experiences with you are that you are conscientious and dedicated, and go way beyond the extra mile to help people and causes you feel need help. My problem for many years now, having had the “best years of my life” span the Vietnam war, has been I simply do not trust anything the US Government says to the American public about America going to war. And, as Keysbum said, following the money will get you to the bottom of what drives America at war every time. Money was what drove the Revolutionary War – King George’s excessive taxation. Money was what drove the American Civil War – slavery was big business in the slave states. And for northern businesses doing business with the slave states. Money drove the genocide against the Native Americans. Money drove the wars against Spain in America. I don’t have Keysbum’s economics credentials, but I did major in Economics. So money politics is familiar do me, going back to before America really got going in Vietnam. One of my older fraternity brothers went over there with the Army Special Forces in maybe 1964. He was killed pretty soon. The escalation occurred later. We, back then, felt President Kennedy probably was assassinated because he got cold feet about Vietnam. I have no doubt Martin Luther King was assassinated because he came out against the Vietnam war: clearly it was a rich white man’s war lots of young black men were fighting for rich white men, whose sons, for example, George W. Bush, were being gotten into Air National Guard units to keep them out of Vietnam, Bush, living in Texas, somehow got into the Alabama Air National Guard unit in Montgomery, then he went A.W.O.L. and never had to answer to that. That got very little mention when he ran for President, but when John Kerry, a Navy riverboat commander combat Vietnam vet, came home and protested that bad war, he was viewed as a traitor, and it was used against him during his later race against G.W. Bush, by Vietnam vets, who called themselves “Swift Boats for Bush”, or something like that. I personally believe, John, that it’s going to take a serious uprising in the US Military itself to stop America from getting into money wars. Who better to rebel against such wars than the US Military itself? For that to happen, though, I think it’s going to take US Military personnel and veterans to stop saying those wars were fought to protect Americans’ freedom, and to start saying what those wars really were fought for – money. I do not think Vietnam, nor any American war since, was worth one American solider killed or wounded. Not one. I do not think those wars had anything to do with protecting Americans. But I’m just a civilian, I did not serve in the US Military, so I have no credence in that theater. You, however, John, do have credence. My lawyer buddy Michael, in Alabama, who was an Army artillery captain in Vietnam, and came home and started protesting America at war, and has protested every since, has credence. It will take US soldiers, John, to stop America’s money wars, if they can be stopped. It very well might take a second American Civil War. Or an Act of God. Or an ET intervention. It’s not going to just happen. There has to be a catalyst, which cannot be ignored, pretended away.

JUNE 12, 2014 AT 7:47 AM
My dream maker said last night that I didn’t take this far enough with what I wrote to you last night, John Donnelly.

First, I was chastised for not pointing again to the “If you think it’s too expensive to treat veterans, then don’t send them to war – better yet, don’t fight stupid, ruinous Corporate USA wars in the first place” article posted on June 8, 2014 at Perhaps that article could be called a “Credence Clearwater Revival” history of America at war during my formative years and thereafter – I was born in 1942.

Second, I was chastised for not beating up on the Democratic Party, which was (past tense) America’s political hope of turning away from war for profit. The Republican Party offered no hope there, and that situation worsened when the Tea Party splintered off from the Republican Party and left the Republican Party unable to exercise moderation in war, for fear of losing even more ground against the Democrats.

The Republicans should not have worried, because the Democrats were so worried about losing war ground to the Republicans, that the Democrats tried to out-war the Republicans. John Kerry, for example. When, at the suggestion of my Alabama Lawyer friend, Michael, I read Kerry’s “Tour of Duty” in the late fall of 2003, I told Michael that Kerry wrote the book to prove he was a hawk, prelude to his attempt to defeat G.W. Bush the next year.

What a pity, I told Michael, who was rabid anti-America at war. The pity being, Kerry, like Michael, had come back to the States from Vietnam, and had campaigned relentlessly against that war. But, lo, in his book, Kerry spent little time criticizing that bad war, and much time touting his heroic exploits in it. Also, Kerry had been in favor of USA invading Iraq.

Bill Clinton had avoided the Vietnam war by going to England to study. Before Clinton was elected President the first time, I wrote to him in Little Rock and told him that, because he had been against Vietnam, if he got elected, his mission was to issue a national USA apology to Vietnam for that war. He did that during his second term. To this day, I remain convinced that is why the Republicans never were able to take Clinton down; why he was “teflon”. Alas, his wife, Hillary, is a hawk. If she ends up the next USA President, the Republicans and Tea Party will not have to fret about USA Corporate War going busted.

Which brings me to Barack Obama, who, before he was elected the first time, had every Democrat I knew thinking he was going to end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars right after he got into the Oval Office. I had been told in a dream that Obama had the potential to be the Anti-Christ, and I kept telling my Democrats friends that he was a chameleon and was not trustworthy. They did not like hearing that, but after he was elected the first time, he showed them in spades that he was a hawk who had pretended to be a dove.

Obama also proved he was a pathological liar when he then accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, the awarding of which to him proved the Nobel Committee were idiots – or, they gave it to him because of the color of his skin. Obama was not a Dr. Martin Luther King. He was not a Nelson Mandela. He was a pawn of Lucifer. As was his Republican predecessor in office. As was his Republican predecessor’s father. As was Lyndon Johnson, who was a Democrat. As was, and is, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

John Donnelly, you are a Marine vet. You learned the horror of war up close and personal. I have suggested to you before that you create your own website, where you publish what you are doing, which concerns you, and what you hope to see happen and change. You have credence to urge a clearwater revival within the US Military; a revival in which the US Military no longer is the pawn of Presidents who never were on the front lines, who never were even in the US Military, who have no clue what war really is and when it really should be fought – only as a very last resort.

