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Although I mostly have lived in either Key West or up US 1 a little ways on Little Torch Key since late 2000, I was born and raised in Birmingham. In my youth, I was called “Bash” from the first four letters of my last name. Some old friends and family members still call me Bash. Some people know my family as the Golden Flake Bashinskys. The company was acquired from a Birmingham family by my grandfather Leo Bashinsky and his brother-in-law Cyrus Case just after World War II. My father was made a junior partner and smallish stockholder.

my father

His brother, Leo Bashinsky, who would become a Birmingham pediatrian of note, also was a smallish stockholder but never worked in the business. When some years passed and my father, for whom I am named, bought the company from his father and Cyrus Case, he also bought his brother’s stock interest. After that, the company really grew. Today, though, it is shrinking.

No, that’s not me.

Starting at age 14, I worked summers at Golden Flake. Didn’t care for it, but my father said it was good for me, and sometimes he said he was building the business for me. Never felt good hearing that. He often told me he wished he had gone to law school, because knowledge of the law is so important to businees. So, after graduating from Vanderbilt, not knowing what I wanted to do yet, I enrolled at the University of Alabama School of Law.

Farah Hall, site of the wooliest sunrise homecoming parties ever held on planet earth, future lawyers of Alabama indeed, but I didn’t know that yet when I moved to Tuscaloosa …

I had heard plenty of stories about Alabama law students flunking out, and the first day of class, the professor told us to look to our left and to our right, at the students who would not still be around for graduation, if we were not among them. Properly scared shitless, I applied myself like I’d never applied myself before, and  I suppose I did okay, maybe top twenty percent. Might have done better if I hadn’t spent so much time playing golf, fishing, hunting and drinking beer, and sneaking off to the Keys during Christmas and spring breaks. But then, maybe doing all of that kept me from going insane and flunking out.

After graduating from law school in early 1968, having taken summer courses to graduate sooner, I spent three solid months reviewing my old class notes and the text books, having heard the same gloom and doom about the Alabama Bar Exam that I’d heard about how tough law school would be. Although I would do okay on the bar exam, I didn’t know that yet and still was mixed up about what to do, not entirley undue to my infant son having died of crib death at the beginning of my last semester in law school. Then, I seemingly miraculously landed a job clerking for United States District Judge Clarence W. Allgood in Birmingham, whose law clerk had resigned mid-way into his clerkship and had gone into the practice of law with his father. Clerking for a US District Judge was a golden opportunity for any law graduate.

Besides being a distinguished jurist, Judge Allgood was a wonderful and wise man. Although he tried to help me get my rudder straightened out, my confusion continued, and when my time with him was up, by default, against Judge Allgood’s advice, against many people’s advice, I went to work for Golden Flake. I lasted four years and nearly killed me and my father. Then, at what then was a huge leap of faith for me, I went into the private practice of law with a small firm in Birmingham. That was 1973.

A jealous mistress indeed, hardly a day passes still that I don’t give somebody, or somebodies, free legal advice …

I practiced twelve years, and during that time I handled a lot of different kinds of cases. Later, I came to describe my practice as “threshold law,” whatever crossed over the threshold I tried to handle. The practice of law took on a meaning to me and some of my clients perhaps not divined by my law school professors. Practice, as in practicing on clients. I had my share of goofs and sometimes I did pretty good. Birmingham lawyers didn’t like trying cases against me because I was bull-headed, didn’t like to settle and was prone to try cases involving little money on principle, which put opposing counsel in court working for peanuts compared to what working in their law office rewarded; or they worked for even less than peanuts, not feeling okay about charging their clients for having the misfortune of being sued by me for one of my clients.

In 1977, my law alma mater started up a Masters in Tax Law program, taught twice a week in Birmingham, a part-time program for practicing lawyers. I was in the first class and finished in the allotted two years with one-third or so of the surviving original lawyer students. I had hoped the tax masters would perk up my law practice, but what it perked up was my interest in getting out of the practice of law – short version of longer story.

