Sancho Panza and Don Quixote discuss perhaps less considered threads of the Connecticut school shooting massacre

Don Quixote
Sancho Panza: I just heard that the Jersey guy who killed all those children in the primary school in Connecticut was actually raised in that area and his mother was one of the victims… matricide+++! I can’t even imagine the anguish of those mothers that lost their child… I think he meant to “kill” them too!In aminute your World can be turn upside down… how do we reconcile this with any spiritual philosophy?! And it happens over and over again, all around this world… some of it coming from USA Drones raining hellfire from above on innocent families… maybe there is Karma to be paid… but we don’t learn!

Don Quixote: I was thinking of asking if you want me to see what the angels say about your question. I saw an NRA ad somewhere today, saying people don’t blame cars for drunk drivers, and guns don’t kill people either. I wanted to scream. About five minutes ago, I thought, yeah, if there were no NRA, would that child-killer’s mother have been able to get those two nasty-looking pistols and the nasty-looking semi-auto rifle in a store, or anywhere legal? Then, you sent something on American drone strikes killing innocent civilians overseas, and I imagined those civilians feel about the same about their loved ones being killed by American drones as the parents and siblings and relatives of the children and adults in that Conn. school are feeling right now. I know what it feels like to have a young child die suddenly, unexpectedly. I can’t imagine anything worse happening to an adult, or to a sibling of that young child. That’s all I feel comfortable saying right now …

Sancho Panza: I think war and killing via a tv screen is an aberration of face to face combat… I want Mr. Peace Prize to clean the dismembered body of those children killed by drones, he should also prepared their coffins and hear the cries of their parents as they are lowered to the ground… I want Mr. Peace Prize to know the pain of the loss of one of his daughters as a result of an assassin aiming to kill him and maybe then he can go on TV and cry true tears… yeah, killing and death has become so passe, so sanitized these days… we let somebody else take care of it! Let the NRA arm the whole country so that maybe this crazed guy would only have had a chance to kill a couple of kids before he got shot by an armed teacher… yeah, I am sure those two parents would understand that this is the best we can do… here in America, the home of the brave, the land of the free…

Don Quixote: What I didn’t want to write earlier, am wondering if there is spirit linkage between US wars in Afghanistan/Pakistan, and this shooting today in Conn? Similar to Hurricane Sandy being karma for America’s reaction to 911 – Iraq, then Afghanistan – but this latest linkage is through the drones. I hate thinking like that, but it was how I was trained to think. That, and war, which this killing in Conn. was today, is, well, Evil. I wish the folks who wrote the Old Testament and the Koran had seen it that way, but they apparently didn’t. Maybe the drones are part of, or a lot of why the Peace Prize drone sender wept in TV tonight, thinking it was all the shooting at the Conn. school, but deep down it was much bigger.

Don Quixote Later P.S. My dream maker said the attack indeed was bigger; it indeed was karma, Americans reaping what President Obama sows with the drone attacks. Perhaps eventually, Americans will see that claiming to be One Nation, Under God puts America to live that boast, or pay a steep price for not living it. Perhaps the NRA religion will wake up and take responsibilty for its actions. I won’t be holding my breath on either count.


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