Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook: divine intervention of the feminine into America hidden in plain view

C.G. Jung
This led off’s Coconut Telegraph yesterday:

I live in fear.

A week ago a 76 year old man called me from Washington state. He told me his aunt had died and he found a picture of my mom and dad’s Wedding in 1954. He has been researching for 10 years for the Walinsky family history. He discovered that my great grandfather had 2 brothers with him when they came to Ellis Island. He has copies of immigrant papers. Lacking writing skills, one brother changed his name to Walinski, the other brother changed his to Balinsky.

I am worried that I am related to Sloan. I do not talk to midnight monsters, and I do not have people come to me in my dreams and I do not feel the need to run in every election. I do read all the stuff he writes.

Now I fear the angels are going to start talking to me! (Ed: Oh, you poor soul. Do not fear, I can save you! Sloan’s name is Bashinsky not Balinsky so you may sleep in peace. Merry Christmas.)


Fearing the angels will start talking to him/her is something to truly fear, for if that happens, that poor soul will become a lot like me, after a whole heap of wailing and gnashing of teeth. I wrote maybe two months ago of being asked to make a prayer for a divine intervention of the feminine into the United States of America, which prayer I made. I wrote that my own experience with the feminine coming into me, and into other people I had known, was that it was really rough. It dawned on me this morning that the same holds true for USA. Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook express her sentiments about guns, the NRA, and the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In that vein, distant in-law Ron, who used to vacation in Key West, wrote further about Sandy Hook:


SLOAN – No matter, I am not certain I am on the right page. I don’t belong to the NRA and am certainly not on the same page with them. I do own guns. I do shoot deer, ducks, turkey and paper. I have no idea how you filter the mass shooters out of society. I know there is no perfect solution. Giving those people who have our young people in their care a fighting chance to protect themselves and those in their care, seems like a good idea until we can figure it out. Not perfect but better than being a lamb.

New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg made a strong case for what works in the Big Apple on Face the Nation yesterday. Sounded like common sense to me. If his numbers are correct, the New York city plan is working. Perfect, No! Better, Yes! Mike called the Obomber out big time. The elected leaders of the country are, I think, going to do something now. Let us hope that what is done has some modicum of common sense. Let us hope that what is done works. It breaks my heart thinking of the very young people dying in terror. It breaks my heart to think of the young teachers, and the staff of Sandy Hook dying in terror. These were good people. These were innocent people. We all need to get on close to the same page and come up with an effective common sense answer to this crazy problem.

Common sense—- not like making everyone who flies in a commercial plane take their shoes off, because one idiot tried to blow up his shoes. Common sense, dare we hope?

Regards, Ron


I replied:

I missed what Bloomberg said on Face the Nation. I don’t see any way in hell or heaven to stop what happened at Sandy Hook from happening again, not even with S.W.A.T. or Navy SEAL teams stationed at every school in America. If kids can get pistols like those, a rifle like those, they can get a rocket propelled grenade launcher and grenades, they can get mortars, they can get sniper rifles, they can get fertilizer. If they are determined, they can kill school school children and their teachers with little effort. We have the NRA to thank for the weapons that kid used being able to be purchased by his mother, who was anything but pure as the driven snow, given the weapons she purchased. Of course, it was horrible. But my sympathy is with the surviving relatives, who are still here. The departeds are in God’s hands. Including the shooter. There is stuff on about the shooter’s mother this morning, am going to try to find it.

Follow up to Ron:

Gunman’ hiddens mother kepttrials of home life hidden

Rex Features. Newtown school shooting: Nancy Lanza, mother of Adam Lanza, 20, who killed his mother before heading to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and shot 26 people dead and then shot himself.

Nancy Lanza spoke proudly of her sons, but friends say she held one card very close: home life, especially its trials and setbacks.