I read in Wikipedia this morning where John Kerry wrote that he once was a very religious Catholic choir boy, who felt like he might wish to be a priest. He’s still a very religious Catholic. I tell you truly, John Donnelly, if John Kerry knew anything at all about his Lord and Savior, he would not be a hawk. He would be a dove. He would turn the other cheek and look inside himself and inside his country, the beam in his and his country’s own eyes, at what he and his country have done to cause America to have so many enemies beyond and inside its borders. But John Kerry does not do that. He approaches war just like the Republicans and the Tea Party approach war; just like President Obama and Hillary Clinton approach war. A bargain with the Devil, one nation under God not.

FYI, after the Key West City Commission, by a 4-3 vote, passed the Resolution against USA invading Iraq without UN approval, As I recall, Dennis Reeves Cooper, then Publisher and Editor of Key West the Newspaper, then attacked the City Commission in an article in the blue paper for entertaining and passing that Resolution. The same Dennis Reeves Cooper who started this discussion in the blue paper last Friday. I simply do not understand how anyone, who actually fought in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, can argue today that those wars were justified; that they were to protect Americans. That aside, how those three wars turned out loudly says America never should have gone to war in those countries.

upside down American flag 2

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at Coco's

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If you think it’s too expensive to treat veterans, then don’t send them to war – better yet, don’t fight stupid, runious Corporate USA wars in the first place

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On days when there is no new post at this website, there is a new post, where I presently am the village idiot.
This floated into my Facebook account yesterday, while I was taking a nap and dreaming of something huge coming my way, which I didn’t wish to be bothered with. But I was having a nasty day internally, and when I saw it in my Facebook account, I figured it was why and I wrote a long reply to the last entry from Kevin Stuart, which apparently was too big to post to Facebook, because it never went through. But while I wrote it, my bowel purged and I felt a heap better and knew I had just written it out of me. So, what I wrote which didn’t make it to Facebook is pasted in below this Facebook thread, started by a Keys amiga who sings like a nightingale and has fire and grit in her belly.

I completely agree.

You can read and support Sen. Bernie Sanders' comprehensive veterans bill here:

You can read and support Sen. Bernie Sanders’ comprehensive veterans bill here:

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  • Debbie Mathis That right …freedom is not free ..
  • Kim Wroble They are not fighting for freedom at all but for the empire of the controlling international bankers.. You know..the same ones that started the US Fed Bank in 1913 and have controlled DC, our media and brainwashing schools since then.. By the way, the US has dropped to #18 in free countries and is now #36 in education.. Sorry but the words”fighting for freedom” makes sparks fly out of my a$$…
  • Sean Heaney Kim; How about some extension courses in China on computer hacking or Russia on the history of NASA, our former space program? The adult-children are wrapping up their two terms of running the country into the ground. God willing adults w/knowledge of history can pick up the pieces. Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day; ask the survivors in occupied Europe if it was a “Fight for Freedom.” Semper Fi, Sean X.
  • Sloan Bashinsky This AWOL Alabama Air National Guard draft dodger below invaded Iraq to get its oil and refineries, under pretense of weapons of mass destruction never found, then he invaded Afghanistan, long coveted a pipeline opportunity to oil and gas deposits further east, even as he lowered taxes on the rich and wrecked the US Treasury, while making Halliburton (eg.Dick Cheney) billion$$$$, not to mention other America at War, Inc. companies. Maybe the Marines should go to Texas and find the deserter and send him to the front lines of Afghanistan, along with Dick Cheny and Donald Rumsfeld, and leave them there. 

