Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.’s win-win proposal for Golden Flake heirs, the stepmother’s it ain’t happening response, Sloan Jr.’s eventual response to the law firm representing Golden Flake and Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate, the law firm’s stone wall response to Sloan, Jr., Sloan, Jr.’s not entirely cordial response to the law firm, Sloan Jr.’s later attempt to put it to bed for himself, and Sloan Jr.s Facebook chat with his first wife, mother of his children, about all of the above

Golden Flake clownAn email from me, Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr., to the lawyer representing my deceased father’s affairs. My father passed away in August 2005. I attended law school and tax law school with this lawyer. He and I have had many conversations about my father and Bashinsky family affairs. It took me months of pondering and asking the lawyer questions, and dreams on same, and then the unexpected agreement, in principal, to sell my father’s company to long-established, well-respected, privately-owned Utz potato chips and snack food company, to boil it down to this email.

Sloan Bashinsky <>


John P. McKleroy, Jr. (;

Paul Leonard


I propose and alternative: redeem or by back (great spelling) SYB Inc.’s preferred stock with a portion of the after taxes Utz purchase money

Hi, John –

Thanks for answering my various SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust questions.

From your July 21, 2016 email to me:

Note:  If dividends are declared by the Board of SYB, Inc. for payment in excess of the 15% annual preferred dividend, the Articles of Incorporation require that the Preferred Stock and Common Stock both participate in the excess dividends.

§  The 15% annual dividend on the Preferred Stock is “non-cumulative.” 

§  SYB, Inc. owns 5,283,126 shares of GE stock.  If the merger is closed, SYB, Inc. will receive 5,283,128 X $12.00 = $63,397,536.

§  SYB, Inc’s tax basis in the GE common stock is virtually zero.

§  The 15% annual preferred dividend is computed on “current and accumulated earnings” as required by the Articles of Incorporation.

§  The sales proceeds for the GE stock will be a capital asset and after payment of capital gains tax and expenses, the net proceeds will be reinvested in other capital assets, i.e., corporate stocks, bonds, etc.  The sales proceeds will not be constitute “current or accumulated earnings” for determining dividends.

I propose an alternative.

When, on March 15, 2016, you emailed my father’s children and surviving children that Owens Sims had passed away, you said SYB, Inc.’s assets were worth $68 million as of the end of 2015. I was told by a Birmingham stockbroker that Golden Enterprises common stock was trading at a little over $4 a share back then. Utz has offered to buy that stock for $12 a share. Even after, say, 20 percent taxes are paid, that is a substantial increase in value of SYB, Inc.’s GE common stock since late 2015.

1990 was the only time the SYB, Inc. preferred stock received its full non-cumulative dividend, and the only time SYB, Inc.’s common stock received any dividend, which passed into SYB Trust and to my father’s four children, in equal shares.

Protecting Golden Flake and its valued, dedicated employees, his wife Joann Bashinsky and her daughter Suzanne, whom my father had legally adopted, and my father’s favorite charities from his heirs and the IRS, was why my father set up SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust and his estate the way he did.

If the Utz purchase, for cash, of Golden Enterprises’ common stock goes through, SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust are out of the Golden Flake business. .

In which case, I’m sure my father will be delighted to see a portion of the after tax cash proceeds from the sale of SYB, Inc.’s GE common stock (capital asset) used to retire SYB, Inc.’s capital debt (its preferred stock). I imagine that move also will delight the preferred stockholders, including Joann, who owns about 40 percent of the SYB, Inc. preferred stock, as it will be a tax free bundle of cash to them, and they only have been enjoying a part of the total non-cumulative dividend allowed to their preferred stock.

Using a portion of the after taxes Golden Enterprises common stock sales proceeds, the Class A Preferred can be called, while the Class B Preferred, which cannot be called, will have to be tendered by those shareholders and bought by SYB, Inc. That will not be a taxable event if the preferred is redeemed or bought back at par.

SYB Trust then will own all of SYB, Inc. and will receive all of SYB, Inc.’s dividend, which, as per SYB Trust, will be paid out in 4 equal portions to my sister Sis, me, our deceased brother Major’s Revocable Trust, and our deceased stepsister Suzanne’s son Landon. The dividend will be taxable income to the recipients.

