bigotry against homosexuals ain’t holy just because the Bible sez so

road to damascusSaul of Tarsus, persecutor and murderer of Christians, among other beams in his own eye, apprehended by the Lord on the Road to Damascus

About a week ago, I put up this post at , and emailed it to my email contacts:

bullying and hazing – 9th grade Key West High School student takes own life

Jesus wept
You should be able to get there by clicking on the link above the pic of Jesus weeping.

One of my Birmingham email contacts, Paul, whom I know somewhat, sent this back to me:

I repeat: Pay attention. In 90% of the ‘bullying’, the victim was ‘gay’. This bullying is just a way to make anyone afraid to object to the gay agenda. if you object, protest speak up against them you are ‘bullying’.
I replied to Paul:
This boy was hazed by bigots sort of like you, Paul. Instead of retaliating, which some gays would have done, he killed himself. You should been at the memorial tonight in Key West. About 300 people, maybe 2/3 were from his high school. Holding  each other, weeping. You would not have fit in, but I’m sure the hazers would have loved to have you join them for a few beers.
Paul replied:
so I am a bigot? And you think I wold enjoy ‘hazing’ someone?
You have your opinions, mostly wrong.
You are misguided by ‘angels’ of your own creation. They are not heaven sent. You created them. They are your own demons.
I replied to Paul:
What you sent was the work of a bigot, you represented it to me as your veiw – the angels had nothing to do with my reply.
Paul replied:
so you define a bigot is someone who follows the teaching in the Bible? God spoke against homosexuality, so you support it? Shows whose side you are on. YOU are bullying me, by calling me names like bigot, unfairly labeling me with false names and your fantasy relations of insinuating I would enjoy hazing someone? Shows how opinionated, biased and bigoted YOU are. You claim the angels guide all you do, so if they had nothing to do with it, was it your own work, against the angels, against God?
I replied to Paul:
I told you, my dear bigot, that the angels had nothing to do with what I wrote to you. What you sent to me was written by a bigot, now you justify it by hiding behind the Bible. Suit yourself. But expect more of same from me to forwards you send to me written by bigots.
Paul replied:
your opinion of a bigot. I am not hiding behind the Bible. The Bible speaks for itself. you are hiding behind your ‘angels’.
I just observe that 90% of the ‘bullying’ cases, the ‘vicitim’ is gay. Bullying then becomes a way to quash any objection to the gay movement. Just as any objection to Obama was deemed ‘racist’. Two people can have a civil discussion without name calling. Applying labels like ‘Bigot’ or insinuating someone would enjoy hazing when that is not true reveals where the true bigot is.
I replied to Paul:
Bullying gays is bigotry. Of course gays object. Some raise bloody hell about it. Some get really obnoxious. Bigots are really obnoxious. You have plenty more to do Paul, which could matter, than to be bigoted against gays because the Bible tells you homosexuality is an abomination. I never met one homosexual, including my brother, who could change it. All they could do, to make someone like you happy, would be to be celibate. Maybe what you need, Paul, is to wake up one day and be homosexual. Maybe that’s what it will take to get your attention.
Paul replied:
I like women too much.
Bigotry is also bullying someone for stating their opinion, exercising their freedom of speech. Bigotry is trying to fore a life on someone who does not want it. Yes, that goes both ways. I knew Major. not well, not as well as you, but I knew him, and never saw any indication of him being gay.
I replied to Paul:
By your definition, Jesus was the biggest bully in human history. He tore people up for what they thought, said and did. You did not know Major, Paul. You only met him.
Paul replied:
You are wrong again. My definition, Jesus was not a bully. I never said tht That is what you said. You even supported your claim Jesus was a bully with
“He tore people up for what they thought, said and did” He did not ‘Tear peole up’. He explained to them. You are ‘tearing me up’ for what I say. Stop attacking people for their opinion. They, like you, are entitled to an opinion. We can disagree without calling each other names like ‘bigot’.
I replied to Paul:
If you don’t want to be called a bigot, stop behaving like one.
My brother, Major, was bisexual. I realized it around 1970. My wife knew it. It didn’t matter to us, but we never told him we knew. Major went to great lengths to keep that side of him away from this straight relations – people like Paul, who were deeply convinced homosexuality is a grave sin.
I told my various later wives that Major was bisexual, because it helped them understand him better. It did not bother them that he was bisexual. But it bothered Major, because he went to such great lengths to try to keep his straight relations from knowing it.
To the point, when someone he knew, who could prove it, was going to make his bisexuality public, perhaps out of spite or revenge, Major killed himself and tried to make it look like someone else had done it, which did not convince the Jefferson County, Alabama Coroner’s forensic pathologist, nor the Birmingham Police Department Detective assigned to the case. Nor did it convince the angels who run me, who told me it was suicide staged to look like murder, which I published several times before the Coroner’s pathologist and the detective announced their identical conclusion.