As I matriculated toward that worthy, or unworthy, goal depending on individual perspective, it came upon me to write a book for people buying homes, based on my having closed quite a few residential transactions, including mortgages, during the first few years I was in practice. Thus was hatched Home Buyers: Lambs to the Slaughter? in 1982, as I recall. Self-published, it later was picked up by Menasha Ridge Press of North Carolina. Menasha took it to Simon & Shuster, which assigned it to its newly-aquired Prentice-Hall Division, which turned out to be the kiss of death to my dream of becoming rich and famous by my own labor. Famous, or infamous, depending on individual point of view, the book made me for a while, but not rich. Ditto for its younger sister, Selling Your Home $weet Home, and my swan song to the practice of law, Kill All the Lawyers? – A Client’s Guide to Hiring, Firing, Using and Suing Lawyers.

I’m not promoting those heretical (if you are a Realtor or lawyer) books, as they are out of print for years. In all, I wrote about twenty books of different sizes, tones, including non-fiction reports of my and other people’s experiences with matters not exactly of this world, novels of similar ilk, and poetry from beyond as well. How that came about perhaps is a story for another time. Suffice to say, it definitely was, and is, the road less traveled by and turned me every which a way but loose, still in progress. For example, I dreamt of starting this website for two weeks before I understood the dreams were about starting this website, is all I will say right now about where my life went after I quit practicing on law clients in late 1985. I was already drifting that direction since about 1982, but warp-jumped in 1987.

Again, that’s all you will get now about that space trip right now, although the last novel, Heavy Wait: A Strange Tale, gives some perspective. It is the only Sloan book still “in print” – through a print-to-order publisher, Sometimes I see Amazon carries a few copies in America and the UK. Not recommended for Christians, New Agians or Atheists, which probably rules out most people in the Birmingham area. Perhaps explains why it sold so well that I received an $11 royalty check, finally, last year, which I push-pinned onto the kitchen wall in my trailer in the woods on Little Torch Key.

That’s right, the Golden Flake crown prince lives in a 30-year-old single-wide trailer on an acre of wild land next to a state wildlife refuge, which he calls Walden and is darn happy to have. You would be, too, if you had lived some of the places I lived after the world started turning the other way in early 1987. But and again, that’s not for telling now. Maybe it’s only for telling people who live in the Florida Keys, which are a bit strange to say the least. If I lived in Birmingham and carried on like I do in the Keys, I would be locked up for everyone elses’ own good at Bryce Hospital for the Mentally Insane, or whatever it became after it was moved from Tuscaloosa.

[Eventually, I was “nudged” to tell a bit about it, which you can read in the two ships passing, psychiatry and a mystic page on this website.]

The kind of writing I might get away with if I lived in Birmingham is the little book in the  menu, A Few Remarkable People I Have Known, which I retrieved electronically from the publisher the same day this website went active. That little book might have snuck up on quite a few folks. Click on its title to see the whole thing. It begins with a tribute to Judge Allgood. Meanwhile …

Major Bashinsky, R.I.P.

Some people in Birmingham and Alabama got some sense of the Keys Sloan pen when I published online my sentiments on my brother Major going missing in March 2010, and his body then being found in Highland Golf Course pond beside Highland Avenue. I wrote several times on my websites that I was sensing Major had taken himself out, before the Jefferson County Coronor and Birmingham Police Department came to the same conclusion. I wrote that because the angels who boss me around told me that is what had happened and they told me to write it, even though I wanted to do anything but write it. Eventually, I was told by my Editorial Board to put up a comprehensive report, which I made into the  Major Bashinsky – Legal Schnauzer v. Bash, Jefferson County Coroner and Birmingham Police Department  page on this website.

I played Highland Golf Course a few times as a lad, although most all the golf I played back then was at the Birmingham County Club, from which I resigned in 1977, as I recall. Didn’t mean anything to me anymore. Still doesn’t mean anything to me. A tiny kingdom within The Tiny Kingdom where I grew up – Mt. Brook, which doesn’t mean anything to me anymore either, other than I love the bread made from freshly-ground wheat at Big Sky Bakery on the circle in Mt. Brook Village.

As for the game that once was written (Golf in the Kingdom) is an X-ray of the soul, I seldom play today. I never know what’s going to happen when I hit a shot. It might sometimes look like God hit it, usually, though, like a creative babboon’s handiwork. By six holes I feel like dialing 911 for the medevac helicopter. Serious decline for a fellow who played 36 holes a day during summers when he was a kid, carrying his own bag. Golf was my father’s game. He was good enough to be a touring pro if he had set his mind and will to it, but he went the business and investing route and excelled there. Today, golf is the one sport I took up, which I still enjoy watching on TV, especially the major tournaments. In real life, I play golf every day, in the sense of playing each shot as it lies, counting all of my strokes, etc. Not exactly golfing in the kingdom, more like golfing in the other place hoping some day to shoot a decent round.