As per SYB Trust, that arrangement will continue until December 31, 2020, when SYB Trust dissolves and its then beneficiaries become outright owners of their respective shares of SYB, Inc. common stock.

That new arrangement will continue until such time as SYB, Inc. is dissolved by agreement of a majority of its common stockholders, and its assets (common stocks, bonds, etc.) are distributed to SYB, Inc.’s then common stockholders.

Please forward this email to Sis, Major’s children Sloan and Brooks, Major’s second wife Leslie, Major’s trustee, Landon and Joann, and the other SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust director(s) and trustee(s)..



McKleory’s reply:

John P. McKleroy, Jr. <>

Tue 8/2


Paul Leonard (

Hello, Sloan.  I hope you are doing well.

A copy of your email of 7/28/16 has been forwarded to the Board of Directors of SYB, Inc., consisting of Joann F. Bashinsky, John S. Stein, Jr. (and myself) for their consideration.  The Board does not anticipate redeeming any stock within the near future.

If the Utz merger is closed, the combined federal and state tax rate on SYB, Inc. will be a little over 40%.  Also, the SYB Common Stock Trust will terminate five years from the date of sale.

In view of my position as a Board member of SYB, Inc. and as Trustee of your Dad’s Marital Trust and of the SYB Common Stock Trust, I have asked my law partner, Paul S. Leonard, to handle future correspondence on this matter.

Thank you.


Later personal ruminations:

Joann [my father’s 2nd wife], by herself, has voting control of SYB, Inc. She is the “board” who made the decision not to redeem the preferred. If I had to guess, she also is who told John McKleory not to forward my email to the other SYB Trust beneficiaries.

Based of what I’ve seen so far, the angels are not leaning on Joann. Have not leaned on her. Or if they did lean on her, she didn’t connect the dots, or she viewed them as the devil. I spent a good while working on a reply to Paul Leonard, but did not send anything. It seemed pointless.

However, I kept dreaming about it, and yesterday I wrote and sent this email to Paul Leonard and John McKleory:

Sloan Bashinsky <>

August 17, 2016

John P. McKleroy, Jr. (;

Paul Leonard (

Good morning, Paul –

My sincere condolences, now that this has been dumped all the way onto you.

This email is going to be kinda long.

Been mulling John McKleory telling me to henceforth communicate with you.

Finally, John addresses his very old conflict of interest, although not really, since he, for Spain & Gillon, drew up all of the relevant documents. Please don’t go and be thinking there is a “Chinese wall” in Spain & Gillon, which eliminates what actually are multiple conflicts of interest arising from John’s involvement in all of my father’s affairs. More on that in a bit.

I felt like an idiot for under-guessing by 1/2 what the corporate tax rate would be on the sale of SYB, Inc.’s Golden Enterprises, Inc.’s common stock to UTZ. All I had to do is look the corporate tax rate up online. I must have been thinking it was closer to Donald Trump’s tax rate :-).

I don’t feel entirely like an idiot for thinking the SYB Trust ends December 31, 2020.

If those two mistakes in my email proposing the alternative, that SYB, Inc. redeem, or buy back, its preferred stock, is why my email to John McKleory was not forwarded to the other beneficiaries of SYB Trust, as I had requested, all John had to do was let me know that and I would have repaired my email and resent it to him.

Joann Bashinsky all by herself has voting control of SYB, Inc. She is the “board” who made the decision not to redeem. or buy back, the preferred. If I had to guess, she also is who told John McKleory not to forward my email to the other SYB Trust beneficiaries.

I’m way past upchuck level-squared being put to intervene in my father and Joann’s affairs, going on back to maybe 1975 or 1976. But it looks, still, like I’m God’s designated “hit man”.

So …

I’m asking you, Paul, to forward my email to John McKleory, containing my alternative proposal, and John’s reply email to me, and this email from me to you, to the SYB Trust beneficiaries: my sister Elizabeth, my deceased brother Major’s children Sloan and Brooks, Major’s second wife Leslie, Joann and her grandson Landon, and me. In your transmittal, show in plain view all of those beneficiaries’ names in the recipients space. Also copy that to John Stein.