NEWTOWN, Conn. — At the bar, everybody knew her name. Nancy Lanza was the one who, if she heard you were short on cash, regularly offered to pick up the tab at My Place. Two or three nights a week, Lanza — the mother of the gunman in Connecticut’s horrific school massacre — came in for carryout salads, but stayed for Chardonnay and good humor. The divorced mother of two — still smooth-skinned and ash blonde at 52 — clearly didn’t have to work, but was always glad to share talk of her beloved Red Sox, gardening and a growing enthusiasm for target shooting. But while Lanza spoke proudly about her sons and brought them in for breakfast when they were younger, friends say she held one card very close: home life, especially its trials and setbacks, was off limits. Now, the secrets Lanza kept are at the center of the questions that envelop this New England town, grieving over the slaughter unleashed by her 20-year-old son Adam, who investigators say killed his mother Friday with one of her own guns before murdering 26 children and teachers at a nearby school. “Her family life was her family life. She kept it private, when we were together. That was her own thing,” said Louise Tambascio, who runs the warmly lit pizzeria and bar with her own sons, and became a shopping and dining companion of Nancy Lanza’s. Friends had met Lanza’s younger son, who stared down at the floor and didn’t speak when she brought him in. They knew he’d switched schools more than once and that she’d tried home schooling him. But while she occasionally expressed concern about his future during evenings at the bar, she never complained about anything at all.

More from MSN NewsConn. gunman recalled as intelligent but remote Experts say no link between Asperger’s, shooting Video: Who was Adam Lanza?

“I heard her as a parent. I always said that I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. But I thought, ‘Wow. She holds it well,’” said Tambascio’s son, John. California resident Ryan Kraft told KCAL-TV in Los Angeles that when he was a teenager he lived a few doors down from the Lanza family and used to babysit Adam Lanza, then nine or 10 years old. He said the boy “struck me as an introverted kid.” “His mom Nancy had always instructed me to keep an eye on him at all times, never turn my back or even go to the bathroom or anything like that. Which I found odd but I really didn’t ask; it wasn’t any of my business,” said Kraft, who lives in Hermosa Beach. “But looking back at it now, I guess there was something else going on.” Despite the challenges, the trappings of Lanza’s life in Newtown were comfortable. When she and then-husband Peter Lanza moved to the central Connecticut community in 1998 from southern New Hampshire, they bought a brand new 3,100-square-foot colonial set on more than two acres in the Bennett’s Farm neighborhood. Nancy Lanza had previously worked as a stock broker at John Hancock in Boston and her husband was a successful executive. When the couple divorced in 2009, he left their spacious home to Nancy Lanza and told her she would never have to work another day in her life, said Marsha Lanza of Crystal Lake, Ill., Lanza’s aunt. The split-up was not acrimonious and Adam spent time with both his mother and father, she said. Those who knew Nancy Lanza recall her as very generous, often giving money to those she met and doing volunteer work. When a mutual friend sought a loan from an acquaintance, Jim Leff, and Leff asked for collateral, Lanza intervened. “Nancy overheard the discussion, and, unblinkingly, told him she’d just write him a check then and there,” Leff recalled on his blog in a post after Lanza’s death. “While I’m far from the most generous guy in the world, it’s not often that I feel stingy. But I learned something from that. I should have just written him the check. She was right.” Mark Tambascio recalled the time Lanza invited him and his brother to attend a Boston Red Sox game, buying them tickets atop the outfield wall known as the Green Monster, and refusing any talk of repayment. There were moments when she appeared carefree. Inside My Place on Sunday, friends passed around a book of photos from a 2008 sailing trip off Newport, R.I., including one showing Lanza, her eyes gently closed and head tilted back as the sea breeze blew through her hair. “Dreamer!” read the caption. Neighbors knew her from the monthly gathering of women who rotated between homes for games of the dice game bunko. Lanza enthused about gardening, while poking fun of the fact that few could see the result because her house was set back from the road on a low rise, partly cloaked by trees. “She used to give me a hard time, you know, because I put out all these Christmas lights, and she said, ‘I put out mine, too, but you can’t even see them,’” said Rhonda Cullens, who lives one street over. Lanza also began telling friends that she’d bought guns and had taken up target shooting, John Tambascio said. All three of the guns that Adam Lanza carried into Sandy Hook Elementary were owned and registered by his mother — a pair of handguns and a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle, his primary weapon. Investigators said Sunday that Nancy Lanza visited shooting ranges several times and that her son also visited an area range. Ginger Colbrun, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said it’s still not clear whether Nancy Lanza brought her son to the range or whether he ever fired a weapon there. Marsha Lanza told the Chicago Sun-Times that Nancy Lanza wanted guns for protection. “She prepared for the worst,” Marsha Lanza told the newspaper. “I didn’t know that they (the guns) would be used on her.” Guns were her hobby,” Dan Holmes, who got to know Lanza while doing landscaping work for her, told The Washington Post. “She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting.”Related: Obama at Newtown vigil: US ‘will have to change’ But while trips to shooting ranges gave Lanza an outlet, she returned home to the ever-present challenges of raising a son with intractable problems. At Newtown High School, Adam Lanza was often having crises that only his mother could defuse. “He would have an episode, and she’d have to return or come to the high school and deal with it,” said Richard Novia, the school district’s head of security until 2008, who got to know the family because both Lanza sons joined the school technology club he chartered. Novia said Adam Lanza would sometimes withdraw completely “from whatever he was supposed to be doing,” whether it was sitting in class or reading a book. Adam Lanza “could take flight, which I think was the big issue, and it wasn’t a rebellious or defiant thing,” Novia said. “It was withdrawal.” The club gave the boy a place where he could be more at ease and indulge his interest in computers. His anxieties appeared to ease somewhat, but they never disappeared. When people approached him in the hallways, he would press himself against the wall or walk in a different direction, clutching tight to his black briefcase. Marsha Lanza described Nancy Lanza as a good mother. “If he had needed consulting, she would have gotten it,” Marsha Lanza said. “Nancy wasn’t one to deny reality.” But friends and neighbors said Lanza never spoke about the difficulties of raising her son. Mostly she noted how smart he was and that she hoped, even with his problems, that he’d find a way to succeed. “We never talked about the family,” John Tambascio said. “She just came in to have a great time.” Associated Press writer Matt Apuzzo in Southbury, Conn. and Michael Tarm in Crystal Lake, Ill. contributed to this report.