I also still like watching the Crimson Tide, but sometimes I have to turn the TV off and come back later to see how it went. You don’t get over your father and Paul “Bear” Bryant being close friends, at least you don’t if you are me. Ramma jamma, yella hamma, give ’em hell, Alabama!

The Bear Jesus

You can imagine I’m nice and polite in Keys sports bars when Alabama plays Florida. At least I don’t have to worry about getting rumbled by Auburn fans down here, although there are a couple of Plains immigrants I’ve been avoiding since the disaster second half in Tuscaloosa last year (2010). Hell, Alabama should have scored 35 points the first half. Snake-bit might describe that team that should have set records never to be achieved again. Pray, I suppose, no future Alabama star becomes a Rhodes Scholar candidate, a bit distracting perhaps. An Auburn U. grad who grew up in Alabama and has lived for decades in Key West says I graduated from Bryce U. I say he graduated from Cow U and worships a buzzard. We get along okay, considering.

Photo with troll taken during otherwise reputed spell of clean living early 2011 …

Like was said to start this above, this new website is somewhat different. If it interests you, share it with other people. None of this website is copyrighted. The pages are user-friendly. You can copy anything you like and paste it somewhere else, but if you quote me out of context and I learn of it, you will get tarred-and-feathered in a daily roasting. I take no advertisements. I post only comments I decide to post. I answer all non-spam comments and emails, which sometimes makes recipients happier than other times. Often I publish what people send me. Sometimes, even, I publish their names.

I usually can be reached at, and you can keep up with sporadic to frequent holding-forths by clicking on Today’s Vulcanite.


Sloan Bashinsky

Another photo taken during reputed spell of clean living, which didn’t prove to be a chick magnet, so …

It’s said beach bums have more fun, but so far, it’s still just a rumor …

After some months of this website being up and running, this comment came in, which was caught by my spam filter:

“It’s a good shame you don’t contain a give money press button! I’d definitely give money for this fantastic web page! That i think in the meantime i’ll be satisfied with bookmarking together with putting an individual’s Feed that will my best Msn balance. That i appearance ahead that will recent messages and definitely will promote the web site utilizing my best Facebook or twitter team.”

To which I replied:

“Well, if you feel overwhelmed to give me money, my snail mail address is Sloan Bashinsky, 1031 Grand Street, Little Torch Key, Florida 33042. I would be pleased to accept cash (US preferred, but probably can make do with Canadian and Euros through local banker buddy), personal or corporate check, money orders (US Postal work best), Western Union wire transfer, and, if you are so inclined, I can provide bank wire transfer info. If you still are holding Confederate currency and want to get rid of it, I have some friends from one of my prior lives who’d love to have it, maybe even pay me something for it.”

Now that my mind’s on this topic, gold and silver, platinum, pearls, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, saphires, and kindred precious might work pretty good, too.






68 Responses to The Magic City

  1. Ron Kennerly says:

    Sloan – this should be well received by most in B.Ham regards, Ron

    • Bash says:

      Thanks. I added a new file/page today, a reprint from 2004 – portraits of 6 remarkable Alabama people (5 from Birmingham) I have known, who seriously impacted me during my formative years. It’s in the menu which was added today also. Plenty of KW and Keys work looming, too. Work mule, me, perhaps they (the feathered ones) will toss in a bit more fun.

  2. Deana says:

    Hoorah! The Grand Opening 🙂

    • Bash says:

      Thanks. Hope this new website is fun, but expect plenty of work, too. I added a new file/page today, a reprint from 2004 – portraits of 6 remarkable Alabama people (5 from Birmingham) I have known, who seriously impacted me during my formative years. It’s in the menu which was added today also.



    • Bash says:

      Thanks. Don’t see much let up ahead for KW and the Keys. Hope this new website is fun, but expect plenty of work, too. I added a new file/page today, a reprint from 2004 – portraits of 6 remarkable Alabama people (5 from Birmingham) I have known, who seriously impacted me during my formative years. It’s in the menu which was added today also.