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
  • Sean Heaney My such bile from the Tolerant Until You Disagree With Me crowd. Wake up, ye hypocrites, it’s been Prez O’s war for a long time. I was afraid he was going to surrender to Putin on D-Day. There wasn’t a Russkie in site en France. Are we supposed to go to “Rape Berlin & Poland(twice,)Day? You had two terms; the guy should go back to schoolin’, as Zep would say, & stop using the Govt. as his classroom. X. Lovely speaking voice, yes. X.
  • Kevin Stuart Well while the statement is true, we Veterans in Vermont refer to this joker as “The Village Idiot.”
  • Kevin Stuart Sloan Bashinsky, It sounds you never served in the military. But I did for 35+ years, and I was in the ANG and in Iraq. You have No Clue what the Guard does, or what was found in Iraq. So since you don’t know what your talking about, maybe you shouldn’t try to show your ignorance…
  • Sloan Bashinsky Yes, I never served in the US Military. I don’t care for Obama, either. Do you know what was found in Iraq? if so, what was it? Did you find it?
  • Kevin Stuart Yes I do know what was found, because it is classified, I can’t say what it was. It was people from my unit that found it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky That’s convenient, it’s classified. Still. What you indicate justified US invasion of Iraq cannot be made known to American public. Doesn’t pass my smell test. Might not pass a lot of Americans’ smell test, who lived through the Vietnam era and came to understand US war motives simply could not be trusted, and plenty happened after that to keep that faith alive and well. I will use this email thread in today’s post at, to which I will add a bit. Thanks, Adrienne, for starting this thread. It ain’t pretty music, but it’s still music which needs to be heard, this village idiot says. Ciao Maim
Sloan Bashinsky I tried to reply by email to yours Kevin Stuart, maybe it’s still in the air waves. Here it is again. It’s long.
The military commanders who order me around would not go for classifying evidence used to justify a foreign US war. I imagine a whole lot of Americans would like to know what was classified, regardless of whether or not it was used to justify US invading Iraq. Doesn’t pass my smell test, but I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s something which cannot be revealed without jeopardizing national security, as opposed to something politicians, criminals, or worse, don’t want revealed.
I’ll tell you a couple of stories about my military commanders, which I’ve told many times before, Adrienne may have read the stories, as she gets my daily email blasts dating back to 2006 after I met her singing a couple of times a week in Parrotdise on Little Torch Key, where I then lived.
Two nights before 9/11, in my sleep, a voice I had come to know well asked me, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” Startled awake, I asked for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity. Two days later, I knew why I had been asked to make that prayer. I also knew it was bait, a trap, and America should not get into an overseas war over it; another Vietnam, so to speak. When America invaded Iraq, Osama bin Laden could not have been more pleased. When America later invaded Afghanistan, that was like dying and going to heaven for bin Lader, Yeah, Obama’s troops finally killed him, after Bush had given up the hunt, but bin Laden won long before that. America was wrecked internally, like what had happened in Vietnam, but worse, because those two G.W. Bush wars destroyed the American treasury, and finished off killing what was left of America’s soul, which had survived Vietnam.
The second story about the military leaders who yank me around came when Obama was going up against Hillary Clinton in 2008 for the Democratic nomination for US Presidency. I was told in my sleep that Obama had the potential to be the Anti-Christ. I told everyone I knew about that, published it on my websites; did all I could to talk them out of voting for Obama. I’m talking about Democrats and Independents, who were infatuated with Obama, not Republicans and other conservatives. Talking with them was like talking to zombies. Similar to talking with Republicans. When Obama later accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, while still waging G.W. Bush’s two wars, which Obama should have ended the day after he was sworn in, I knew something truly EVIL had occurred. I felt a great disturbance in the FORCE, so to speak. And, my bowel locked and stayed locked for about a month, when really violent poetry aimed at Obama burst out of me during a Key West Poetry Guild monthly meeting, and a couple of days later more of it burst out of me at a Guild reading in a pocket park in Key West. My bowel unlocked.
I cannot, and would not presume to, imagine what you experienced in in Iraq. I hated what all US military personnel experienced there, and in Afghanistan. And what they came back with internally (post traumatic shock) and/or without (limbs, eyes, other body parts). I hated what those two wars did to those soldiers’ families. I hated what those two wars did to Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians, especially women and children. I hated what those two wars did to America. I never once felt those two wars were about defending Americans. I still feel Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should have been, still should be, tried for murder, treason, war crimes. I hope you have evidence which will dissuade me from feeling that way, which you can share in this email thread. I understand evidence, once a lawyer, always a lawyer.
I don’t know how old you are, Kevin, I’m 71, in G.W. Bush’s generation. In 1999, I met and ran for a while with a woman who was one of the Kent State students on whom the Ohio National Guardsmen open fire while they were sitting on the ground protesting US expansion of the Vietnam war into countries west of Vietnam. She got up and ran with the rest of the students, with National Guard troops in hot pursuit still firing at them. When the students veered right, fleeing hopefully for safety, she veered left, alone, and the Guardsmen let her go and went after the main body of students, firing and hitting some of them, killing more of them. Nothing ever happened to those Guardsmen. She started carrying explosives in her day pack for the Weathermen between their hideouts. Then, she decided that wasn’t right and she stopped doing it. That was almost 30 years before I knew her. She still was terrified of the American government, soldiers and even police, when I was with her. Can’t say I blamed her.
I watched President Lyndon Johnson and American corporations invent the US intervention in Vietnam, after I heard Johnson promise all American parents that he would never send their sons to die in war in Asia. When he was leaving his second term in office, former General Dwight D. Eisenhower had warned the American public, “Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex.” The same General Eisenhower who had led the Allied Command against Hitler and his troops in Europe.
I can tell you stories of how Johnson and the Military Industrial Complex got America into Vietnam, which might, or might not, make you sick to your stomach. One of the stories made my father, a WW II Pacific Theater B-29 combat navigator-bombardier, sick to his stomach when he heard it at the same time I heard it from the President of the National Geographic at the Downtown Birmingham (Alabama) Rotary Club. I could tell you what a fellow who said he was ex-CIA told me and other people here in Key West maybe 10 years ago, about what his unit’s mission in Vietnam was when the French were trying to take it back from Ho Chi Minh, after France had lost it to the Japanese in WW II, which might, or might not, make you sick to your stomach. I could tell you about excerpts of President Harry Truman’s handwritten diary, wherein he wrote why he really dropped the A-bombs on Japan, which might, or might not, make you sick to your stomach.
But for a MIRACLE, I would have served in the US military during the Vietnam war, which MIRACLE might, or might not, interest you to hear. I had many friends who went over there, two were killed, for nothing. Most came back all torn up in their souls, if not also in their bodies, for nothing. One, who I met many years later, was an artillery Captain. He came back and started protesting that war, and has protested every American war since. He, too, knows about evidence, once a lawyer, always a lawyer. Vietnam taught many Americans, including my father, that the war motives of the US Government simply cannot be trusted. That’s why I really hope you will disclose what your unit found in Iraq. I, and many Americans, would like to believe there was a compelling threat AGAINST THE US in Iraq, which justified the invasion.
You know, don’t you, that when Saddam Hussein asked the US Ambassador how the older George Bush, Saddam’s old CIA buddy, would react to Saddam’s army invading Kuwait, the ambassador indicated the US would not object. You know, don’t you, when that President Bush went on national US television to explain why he was going to save Kuwait from Saddam, who Bush had kept calling by his first name in a prior national debate with Ross Perot on Larry King Live, that he, Bush, could not let the American way of life be threatened. Oil. Bush said nothing about saving the Kuwaitis from Hussein. Oil.
On Larry King Live, Perot begged Bush not to go into Iraq. Perot said he was not being unpatriotic, he had gone with hired American mercinaries into Iran to rescue a number of his own employees Iran was holding hostage. That raid was successful. Perot said he used to have business dealings with Arabs, and no matter how hard he tried, he always ended up getting skinned, so he stopped doing business with them. He said they don’t think like Americans think. Leave them alone. They will go into a tent and come out holding hands. Then, they will fight with each other again, and then they will go into a tent and come out holding hands. They will sell America their oil regardless of who among them controls it. Made a lot of sense to me.
Daddy Bush later said he had wanted to take that fight all the way to Baghdad, but the Arab allies in the UN Coaliton would not have stood for it. Bush’s old ally, whom the CIA had made who he was, was allowed to retreat with most of his army and weapons. Saddam felt betrayed by Daddy Bush. He probably had good reason to feel betrayed, because they had been buddies. Saddam and his troops had replaced Iran as America’s ally over there, a buffer against the Soviets, after the Shah was driven out of Iran and Islamic clerics took over that country.
History as a great teacher, especially when it happens during your lifetime.
My military commanders claim to be Jesus and Archangel Michael. They trained me. The training was horrible. That’s an gross understatement. The work they give me to do is horrible. Another gross understatement. You no more can imagine the work I do, Kevin, than I can imagine what it was like for you in Iraq.
Maybe you have a higher calling than the US Military Chain of Command and US classified information rules. Maybe you are being called by your Maker to tell what you know about what your unit found in Iraq. Jesus and Michael are always on the lookout for a few good men and women.Let me know if you wish to hear why America intervened in Vietnam and why Truman dropped the A-bombs. Oh, my pardon, I forgot to mention President Roosevelt (a Democrat) knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, but he didn’t alert the Navy because he wanted the attack to swing American sentiment toward intervening in WW II.
Sloan at Coco's
Sloan Bashinsky
Key West