Later to Ron:

I just watched a clip of Bloomberg on Face the Nation – he sez NRA power over-rated, NRA unable to ruin political careers. He didn’t convince me one millimeter. The NRA is the biggest lobby outfit in US. It fights gun control as hard, if not harder, than the ACLU fights what it perceives as Constitutional encroachment, even the when the right to bear arms is attacked, I imagine. Arguing the NRA did not contribute to what happened at Sandy Hook is like arguing the NRA did not contribute to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, or the passage of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. In fact, the NRA’s political muscle got that law passed. But that horse seems far out of the barn, and what to do now?

My ex-Special Forces friend Todd German agreed, a S.W.A.T. or Navy SEALS team could not protect one school. Someone with a deer rifle with a scope could set up a few hundred yards off and pick off students and teachers until apprehended. There are lots of other ways, sadly.

Todd talked about mental health interventions. Legally, very hard to bring off, unless a crime is involved or patently threatened. Mentally ill people cannot otherwise be forced to seek treatment, take meds. And, there are a lot fewer facilities for mentally ill, jails and prisons provide a lot more there than before.

I told Todd, it really isn’t about mental illness. It’s about demonic possession, which psychiatry does not recognize or treat. For that, the Catholic Church has to be brought in, and it is short of exorcists priests who know what they are doing because for some years the Church suspended teaching priests the Rites of Exorcism. But even then, you can’t force someone to being exorcised. And so few people accept the reality of demonic possession, ie. the Sandy Hook shooter’s mother, perhaps, that it’s not likely that exorcists priests can have much preventative effect.

Schools in the Keys went through emergency drills today, caused by Sandy Hook.

I don’t see a solution. It looks like I will write more about this tomorrow.

[The Key West’s Citizen article today on the Sheriff and School District’s Sandy Hook response proves the Keys are totally out of their depth this arena., you will have to pay with plastic money to read it, if you are not a subscriber, because The Citizen asked me to stop reproducing their articles in my daily posts.


