An Alabama son says fate had everything to do with it, Nick Saban – the Rose was not inclined to let Auburn get 35 points in the Rose Bowl …

black rose

“There are more things in heaven and in earth than there are in your philosophy, Horatio” – :-)
FSU Seminoles
Florida State 34, Auburn 31,
after game-winning touchdown pass by Florida State’s Heishman Trophy-winning freshman quarterback, Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston
to a Florida State receiver in the Auburn end zone with just seconds left on the play clock.
Florida State pass to win
One of the for all the college football marbles’ game TV analysts,
Nick Saban sportscaster
Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, said before the opening kickoff that all the talk about fate had nothing to do with Auburn getting into the BSC championship. The team whose quarterback held up the best in the early going, under the huge pressure, would win. Florida State was going to put up points and Auburn need to score 35 points to have a chance, Saban soothsayed.
AuburnNick Marshall
Auburn’s quarterback Nick Marshall played well in the early going, and throughout the first half. Florida State’s Jameis Winston played awful in the first half, thanks to Auburn’s splendid defense. Auburn could have put the game away in the first half.
Auburn did not show up for the 3rd quarter, and played well, but not well enough, in the 4th. Auburn had said before the game that the 4th quarter was where it wanted to meet Florida State, because Florida State had not been tested all year in the 4th quarter.
Winston played okay in the second half, and especially well in the hard-fought 4th quarter. However, the critical play was Florida State’s 4th quarter run back of a kickoff after an Auburn touchdown, right through a hole left by an Auburn defender going down with a charlie horse. But for that fluke injury, Auburn would have won, 31-27.
Game analysis
Jameis Winston grew up and played high school football a few miles west of Birmingham, Alabama, my hometown.
Jameis Winston 2
As the then No. 1 rated college football team in the country, Alabama was supposed to stand tall and tell the NCAA that Jameis Winston, an Alabama son, should be benched pending the outcome of the investigation of the rape allegations against Winston. Alabama did not do that after another Birmingham, Alabama area son had been instructed by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek to publish at this website what Alabama needed to do.
To play Florida State for all the marbles, Alabama had to beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Alabama dominated Auburn most of that game. Then, late in the 4th quarter, Nick Marshall made the Alabama defense look like rookies by rolling out to the left, an Alabama defensive back covering an Auburn receiver rushed in to stop the run, and Marshall pulled up and lobbed a soft pass to his wide-open receiver, who strolled untouched quite a ways down the field into the Alabama end zone to tie the game after the extra point was good.
Alabama then mounted a drive, but the play clock seemed to run out just before an Alabama running back went out of bounds. But no, instant replay showed one second left on the play clock. Alabama attempted a very long field goal to win the game. The Alabama place kicker already had missed 3 3-pointers, after having a stellar 3-pointer season. [His third field goal attempt was blocked, after he had made it from a shorter distance, nullified by a really questionable illegal motion call on the Alabama right tackle.]

Here’s the video of how that long 3-pointer attempt came out with no seconds left on the play clock.

Iron Bowl finale
Auburn won by 6 points, 34-28. The extra point was not kicked. 6 is the spirit number for Melchizedek. 
Only by a last second miracle play, had Auburn beaten Georgia the week before. Here’s the link to the video of that play.
Beating Alabama allowed Auburn to play Missouri for the Southeastern Conference Championship. Auburn beat Missouri up in the second half, especially in the 4th quarter, and earned the right to play Florida State for all the marbles. 
Catch-22, Auburn then was supposed speak for Alabama, the state, by declining to play Florida State because of the way it had handled the investigation of the rape charges against Alabama son Jameis Winston. Auburn did not do that, and did not score the 35 points Nick Saban had predicted Auburn needed to win. Florida State scored the same number of points against Auburn, which Auburn had scored against Alabama – 34. 3 + 4 = 7. Seven is the number for the mark of God on an event or person.

3 is the spirit number for the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine; 5 is the spirit number for the feminine. The Lady got her way with Auburn in the Rose Bowl in Pasedana, as She had gotten her way with Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

holy fire

Season Hihlights

After Alabama, the state, via its two state colleges, condoned the way Florida State handled the rape charges against Jameis Winston, Florida State was allowed to win all the marbles, and Alabama was allowed to turn the ball over 4 times against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, and get beat by a team it should have dominated by 3 touchdowns.

In the Gospels, Jesus said a person could blaspheme against the son and be forgiven, but a person who blasphemed against the Holy Ghost would not be forgiven. This Alabama son was ignored, and even ridiculed, for publishing what Alabama needed to do, and wondering out if the same spiritual assignment then was inherited by Auburn after it was allowed to beat Alabama?

I dunno, Nick. Maybe you ought to give serious thought to becoming a TV analyst soothsayer. You hit the nail right on the head before Florida State kicked off to Auburn: 35 points would win it for Auburn. 

I dunno, maybe my father and Paul “Bear” Bryant being good friends, and my knowing Coach Bryant a little, had something to do with me getting put into this prickly position. 

Bear Bryant

Heck, I remember when Coach Bryant benched Joe Namath just before the 1964 Sugar Bowl, because Joe missed a curfew. Alabama beat heavily-favored Mississippi anyway, with 4 field goals, 12-7. Maybe Alabama got those 4 three pointers, and recovered 7 Mississippi fumbles, in that snow-filled stadium, because Coach Bryant did the right thing.

Maybe also in play, a Georgia native and high school quarterback standout, Nick Marshall had started his college football career playing defensive back at Georgia. He was dismissed from the team after being charged with stealing. He then played at a junior college, and later he went to Auburn and won the starting quarterback position in 2012.

Cosmic humor? God let Auburn beat Georgia with a miracle pass from Marshall, which two different Georgia defensive backs should had intercepted, but instead they collided and tipped the ball down field to an Auburn receiver who had blown by them and did not even see the ball until it magically appeared from out of nowhere right in front of his astonished eyes.

Then, 2-touchdown underdog Auburn beat Alabama, and then 2-touchdown underdog Oklahoma beat Alabama by 2 touchdowns. 2 is the spirit number for Jesus, who, in the Gospels also said, steep is the way, narrow the gate, and few enter therein. 

Sloan Bashinsky, Alabama son

sinner sloan

photo compliments Rose Dell, 2011, in Coco’s Kitchen, Big Pine Key, and Capt. Conch, boss pirate of‘s popular Coconut Telegraph bitch and praise blog, who morphed Rose’s photo into a joke


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