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This was in The Key West Citizen yesterday:

Homeless man charged in rape
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff
A 35-year-old homeless man remained jailed Friday night on a felony rape charge, after deputies said he attacked a woman who had passed out drunk on a vacant Stock Island lot the day after Christmas. Daniel Potts, originally from New Orleans, was locked up on a $75,000 bond after deputies arrived to find him still trying to pull up his pants and zip them shut, according to the arrest report. Melissa Damis said she was crossing Maloney Avenue by the fire station about 6 p.m. Wednesday when she saw her friend being raped by Potts and rushed over to pull him off, deputies reported. Potts denied that he touched the woman, but then said he had only had oral sex with her, the arrest report said. “He then stated that the witness was a ‘crackhead’ and the victim was a drunk,” Deputy Genine Hernandez wrote in the arrest report. “The suspect continued to change his story, contradicting himself in regards to his contact with the victim.” The 49-year-old woman told deputies on the scene that she was drunk and did not give permission for Potts to have sex with her. “I am nice to these people; I share everything with them,” she reportedly told deputies. “Why did he do this to me?” The woman, who was not identified by the Sheriff’s Office, was extremely drunk when deputies questioned her. She was having difficulty pulling her pants up, and could not stand on her own or hold her bicycle, the report said. She did not want to go to the emergency room for an exam and did not want a victim’s advocate to come to the scene, deputies said. She was also too drunk to make a complete written statement, other than accusing the man of trying to rape her while she was intoxicated. “She was unable to make a clear and complete thought or sentence,” Hernandez reported. In Florida, a rape committed when the victim is unable to consent due to intoxication is felony sexual battery. In Monroe County, Potts has an Oct. 30 conviction for misdemeanor theft committed Oct. 13.
Some thoughts. Yes, if she was too intoxicated to consent, that would be rape even if she did consent. That aside, as drunk as she apparently was, how could she know if she went along with it, encouraged it, or was taken advantage of? Mayor Cates and the City Commission intend to force homeless people who want to turn their lives around into the new homeless shelter with with the likes of these two homeless people? I ask that question because that’s what Mayor Cates and the City Commission are doing at KOTS. That’s why I told them at a recent city commission meeting that they all need to sleep for a week at KOTS, so they know what it’s like to live with and sleep next to drug addicts.
Yesterday’s the baptism of Mary Magdalene Melchizedek and Jesus Christ post prompted this from Gloria Reiser of Quincy, Illinios, a psychic with an international clientelle, whom I have known since 1990.