  4. bamaearl says:

    That Vulcan… Is it an Idol?
    Is our use of gasoline idolatrous?

    1. Worshiping idols: “the idolatrous peasantry”.
    2. Treating someone or something as an idol: “America’s idolatrous worship of the auto”.

    • Bash says:

      Thanks for your comment. I never once heard of anyone in Birmingham worshipping Vulcan, the statue or the god, but perhaps it happened. The statue, of a blacksmith, which was named Vulcan, as I heard the story from my parents, was given to Birmingham (named after Birmingham, England, an iron and steep producing city) because of its iron and steel production. My parents said when they were kids, Vulcan lay disassembled in Avaondale Park, and only later was it erected where it now stands on Red Mountain, which is a bump compared to mountains I have seen, including the Colorado Rockies, the Tetons, the Alps, and the Himalaya. I had serious spirit dealings with a blacksmith in a prior life, so to speak, and in one of those experiences he took the form of Vulcan on Red Mountain, to show me something I needed to see. Maybe I will tell some about that in a post, so readers will see how I relate to Vulcan today, as opposed to how I related to him as a boy, which was that he was simply a blacksmith; I did not even then yet know there was a god named Vulcan. I will say now that the blacksmith who worked me over in spirit ways, seriously worked me over, still underway, is The Christ. I related that to Jesus saying in the Gospels that his baptism was in fire, not in water, and he was anxious to get on with it. My recollection is, in the Gospels John the Baptist also said Jesus’ baptism was in fire. Maybe more on this later. As for our use of gasoline being idolatrous, I suppose that can be argued. Add in autos. And trucks. And trains. And ships. And airplanes. And what about money? What about the American flag? What about religious symbols? Right now, it’s all I can say grace over just getting up in the morning and being as true as I can manage during the day and ensuing evening, while doing the least harm possible. If I quit using gasoline and gave up my car, I would be unable to do a great deal of what it seems God gives me to do. I suppose everything is relative, at some level.

  5. Herman& Marianne Faulk says:

    Sloan: Hope you find the info I am mailing to you today of interest. Much of it ‘you already know’. Use anyway you like. Herman

    • Bash says:

      Hey, Herman! Did you send your bugle, too? I bet my neighbors would just love to hear me bugling I can’t get em up every morning. You’re a trip, Herman, playing a bugle at 83, or whatever fossil state you are. Perhaps some jucies in your memoires for others to read.

  6. Bash says:

    I might write some tomorrow (July 1) about how I cope. Briefly, just barely, with a great deal of input from angels. Input mostly instructive, corrective, very little – almost no – encouragement. Imagine the kind of body-building workouts Arnold S. did, but internally for me and probably a good bit more strenuous spiritually, and darn trying physiclly, too. Arnold did it because he wanted to do it. I do it because it is imposed on me and I hang on best I can, using what I have been taught to just barely keep up. Don’t recommend it to anyone else, condolences to anyone it befalls. The poem at the end of “A Few Remarkable (Birmingham) People I Have Known” – see that file in the GMB home page menu – paints it a bit more romantic than it actually is.

  7. Bobbi says:

    this post should anyone print out and put on every car in london

    • Bash says:

      I flew to London once, from Scottand, en route to Paris. Arrived England at Preswick, rented a car, headed toward the Loch Ness, then up to Inverness. Beautiful. It was June, clear weather the whole trip. Played a round of golf at St. Andrews, with two men who lived nearby, one a lawyer, the other a playwright, said he had written the screen adaption for “Room at the Top,” as I recall. They saved me. My wife had the money when she dropped me off at the club house. A big tournament was about to start, so I rented a few clubs, bought three golf balls, paid the green fee with the money I had on me and teed off alone. By #2 tee, I was down to one ball, the gorse having consumed two before I got to the first green. Slightly depressed, I decided to finish the 18 using only a 9 iron and putter. Then, I noticed two golfers hustling up behind me, ahead of the tournament. After hearing my plight, they said they had plenty of balls, as the gorse was famous for eating them. We played the next 17 holes together. They were most enjoyable, I played like a toad, not having played in a good while. On the Road Hole, I managed to drive it into the deep bunker in the fairway. About 10 feet deep, as I recall, climbed down into it via a wooden ladder. Only way to hit it out was to aim back toward the tee. It was distantly related to Golf in the Kingdom, which book I would read many years later. It took a few more years before I started to get Shivas Irons’ drift. Eventually, I used my law license and practiced law. Even later, I became a writer. Even later, I stepped off the edge of the world, as I had known it.