Amiga Christine Russell of Key West also weighed in:
Hi Sloan,
I am watching this tragedy in Conn. unfold from here in Panama. Am I shocked?  Yes.  And no, sadly.  I think there are many details yet to be revealed about what has happened and though I think we are all trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the world and more so America, we may never understand this. My question is – do these types of shootings happen as frequently in other countries as in the US?  Maybe the answer to that has to be looked at proportionately.  There are many more people in the US than other countries. Panama only has a population of 3 1/2 million but I have asked Panamanians I know if any such events have happened here and the answer is no.  This does not take into consideration Noriega!  Or Wild Bill up in Bocas – but he was some lunatic American. So if this kind of thing does not happen as often elsewhere, we have to ask why then in America?  For years I have been disappointed in the educational system in the US – my degree is in Education from the Ohio State University – and I have been told the graduation rate in Columbus Ohio is less than 50%!  Many kids these days have NO respect for anyone – teachers, parents, the elderly, or themselves!  That is a fault of the parents, but if they fail to be taught at home, then the schools must step in.  Maybe it is the judicial system we have – crime does pay these days, read the paper.  All the plea deals, reduced sentences, maybe there is just no deterrent to crime, as criminals know they will get off.  Or maybe it is the horrible healthcare situation in the US.  Who can independently afford health insurance in the US.  Many get insurance through an employer, but try to afford it on your own!  It is the very affordable Johns Hopkins hospital 2 blocks from me here in PC that led us to Panama.  And if you can not afford health insurance, you certainly can not afford any kind of mental health assessment or treatment.  And possibly it is that people are so stressed for many different reasons – the US economy, the world economy, ones job or lose of, the government, who knows – but when I am back in KW I am totally stressed out! I do not have the answers, but I am saddened and sickened with this tragedy and the state of the world. For the last hundred years mankind has been trying its best to destroy the earth – and he is doing a fine job (no sexist intent here, just manner of speech).  It sounds simplistic, but why can we not all get along and work together to solve our problems.  It is interesting to observe that here in Panama City when you go into any bank there is at least one policeman at the door armed with what I would call an AK47 for lack of knowing any better – but it is big, and has a magazine!  If you want to go into the bank you then open your purse, or any packages for them to survey.  No problem! and No problems with robberies.  At the malls you see the same thing – police at the doors, though they do not ask to see in your personal belongings, and there are police inside the malls too!  And on the streets – same thing – police with automatic or semi-automatic weapons.  2 policemen stopped me a couple years ago as I was walking to the mall.  They asked to see my passport.  I did not mind.  They were polite and off I went shopping.  When I go to the coast with friends, frequently we are stopped at police check points – they sometimes want to see everyone’s ID, sometimes just the drivers.  It seems to work here.  The idea of these big guns being seen everywhere here in Panama may freak out Americans. But you get used to it, you just take it for granted.  And you feel a lot safer – at least I do! Oh there are crazies here!  Hot Latin tempers!  They love to honk their horns while sitting in traffic.  I can not wait for the subway to open the first leg in another year :)   But for all the stress here, the hot blooded latinos, the corruption in government – yes they have that here too….there are not the random mass killings like in the US.  So again I ask why?  Something has to change.  And NOW.  We have to stop accepting mediocrity.  When this kind of event happens we all talk about how horrible it is, and then with time we all forget about it. We have to expect more from people.  We have to expect mote from our government.  The question is will the Republicans and Democrats come together, and WORK together to save America from itself.  Or is America too big to succeed? I wish you a peaceful Christmas and New Year.  I’m sure I will see you down the road. Christine
I replied:
Hi, Christine, thanks for writing, you raise excellent questions and the way Panama protects folks down there is enlightening.
I read an article this morning about the shooter’s mother. What jumped out at me like a jumbo jet colliding with one of the Trade Tower Buildings was this part of the article:
California resident Ryan Kraft told KCAL-TV in Los Angeles that when he was a teenager he lived a few doors down from the Lanza family and used to babysit Adam Lanza, then nine or 10 years old. He said the boy “struck me as an introverted kid.” “His mom Nancy had always instructed me to keep an eye on him at all times, never turn my back or even go to the bathroom or anything like that. Which I found odd but I really didn’t ask; it wasn’t any of my business,” said Kraft, who lives in Hermosa Beach. “But looking back at it now, I guess there was something else going on.”

Nancy Lanza knew, Christine, that her son was seriously messed up, and she had those two nasty-looking automatic pistols and the even nastier looking semi-automatic rifle in her home. The article said she was independently wealthy from a divorce settlement, was said to be very generous, and liked to shoot guns at a nearby range. Nobody seemed to know if she’d ever taken Adam with her to the range. I told some people today that if Adam had not killed his mother, she would be burned at the stake.