Further, I’m asking you, Paul, on behalf of Spain & Gillon, to advise the Alabama State Bar that Spain & Gillon, via John McKleroy, has multiple conflicts of interest in representing the affairs of Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s affairs: Last Will and Testament, SYB Trust, SYB, Inc., Golden Enterprises, Inc., Golden Flake Snack Foods, etc.)

Include in your transmittal to the Alabama State Bar my email to John McKleory containing my alternative proposal to redeem, or buy back, SYB, Inc.’s preferred stock, John’s email reply back to me, and this email from me to you, which John also is receiving.

On behalf of Spain & Gillon and Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate and heirs, SYB Trust, SYB, Inc., Golden Enterprises, Inc. and Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc., ask the Alabama State Bar to advise Spain & Gillon and John McKleory how to proceed henceforth.

Provide the Alabama State Bar with a list of every position John McKleory holds regarding my father’s affairs: personal estate, SYB Trust, SYB. Inc., Golden Enterprises, Inc., Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc., etc.

Provide the details of any financial interest(s) John McKleroy has in my father’s affairs, listed just above, and the amount of legal fees Spain & Gillon received since Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr. died in August 2005, related to his affairs listed just above.

Provide the Alabama State Bar with contact information for all SYB Trust beneficiaries listed further above, and ask they be kept in the loop of any correspondence from and action taken by the Alabama State Bar regarding any and all of the above.

You have until next Wednesday, Paul, to copy me with your transmittal to the SYB Trust beneficiaries, John Stein, and the Alabama State Bar.

If I do not receive your transmittals by then, I will notify the Alabama State Bar of Spain & Gillon’s multiple conflicts of interest, which will include these emails, and I will ask the Alabama State Bar to investigate you, Paul, and Spain & Gillon and John McKleory, and take whatever action the Alabama State Bar deems necessary.

I am here identifying Joann Bashinsky’s spy at Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc., Patti Townsend, and saying, by declaring Golden Enterprises, Inc. dividends, nearly all of which are funded by Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. profits, Joann Bashinsky aided by John Stein, John McKleory and Spain & Gillon, have systematically bled Golden Flack Snack Foods, Inc. of money sorely needed to maintain and modernize Golden Flack Snack Foods, Inc.’s manufacturing facilities, truck fleet, office operations, etc.; thereby injuring Golden Flake’s ability to be all it can be in a highly competitive market place; thereby endangering Golden Flake’s loyal, hard-working line employees’ jobs, retirement plan and welfare.

I hope to God Utz will conclude the purchase of Golden Enterprises, Inc. and rid Golden Flake and its loyal, hard-working line employees of Joann Bashinsky, who is not as important to Golden Flake as even one of the lowest paid of its line employees.


Sloan Young Bashinsky, Jr.,

former Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. vice president and board of directors member; former Alabama practicing attorney (J.D., LLM, in Taxation, University of Alabama School of Law – John McKleory and I were classmates in both law courses)

Paul Leonard replied, to which I responded inside his paragraphs:

From: Sloan Bashinsky
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:25 AM
To: Paul Leonard; John P. McKleroy, Jr.
Subject: Re: SYB, Inc

Hi, Paul – my thoughts between your paragraphs. Sloan

SYB, Inc.


Paul Leonard <>

8/22/201t  2:32 PM



I am in receipt of your email of 8/17/2016.  With regard to the matters which you raised, my responses are as follows:

            1.         We do not have emails for all the people you wish your proposal forwarded to.  Moreover, since this is a proposal you originated, it would not be appropriate for me to forward your email.  We have been requested by more than one of the persons you listed to not forward your emails to them.

You, Paul, or John McKleory, could have printed out my email, and mailed or hand-delivered it to the other SYB Trust beneficiaries named in my alternative proposal. The other SYB, Inc. (should be SYB Trust) beneficiaries had every right to see my alternative proposal and the supporting emails. You understand, don’t you, Paul, the sole reason I wrote the nice email, to which you responded yesterday, was my alternative proposal and the supporting emails were not forwarded to the other SYB Trust beneficiaries, because Joann Bashinsky, who has voting control over SYB, Inc., did not want the other beneficiaries to see my alternative proposal, which would have benefited not only the other Bashinsky family SYB Trust beneficiaries to some degree, but, ironically, Joann and the other SYB, Inc. preferred stockholders to a much greater degree. I was remiss in not asking John McKleroy to pass along my alternative proposal and the supporting emails to the other SYB, Inc. preferred stockholders: Samford University, Auburn University, University of Alabama, and Big Oak Boys and Girls Ranch, who, I bet the State of Alabama, would gladly, with watering mouths, swap their SYB, Inc. preferred stock for its cash par value. So I add those SYB, Inc. preferred stock holders to my list of beneficiaries you, Paul, or John McKleory should send my alternative proposal before the end of tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24, 2016, with a copy of that transmittal to me in plain view.   