With regard to your mention of Doreen Virtue,  I’m familiar with some of her books and many of her angel card decks.  What I’ve noted is that they are very much of a positive and light tone.  A bit too much so most of the time for my tastes.  The books are what I would term “fluffy,” (which of course is just my personal opinion).  Though there is one (title slips my mind at the moment) which is a book of short stories purported to be true reports of encounters with Angels.  That one is somewhat interesting, but  not so different from similar stories shared in many other varying places, such as perhaps Guideposts Magazine….. and/or simply from talking with ordinary people at a level where they come to feel comfortable sharing their experiences.
As for the Angels giving you a rough time and a friend/associate inferring this would be unusual or perhaps involving something else entirely… a perspective I’ve heard mentioned by Buddhist friends is that Real Dharma doesn’t always Feel Good.  It often involves deep change which is not generally comfortable, full (sometimes painful) honesty… in other words, major ongoing transformation… But this is not just a Buddhist thing.  It comes, and can come for anyone, via connection with what some might call Angels, others The Deep Soul, or God, or Goddess,  The Divine, the Universe….  just my three cents on the subject.
Doreen Virtue
I replied:
Hi, Gloria. Thanks for your thoughtful mentations.
Basically, my sense is Doreen Virtue is very young in the spirit. Otherwise, she would have made a very different response to what I sent to her, than to send back to me promotions of her wares. I wore out between 1986 and 1989 chasing after the sort of stuff New Age prophets, healers, etc. sell. I also wore out chasing after other prophets, healers. I supposed I had to go through that to get in my stupid mind that I had to get help from God, if I was going to stay around. Not that later I did not wish many times that I had not stayed around.
Which brings me to the rough time I am having, and have been having since the angels showed up in early 1987, as I have written many times, as you well know. It took me a long time to understand that part of the rough time was karma for my own misdeeds, karma I very well might experience for as long as I breathe in this body, unless the angels lift it off of me. The other part of the rough time is the spirit work I take directly into and through my body like it’s a sewerage treatment plant, which I suppose it is in the sprit shit sense. I do not do that consciously, it simply happens, like breathing simply happens. I can no more stop it than I can hold my breath and stop breathing.
Many people on a spiritual path, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Arcane, Eastern, whatever, want it to be easy, love and light, warm and fuzzy, get what they want by visualizing it, whatever. This might work for a while, but it is nothing more than magic and sooner or later they run out of rope and are yanked rudely back toward the god, er, dog house. It was not to flap his gums that Jesus said in the gospels such as: many are called but few are chosen; steep is the way and narrow the gate; the work is great and the laborers are few. Rumi’s poem, “The Chickpea,” which is easy to google, gives a somewhat funny Sufi view of being broiled alive by God … for a long time :-)
What continues to puzzle me is all the hooplah about Rumi, but almost total silence about his spiritual teacher Shams, who put the chickpea, Rumi, into God’s cauldron. Rumi was considered pretty far along in his own right, and then Shams came along and turned Rumi upside down and inside out. Or so I heard it told. I also heard it told that eventually the people where Rumi lived got so pissed off at Shams, I suppose he told them plenty they didn’t care to hear, that they killed him and perhaps put him out of his own misery :-)
Further Facebook conversation with Erika Biddle of Key West, spawned by this in yesterday’s post:
Sloan Bashinsky I imagine Jesus was the loneliness man in the history of this species, until he met Mary Magdalene. I received two transmissions about her, the first around 1991-92, from far, far away it seemed:
Melchizedek … Melchizedek is an order of angel that comes to a planet in trouble … Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it for the coming of the Christ … the Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek … Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek …
The second transmission came in late winter 2004:
Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living water
without which God is dead
and there are no rainbows
I later came to understand, Bride of Christ was Blood of Christ
Erika Biddle That’s your interpretation. I lean more towards the ‘Jesus was gay’ theory. According to many writings he lived most of his life with his mother. 12 close male friends of whom he picked 3 who he really loved…
Sloan Bashinsky It’s not my interpretation. It was told to me by Jesus and Michael and Melchizedek, ie. Mary Magdalene. And it was told to some of my wives. And to one of my best male friends, who was Jewish. It also was reported in the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Gay is Christendom, with its all male Trinity. 

Erika Biddle Sure so be it then…
Sloan Bashinsky The one Jesus loved most was who he first addressed after he came out of the tomb and told her to go to the disciples and tell them that she had seen him and he would be with them shortly, and Peter was really upset that a woman had been sent to tell them the “good news”, the same woman who had washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears, and with precious ointment she scarce could afford. Wonder what she annointed and washed him with when they were in private? Jesus sent the disciples a clear message when he sent Magdalene to tell them he was headed their way. Not that the men who reported it, and the men who later wrote it down, and the Rome  church later created wanted to tell it like it really happened. That wasn’t all they didn’t want to tell like it really happened, but they left enough in to tell it anyway, perhaps intentionally, perhaps unwittingly.
Perhaps cosmic humor, Erika had written to me on Christmas Day:
Have you ever read Doreen Virtue’s “angel therapy” ? I didn’t but yesterday I overheard a conversation about clairaudient people like yourself ….
And then Erika got sent mucho transmissions I recieved past and present.

I imagine God has tried many more times than we know or have heard to try to reach humanity. In his so-called novel Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G.I. Gurdjieff, reputed to have been trained by a secret Sufi sect, tells the reader, through Beelzebub speaking to his grandson, of the many great saints who lived on this world and tried to help people in their geographic locality, the one whose teachings had the best chance of helping humanity was St. Jesus. I recall very well feeding that back to a Gurdjieff disciple (Gurdjieff was many years dead by then), who had told me I needed to read the book. I told her she needed to work out her beef with Jesus, instead of trying to replace him with Gurdjieff. She blanched. No way was that going to happen. I told many Americans raised as Christians, who didn’t work it out with Jesus and went into the New Age, or into Wicca, or East to a yogi guru, or to Buddha, or to Lao Tzu (Taoism), or to Rumi and the Sufis, hoping to find Jesus there, that they needed to let go of all of that and work it out with Jesus. Not with Christianity, but with Jesus. They blanched. No way was that going to happen. Maybe if someone lives as Jesus in the Gospels said to live, that is working it out with Jesus. I don’t see anywhere in the Gospels that Jesus charged people for helping them.
Sloan Bashinsky

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