the forest for the trees – American and humanity pasttime, two shamen bat that and a Divine Intervention of the feminine around

the forest for the trees

When people my third wife, a licensed clinical social worker and Sandplay therapist, and I were just getting to know asked me what I did, as in, for work, I looked toward my wife, said, “Ask her.” Heads turned to her. She said, “Sloan is the mailman.” Puzzled looks. “He delivers the message.” Sometimes she told people, “Sloan can see around corners and through buildings.” Sometimes she asked me about something I had come up with about a situation, “How could you arrive at that? It’s obviously right, but how did you arrive at it?” I said I couldn’t explain it, and blamed God for it. For I really couldn’t explain it.
I was not always like that. The change came suddenly in August 1988, as if a light switch was thrown. After that, whenever I needed to see something in a spirit way, instead of in a human way, I saw it in the spirit way, as well as in the human way. It was like living in two different dimensions, or worlds, at the same time. It’s still like that. And I take no credit for it. Something was given to me, or changed in me. I had nothing to do with it.
The recent horrible writing about the suicide of Key West charter high school principal Adri Stewart being triggered by the Sandy Hook School massacre is an example of seeing something entirely differently from the human way.
It reminds me of my brother Major going missing and out of the blue I sensed very strongly, before anyone even knew he was dead, that he had killed himself and had tried to make it look like murder. A firestorm erupted in Birmingham when I published that. Then, Major’s body was found. I kept publishing that the angels were telling me that he had killed himself and had tried to make it look like murder. The firestorm continued. Then, the county coroner’s forensic pathologist and the police detective on the case concluded and reported that it was suicide made to look like murder. They never talked to me. The firestorm continued. Major’s first wife agreed with me. I published that. The firestorm continued. I published that Major could not be allowed to get away with it, and that his relatives at least needed to hear it, even if they didn’t believe it. And, Major’s soul needed for me to tell it, to mitigate the karma. The firestorm continued.
The same with Adri Stewart. Somebody had to tell what really happened, even if nobody but Sandy Downs agrees. In God’s Court, two witnesses are sufficient. If you don’t believe me, ask any Christian minister.
A little over a year ago, I published a post or two about a foreign female shaman who came through the Keys with her fellow, and about her and my interactions. She learned about me by her fellow buying at the Salvation Army in Key West my mayor’s campaign T-shirt in the 2009 election. It had on the front of it. They checked out the website, saw my email address and contacted me. Originally from North Africa, she and her fellow, who was American as I recall, had moved to Brazil, where she, especially, had gotten deeply involved with that region’s shamanism. They spoke French, Portuguese (Brazil’s language), English and perhaps other languages. The other day, I received this email from her, which led to some back and forth.

It took me  a little more than a year to finally send you what came up in my journey around what you have been “called” to do….
I first wrote a long draft, but it felt endless and almost as if I were trying to convince you of my point-of-view.
The gist of what came up inside of me about you is that Love is about expansion, not about compression, shrinkage or stagnation for that matter.  Love is about Free Will, not about submitting to another’s will.

It is clear for me at this time that ours minds have been colonised by the very same entities who have pursued us from the beginning of Time.  The tricks are endless to trap us within, even as they have managed to reach our very cells with imprints already.  The master of form rules these entities I just mentioned… and they are about impersonating, lies and deceit, among other things.