When I talked with our amigo Todd German today, he said calling for stricter gun control would not solve anything. I said I agreed, thanks to the NRA, that horse is long out of the barn, such guns are everywhere in America today, and if they were outlawed, a thriving black market would appear, such kinds of guns are made by many countries, and people would get them without even being licensed.
Todd’s idea, which he’d already discussed with others, was a crying need to deal with mentally ill people. I said many states have done away with mental institutions and now jails and prisons hold mentally ill people, who have committed serious crimes. I said beyond that, being mentally ill is not a crime in and of itself. And, mentally ill people cannot be made to submit to treatment or take medication, unless they are a clear threat to themselves or to other people.
I told Todd that during a time in Birmingham, I had represented several men locked up in a University of Alabama Medical School Psych Ward, who were slated to go before a judge who would decide whether or not they posed a clear threat to themselves or to other people, which required convincing evidence. If they were judged a threat, they were sent to the state mental hospital in Tuscaloosa (now closed), or if they were not judged a threat, they were released.
Three of those men were homeless, and they were sent to the state hospital on what I viewed as a railroad. One of the men, who lived with his family and was heavily sedated and clearly was very dangerous, was allowed to stay in his family’s home. After I saw that, I couldn’t take any more of those kinds of cases – that was a few years before I myself was homeless.
I told Todd that Adam Lanza was demonically possessed, which psychiatry does not recognize or treat. He said the Catholic Church is starting to get involved in that again, trying to help. I wrote in today’s post of a woman who feels her 13-year-old son, Michael, might be a next Adam Lanza, and of her discouragement with psychiatry. I wrote what I had gotten was wrong with him, including he is demonically possessed and needs the help of an exorcist priest, with real experience in the Catholic Rites of Exorcism.
I told Todd that such priests have ways of determining whether a subject is mentally ill or demonically possessed, and that is described well in the book I mentioned in today’s post, Hostage to the Devil, by Father Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest. However, many people do not believe in demonic possession, and you cannot legally force someone to be treated for it. And, the possessed usually has to recognize there is that problem and wants help with it, unless the possessed is very young or incapacitated and unable to make a decision.
Yet, after the many movies in the US on exorcism, apparently Nancy Lanza never thought Adam might be demonically possessed? Hard to believe she would not think that, given how big the Bible religion is in America, but apparently she did not consider that approach, even though she knew to tell Adam’s babysitter not to turn his back or take his eye off the boy. Personally, I wish he had not killed her. I wish she had gotten to face the relatives of the people Adam murdered, and all of America, and the world.
I simply don’t know how much of this sort of senseless massacre of fellow citizens might go on in other countries, but I found the first article below on today’s, which tells what Australia did after a mass public shooting in Tasmania, and how their gun control efforts apparently then worked pretty darn well.

After a 1996 Mass Shooting, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn’t Had a Similar Massacre Since.