Okay, my military leaders told me in a nap earlier today to fill in the blanks I left missing, none of it is classified. In fact, in God’s realm, there are no fig leaves, nor any secrets.

President Truman wrote in his diary that the reason he dropped the A-bombs on Japan was not to win that war, the Japanese were trying to surrender, but to intimidate the Russians. He succeeded. Thus began the nuclear arms race. 

The National Geographic President told the Birmingham Rotary Club that the Geographic had correspondents in Saigon when a huge street demonstration occurred. Thousands of Vietnamese carried posters, written in English, begging America to intervene and save them from the communists. The Geographic correspondents spoke Vietnamese and learned from the protesters that they did not speak English and didn’t know what was on the posters they were carrying. They lived in the countryside and had been paid money by the Saigon government to be bused into the city and demonstrate. The demonstration was widely aired on American television and swung American sentiment toward intervening in South Vietnam’s favor. Later digging by the Geographic uncovered that the money for the demonstration had been paid by the US Government and US coporations to the Saigon government for the demonstration.

The former CIA agent told us in the Unitarian Church in Key West that, while publicly the US was backing France in it efforts to retake Vietnam, his unit’s mission was to do all possible to help Ho Chi Minh defeat the French, so the US could cut a deal with Minh and replace France in Vietnam and have access to Vietnam’s rubber trees and other natural resources. Their mission succeeded, except Minh decided America was asking for too much, so he went to the Soviets for friendship and aid. He did not go to the Chinese due to longstanding hostility between China and Vietnam.

The MIRACLE, which saved me from going to Vietnam, came about in this way. My infant son died at the beginning of my last semester in law school. By then, students were being drafted, but fathers were not, and never would be. I was exposed to the draft, unless I elected to take special student deferment, which would let me finish my course of study, whereupon I would be inducted. The draft was a lottery, no one knew who would be drafted next. After going back and forth between being drafted, dropping out of law school and enlisting in the Marine Corps, and applying for the special student deferment and then being inducted and maybe ending up in the Judge Advocate General Corps as a military lawyer, I decided to apply for the special student deferment and drove to Birmingham and did that. About two weeks later, my wife discovered she was pregnant. I drove back to the draft board hoping, but not believing, I would be able to retract the special student deferment I had elected. The same woman clerk waited on me, who had processed the special student deferment application. She heard me out, said she felt for me, but the special student deferment was irrevocable. She went to a green filing cabinet and pulled out my file to show me what I had signed, which I already knew was irrevocable. Then, she said, “There’s been some mistake.” I asked, “What mistake?” She said, “You applied on the wrong form, your application for the deferment was defective, you will have to reapply.? I laugh, said, said, “No thanks, I will go back to having a father deferment.” I felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted me. I knew it was a MIRACLE. As time passed, I viewed it as God’s way of saying how God felt about that war, and how God felt about me being in it. Maybe losing my son was war enough war. It certainly left me at loose ends for a very long time. There are lots of ways to have post traumatic shock, fighting in US foreign wars is just one of the ways.

There are lots of homeless veterans down here in Key West and throughout the Florida Keys. They, and homeless people generally, are treated like scum in Key West, somewhat better up the Keys. Battle shock (post traumatic shock) is like a time bomb, tick, tick, tick-ing, until finally a veteran no longer can hold it together. Homelessness is one outcome, which can occur. Most of the homeless veterans down here are Vietnam veterans. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are just getting started turning out homeless veterans. The wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth one dead, maimed or battle-shocked America soldier. Nor one homeless veteran. My way of “supporting the troops” is to encourage American soldiers to not participate in Corporate America wars, and to advocate evacuating all American troops out of those places ASAP, and bring them home.

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

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Death of a Pork Rind King …


Golden Flake clown

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From a Key West amiga yesterday:


Death of a Pork Rind King

October 31, 2013 | by 


Trick-or-treating is really an exercise in cartography. I wouldn’t be able to give driving directions to the Alabama suburb where I grew up except under duress, but I could draw you a map of my Halloween neighborhood route with unerring precision. Sugar lust, after all, makes tacticians of all of us.