  8. Bash says:

    The home page covers lots of subjects, don’t know what you can agree with me. Few people agree with me on much.

    Don’t know what anyone would do, if you had $2,000,000 US. Nor what you would do, if you had it. Nor what anyone would do, who had it. Including myself – wouldn’t be my call to make, any more than what I post each day and its tone is my call to make.

    Kendo is an Asian martial art, isn’t it?

  9. How about another post like this? Pretty nice. I studied creative writing back in the day, and this had the two most critical parts of a good article, engaging and fun to read. Thanks.

  10. Bash says:


  11. Bash says:

    No permission needed, this website is not copyrighted. Please don’t quote out of context, is all I ask.

  12. Bash says:

    God willing and if the creek don’t rise, I will keep it up. By the way, if the creek don’t rise came out of the deep South, peole would say they would do something if the Creek Indians didn’t rise up and start something. Today, people think it means a creek swelling with rising water from a big rain.

  13. Marilyn Duncan says:

    Dear Bash,
    I have so enjoyed reading about you. You are a wonderful man, and very much,
    a man of God.
    I too have dreams, and angels, and totally understand what you are talking about.
    The holy spirit is a wonderful thing to have, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I would be afraid to walk out of my home without knowing that it is around me, as well as the angels.
    I am from Birmingham and enjoy all your stories.
    I look forward to reading you daily and pray that God keeps you under his wings, and that you will be feeling good very soon.
    Remember, I keep you in my prayers daily.
    Best wishes to you,

    • Bash says:

      Hi, Marilyn, thanks. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like not to have the Holy Spirit’s agents on my case day and night, then I remember who I was before she sent them swooping in, in early 1987, and I shudder to think what I would be today if I had been left unattended. Thanks for your prayer, too. Feeling good would be nice, I think. Do I know you from one of my past lives in Birmingham? How did you find this webiste?, is another way of asking that question. Bash

  14. Marilyn Duncan says:

    I just stumbled across this and after seeing your name, remembered that in about 1965 or so, I worked at Brombergs with a very nice person who had married a Bashinsky. From reading your notes, it could have been your uncle Leo’s son.
    I can’t for the life of me even remember her name but I always liked her.
    I think her name could have been Jane, and I may have the date off a year of so. I have worked for Brombergs off and on for many years.
    I will continue to pray for you, and hope you are having a good night and feeling good.
    That is always my prayer for you.
    I got a strong connection to you as I was reading your notes, and knew that God wanted me to hold you up. We are never strangers when we know the Lord.
    Take care,

    • Bash says:

      Hi again, Marilyn. That was my wife, Dianne. We lived in Park Lane Apartments that summer, 1965, adjacent to Mt. Brook Village, sitting and paying rent on an apartment for a friend of my mother, who was away for the summer. I worked at Golden Flake that summer, in the shipping department. Dianne was paid bascially minimum wage, but was good with people and sold a lot of merchandise for Brombergs. She felt she should have gotten a raise, and when Bromberg’s approached her about coming back to work there, she declined. I bought her diamond solitare wedding ring at Brombergs, the year before she worked there. Jane was my second wife. After that summer in Birmingham, Dianne and I moved to Tusclaoosa where I enrolled in law school. Picked up a small house down there carrying a small equity, assumed the loan and lived there until moving back to Bham after law school. Sold the house for what we paid for it. Should have kept it as a rental, in hindsight.
      Appreciate your prayers. You sound like maybe you do intercessor work. Am still having very tough go inside. Seems now that I’m off the hook from running for office, the angels dumped a whole lot more on me to take up the slack, and maybe even more than that. That’s how it has been for me for a long, long time. I carry inside of me what is going on in spirit that I am given to take on in this world and in spirit. Hits me a lot harder physically than otherwise, it seems, although if I saw what all really is going on, I might see it as rough or rougher in spirit. Must be rough in spirit, to be so rough physically. Don’t want to discourage you, but others have prayed for me and the rough work continued.
      Am reminded of an intercessor, born spiritually-gifted, open to receiving transmissions, who lived outside of Childersburg. Had some interesting interactions with her for a while – spirit stuff, not man-woman stuff. She had a rough time taking in all that was going on with me, as so much of it seemed outside Biblical framework, which was her road map. She was a generation older than I, now passed over. Maybe some day I will be asked to write about some of that. The prayer I learned during the time she and I were closest was, “Not my will but God’s be done.”