            2.         As to the conflict of interest issue, it is not unusual and very acceptable for attorneys to represent companies, their shareholders and estates/trusts they may set up.  Spain & Gillon has represented your father, his companies, his estate and various trusts he created, Golden Enterprises and Golden Flake for more than 50 years.  Our representation does not and has not violated the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct.  We will not contact the Alabama State Bar.  Should you contact the Alabama State Bar, we will vigorously defend our clients and our position.

Verbatim, italics added, from John McKleroy’s email to me, turning me over to you, Paul:

“In view of my position as a Board member of SYB, Inc. and as Trustee of your Dad’s Marital Trust and of the SYB Common Stock Trust, I have asked my law partner, Paul S. Leonard, to handle future correspondence on this matter.”

That speaks directly to John McKleory’s conflicts of interest – all along. Thus, to Spain & Gillon’s conflicts of interest, all along. I had a few brushes during my law practice with law firms having conflicts of interest. The law firms never agreed they had a conflict of interest. That amazed me. More so, the two times it was the law firm in which I was a partner. The second time it happened, in a way I was not intended to discover, I dissolved the law firm partnership.

            3.         I do not understand your “spy” comment.  Mrs. Bashinsky is a Director of both Golden Enterprises, Inc. and Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc.  As a Director, she is entitled to and does receive all pertinent information about the business.  There would be no reason for a “spy”.

Either you are being disingenuous, Paul, or you know nothing about the Golden Flake Snack Foods operation in Birmingham, Alabama. John Stein would know precisely what I meant when I called Patti Townsend Joann Bashinsky’s spy. Joann put Patti at Golden Flake. Patti works there and reports directly to Joann. I bet all plant, office and management employees, but new hires, view Patti Townsend as Joann’s spy, and detest and fear them both. I hear about Patti and Joann plenty all the way down here in Key West, from former Golden Flake employees who have conversations with people still working there. The best possible thing for Golden Flake, in all respects, I’m talking about God now, Paul, is for Joann to have nothing whatsoever to do with Golden Flake, including receiving its profits via SYB, Inc. preferred dividends. You are way, way. out of your depth, Paul. So is John McKleory, who votes in lockstep with Joann at SYB, Inc. and SYB Trust. John Stein, however, knows what I’m saying here and grins and bears it. He and Joann both have Parkinson’s, don’t they?



From: Sloan Bashinsky <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:47 AM
To: Paul Leonard; John P. McKleroy, Jr.
Subject: Fw: SYB, Inc.

In my earlier email to you this morning, “The other SYB, Inc. beneficiaries had every right” should be “The other SYB Trust beneficiaries had every right” …

That correction should be added as a P.S. to my earlier email to you this morning.

Sloan, Jr

After some time passed, I had a dream that caused me to feel I should not pursue filing a grievance with the Alabama State Bar. I sent Paul Leonard and John McKleory an email to that effect. An email I probably should have brought into this post at, but I kept putting it off, and now I cannot find the email.

The lawyers are not really the issue; they answer to Joann, who calls all the shots. My subsequent dreams showed that I still had something to do, though, and I suffered through not knowing exactly what it was, and even now am not entirely sure I know, but I hope this is going to be good enough.

A codicil to my father’s last will and testament, executed maybe 8 months before he passed away, left Joann $14 million cash, plus whatever else she would receive from my father via the Marital Trust, SYB Trust and SYB, Inc.. My father was pretty much under professional home care when he executed that codicil, which I suppose John McKleroy drew up. An argument could have been made after my father passed away, in probate court, that my father was unduly influenced when he executed that codicil.