Here is the house that would only offer a few chalky rolls of Smarties for your trek up a steep, Virginia creeper–tangled front walk. There, a woman with a fake witch nose would request that put your hand in a container of peeled grape “eyeballs,” but reward you with a roll of quarters and a full-sized Snickers. Here, you’d find an empty bowl with a plaintive PLEASE JUST TAKE TWO PIECES tacked on the screen door, its contents long ago looted by a mercenary band of eleven-year-olds with pillowcases. That house, home to a diabetic child, gave out glow-in-the-dark slap bracelets, worth up to three packets of M&Ms in the candy bartering session at the end of the night. And here, the crown jewel of the cul-de-sac: the potato chip house.

The potato chip house was home to Major Bashinsky, an estate lawyer and heir to the Golden Flake snack food fortune. Bashinsky’s grandfather founded the company, which produces crackers, chips, popcorn, and ten kinds of flavored pork cracklins.

University of Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, a state idol and good friend of Major Bashinsky’s father, shilled for the company on his local talk show in the late 1970s. Alabama schoolchildren still visit the Titusville factory by the busload, tasting cheese curls hot off the line. When I was growing up, the Bashinksy house was the Halloween destination for as many snack-size packets of cracklins as you could scoop up. In 2010, it entered neighborhood lore as the home of the pork rind magnate who staged his own murder.

Bashinsky was last seen alive on March 3, 2010, in his office in downtown Birmingham. His daughter found his abandoned Toyota Camry while distributing missing person fliers, an angry letter to the company and a packet of Golden Flake chips taped inside. Police found Bashinksy’s body two weeks after his disappearance, fully clothed and floating in the pond of a local golf course. A bottle was attached to his corpse, stuffed with the same note his daughter found in Bashinsky’s car. His arms had been bound with rope and his lips duct-taped shut. Inside his mouth, a coroner found the label from a bag of Golden Flake potato chips.

Conspiracy theories flew. Bashinsky was well to do, but he wasn’t flashy. (My clearest memory of him from my childhood, aside from his Halloween generosity, was that he had a trampoline in the backyard and didn’t mind one or two local kids scampering through the hedge to bounce on it.) He had two young children, and no more enemies than an average Alabama attorney. His stepmother Joann had inherited most of the Golden Flake stock after Major’s father died, possibly leaving him without any major stake in the company. The threatening letters found in Bashinksy’s car and on his person held no clues.

Nine days after police identified Bashinsky’s body, authorities ruled his death a suicide. A man believed to be Bashinksy had purchased duct tape and rope at a nearby hardware store on the day of his disappearance. Divers found scissors, car keys, and a roll of tape in the pond along with Bashinsky’s body. “We believe right now that he drafted all of those notes himself,” a spokesman for the Birmingham Police Department told ABC. “But we haven’t quite figured out why.”

Little emerged from the murk of speculation. Slowly, surely, Bashinksy settled into neighborhood myth. His brother Sloan, who came in last in the 2009 Key West mayoral race after running on a pro–nude beaches platform, posited on his Web site that Bashinsky killed himself to avoid being exposed as bisexual. Other bloggers pinned Bashinsky’s death to a series of suspicious fatalities that year in Alabama, possibly linked to financial dealings with GOP mastermind Karl Rove. My childhood neighbors swapped stories with raised eyebrows, pointing to the Golden Flake label ominously when they brought out pickle chips during parties.

This Halloween, a gaggle of pint-size witches, robots, princesses, and aliens will navigate the streets of that same cul-de-sac. Maybe they’ll avoid the well-meaning dentist who passes out floss. Maybe they’ll plot the shortest distance to the porch with iced-down cans of soda at the ready. Probably, the mental maps of corn syrup–hunting children in those few blocks are unrecognizable from the one I can sketch from decades ago. But no doubt, for one Halloween-related reason or another, our pictures overlap at the potato chip house.

Margaret Eby is working on a book about Southern literary shrines called High Holy Places, forthcoming from Norton in 2014.

I submitted this comment on 5/10/2014, Mother’s Day Eve:

This is Major Bashinsky’s older brother Sloan, named after Major’s and my father.

Someone down here in Key West just forwarded me a link to Margaret Eby’s article about my family. I don’t know if I knew Margaret, I was four years old than Major, knew lots of his male friends when he was growing up. I don’t recall he had female friends, other than a few girlfriends.

Golden Flake was founded by a Birmingham family as Magic City Foods, Inc., which many years later, shortly, after World War II, was purchased my Major’s and my grandfather Leo Bashinsky and his brother-in-law Cyrus Case, whose wife, Leo’s brother, had tragically died of some kind of fast moving pneumonia not long after they were married. Cyrus never remarried. I heard from someone in the family maybe two years ago that Cyrus was gay. My mother loved him, and I really liked him, too.

Actually, our home featured a broad range of Golden Flake snacks at Halloween, and the company was known as a potato chip company, which sold other cellophane-bagged snacks: cheese curls, port skins, peanuts, popcorn, peanut butter, cheese and sweet crackers. Later, the company added corn ships and even later tortilla chips.

In the early years, potato chips probably constituted 80 percent of sales, but by the late 1960s, potato chips were down to about 50 percent of sales. I know that, because I worked for Golden Flake starting the fall of 1969, through 1973. Then, I went into the practice of law, having already obtained a law degree at the University of Alabama School of Law, before going to work for Golden Flake.

I’d worked several summers at Golden Flake during high school and college. Major worked there one summer, for a while, as I recall. And, later, he worked there, perhaps six months?, in the accounting/computer department, I think after he entered Alabama undergraduate and before he graduated. He did not indicate interest in working at Golden Flake long term.

I was viewed in the company back then as the Golden Flake heir. A number of times when I was growing up my father told me, “Son, I built this company for you.” Maybe he told Major that, too; Major never said.

Many years later Major told me that he thought he wanted to go to work for Golden Flake. I asked, why? He said, it was the only way he would have a chance to really get to know his father. Major had been sent to me by company management, with whom I had worked closely when I still worked there. I said, that was not a good reason to go to work there. The only good reason was because he really wanted to work there. Did he really want to work there? Major said, not really. He just wanted to get to know his father better.