  15. Bad Ass site thumbs up 😉

    • Bash says:

      Although the return on this comment appears to be spam, what you get by clicking on its link is a spiritual song. As for this being a bad ass site, thank the bad ass angels, I’m just the waterboy getting his ass whupped by the bad ass angels.

  16. I think other web site proprietors should take this website as an model, very clean and magnificent user genial style and design, as well as the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

    • Bash says:

      Your comment was snagged by my spam filter, but a reply seems in order. I hired someone else to design this website, I provided guidlines. After it was up and running, I filled in a few blanks, but have kept it simple, being a serious idiot about such matters. I learn this style from having help setting up the other two websites mentioned on the homepage of this site. Each site has a different theme, but all are WordPress formats. Of the three sites, so far I seem to like this theme, format best.

  17. baker smith says:

    “BAD to the BONE Blue Blood SLOAN !!!! WHAT is a “peadiatrian”??
    I’ve Googled, Yahoo’d, Libraried, Thesaurused and asked…but cannot find the meaning of…or even the word ITSELF !!! Help me, please ! Bake

    • Bash says:

      Can’t say I know what a peadiatrican is. Where’d I come up with that creature? Sounds like maybe some kind of dinosaur what didn’t get zapped to oblivion in the greate metor smack the earth disharmony. Did I ever mention the a friend of mind, er, mine, once told me the angels told him the dinosaurs were sentient and were taken off this planet after their reason for being here had passed? Maybe the big lizzards, some sez they wuz big birds, used their outer awful looks as clever disguises to prevent passing spaceships from wanting to meddle with their shingid down here in the Plieastonian Age, or whatever. Bake, do you really think I would help you before I figure out how to help myself? The brain transplant with the babboon didn’t work, so I’m really stumped what to try next.

  18. baker smith says:

    OH! Little do “THEY” know of your family’s influence and impact on Birmingham.
    Annnnnnd, you look MUCH better WITHOUT facial hair. The ladies are waiting for a clean-shaven handsome guy like YOU to come into their LIVES!
    Also, when we pass on from this planet, MAYBE we’ll find out who “THEY” are.
    Later, darling !!! STRAIGHT Bake

    • Bash says:

      The ladies down here weren’t waiting, at least not for that. Maybe they were waiting for me to stop talking crazy, about angels and stuff, and to start being nice to people I didn’t feel like being nice to, or to be happy to have them, the ladies, come in and relandscape me so I didn’t even remember who I wuz, or, well, Bake, after you been married seven times and and have had a few other significant relationships with significant women in your life, you sort of begin to wonder what in the what is going on, or is this just part of your PhD thesis in wemins studies? Of course, you really don’t know what it is, because after being that doused in the so-called, erroneously, weaker sex, you know there is no figuring out wemins because they are a different species from another plant probably from another solar system, maybe even from another galaxy, perhaps even from another universe, perhaps not even from any universe. Gald to see you are straight, cause for a bit there, I was starting to wonder.

  19. baker smith says:

    Sloan-0! It reminds me of a saying a young lady said…in JEST, I THINK: Men are from JUPITER. That’s why we’re STUPIDER. Oh, well…maybe so.
    My mind is sooo tired after 69 years of HUMANS! I REALLY LOVE my stray dog and cat! They accepted me even after they knew me. The women EXCEPTED me after they knew me! Take care, my man! Roll Tide and Go PiKappa Alpha !!!!

