LSU threw the BSC Championship game?

LSU Tigers head coach, Les Miles
Received this interesting New Orleans link yesterday re the recent Alabama-LSU game from an old Birmigham amigo who shares my fatal attraction to Crimson Tide football, although he has started to worry me some re his true allegiance following his daughter attending Auburn.

My reply to him and others he included in his email.
Hi, Mat.
Youse and meese and Charles Crabbe remembers when Coach Bryant benched Joe Namath just before the Sugar Bowl against Mississipppi, which we watched from snow-filled stands. The Tide won anyway, with sophomore QB Steve Sloan, staunch defense, 7 Old Miss turn-overs and 4 Tim Davis field goals from beyond 40 yards, one was 50-something yards, as I recall, and a hellish goal-line stand in the closing seconds – a big upset – 12-7.
So, is there any fire under the smoke? Will there be an investigation of the allegations re Miles? Have any of these allegations been aired in New Orleans or Baton Rouge press? I have seen nothing on television about any of it.
My recollection of the Alabama-LSU game in Tuscaloosa, the Tide beat up on Lee so bad that Jefferson was sent in to replace him, and from there Jefferson played out the season as the LSU starting QB, and Lee saw limited duty. Maybe Miles remembered that in betting on Jefferson, on whose watch LSU edged out Alabama in the first game.
I thought Alabama should have won the first game by two touchdowns, or by even more, and gave the game away due to lots of stupid penalties, some poor decisions by A.J. McCarren (spelling?), lousy punting, lousy place-kicking and kickoffs, lousy punt and kick-off defense, and some not particularly stellar play-calling by the Tide coaching staff. [And turnovers.]
A different Tide team and coaching staff showed up for the BSC Championship, with only one late non-consequential 5-yard penalty, over which Saban went ballistic, no poor decisions by McCarren, much better kicking and punting, stellar kick-off and punt return defense, and lots better play-calling. [No turnovers.]
Looked to me like about the same LSU team that was given the first game, except in the BSC game, the Tide defense wore out Jordon Jefferson, like they wore out Lee in the first game.
Also looked to me, LSU made no adjustments for the second game, while the Tide made lots of adjustments, but I already said that.
I never thought Miles was in Saban’s league, but Miles’ teams have proven he is a good coach, and his team this year beat up on every team but Alabama, generally worse than Alabama beat up on the same teams. His team last year whupped the Tide.
I cannot deny, though, LSU did not look like they came to play, and perhaps there is some fire beneath the smoke. If so, it had to affect the LSU team. If Miles indeed called the offensive plays, perhaps it would have turned out differently if he had let his offensive coach call the plays.
But then, the Tide had practiced against Jefferson-type offense for a month, having already learned how to defend against Lee. Jefferson didn’t look as sharp the second game, maybe because the Tide coaches and defenses had figured him out, too.
I posted this above to the New Orleans Rising blog.
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4 Responses to LSU threw the BSC Championship game?

  1. baker smith says:

    I KNEW something was amiss!!! The game was FIXED !!!! I’m NOT surprised…The Saban Nation paid Miles off. Where’s the NCAA when we need ’em. They’re in cahoots, too. BTW…I need to google the meaning of “CAHOOTS”. I’m just a D—
    A– southern boy.

    • Bash says:

      Are you serious, Baker? You really think Saban and Miles and the NCAA were in cahoots, that Miles got paid off? If so, you for sure are a D-A, but I can’t say you are southern boy, because I don’t know any southern boys who would believe an LSU coach threw a game to any team, especially to Alabama :-).

  2. Bob Hewes says:

    Bama beat LSU so bad that it was embarassing to some L fans. So this blogger would rather blame it on his own team and coaches rather than admit Bama was just much better. If LSU was not prepared and not motivated, they would have not stopped Bama 7 times in their territory and forced SEVEN field goal attempts. LSU was just outplayed in both games. Bama owes Iowa State! If they had not beaten OkSt, Bama would not have even been in the game!

    • Bash says:

      Thanks for writing in, Bobby. I agree re Oklahoma State – Iowa State game, it put Bama into BSC game. I read online that OS had serious tragedy in one of its sports programs, not football, a few days before the OS-IS game. Was opined OS might not have had their hearts in the IS game. Wonder how OS-LSU would have gone? Wonder how Bama-Stanford, Bama-Wisconsin, Bama Oregon State would have gone? As the Bham amigo, who sent me the New Orleans Rising link, said to me three weeks before the BSC game, those pair-ups would have provided lots more national interest and would have revealed, for the moment, the relative strength, or not, of the SEC re other conferences. Re what the LSU blogger posted, I have yet to see any news online or on TV re his allegations. I did see the Les Miles post-game press interview online yesterday, after googling “LSU threw the BSC” and I found one blog link re that topic by an LSU fan. In the post-game video, a New Orleans notable, had played QB for the Saints, was a sports journalist, or commentator, labored on for about two minutes about Miles not moving the ball down the field, instead of going laterally, passing, etc. Finally, Miles calmly asked, “What is your question?” The noteable said that was his question, why didn’t Miles try to move the ball down the field? Miles said they did do that, but it didn’t work very well. Nothing worked very well for LSU, and if the reported pre-game fracas, or something close to it, happened just hours before the game, yeah, it could have affected the LSU players. However, Miles was head coach; the buck stopped with him. His players should have sucked it up, given they were 13-0 under him. His players knew what Miles knew: Lee had gotten mauled by Bama in the first tryst in Tuscaloosa, and Jefferson had played better than Lee after he went in to replace him. My Bham amigo told me that two years earlier, Lee had gotten mauled by Bama, which is how Jefferson came to replace him and was the fist team QB until he got in trouble with the law before last year’s season opened. Jefferson beat Bama the next year, and in Tuscaloosa this past season – Jefferson, and the LSU defense beat Bama. As I told my Bham amigo before the BSC, Bama had nothing to lose in the BSC game but dignity, and LSU had everything to lose.

      And let’s not forget, Coach Bryant, at the recommendation of Assistant Coach Gene Stallings, benched Joe Namath for curfew violation just before the 1964 Sugar Bowl against a highly-favored Old Miss team, and the Tide, led by backup sophomore QB Steve Sloan, went out and somehow won the game.

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