It might have been that dispute would have been settled, and the $14 million reduced to, say $7 million. But that $7 million would have remained in my father’s estate, earning income Joann received. I proposed to Joann, in an email, that she was well taken care of by my father without the $14 million, and she give it, in equal shares to my father’s grandchildren, who had received nothing under his last will and testament. Including the son of her daughter, whom my father and legally adopted. Including an older half brother my father had sired in his teens, and it was hushed up, getting a grandchild’s portion of the $14 million. Joann responded by blocking me out of her email account.

I had a very good friend, who was a very good lawyer, who would have contested that $14 million cash bequest. In fact, it was him who discovered it when I asked him to look at my father’s last will and testament and let me know his sentiments. I had not even read it yet. Probably I did not want to read it. My lawyer friend gladly would have asked the probate court to rule on the $14 million cash bequest to Joann, but I said I was letting it go; I was tired of the whole thing.

Well, it did not let me go.

Right now, what seems next to do is include here an email from John McKleory to me, pursuant to my request to him, of the where the SYB, Inc. preferred stock dividends are going.

From: John P. McKleroy, Jr. <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 11:49 AM
To: ‘Sloan Bashinsky, Jr.’
Cc: Paul Leonard
Subject: SYB, Inc.


Pursuant to your request, I am pleased to provide you with the amount of preferred dividends paid by SYB, Inc. on its Class A and Class B Preferred Stock for 2015 (SYB’s latest fiscal tax year) which amounts are:

Class A Preferred Stock:

Marital Trust Under Will

of SYB, Sr.                                         $165,676

JFB                                                      $114,324

Class B Preferred Stock:

Marital Trust Under Will

of SYB, Sr.                                         $248,514

JFB                                                      $171,486

Sloan, since this information is not public, we respectfully request that you respect the privacy of this information.  Thank you.


John P. McKleroy, Jr.
Phone: 205-581-6226
Fax:  205-324-8866

Spain & Gillon, LLC

2117 Second Avenue North

Birmingham, Alabama 35203

ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE; WORK PRODUCT NOTICE: This communication contains information that is subject to the Attorney-Client Privilege or is attorney work product. If you receive this communication in error, please notify the sender by electronic mail. Please delete the message received in error from your computer, destroy all copies (paper or electronic) and do not otherwise copy, disclose or distribute it.

I believe that adds up to $700,000 being paid out by SYB, Inc. to Joann, on which taxes probably have to be paid. Since I am a beneficiary of SYB Trust, which owns SYB, Inc. common stock, I was entitled to have that information and am not bound by attorney-client privilege; work product restrictions. I will pass this along to my daughters and their mother, and my brother Major’s children by his first wife, who is deceased, and my natural sister.

In a March 15, 2016 email to all of my father’s children, or their surviving children, John McKleory describe my father’s estate, including SYB Trust, SYB, Inc. and the Marital Trust under my father’s last will and testament. John wrote that, as of the end of 2015, the Marital Trust had $18 million in assets and no debt. Whatever that $18 million earns goes to Joann, on which she has to pay taxes.

I told a few people that I felt John’s email had cosmic undertones and I wondered how they would play out?

Below is unfolding Facebook chat about all of the above, with my first wife, Dianne, mother of my children Nelle and Alice, and their older brother who died in infancy:

7/28, 1:21pm

Sloan Bashinsky

win-win proposal for Golden Flake heirs | Good Morning Birmingham

7/28, 1:35pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Hi Bash…..I’m not sure I completely understand all of this, but I hope that whatever the outcome, you get some relief in your present circumstances. Thanks for keeping me posted.

7/28, 1:40pm

Sloan Bashinsky

everybody gets relief, especially Joann and Landon, given how much preferred stock Joann owns

  • August 21

8/21, 11:40am

Sloan Bashinsky

Here’s a link containing my alernative proposal, Joanns reply through John McKleory, and my reply

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.’s win-win proposal for Golden Flake heirs, the stepmother’s it ain’t happening response, and Sloan Jr.’s eventual response to the law firm representing Golden Flake and Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate | Good Morning

  • August 21

8/21, 3:12pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Thanks, Bash. It takes me a while to digest this, as I’m not familiar with some of the terminology.