Not long after that, Major applied for admission to Cumberland Law School, attached to Samford University in Alabama, and he did well there, and that’s how he became a lawyer, instead of the Golden Flake heir.

Maybe a month after Major went missing, a Birmingham television station interviewed me by telephone and taped the interview and put it on the station’s website for anyone to hear. I covered in that interview how Major became a lawyer, instead of the Golden Flake heir.

The Mountain Brook Police, the Birmingham police, the Jefferson County Sheriff, and the F.B.I. never contacted me after Major went missing; not even after I sent out feelers that I would be happy to speak with them.

I wrote in posts to my websites – and – before Major’s body was even found in the Highland Golf Course pond – that I seemed to be getting from Above that Major had killed himself and had tried to make it look like he was murdered.

After Major’s body was found, I wrote in posts to those websites that he was bisexual, which I had known for a long time, it didn’t mater to me, and someone who knew that and had it in for him was going to out him and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He had not come out with being bisexual, he was living a double life, his image was more important to him than anything, and his solution was as described above.

Some time after I had published it was suicide disguised as murder, the Jefferson County Coroner’s Pathologist and the Birmingham Police Department detective assigned to the investigation both announced it was suicide made to look like murder. That was published in the Birmingham News, which did interview me early on, before Major’s body was found, but the story was killed by higher ups in that newspaper, according to the reporter who interviewed me.

Major’s first wife, Gail, a friend of mine, now deceased, and his and her oldest daughter Sloan, who was named after me, both told me that they believed Major killed himself and tried to make it look like murder.

Maybe a year after Major died, I did a Freedom of Information Act Request to the F.B.I. on their file on Major, and after it arrived, I found in it a black and white negative-looking side-shot photo of someone buying something at the 5-Points Hardware Store, where Major was said to have gone to buy rope, tape, etc. after he left the nearby Starbucks the last day he was seen alive. I knew when I saw the photo that it was Major, it was his precise profile, body shape, head shape, posture. I would have told the authorities that, if they had asked me.

An investigative journalist in Dothan, Alabama and I had a great deal of email conversation for months after Major went missing. She told me that she drove to Birmingham and interviewed the 5 Points South Starbucks employees, and they said they knew Major, he was a regular customer, and he was in there the same afternoon he was last seen alive, and then he left.

Also in the F.B.I. file was a report on pistol found in the pond below where Major’s body was found, a collector’s Browning automatic, .32 caliber, being the same make as a pistol encased in a display in the den of our father’s home, by then only inhabited by his widow, Joann, who showed the authorities the second pistol in its case, and said it looked like the one found in the pond.

It would have been just like Major to see that rare pistol in the case and find one just like it, simply because his father had one. I would have told the authorities that, if they had let out that there were two identical rare pistols, and where they were found. I saw no news reports of the second apparently identical pistol in our father’s home.

Maybe two years after Major died, I received an email from a woman I did not know, who said she once had worked for the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), and a gay man in her department persuaded her to attend with him a party, which, she realized on arriving, was all gay men, one of whom was pointed out to her by her gay co-employee, as Major. She said she attended other similar parties with her gay co-employee, and Major was there.

Maybe six months ago, someone who should know told me that Major was deeply in debt when he died. That was the first I’d heard of that. And, he had a really big life insurance policy on himself – millions. And, it all went to his second wife, Leslie.

Major had two children by Gail. By Leslie, Major apparently was not able to conceive more children. She wanted children, so they used artificial insemination and a male donor, I was told by someone who should have known, and that produced two more children, a boy, then a girl, both of whom Major legally adopted, Major himself had told me they were doing fertility work, but I did not understand they were using another donor.

Actually, I ran for Mayor of Key West three times before Major died, and am running again this year. Yes, one year, 2009, the last of those races before this year’s, I pushed hard for Key West to get a nude beach. It was a rowdy place (understatement), a nude beach would pull in an entirely different kind of tourist, with money. However, that was only a small part of what I pushed that year, and in the other years, and this year.

I publish daily to, and more sporadically to, and even more sporadically to, where there are a number of posts about Major’s passing, mostly prompted by what other people published online about it.

I don’t imagine what I publish much, if at all, resembles what is published elsewhere. I read and reply to all correspondence, and often publish it verbatim.

Sloan Bashinsky

Sloan at HH 2


Hmmm, in my spirit code, pork represents politics.

In my spirit code, something like Margaret Eby’s article only just now crossing my path just might mean death approaches my political life in some way. But in what way?

And/or, it might mean death approaches in the “Golden Flake Family” in some way.

Maybe I should stay tuned …

Mother’s Day P.S.

Major became deeply devoted to our mother during her last illness, and remained deeply devoted to her as far as I know.

I sometimes have wondered, if Major had let me know he was so distressed, maybe I could have talked him through it. For a number of years, he and I had been really close, he was open with me. But that phase passed. I had thought he was doing well, before news of his going missing arrived from friends of mine in Birmingham.

I didn’t care to get involved in writing, or even talking, about Major’s passing; but it was given to me to do by the angels who own me: I call them Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek. They often put me to make “minority reports”.

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Jesus loves me and other Sunday prayer meetings on’s popular Coconut Telegraph kudos and whiners forum

kudos & whiners

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coconut telegraph

On the Friday Coconut Telegraph:

Thursday a poster defended Sloan saying the faithful all talk to God when they pray so Sloan should not be criticized for his angels.

People’s worries stem from the fact that Sloan says the angles talk to him. Praying to an angel or a god is one thing, that’s you talking to your god, but when you say that god or angels talk to you – that’s entirely different — and crazy too boot!