    • Bash says:

      From time to time down here, when I’ve met someone new and finally am asked were I’m from, I say “Jupiter.” Other times, I say, “the moon.” Other times, “not from this planet.” After 69 years, most of my body is worn out and tired, my mind, mouth and libio seem still in pretty good shape, my mind and mouth get lots of exercise, while my libido was gotten thee hence to the male version of a nunnery. The cat I got from the pound to keep the rats out of my trailer barely tolerates me, even though I saved her from hell. I don’t take that as a good sign that I will be released anytime soon from the male version of a nunnery. Last time I got into an online discussion with my old Vanderbilt Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers, with a couple of exceptions, I felt I was in congress with kids in diapers. I put on my diapers whenever the Tide plays, and sometimes I mess in them. Can’t seem to grow out of it, although sometimes I tried. Must be a blood disease, or a redneck disease, or something else fatal. After tying the knot seven times, I still haven’t received my PhD degree in wemins studies. I’m going to shut my mouth before I get into real trouble.

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    • Bash says:

      I started blogginng in the sense of having my own website in mid-2007. I was using a big email list before that. Have been a writer since early 1980s, while still practicing law, which is another kind of writing. I knew, still know nothing about creating a website, so I hired someone else to build my websites, of which this one is the newest. All three websites use WordPress, each site uses a different WordPress theme. This site’s theme seems to be the easiest for me to work with. After the professional set it up, it wasn’t expensive, I wrote the copy for the home page and pulled the photos from the Web (Google images) into my photo gallery, and brought them to the home page with the copy. New pages are easy to create, but I only have two pages for this site, counting the home page. New posts are easy to create in the same way the home page was created, but I prefer to do the writing on my internet carrier’s word processor, MS Word also can be used, and then transfer the copy to the post and paste it in there. The word processor for Word Press is not as comprehensive as other word processors. I had to register and pay for the domain name, which was not expensive and the professional took care of that. Hope this helps. My suggestion, if you are as ignorant about this area as I am, is you get a pro to look at my home page and share this reply to your inquiry with him/her. Definitely, you will want to activate Askimet, which filters out spam. Your inquiry was caught by my spam filter because your return looks like a commercial address/site, rather than in individual comment. That happens a lot. I look over spam in the spam file to see if something should be unspammed because of the content of the comment and/or a repy seems in order. Ciao

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      Thanks. I don’t update the site often, but I put up new posts on the Today’s Vulcanite page from time to time, not as fequently lately as to begin with, which then was nearly daily. I put up something daily on the Today’s FlaKey Drivel page of and the Today’s Cock-a-doodle-doo page at – I live about 45 minutes drive up US 1 from Key West, have lived in Key West. Usually, the same post to both of those websites, but sometimes there are two posts a day down here and usually I note that in each post and provide a link to the other post. Goodmorningbirmingham operates mostly alone and is still a newish website. The Keys sites were started in 2007, first the Key West site, which has nearly 1600 “chapters” – consider it (and the other Keys and the Bham sites) auto-biography or last will and testament of a fellow who’s had a rather varigated life :-).

  25. Phil Watts says:

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      Thanks. Just now created a “Bash contact page” in the right hand menu. My email address also at bottom of homepage.

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      As a site dunce, I just get up in the morning, or from a nap, or sometimes just because somebody prodded or provoked or inspired me, and plow whatever field lies in front of me. I’m 70 in October. Mostly cranky, definitely tired and aching, I really would prefer this not go on forever. Meanwhile …

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      Your comment/question was caught by my spam filter … Nothing on this website is copyrighted … you can use any of it you wish, but if you quote me out of context or change what I wrote, and I learn about it, I’ll ask some of the kick-ass angels who seem to love busting my chops to pay you a visit 🙂

  35. I seldom drop remarks, but I looked at a few of the responses on Good Morning Birmingham. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be just me or does it appear like some of these comments appear as if they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional social sites, I would like to follow you. Could you list of every one of all your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    • Bash says:

      My spam filter caught your comment. I don’t do linkedin or twitter, gave up on Facebook because of problems opening Facebook notices caused my email account. Besides this website, there also are and, to which I post one or more ravings daily mostly, but not always, on commotion related to the Florida Keys and Key West. This site,, gets less frequent new ravings. I imagine more than a few people view me as brain dead, or just plain crazy. I imagine if you read just what is on the three webistes mentioned in this reply, it will take you maybe a year or two, and it might leave you feeling brain dead, or just plain crazy. 🙂

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      Not on this planet. Although, you can find something about as off-mainstream at and

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      Nor am I able to keep up. I am dragged to and through most of what I publish at this website. Most of it causes me to feel terrible physically, and otherwise. Same for and

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