Posted  Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, at 10:00 PM ET


John Howard at the scene of the Port Arthur massacre

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard lays a wreath at the memorial site of the Port Arthur massacre on its 10th anniversary. The mass killing spurred Howard’s government to pass sweeping gun control laws. Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images
On April 28, 1996, a gunman opened fire on tourists in a seaside resort in Port Arthur, Tasmania. By the time he was finished, he had killed 35 people and wounded 23 more. It was the worst mass murder in Australia’s history.
Twelve days later, Australia’s government did something remarkable. Led by newly elected conservative Prime Minister John Howard, it announced a bipartisan deal with state and local governments to enact sweeping gun-control measures. A decade and a half hence, the results of these policy changes are clear: They worked really, really well.
At the heart of the push was a massive buyback of more than 600,000 semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, or about one-fifth of all firearms in circulation in Australia. The country’s new gun laws prohibited private sales, required that all weapons be individually registered to their owners, and required that gun buyers present a “genuine reason” for needing each weapon at the time of the purchase. (Self-defense did not count.) In the wake of the tragedy, polls showed public support for these measures at upwards of 90 percent.
What happened next has been the subject of several academic studies. Violent crime and gun-related deaths did not come to an end in Australia, of course. But as the Washington Post’s Wonkblog pointed out in August, homicides by firearm plunged 59 percent between 1995 and 2006, with no corresponding increase in non-firearm-related homicides. The drop in suicides by gun was even steeper: 65 percent. Studies found a close correlation between the sharp declines and the gun buybacks. Robberies involving a firearm also dropped significantly. Meanwhile, home invasions did not increase, contrary to fears that firearm ownership is needed to deter such crimes. But here’s the most stunning statistic. In the decade before the Port Arthur massacre, there had been 11 mass shootings in the country. There hasn’t been a single one in Australia since.
There have been some contrarian studies about the decrease in gun violence in Australia, including a 2006 paper that argued the decline in gun-related homicides after Port Arthur was simply a continuation of trends already under way. But that paper’s methodology has been discredited, which is not surprising when you consider that its authors were affiliated with pro-gun groups. Other reports from gun advocates have similarly cherry-picked anecdotal evidence or presented outright fabrications in attempting to make the case that Australia’s more-restrictive laws didn’t work. Those are effectively refuted by findings from peer-reviewed papers, which note that the rate of decrease in gun-related deaths more than doubled following the gun buyback, and that states with the highest buyback rates showed the steepest declines. A 2011 Harvard summary of the research concluded that, at the time the laws were passed in 1996, “it would have been difficult to imagine more compelling future evidence of a beneficial effect.”
Whether the same policies would work as well in the United States—or whether similar legislation would have any chance of being passed here in the first place—is an open question. Howard, the conservative leader behind the Australian reforms, wrote an op-ed in an Australian paper after visiting the United States in the wake of the Aurora shootings. He came away convinced that America needed to change its gun laws, but lamented its lack of will to do so.
Also on new gun control legislation, an email amigo up near the Big Apple emailed:
I know you probably get your fare      share if right wing “input”… here’s one from the far left…      although I would argue it is closer to the center… if you can      believe the polls!