I submitted this reply:

Oh, my – then, whatever you do, don’t open a Bible, which is filled with stories of people who allegedly heard from angels and God. That said, being talked to by God and angels is the very last thing most Christians I have known wanted to have happen, because when it happened, it almost was never what they wanted to hear. In fact, it nearly always upset them to hear it!

Perhaps you have mixed that up with people who claimed they were told by God or angels to do something self-aggrandizing or hurtful, such as George W. Bush saying on national TV that God was telling him to invade Iraq. Now, if George had said on national TV that God was telling him to lead the charge into Iraq, and have his wife and children beside him, that would have been entirely different. He could have been Baker Act’d and the US would have been spared that insane war, and lots of American military personnel would not have died, or been physically maimed, or suffered battle shock (post traumatic shock), and military families shattered, and homeless roles increased. A demon told George to invade Iraq, and every American who agreed with that invasion was hearing from the same demon. Ditto for Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan and every American who supported that.

You might want to check out Saturday’s (4/18) post at, which introduces the KWPD officers involved in the Charles Eimer’s case to God’s courtroom, Jesus, and karma.

Also on Friday’s Coconut Telegraph:

Oh look, Sloan is back. The guy who promised he’d never return here. The same guy who just complained about content not suitable for children but who posted a detailed description of the sores on his penis (and that was on the CT, not your website). Surprising you worry about what the children read, I’m more worried about you being anywhere near a child considering you are an admitted molester of your own sister. He calls anyone who disagrees with him “haters” but uses terms like “Nazi Cow” to insult women. Sloan is only about one thing, making sure people pay attention to him.

I submitted this reply:

I don’t recall promising any such thing. I may have said I hope I never have to deal with the Coconut Telegraph again, as that was how I felt back then, and, frankly, I don’t like dealing with it now, but I don’t get to pick and chose what I deal with. The angels running me do my travel itinerary; if you have a complaint, file it with them, maybe they will listen to you and shut me up and let me go. Not gonna hold my breath about that, though.

The MRSA sores were on either side of the base of my penis, and one was on my right buttock. What I published was intended to paint the horror and grave danger of contracting MRSA in the Florida Keys, especially in the ocean, and ways to treat it, which medicine does not use. The other day, I received a thank you from a west coast of Florida woman, who had read one of my MRSA posts. The two home remedies described therein, she said, were taking care of her MRSA infection in her lower private area. She said she was a Christian Scientist and had not sought medical relief from a physician. She said she was using forgiveness, also, as part of her MRSA treatment. Forgiveness of others.

Many people disagree with me today, and many people have disagreed with me since I came to the Keys in late 2000, and even before then. I did not, do not, view them as Sloan haters. Over the years, I did meet people who came to hate me. There developed on the CT people who came to hate me, which was clear in their words and tone. Clear also to other CT readers. Clear also to Dear Ed, who is a friend of mine.

Yeah, I called the hefty President of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce a Nazi Cow, and I explained why in several posts back then, and how I had borrowed that term from the XXX-rated movie “Field of Dreams,” in which the main character’s wife called a hefty right-wing woman a Nazi Cow, after she went on a tirade in a town hall meeting, demanding that a prominent social activist’s book, The Boat Rocker, be banned from their town’s schools and public library.

Perhaps instead of cherry picking, you should go back in time and reread what all I wrote about that, with which I am pretty sure County Commissioner Sylvia Murphy agreed, because she was not happy to learn from me what the Marathon Chamber did that night in the Marathon Government Center. The County Administrator also was not happy about it. There was a rule against anyone renting and using county buildings to promote their own political agendas.

At that candidate forum, the Chamber ambushed Amendment 4 without any forewarning to anyone. If 4 had passed that year, that would have required a voter referendum on any future amendments to city or county comprehensive plans anywhere in Florida. 4 would have stopped the further paving over of Florida and the Florida Keys by developers and city and county commissioners. 4 was the most important item on the 2010 ballot. Sylvia Murphy was totally behind 4, wore pro-4 buttons, and gave the pro- 4 PAC money more than once.

Your worry about me being anywhere near a child, because I molested my younger sister 56 years ago, which you’d never have known about if I had not told it on the Coconut Telegraph, is understandable. The angels who run me told me to provide that personal history, I supposed because I was moving toward running for the school board seat being vacated by Duncan Mathewson, and that was an elected office which was all about children.

I expected what some of you on the Coconut Telegraph did with that disclosure, and I understood that was part of my living the rough karma from the horrible thing I did to my sister. However, you are mistaken, if you think the abuse continued, for it did not. It was short-lived. I was brought to my senses. I was no longer interested in my sister in that way. I never was interested in another child in that way.

I am straight, and over the years have been in a number of relationships with women. Except for a brief mid-day fling with a biker chick in 2010, as I recall, initiated by her, I have been celibate since early January 2005. Not something I chose, or wanted, but that’s how it has worked out.

The biker chick wrote a couple of comments into the Coconut Telegraph, and said, after we had made love, Sloan’s angels had healed her. Not my angels, everybody’s. She wrote into the Coconut about a month ago and thanked me for saving her life. The angels saved her life.

The angels also can help you with the terrible wound inside of you, which I have been used by the angels to bring up out of you, which drives you to have at me. I could imagine you were molested in childhood and you may or may not remember it.

You have read before from me that you don’t have to read anything I write. You don’t have to read the Coconut Telegraph, either. It’s not your blog, but you carry on like it is. If you don’t like my commenting on the Coconut Telegraph, take it up with Deer Ed, whose website it is.

Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek, my main angel tormentors, disciplinarians, teachers and editors, seem to be trying very hard, through me, in spite of me, to show children, regardless of their actual chronological age, what is really going on inside of them and all around them, which they are not being shown by the people who should be showing it to them.

