Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts, but don’t get sidetracked by that lore


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Pearl Harbor lookout naval battles continue in Key West

Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts, but don’t get sidetracked by that lore

I told the angels all along, it was my job to publish what they ran through my soul and body day and night, making me miserable in the process; and it was their job to spread it around, if they wanted it spread around. I’ve done everything I can to spread it around, and it didn’t end up amounting to much. That tells me, either it wasn’t worth being spread around, or the angels continued their longstanding practice of holding to a trickle how much of what they gave me to write ended up being seen by other people.

Meanwhile …

Recent email back and forth with an older Birmingham friend, who, I imagine, runs Southside Baptist Church behind the scenes. That is the same church where I started out as a boy, the church my parents had attended growing up, the church their parents still attended after I grew up, the church where both of my grandfathers were deacons.
Sloan, it looks like you’ve found your mission – Gadfly and blogger. Keep me on your list.
I wrote back:
Hi, Phil – appearances maybe deceiving, but it might be a good cover. Hope all well with you and your family. Sloan
Phil replied:
And missionary? Phil
I wrote back:
Seems so, toward the end of a nap this morning, I heard this amusing tidbit:
“Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts.”
I wrote that many times before, but it was the first time I’d heard it from “above”.
I sent this in italics to a FB dream group yesterday, which I was invited to join maybe a month ago, by an old friend in the Midwest USA.
Just before waking from a nap a little while ago, I heard: “Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts.” I wrote that many times before, but it was the first time I’d heard it from “above”.
Bet that news would freak out the Southern Baptist Convention, the Presbyterians, the Vatican, the Church of England, and a host of other tribes in Christendom, Islam and Judaism. Would put an entirely new spin on “the lost tribes”.
As the day moved into the afternoon, and into the evening, I wondered if “buried” in the message was a hint that the ancient astronauts are back, fiddling with human genetics again. Whatever ancient astronauts means. ETs. Angels. Both.
Many years ago, I read Chariots of the Gods, and was impressed by the account of Elijah being taken up into the heavens, in lieu of dying like other people did. The author said the account described Elijah going up in a space ship. I thought the author made a pretty good argument. Here’s the Bible passage of that event, which I found online:
2 Kings 2 NKJV – Elijah Ascends to Heaven – And it came – Bible … Elijah Ascends to Heaven
1 And it came to pass, when the Lord was about to take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal.
2 Then Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here, please, for the Lord has sent me on to Bethel.
But Elisha said, “As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you!” So they went down to Bethel.
3 Now the sons of the prophets who were at Bethel came out to Elisha, and said to him, “Do you know that the Lord will take away your master from over you today?”
And he said, “Yes, I know; keep silent!”
4 Then Elijah said to him, “Elisha, stay here, please, for the Lord has sent me on to Jericho.”
But he said, “As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you!” So they came to Jericho.
5 Now the sons of the prophets who were at Jericho came to Elisha and said to him, “Do you know that the Lord will take away your master from over you today?”
So he answered, “Yes, I know; keep silent!”
6 Then Elijah said to him, “Stay here, please, for the Lord has sent me on to the Jordan.”
But he said, “As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you!” So the two of them went on.
7 And fifty men of the sons of the prophets went and stood facing them at a distance, while the two of them stood by the Jordan.
8 Now Elijah took his mantle, rolled it up, and struck the water; and it was divided this way and that, so that the two of them crossed over on dry ground.
9 And so it was, when they had crossed over, that Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask! What may I do for you, before I am taken away from you?”
Elisha said, “Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me.”
10 So he said, “You have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you; but if not, it shall not be so.
11 Then it happened, as they continued on and talked, that suddenly a chariot of fire appeared with horses of fire, and separated the two of them; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried out, “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel and its horsemen!” ….
The other day, I dropped over to my next door neighbor’s to give her some more hell about her traitorous move from Little Torch Key to Key West. She had a friend over, and we got to talking, and I reminded my neighbor that it was she who had put me onto Emanuel Swedenborg in 2006. A Christian mystic, Swedenborg claimed to have received all sort of wild revelations, including intelligent beings living on other planets in this solar system.
Here is the Wikipedia link for Swedenborg: Emanuel Swedenborg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anyway, my neighbor’s friend asked if I’d ever heard of Zecharia Sicthen, a Russian Jew originally, and his book Twelfth Planet? I said I had not. She said I should read it. Later, I googled Sichten and found this link: Zecharia Sitchin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaExcerpts from that Wikipedia article:
According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbology, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru … According to Sitchin, Nibiru (called “the twelfth planet” because, Sitchin claimed, the Sumerians’ gods-given conception of the Solar System counted all eight planets, plus Pluto, the Sun and the Moon) was the home of a technologically advanced human-like extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth, who Sitchin states are called the Nephilim in Genesis. He wrote that they evolved after Nibiru entered the solar system and first arrived on Earth probably 450,000 years ago, looking for minerals, especially gold, which they found and mined in Africa.
