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  1. I love your devotion to the truth.

  2. Miriam says:

    Hi there! My name is Miriam, and I stumbled across your website in a search for people in Alabama with the last name Bashinsky. In a very long and convoluted way, I think that we may be related. Your grandfather, Leopold, who you tell such great stories about, was, I think, the son of Isaac Bashinsky. Leopold’s stepmother, who you say was about his age, would have been Augusta Bashinsky, and Augusta came to the U.S. with her sister, Emelia Jackson. If I’m right about that, then Augusta and Emelia ended up in New Orleans, which is where Augusta died.

    Anyway, my great-grandmother, Helen, was the granddaughter of Emelia Jackson. She wrote some stories very much like yours about her childhood memories of visiting her father’s parents, who were Jewish and immigrated from Germany or Poland, in New Orleans when she was a small child, right around 1900. In her stories, she mentions her Great Aunt Gusta, who was the widow Bashinsky. I’ve been trying to research my own family, and it’s difficult to find someone with a last name as straightforward as Jackson, so I started looking for the Bashinsky family. The great stories you have here correspond to what I’ve been able to put together, and I’d love to compare notes, if you’re interested.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon- thanks for sharing your memories here!


    • Bash says:

      Hi, Miriam – thanks for writing. Although Helen was the name of my great-grandfather Leopold’s second/youngest daughter, I never heard of another Helen in Leopold’s bloodline. His other daughter’s bloodline are the main family historians. Elizabeth Crump, is the main one. Also, Helen, and Jane. My second cousins, they live in Montgomery, Alabama. Way I remember them telling it, is mostly how I wrote it in A Few Remarkable People I Have Known. Some of that telling also came from the wife of my father’s older brother, and some from my first wife, as I recall, who heard it from others. I did not say in telling that my second cousins told me that, other than Leopold and his brother, Max, who came over later and moved to Troy to be near Leopold, all of that bloodline back in Poland was killed by the Nazis. If there was a Helen who came over to America, my second cousins would be the best place to check. Am having trouble recalling Jane’s last name now, but I think Helen’s might still be Wells. She is an attorney. I sometimes accuse her of being my aunt, which is a tease, because I am a couple of years older than she is. I last saw them in the fall of 2006. If you reach the Crumps, tell them I sent you to them and send my very warmest regards. My sister, Elizabeth, also named after Leopold’s wife, also did some family history research. Perhaps she also can help you. She married a fellow last name Krebs, but maybe she took Bashinsky back eventually, after they divorced. He very recently passed over. She lives in Birmingham, on Appomatox Lane, Mountain Brook surburb. I think her phone might be in the directory. I haven’t heard from her in maybe three years. Nor she from me. Sloan

  3. Sandy Roberson says:

    Just trying to figure out which one of your sisters I met in the late 90’s. she was traveling thur my town on her way to the coast. She was thin and had grown hair I think! She had 2 boys with her one taller than her at the time.
    She had bought gas at a station not far from my home. On my way to church in the middle of US 25 just off the 228 exit of 65 was a wallet. I stopped and picked it up. I didn’t take it to the police because I was not sure they would worry about getting to her in a timely fashion. So I searched it and found Majors name. I looked up his phone number and called him. He wasn’t all that thrilled to be talking to a stranger on a Sunday morning. I do believe he said they were just bringing a baby home from the hospital. I ask him how I could get in touch with your sister. I knew she was headed to the coast from her agenda in the wallet. He said he would try but that I seemed to know more about her than he did. I remember all of that but I don’t remember her name. I think It might have been Elizabeth. I ran across majors name on the Internet and started thinking so I thought I would ask.

  4. Sandy Roberson says:

    Earlier post she had brown hair not grown.

    • Bash says:

      See my reply to your other inquiry, again, sorry for delay in responding, for reason stated in my other reply. Thin with brown hair would be Elizabeth.

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