You think children should not be told about MRSA and that it’s really easy to catch by going swimming in the ocean, or a lagoon, or a canal in the Florida Keys?

You think children should not be told that angels exist and are interacting with human beings ongoing, even if human beings don’t know it is going on?

You think children should not be told Christianity does not know Jesus and has made a mockery of what he did and taught 2,000 years ago?

You think children should not be told that they may never be properly informed by their parents, school teachers, ministers, and they only cure for that is to be informed by angels?

You think children should not be told that telling the truth and doing unto others what they want done to them is not more important than trying to please other people, protecting other people who are doing bad things, turning blind eye to wrong doing?

You think children should not be told about karma and the sins of the parents being visited on their children?

You think children should not be told that admitting mistakes and apologizing, and doing things differently in the future, is more important than being religious and claiming salvation through Jesus?

I could go on with such questions for a very long time. And, I could stop cussin’. but I probably won’t.

cussin' is honest

The cussin’ pic passed through my Facebook account yesterday. Perhaps it’s shopped, a joke, but the timing with your comments left me with the impression that the angels had a hand in it.

Perhaps in response to attacks on me on the Coconut Telegraph,


Kurt Wagner sent me this yesterday:

There is a man in Key West,
who hears the Angels best.
When he does wrong,
they tell him “be strong”
and ignore what he hears from the rest.

There is a different post today at, which you should be able to reach by clicking on this link: To Protect & Serve might be a selective enforcement phenomenon in Key West, if you are homeless, or are suspected of being; plus some affordable housing cha cha mumbo jumbo

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

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Was (is) Bill Clinton an alien?

Statue of Liberty

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Bill Clinton asked aides to investigate aliens, UFO files

The 42nd President appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Wednesday where he spoke with the late-night host about alien life in the universe and how a visit from extraterrestrials could quell in-fighting in Washington.




Thursday, April 3, 2014, 9:56 PMClinton is convinced that if aliens did visit Earth, bipartisan cooperation in Washington would be instantaneous.ABCClinton is convinced that if aliens did visit Earth, bipartisan cooperation in Washington would be instantaneous.
Bill Clinton thinks we are not alone.In an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Clinton said that when he was President, he actually asked aides to investigate what, if anything, the government knew about UFOs.

The search turned up no evidence of E.T. — but Clinton said he wouldn’t rule out that aliens exist.

“If we were visited someday I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said. “I just hope that it’s not like ‘Independence Day.’ ”

The extraterrestrial topic was first brought up by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who said he would demand to see  any documents on UFOs if he became President.ABCThe extraterrestrial topic was first brought up by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who said he would demand to see any documents on UFOs if he became President.

The issue of extraterrestrial life came up when Kimmel declared that if he were to become President, he would immediately “demand to see all the classified files on the UFOs.”

“Did you do that?” Kimmel asked.

“Sort of,” Clinton smiled.

ClinfffDAN BURN-FORTI/GETTY IMAGESClinton said he asked to make sure that there were no aliens at Area 51.

He said he asked for the review at the beginning of his second term, after “Independence Day” came out and as the 50th anniversary of an alleged UFO crash in Roswell, N.M., approached.

“First, I had people go look at the records on Area 51 to make sure there was no alien down there,” Clinton said, referring to the top-secret section of a Nevada Air Force base. “But there are no aliens there,” Clinton said.

“When the Roswell thing came up, I knew we’d get gazillions of letters, so I had all the Roswell papers reviewed, everything.”

NRCONEYL JAY/GETTY IMAGESWhile nothing was known about UFOs, Clinton said it is known that there are other planets out there that could possibly support life.

“If you saw that there were aliens there, would you tell us?” Kimmel asked.

“Yeah,” Clinton said, smiling.

“So, what do we know?” the former President continued on Wednesday night’s show.

“We know there are billions of stars and planets, literally, out there. And the universe is getting bigger,” he said. “In the last two years, more than 20 planets have been identified outside our solar system that seem to be far enough away from their suns and dense enough that they might be able to support some form of life, so it makes it increasingly less likely that we’re alone.”

Clinton joked that a visit by aliens might be “the only way to unite us in this incredibly divided” world. “If they’re out there, we better think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day.’ Everybody gets together and makes nice.”

Read more:

After reading the other reader comments, some of which seemed serious, others not serious, I posted:


Whatever politics are/are not involved, I have seen a spaceship, which put on an air show I seriously doubt could have been performed by any earth human aircraft, so I don’t wonder if ETs exist, any more than I wonder if angels exist after having daily experiences with them for a long time. Clinton is right, given the billions and billions of stars, the odds are slim there are no life forms beyond this planet. In fact, the statistical odds of there not being life elsewhere are zero. Imagine the impact on the world’s religions and on national governments and on most earth humans, if a fleet of spaceships arrived in this planet’s atmosphere and then positioned themselves directly over the capitol of each major country, and started broadcasting in, say, Morse Code, or in each country’s language, whatever the aliens wanted to broadcast. Pandemonium?

Suppose even they were friendly aliens, not Independence Day types. How would they be received, do you suppose? Would major corporate CEO’s try to make business deals with them? Would national military and intelligence agencies try to make deals with them? Perhaps most interesting, what would religious leaders do with aliens? I’m getting on up here in years, now 71. I sent Bill Clinton a novel I had written, which was about an alien colony living on this world in disguise as humans – from the Pleiades those aliens. He wrote back thanking me for the book.

I wrote back, Clinton was still Governor of Arkansas, had won the Democratic nomination but had not yet won the US presidency, saying if he got the presidency, because he had opposed the Vietnam war, it would be his mission to make a national US apology to Vietnam for that war, which he did during his second term. I figured that is why he was Teflon every time the Republicans tried to get him. I thought he was a pretty good president and have not cared for any presidents since him.

Sloan at Coco's

Sloan Bashinsky

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