Sitchin states that these “gods” were the rank-and-file workers of the colonial expedition to Earth from planet Nibiru. Sitchin wrote that Enki suggested that to relieve the Anunnaki, who had mutinied over their dissatisfaction with their working conditions, that primitive workers ( Homo sapiens) be created by genetic engineering as slaves to replace them in the gold mines by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus.[6]HYPERLINK \l “cite_note-7″[7] According to Sitchin, ancient inscriptions report that the human civilization in Sumer, Mesopotamia, was set up under the guidance of these “gods”, and human kingship was inaugurated to provide intermediaries between mankind and the Anunnaki (creating the “divine right of kings” doctrine). Sitchin believes that fallout from nuclear weapons, used during a war between factions of the extraterrestrials, is the “evil wind” described in the Lament for Ur that destroyed Ur around 2000 BC. Sitchin states the exact year is 2024 BC.[8] Sitchin says that his research coincides with many biblical texts, and that biblical texts come originally from Sumerian writings.
In the Wikipedia article, Sitchin is widely debunked as an amateur, who misinterpreted ancient texts to make them fit his thesis. What caused me to stand up and take note, however, was, in the early winter of 2004, in the pavilion directly across from Salute on Higgs Beach in Key West, I met a man maybe half my age, who then was homeless. In our conversation, I quickly realized he was different. I said a few things, he said a few things, and we entered a conversation unlike any conversation I had with anyone in Key West, or in the Keys, or anywhere, before or since that time.
He said he was being trained by something in the Spirit, and his mission was to defeat the Nephilim, whom he said had caused a lot of trouble on this planet and a great deal of harm to humanity. I thought he was off on a tangent and tried to steer him in a different direction, but he was really wired into that mission, and I saw I would not dissuade him from it. He stayed in Key West maybe a month, and then he went on his way, back to Chicago, as I recall, when I last heard from him by email.
I figured the reason he had come to Key West, was so he and I could talk. I had quite a few clearly arranged connections like that occur in Key West; people came through so we could talk, and then they left. But nothing like with this fellow. The other people were gifted, but they had not been trained. This fellow had been trained. I was in a rough way then, and he found it not to his liking and broke off all communication with me.
So, I called the branch library on Big Pine Key the other day, and asked if Twelfth Planet was in the county library system. No. I took that as a signal to let it go. Then, I was told in my sleep today, “Yes, the early humans were genetically altered by ancient astronauts.” Now I remember going up to Big Pine Key yesterday afternoon, to eat an early dinner at Coco’s Kitchen and to get some groceries at the Winn-Dixie, where I was hailed by my next door neighbor and her friend, who had told me about The Twelfth Planet.
Now I remember another fellow I met in Key West, who might still be there. He, too, lived on the street. He held himself as a street minister, called by God. He was into a return of the Elijah spirits, and I thought he, too, was off on a tangent, since, in the Gospels, Jesus had told his disciples that Elijah had returned as John the Baptist, but he had not been recognized. And, since, in the Gospels, Jesus had told his disciples, that while Elijah was the greatest born of woman, he was below the least of those born of spirit.
This street minister grew really to not like me, and spoke poorly of me to other people, I heard from time to time. I also heard he was on the lam from the law on the mainland, and finally went back to where it was he had gotten on the lam to deal with it, settle it. Later, he returned to Key West.
I brought him into this because I am wondering if Elijah was taken off this world by Nephilim?
Elsewhere, in the Old Testament, is said Elijah killed people God had not said he could kill, and I postulated that karma was why Eljiha had come back as John the Baptist, and why Jesus did not try to save John from his dreadful fate at the hand of Herod and his daughter, who wanted John’s head on a plate, and her father, albeit reluctantly, humored her.
I confess, ancient astronauts is somewhat strange territory for me, even though I have known for a long time they existed, and I had written two novels in which extraterrestrials were in play in human events, behind the scenes. With my own two eyes, in the sky, have seen a flying saucer; I watched it do flying tricks, and a trick with a cloud, which no human-built aircraft known to me could come close to pulling off. It held stationary in the sky, then it zipped behind the cloud. It then stretched the cloud across the sky, like a jet leaving a vapor trail, but much wider than a vapor trail, and moving a lot faster. The three people with me when this happened, refused my repeated requests that they look up and see what I was watching.
I have been told things about extraterrestrials I did not care to hear. I have dealt with people heavy into extraterrestrials, and have warned them that the extraterrestrials are not entirely benevolent, they have their own agendas. But this is the first time I have been put to look at ETs in this way, as the fellow at Higgs Beach looked at them.a
I am sure there are many strains of ETs, but right now it seems I am dealing with Nephilim, wherever they originate from.
Right now.
It’s a little after 9 p.m. Saturday night. I wonder what will come in dreams tonight? I suppose I should stay tuned …
Way too early the next morning, after a horrible few hours sleep and gut pain, indicating major unpleasantness coming my way.
I am pretty sure that what I wrote above is accurate enough, but based on my sensations and dreams last night, most likely the main point for me is the above is symbolic, a metaphor, for the “genetic meddling” in my father’s and my relationship by his second wife, who entered our family from another state, and set out to alienate my father from everyone who loved him, and succeeded in my case. I’ve been having dreams, as has a younger woman who lives in Georgia, that something is in the works with respect to my father’s second wife, who later in life became a flaming born-again Old Testament Christian. That’s all I’m going to say about that today.
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