Paul, of Birmingham, does not believe St. Paul was homosexual, either. Like meeting Major, Paul met St. Paul, but did not know him. God knew Saul of Tarsus, and it did not matter to God that Saul was homosexual. In fact, Saul being homosexual made him all the more useful to God, who took great delight in foisting off onto humans prophets they were instinctively driven to loathe and reject. That Paul himself wrote of having a thorn in his flesh, which he never identified, but said he had asked God to remove it and God had not removed it, has yet to penetrate the consciousness of Christian homophobes, not to mention the consciousness of the rest of Christendom, including the Vatican and its lineage of Popes.
Even so, oft have I thought that the New Testament would have been far better served if Paul had never been included in it, for his teachings in favor of celibacy and against men and women having sex, and his teaching that Christ is to the head of a man, as a man is to the head of his wife, and only though her husband can a woman know Christ, and his teaching that homosexuality is an abomination – altogether and separately caused massive damage in the collective soul of Christendom and in many of its adherents, even to this day. Paul, of Birmingham, being but one example of the many variations that damage can take form. The damage would have been mitigated, or avoided, if it was made clear in Paul’s writings that he was homosexual.
I well recall telling the above about St. Paul to a group of gay men someone younger than me, as part of my pitch for them to give a different kind of Sunday school class at Southside Baptist Church in Five Points South in Birmingham a try. Intrigued by what I had told them, they did give the Sunday school class a try, and they were well received and they really liked it, and they came back and became valued members of that class and of that church.
I never had a moment’s difficulty with any of those gay men. Sometimes they invited my wife and me to parties at one of their homes. They never demonstrated aggression, such as often is seen in Key West from gay activists. Those gay men simply wanted to live and let live. One of them was a Commissioner in the Southeastern Conference. They all had good jobs and were hard working and contributing members of their community. I suppose they knew about Major being bisexual, but we never talked about him.After Major died, I was approached by different people who told me of Major’s active gay life in Birmingham. One of those people had direct personal knowledge, even though she was a woman. She had been to many secret gay events, at the request of a gay male friend. She herself was straight, married and had children. I understood her main function was to let me know I was not wrong about Major being bisexual, because what prompted her to contact me was her reading some of what I had written about Major’s death on my websites. She and I exchanged a number of emails, and then she went on her way.
Some loose ends remain. Who was going to out Major? And why?
Did he have an accomplice at the suicide scene, to help him make it look like murder?
Maybe some day I will know. Maybe not. Life’s a mystery. Sometimes it remains a mystery until we move on from it.
A mystery that was solved for me was the root of my own homophobia, which was deep down inside a part of my psyche was homosexual as the result of severe damage to my feminine by far too much aggression inflicted on me by other people, male and female, and by far too much aggression inflicted by me on other people. My homophobia was projection of own internal homosexuality, which never manifested consciously, onto homosexual people.
The cure began with my realizing Major was bisexual. Like, I was going to not like my own brother because he was bisexual? Through him, I met a gay man I came to really like. Then, I met other gay men, and lesbian women, I really liked. One lesbian woman and I had a fling for a while. She remains a dear friend and sister to this day. The internal healing, which was visible in my dreams, did not start until I was 46. It progressed in stages, and very much was centered on reclamation and restoration of my feminine.
From it all, I became convinced that homophobia is projection of internal homosexuality, or conscious and external homosexuality, which is kept hidden from people the homophobes don’t want to know about it. Any truly strong bigotry is projection of something similar or identical in the projector. Paul, of Birmingham, is projecting. His bigotry toward homosexuals is not entirely rooted in his Bible beliefs. Beneath that is the homosexual side of himself, which just might level him and put him in a psychiatrist’s office, if he was to be shown it in dreams, which is how it was shown to me. That’s sort of what I was alluding to when I told Paul maybe what he needs is to wake up one day and be homosexual.
As Jesus counseled in the Gospels, First take the beam out of your own eye … As Jesus also counseled, If that which is inside of you remains inside of you, it will destroy you; but if it is brought forth from within you, it will save you ,,, As Jesus also counseled, If we abide in him, we will come to know the truth and the truth will set us free … Many people have met Jesus, but few who met him actually got to  know him.
Sloan Bashinsky
Paul replied the next day:

You are wrong again. My definition, Jesus was not a bully. I never said tht That is what you said. You even supported your claim Jesus was a bully with
“He tore people up for what they thought, said and did” He did not ‘Tear peole up’. He explained to them. You are ‘tearing me up’ for what I say. Stop attacking people for their opinion. They, like you, are entitled to an opinion. We can disagree without calling each other names like ‘bigot’.

