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no prisoners

Former Naval Air Station Key West Officer Jim Brooks, now stationed in New England, replied on Facebook to yesterday’s   UN to investigate Drone Nation for war crimes   post:
Jim Brooks If you have 60 minutes or so and want to really understand the legal issues behind targeted killings by drones,
you can watch this panel discussion from the Naval War College last year between a retired Air Force lawyer and former chairman of the ACLU.  What is interesting is both sides agree the U.S. is following UN law but the lack of due process by the White House is what BOTH sides agree there should be evident.  My cynical opinion is this administration has decided to take no prisoners because there is no place to put them.  God knows you can’t send them to GITMO!
Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Jim. Watched the video, dozed off a few times when the ACLU lawyer was speaking. The International Law lawyer seemed more on top of it. The issue was whether the President should be able to order execution of Americans overseas, who were determined to be traitors working for the enemy, without American Judicial or Congressional oversight or review, was my lay/lawyer take on it. Lots of gray areas. Wonder, will that some day be extended to Americans on America soil? I didn’t see anything resolved during the discussion at the War College. My ornery/pessimistic view, expressed in today’s post, is unchanged. It has been my view for a while. The US died, and these are the death throes. Might have gone differently if karma was generally understood and accepted.
I also wondered, wonder, if I and other Americans will be targeted for death, for “unpatriotic” writing and speaking? The First Amendment was passed to protect and encourage such expression, which I imagine the ACLU lawyer and the International lawyer both would say. But who knows how it will go down for people who speak out loudly against the leadership of America and the military-industrial complex General Eisenhower warned Americans about when he was leaving this 2nd Presidential term?
Jim Brooks Sloan, my take is first consider the context.  If you’re within U.S. borders, you fall under U.S. laws and jurisdiction.  When you’re outside the U.S., the jurisdiction is international law and something I think most Americans know little about as we think our law trumps all others.  Regardless of what one thinks, their is a legal process being undertaken in drone strikes.  Obviously, there is a debate about due process but most agree that our actions conform with international law.  I’m far from being a lawyer but who is jumping up and down saying the U.S. is wrong?  For one thing, they are being quoted by Al Jazeera which is about as balanced as Fox News or MSNBC (pick your poison).  But at the end of the day, I think this administration welcomes the challenges and until someone is tried for international war crimes (Sorry, I don’t think we don’t fit that category) it’s going to be a “take no prisoners” mentality.
Sloan Bashinsky Hi again, Jim My impression, still, is the debate in the video you provided was about kill orders issued by the President, without US Judicial or Congressional oversight, approval or review, against US Citizens abroad determined by the US Government intelligence agencies to be making war against the US, in league with foreign countries or terrorists organizations making war against the US. That is what I see may very well might end up being applied to Americans inside of America.
The drone strikes seem to be another issue altogether, which the International lawyer discussed some, but the ACLU lawyer seemed focused only on Presidential kill orders against Americans overseas deemed to be making war against the US.
My redneck view is, if you are an American and you go overseas and join al Qaeda, Hamas, etc. and work with them against the US, you are fair game for targeted killing. You are no different from Osama bin Laden and have no due process rights. Alas, who reviews the executioners in such situations? Like, who reviewed G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, after it was learned there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – not to mention Iraq had never attacked the US.
It’s not much different from watching spy-terrorist movies, except nobody really gets killed in the movies. And, there is no sequel in the movies showing the karma, which really does take no prisoners.
On Key West’s Tree Commission RICO operation, Nashville replied to the day before yesterday’s more Pearl Harbor lookout news from Key West, and a Hurricane Sandy landfall there post:
I would love to know what was said in the phone conversation mentioned here:
“Rebecca said that didn’t sound like the Shawn Smith she knew, and she was going to call him right then and there. “Sandy said, not long afterward she saw Asplundh and Keys Energy Services tree crews running around Old Town Key West chopping tree limbs in power lines back to the trunk. Butchering trees. The kind of limb cutting the Tree Commission would have buried Sandy’s tree company for doing.”
What was the “magic” words that Rebecca used?? The City has previously stonewalled and failed to cut the limbs when brought up in the past. I would like to think that someone would keep up the fight against the Tree Nazi’s but certainly understand why Sandy would be tired of fighting it. Have a good weekend on the reef!
I replied:
Hi, J – Not only would I have liked to have been a fly on the wall in Shawn Smith’s office when Rebecca Jetton called him, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when Shawn met with Ronald Ramsingh and perhaps other city employees about his phone call from Rebecca, and perhaps from the fellow at the Public Service Commission, and perhaps from other Florida and US agencies.
I spaced out including in what I wrote today, that it was looking to Sandy and me, and to a local tree company fellow, that the City was gouging the public out of several million US dollars a year. After I published that, Sean Kinney, who write for the Keynoter and I both made Public Information Records requests to the City re its revenues via the Tree Commission. I wanted all the way back to its inception, but what they furnished was back about 10 years, as I recall. It was a paltry take, but names of people who paid the Tree Commission/City, and the amounts they paid, were on the spreadsheet.
One person was former City Mayor, then City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley. Sandy asked Jimmy about it and he said he’d never had personal dealings with the Tree Commission, nor had he paid any money to it/the City. Sandy made the same inquiry of several other people in the spreadsheet and got the same response Jimmy had provided. Sandy and I concluded the spreadsheet was bogus.
As for recovering what really was gouged out of the private property owners by the Tree Commission/City, I think that will take either a criminal prosecution by the new State Attorney Cathy Vogel, or a civil RICO lawsuit filed by Key West private property owners who were gouged by the Tree Commission/City. The plaintiff/s have to have personal standing, have to have been personally gouged, to bring such a civil lawsuit. Sandy could bring a lawsuit, but only for her tree company, is how it looks to me. I don’t think that’s her job.
Of course, whether or not private property owners who were gouged by the Tree Commission/City will step up to the plate and bring a civil RICO or other kind of damage suit against the City, I suppose I won’t hold my breath on that, given the very strong likelihood of rough retaliation in a variety of ways the City Government can dream up, not to mention what Conchs can dream up on their own. Which, of course, leads back to new State Attorney Cathy Vogel.
I cornered her and her feel good Republican opponent at a Key Largo candidate forum not long before the general election last fall, and told them that Key West’s Tree Commission was a RICO enterprise, and I hoped whichever one of them got elected would go after it. The looks on their faces, and the quick dismissal of me from their conversation I had interrupted, did not give me high hope that either of them would take on the Key West Government, or the Conchs, in that way. Which prosecution literally could put the City out of business if the gouging was as bad as it looked to Sandy and me; not to mention maybe several prominent City officials/employees being indicted, convicted and sent to prison.
Perhaps with a rare exception here and there, most people who run for office tend to say whatever they hope will get them votes; but when they get into office, amnesia quickly sets in, along with heartlessness, gutlessness, spinelessness, and it is obvious their assholes and mouths are interchangeable.
Something I also spaced out in today’s post, on what I think a new mayor should try to do, is conduct his/her own RICO investigation into the Tree Commission/City. And, to try to make required that all new development and all redevelopment have maximum solar panels to produce electricity the development can use and/or sell back to the local electric company. Maybe more will float into my thoughts later.


holy fire

Both enterprises (Drone Nation and Key West) look to me like they could stand a huge infusion of the Divine Feminine. I seriously doubt, though, that there would be enough hospitals in America or in Key West to receive and keep on life support the patients she created, were she to make such a grande entrance. Sloan Bashinsky

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