I have found that the emotions I have been able to free consciously are able to distinguish, rather discern who is who…
I after contemplation, I wrote back:
Hi, Donia. Thanks for writing. Have thought of you a few times recently. Wondered how it is going for you. What I recall was I was told to ask you to take a shaman journey to meet and talk with my spirit handlers about me, they were waiting to see you. I told you I myself wanted to hear what they told you.
What you say in your email today sounds like what you said to me many times the two times you and your fellow, sorry, don’t now remember his name, were at my place. I need to sleep on what you wrote, see what comes in dream time.
Not long after I saw you the second time, Christmas Day, as I recall, I felt moved to spruce up my place some, mostly with potted plants on the front screen porch, and quite a few containers of garden vegetables and some fruit trees in containers. I thought maybe you had something to do with that. Later, I wrote some poems on the living room wall, which had special meaning for me – poems that had come through me, most of them in the early 1990s.
I got over wanting to die yesterday, ran for the school board seat in the district where I live, learned a lot about the school system, made new friends, of sorts, aggravated a few people, didn’t aggravate a few people, didn’t get elected, or even close. Couldn’t have done the daily work required, my physical health would not have allowed it, unless a lot was lifted off of me.
The spirit work continued unceasing, very difficult. The karma did not ameliorate. But I seemed to be doing better, until this past Christmas, when I felt I was going to die and hoped I would. Wasn’t surprised. Very bad shit in the spirit realms re outside work I was doing, mostly via writing to my websites, and some speaking with people.
I was given Hurricane Sandy to explain to Americans that its rampage in NY City and nearby was karma for the way America reacted to 9/11. I was given the Sandy Hook School massacre to explain to America that it was karma for America’s done attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I was asked to pray for a divine intervention of the feminine into the United States of America, which was about four months ago. The above two disasters were part of that intervention on a big scale. Other commotions on smaller scales.
She ain’t too happy with how Americans are going about things. Some examples of stuff I worked not in the Keys. My reputation for being nuts was significantly enhanced in most circles, perhaps not in all.
This recent Christmas crush seems to be somewhat behind me, but the way this new year has started out, it ain’t looking too inviting, so far.
I have no clue how to implement what you wrote, no way can I turn off what is going on with me by my own muscle, thoughts, short of killing myself, as I can’t use booze anymore, it makes me sick in a couple of hours, as I told you last year.
Will write again after have sleeping and observed what came in dreams and any other spirit ways. Hope your situation is more comfortable for you, than when I saw you last.
She replied:

I recall you asking me to journey, but I have not connected to your spirit handlers and I have been journeying intensely in the last few months here in Brazil…. to be honest I judged I would not connect with them because I do not feel they are loving beings, and I do not feel they are who they claim to be.  However what has happened to you this past Xmas, and Joe’s recent vision/dream/feeling that I should focus on you in my next journey, leads me to believe that the problem is with my judgement around your spirit handlers.  Either way, be it I or they, I will journey with an open mind, I got the message….
I’ll get back to you within a week maximum…. if you prefer we speak on the phone, please remind me of your phone number.
On another note, it feels good to me that the Divine Feminine is connecting with you… she is indeed quite pissed off with the USA, but not only America… it is about time the Feminine at large stops spreading her legs for anyone who wants to come to earth… enough!
Here are a couple of links about the Sandy Hook School massacre — BTW, I don’t buy the lone gunman theory on this one:
the  videos uploaded on the link above work better from their youtube location
and a small little note about the Libor scandal and Sandy Hook:
the fact that you prayed for a divine intervention of the feminine is aligned with my own mission… you have my word that I will do my best this time to journey to your spirit handlers…. you are fighting for the same cause as I am
PS: Joe is my life companion’s name
I wrote back:
I recall no dreams last night, which seemed responsive to the content of your email yesterday and my reply. However, there was a dream just before dawn, which had me back in the home where my family lived from when I was born until age six.
A big oak tree in the front yard was leaning hard over, to the left from the street side, and other trees was laying over it, and the oak tree looked like it was dead, but a woman in the dream, unrecognized by me as someone I knew, said maybe not, and she was doing something. I used to have a rope swing in that tree, and could swing out over the street, a lot of fun. In that front yard something happened when I was five, was exhilirating and liberating, which led straight into something else happening reactively, from my mother and a friend of hers, which was crushing and crimped my will from that day forward. Perhaps represented by the oak tree in the dream. Perhaps some resolution coming there; perhaps, more likely obviously the result of your and my email exchange last night.
[Actually, other soul-crushing things happened at the hands of my mother before that thing that happened when I was five, maybe it’s all coming up for resolution.]
My recollection is you were steadfastly critical of my spirit handlers, as I described them to you and how they dealt with me, and that seemed to me to be why I felt they had asked me to tell you to journey to them because they wished to speak with you. I know them, as I told you last year, as Jesus, Michael (the Archangel) and Melchizedek (an order of angel, to which Mary Magdalene belonged, according to a spirit transmission I received crica 1991).
Melchizedek … Melchizedek is an order of angel which comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it to receive the Christ … Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek …
I told you when you were here, that in the fall of 2002, I was told in a dream that I had married Kali. As I recall, you got kinda upset about that, said Kali was yours. Or something like that. My impression of Kali, she is pretty independent and nobody, not even Shiva, messes with her.
I imagine if you do a journey with a focus of meeting up with my spirit handlers, it might take you before them and perhaps there will be other features. Maybe don’t try to make a bigger effort, just see if it will happen. I know no way to know ahead of time what will happen when I enter the spirit realms, nor what will happen next on this world. It’s always a surprise for me. Sometimes I like the surprise, sometimes not, but it tends to be interesting, even if not warm and fuzzy.
After Jesus and Michael grabbed me in early 1987, after had I prayed to God for help and offered my life to human service, that was before I knew Melchizedek also was involved, they started to work on recovering my feminine. It was a very long and while sometimes beautiful, mostly rough and not fun transition, still underway I suppose.
I think I recall telling you that three nights before 9/11, I was asked in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a divine intervention for all of humanity?” I awoke, startled. I asked for a divine intervention for all of humanity. One year to the night later, I was asked the same thing in my sleep, but that time I asked for the divine intervention in my sleep, and added to it, “and let it begin in me.” Yikes!!! I thought I had come a long ways, but I learned I had a lot further to go.
About a month later, I was told I had married Kali. I did a lot of soul drawings of her after that. I imagine she’s still hanging around, but I don’t talk much about her to folks around here. Would probably cause more trouble than not.
Agree, the entire species (human) on this world needs massive infusion of the feminine, however I was only asked to pray for that infusion into USA, perhaps because it is my native country, I have spirit linkage here, plus human standing to make that prayer for USA, which I would not have to make a similar prayer for, say, Brazil, not living nor never having been there, at least not in this life.
I had not considered a second or more shooters at Sandy Hook. Am putting that to my spirit handlers, they will let me know if there was more than one shooter. If they say nothing, there was only one shooter.
I wrote more about Sandy Hook today, which triggered a Key West charter high school principal shooting herself about ten days ago, turning that community upside down. I doubt they will see the connection with Sandy Hook. I also wrote further today about a MRSA (Staph) skin infection cure. And about other stuff, personal, impersonal, from a shaman perspective.
Same post at all three websites, try, if you are interested. On that site it’s easy to scroll down to previous posts, which have been on same and related themes since the Solstice began. The coming of the light don’t seem to mean things will be easier, at least not for me, and, I seriously doubt, for USA. The rest of the two-legged tribes might be in for it, too.
You and Joe being back in Brazil might be a good thing. You two have roots and are comfortable there, as I recall our conversations when you were in the Keys. I have been in other countries and have done spirit work there; but perhaps only one of those countries did I feel I perhaps could live there. Dominica, in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. It’s near Guadeloupe and Martinique, has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic some distance to the northwest. Also known as the Garden Island of the Caribbean, I hear since I last was on Dominica in 1996, that developers altered it more than might cause me to want to see it again. Even so, I have a very, very deep spirit connection with that island. Or, I used to have that connection.
Hi and best wishes to you, too, Joe.
(305) 872-____ (land line, cannot use to make but can receive long distance calls)
(305) 407-____ (cell phone)
This morning, I opened the two links Donia furnished and listened to the interview of the S.W.A.T. expert. Mostly, it was a 2nd Amendment defense, with considerable insinuating the US Goverment and/or an anti-gun-rights group was behind the Sandy Hook School massacre, as part of a conspiracy to ban guns in America. There do appear to be discrepancies in the media and police reports about people being apprenended at Sandy Hook School and then let go, and what was that all about? But there was no dispute in the interview that Adam Lanza went to that school and shot and killed people, and his mother’s guns were found at the scene.
Yes, the facts need to be brought forward. It needs to be forensically established whether or not there was another shooter, or other shooters. But even if there was another shooter, or other shooters, we still have Adam Lanza there killing people with his mother’s guns. And we still have that horror being American karma for its drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And we still have a nation not connecting those dots. A nation that does not believe, despite hearing it in church and reading it in the Bible: As you sow, you reap. That is the Law. If you don’t believe me, ask any Christian minister.
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