I replied to Paul:

If you don’t want to be called a bigot, stop behaving like one.

Paul replied:

Same to you

I replied to Paul:

An amiga from out in Locust Fork sent this today, about you, after reading today’s post at


I don’t like to email because I do not like to see my privatemessages online

BUT I could not resist this to the bigot. That is just what he is..

I despise people who pick and choose sins. I found a list of over 600 sins listed in the bible. I suspect he does not break any of them either.

I have a gay family member that we knew from about 1 year old this person was going to be that way. It was very clear. This person was never around any gay people nor did they see anything on tv or it just did not exist in my family for them to see and copy. THEY WERE BORN THAT WAY and over the years I saw that person struggle NOT to be that way because some bigot society did not like it. This family member tried and tried to be the what everyone calls “normal” well it did not work. Went on to be a successful, productive, law abiding, good citizen. Cant not help it because they like the person of the same sex .. I suggest your bigot reader search his heart. Has he ever had sex before he was married? Has he ever looked upon a woman and lusted? Is he a glutton? Has he ever told a lie? Has he ever been drunk.. I think I saw where no drunkards would be in Heaven? Does he have any idols before him? FOOTBALL? I could go on and on. I just really despise people who pick out one sin and ride it to death while they are overlooking the ones they are doing. If I am “sinning” according to the bigot I’ll work it out with God. Maybe he needs to take this list and see how many he can stop doing. A sin is a sin. One is just as bad as another. I have enough on my hands worrying about myself and my life. I do not have time to worry about what you are anyone else is doing. That is your business.

Paul replied:


I replied to Paul:

What you first wrote to me was pure prejudice; then, you justified it with the Bible. The country gal in Locust Fork sized you up the same as I did. I published what you wrote, and your and my back and forth, and my perspective, and what the country gal wrote, and her and my back and forth. My readers get to decide what to think about it.

Paul replied:

wrong again. You went off on a homosexual tangent. I was pointing out that the media bullies people. I also gave another example of how during the 2008 campaign. anyone who disagreed with Obama, was a ‘racist’ Has nothing to do with homosexuality. My point was for you to stop labeling anyone who disagrees with you as a bigot. That is bullying. You labeled me as a

“Bush lover” Also not true. I think Bush was a mediocre president. I don’t think the deserved all the bad publicity he got (more bullying). By calling me names (bigot) you lower yourself to a second grade level. We can be friends and disagree. not everyone who disagrees with you on everything or anything is a bigot, sad you ofter use that term for anyone who disagrees with you, on anything.

You refer to you Locust Fork friend as a “Country gal” That is prejudice and demeaning on your part. Stop the name calling., my original point. You readers read you name calling and labels too, your false rumors that you spread about people.

I replied to Paul:

Paul, I sent you a post about a young gay boy who was getting teased hard at school about being gay, and when school let out, he went home and wrote a farewell note to his Facebook friends and shot and killed himself. What you replied to me was another of your right-wing political diatribes, having nothing to do with what happened to this boy. You have yet to indicate any sorrow for the boy, his family, his friends. You don’thave to read what I write, we had that discussion before. I asked if I should take you off my email contacts. You did not say you wanted me me to do that, or to stop copying you with what I write. I think, though, that is what I need to do.


Paul replied:

You are correct. I am not in Florida. My writing had nothing to do with this boy or his death. I did not realize you had placed a requirement on me to express my sorry for his loss.

Again, you are name calling my “right-wing diatribe”. Stop the bullying with name calling, be civil. Anyone who disagrees with you is not automatically a bully.

Am am sorry for him & his family as I am for the thousands across the world who face tragedy. My point was not to address this individual event, but an observation of name-calling by the media to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. My later points was that you do the same. you could not respond without doing it again by using “right-wing diatribe”.

We can disagree and still be friends. Friends do not always agree.If you want to end our friendship, that is your choice. You have removed me before. When you get mad and have a tantrum you do that. 🙂

I replied to Paul:

Actually, I only stopped sending you posts before. This time, a little while ago, I deleted your email adddress. You have sent me many right-wing diatribes. They represent your thinking.


Looks to me in our email back and forth reproduced in this post that Paul threw serveral tantrums. I got tired of beating my head against a wall.

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