A Note From Michael Moore Sunday, December 16th, 2012 Friends, I am truly beside myself this time. I tried to               ring a warning bell about this a decade ago. The               disease has only gotten worse. But…you feel something different in the air               across America tonight, don’t you? People have               had it and the outrage is loud and visible. I’m               convinced the majority of Americans will now back               strong gun control laws. And a better mental               health care system. And perhaps a few are willing               to look at the deeper issue of how this country               officially sanctions violence as a means to an end. The NRA, for the first time ever, has gone               silent. They’ve taken their Facebook page down.               They know they can’t show up in Newtown next week               and stick it to the people there, like they               usually do after one of these mass killings.               Let’s face it, the gun lobby tonight is on the               ropes. Now is the time to act. We can’t let this               sad moment pass without a true response and a               president willing to be a strong leader. I’ll send some more thoughts tomorrow, but for               now I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been               sending out over Twitter this weekend. (If you’re               not on Twitter, please consider it. I know – not               one more social media stop, please! But I’ve               found it to be a quick and easy way to               communicate with millions.               <>Please              give it a try.               I send things out on it every day and I’d like you not to              miss them.) Here’s my Twitter feed since the shootings on Friday: CBS News reporting 27 dead at CT elementary school,              many/mostly children. Hoping, praying this isn’t true.               <>#schoolshooting Only minutes away from pundits & politicians               saying, “This isn’t the time to talk about gun               control.” Really? When is that moment? The way to honor these dead children is to demand               strict gun control, free mental health care, and               an end to violence as public policy. Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation?               No, too late. At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since              Columbine. 19 years ago today was the FIRST Aurora gun               massacre. Here’s an essay from one who lived:               <>               Just 18 hrs ago, those Republicans in the               Michigan House rammed thru a bill making it LEGAL               to carry a gun into a school or day care center. RT <>@Marmel              Hey,               &lt;>@BarackObama              –               you know all those nuts that fear you’re going to               take their guns? You can take their guns now. RT <>@mat:              The gun lobby               already hates Obama. I wish he’d give them an actual              reason. The NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to               have the freedom to send your children to school               & expect them to come home alive A Facebook post from Mark Kelly:               &lt;>               This morning a crazy man attacked 22 children at               an elementary school- in China. But all the crazy               man had was a knife. Number of dead? Zero In addition to his two handguns, the killer in CT               this morning used an assault rifle called The Bushmaster. RT <>@ScribeHard               &lt;>@Burnman               &lt;>@AwardsDaily              I               never read a headline that said “Dozens of               Children Dead in Hand-to-Hand Combat.” Guns. Facilitate.              Mass. Killings. RT <>@peterbayley               &lt;>@MMFlint              I didn’t               know you guys named your guns after presidents. How cute Also located in Newtown, CT: the nat’l HQ of the               National Shooting Sports Foundation, the lobbying               & trade org of all the gun manufacturers               &lt;>               In 1996, Australia banned semi-automatics. In the               18 years before, there were 13 mass shootings. Since then,              none. RT <>@JDillon777               <>@MMFlint              Sad to see               that ‘Bowling for Columbine’ has gone ignored.               Perhaps you should have directed Batman, and maybe they’d              listen. Hey NRA – why so quiet? Do you hear the rumble?               The will of the people today? Coming your way.               Think fast – the majority have had it. > From The Onion: <>               On this day in 1791 the Founding Fathers created               the 2nd Amendment. It took a good 15 seconds to               load 1 bullet (musket ball) then Nation celebrates 2nd Amend. Day in past 24 hrs:               Vegas:               <>               ‘Bama:               <>               OK: <>               >From The Onion 2: “‘Right To Live Life In               Complete, Stunned Horror’ Added To Constitution”:               RT               <>@RobbieGorlick               After yesterday… canceling my #NRA membership.               Can’t support a group that costs the lives of               innocents. &lt;>@MMFlint               &lt;>@NRA               <> RT <>@TimDempster               &lt;>@MMFlint              It must be               so infuriating knowing you warned against exactly               this. Never fear, millions agree with you… Sadly mostly              overseas! Medical Examiner: Most of the dead were killed w/               the Bushmaster assault rifle. Fires 30 rounds a               pop. Most kids shot “more than once.” Medical Examiner: If the dead children suffered “it was              not for long.” As is often the case in these shootings, the               gunman seemed to single out the women to kill               (CNN: 18 of the dead are female; 8 males.) Ooooh. Some men didn’t like that last tweet. So               let me give u another:When’s the last time u saw               a woman walk in & spray a place w/ bullets? Pakistani children hold candlelight vigil for CT               schoolkids: <>              Ouch. “<>@jfb97n:              let the               victims b mourned stop pushing ur agenda.” I’m               done with “mourning.” Time for action. To do less              dishonors their deaths. Jimmy Greene moved his family fr Canada 2 Newtown               in July. Daughter Ana was killed Fri; son Isaiah               lived. Here they are &lt;>               Saturday Night Live opens w/ children singing               Silent Night in honor of slain first-graders of               Newtown, CT: &lt;>               Or try this one:               <>              Very moving. RT <>@KathShx               &lt;>@MMFlint              UK family               moved to Newtown feeling “happy & comfortable” in               the town – younger son died in the shooting.               &lt;>… NY Times: In past 6 months, more Americans killed               by guns than COMBINED total of dead Yanks in               Iraq, Afghan & all terrorist acts of past 25 years. If only the first victim, Adam Lanza’s mother,               had been a gun owner, she could have stopped this before              it started. RT <>@marlasuehale               &lt;>@MMFlint              obviously               that argument the NRA folks have been using doesn’t work              after all. RT <>@kazic284               <>@MMFlint              Thanks for               pointing out how dumb that logic is. People have               been screaming, “If only the principal had a gun!” Missing              the point. RT               <>@mikelondoncan               &lt;>@MMFlint              Number of               homicides in Detroit, MI, 2010 – 310. Number in               Windsor, ON, Canada, one mile away – 0. Same movies, video              games. Some are asking me why I’m not on TV discussing               this. Because I’ve turned down all requests.               Here’s why: <>               Time for action. The debate & discussion are               over. Just as no one should debate whether “rape               is legitimate,” this gun debate is effing over I said what I had to say about guns 10 yrs ago.               Nothing’s changed. You can watch this pirated               version for free: <>               “RT               <>@erikb1205:It’s              on               Netflix bud” True. U can stream it for free there               too. Don’t want studio or me 2 make any $ on this. Pls              watch 4 free RT <>@CarlBrandt:               <>@MMFlint              Millions of               guns in Switzerland, 24 gun homicides in 2009…               &lt;>               Yes, it helps if you have strong gun control laws               like in Japan: <>               But Connecticut has one of the strongest gun laws               in the U.S. So, ‘splain that…               <>               I guess it helps if the State of CT doesn’t shut               down the mental hospital – like they did in               Newtown, CT in 1995: &lt;>               But the killer’s dad is a vice-pres of GE               Financial Services (he’s in charge of taxes). So               he had the money for excellent mental health help Yes we need gun laws & better mental health care.               BUT even that won’t stop the killings. Because,               let’s face it, America believes in killing A country that officially sanctions horrific               violence (invade Iraq, drones kill kids, death               penalty) is surprised when a 20-yr old joins in? I hate to say it, but killing is our way. We               began America w/ genocide,then built it w/               slaves. The shootings will continue- it’s who we are The long term solution to reducing gun deaths is               to change our society from one of perpetual war               and fear to one of peace and tolerance. The short term solution? A law immediately               banning semi-automatic weapons & mega-clips. Must               have license to own gun. Must pass mental exam. Also, end the U.S.-sanctioned policy of killing:               End the wars NOW, end death penalty. Stop banks               and insurance companies from destroying ppl It’s all violence & it’s all connected. Why does               this happen only in America? The answer is right               in front of u. And it’s not just the guns. Yours,               Michael Moore               <>               <>@MMFlint               &lt;>
I saw a few Moore documentary films and liked them. I don’t view him as a left-winger. I view him has having a lot of common sense and determination and courge to speak to what the Government Corporate Complex doesn’t want aired out. I don’t know if a Tasmanian solution will work in America, but I see no harm in trying.
I imagine putting armed military personnel in shopping centers, banks, schools, etc. is unaffordable money-wise, unless existing US Military personnel are used. I have thought for years, and have written, that eventually US troops will be used to defend Americans from Americans. It sure beats using those troops to kill people in other countries, Iraq and Afghanistan come to mind. It sure beats being at war with a religion which outnumbers Americans about 3-1, that would be Islam.
Maybe I was mistaken. Maybe the Israel soution suggested by my distant in-law Ron the other day is exactly what America needs. US troops stationed in public places  through America. However, as Todd and I discussed today, there is no way to stop people like Adam Lanza from killing school children; a S.W.A.T. or Navy SEAL team stationed at every American school would not stop an Adam Lanza. Anyone with a deer rifle and telescopic scope could station several hundred yards from a school and kill lots of children and teachers before being apprehended.
A truly scary idea came to me earlier today. Putting armed guards at schools might be like waving a red flag in front of a bull’s nose; it might challenge Adam Lanzas to be even more daring, creative; it might turn shooting school children into a macabre sport for Adam Lanzas,  to see who can get the most kills, and the most media coverage.
And, there is no telling what the millions of NARites will do if a serious gun control law is passed. It was the NRA that pushed Florida legislators to pass its now infamous Stand Your Ground Law, which George Zimmerman is using to defend himself in a murder trial stemming from his having shot Trayvon Martin. The NAR rushed to defend the Stand Your Gun Law and to deny guns had anything to do with Trayvon Martin’s death. People, not guns, kill people. Tell that to Trayvon Martin’s parents. Tell that to the relatives of the dead Sandy Hook students and teachers. Tell that to America. Tell that to the world.
Having vented, ranted, and raved, I confess to having no solution. And I don’t think President Obama, Congress, or the Democrats or the Republicans have a solution either. I think America is going to Hell, and the reason is its stupid runious wars, and Sandy Hook is just another part of that fatal plunge. I have no doubt that Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy are American war karma. I bet my life and my soul on it.
I told an older Republican amigo today, who wrote in that the cause of much of this sort of shooting seems to be video games:
Yeah, movies and video games egg on youth violence in America and elsewhere. As does child abuse and molestation. As does oppressive religion. As does oppressive education practices. As does poverty. As does ethnic elitism. As does war and rah rah that accompanies same in the name of God, freedom, whatever. We might be lucky and be gone by the time the shit really hits the fan.
Right now, Christine, your idea to live part time in Panama, and perhaps the other part of the time in Canada, is looking pretty sane.
Hard to wish anyone a peaceful Christmas and New Year after writing all of that. It won’t be peaceful in Sandy Hook or New York City any time soon.

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