8/21, 3:32pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Basically, they (Joann) decided not to pass my alternative proposal (described in my first email) along to the other SYB Trust beneficiaries, because they didn’t want the other beneficiaries to see my proposal. McKleroy start this last spring, with an email to all of said beneficiaries saying one of the Trustees and directors had died and by the way, here’s the entire details of Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.’s estate plan. I started asking questions, to elucidate my ignorance. then I got word GF was for sale, evidence by common stock starting to go up or no apparent reason; then the agreement to purchase was announced; then asked McKleroy what they were going to do with the sales proceeds of GF stock to Utz, and he replied they were going to pay the taxes and invest the rest, and I made the alternative proposal. You don’t want to know some of the really dirty business I undertook to deal with caused by Joann in my father’s family and affairs, over the years. This is just the outward end result of actually far worse. Anyway, if they had simply passed my alternate proposal along to the SYB Trust beneficiaries, that might well have been the end of it as far as I was concerned. But since they did not do that, here we are. Spain & Gillon has had multiple conflicts of interest for years re my father’s affairs. I let that slide, until the other day. What lies ahead, I have no clue. Maybe Joann will be abducted by aliens, and I will get blamed for it like quite a few people blamed me for Major’s death. Literally, that I had him killed. Or, I drove him to killing himself. And then I had Suzanne killed. And Bubba Major Killed. And Gail Palmer, Major’s first wife killed. Or I was in on it. Perhaps I should include that in a resume to work for the CIA.

8/21, 3:35pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Error correction. McKleroy’s email last spring provide the details of Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate. I wrote Jr.

8/21, 3:42pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Ha! I’m no longer surprised by how low some people will stoop when money is involved, and law firms are no exception. I assume you’ve apprised Sis and Major’s heirs of your proposal.

8/21, 4:07pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Only my namesake Sloan [Major’s oldest child/daughter] did I send my proposal, and told her it was okay to share it with Brooks. Have no in with my sister, other than to write to her and send it sealed to McKleory, and he forwards it to her – she set it up that way some time ago; she got very upset for me publishing before it was even officially determined, that Major had killed himself and had tried to make it look like murder. nor way to email to her. I really don’t understand why Joann didn’t jump on my alternate proposal. If they do it that way, she will get a whole lot of money tax free right now. She would be the principal beneficiary of what I proposed, therefore. Then, the dividends each year from SYB, Inc. would be divided between Landon, Sis, Major’s heirs (I think he cut Sloan and Brooks out of getting anything from his and my father, and me. Won’t be a great deal of income, divided in 4 equal shares, per child of my father, but it would be something, compared to nothing since he died, over half of which income Joann has been getting, and the rest to Samford, U of Alabama, Auburn and Big Oak Ranch, the preferred stockholders, all of whom would get a bundle if they went with my proposal. Feel free to pass your and my chat here along to my sister, if you can do it by email, or otherwise.

8/21, 4:12pm

Sloan Bashinsky

My proposal predicated on Utz closing the purchase of Golden Flake (Golden Enterprises) and thus acquiring all of SYB, Inc.’s common stock, which I think is slightly over 1/2 of all of the GF common stock. They’ve been bleeding GF to pay dividends that should have been retained in the company to keep it healthy, modernized, competitive, etc. I think my father came to wish he’d never taken GF public. I don’t think Utz ever went public.

8/21, 4:18pm

Sloan Bashinsky

I sent Nelle and Alice the same link I sent you earlier today, you can share your and my later FB chat about it you like; I heard back from Nelle, she and John en route to Tuscaloosa, she would read later what I sent to her. In a few years, either I, or Nelle and Alice surviving me, are going to get a lot of money, even after the taxes on it are paid.

8/21, 4:22pm

Sloan Bashinsky

I just hope when that day comes, the then living beneficiaries of SYB Trust, then the owners of SYB, Inc., will be able to amicably work how to work out what they have inherited from my father. Perhaps the cleanest way would be to dissolve the corporation and distribute the common stocks proportionately. That will require buying out the preferred stockholders at par, or maybe a little more, if my proposal is not accepted and acted on, which will take the preferred stockholders out using the after tax proceeds from the sale to Utz, which is a fine company, and I’m hoping for GF employees a kind, benevolent employer.

8/21, 4:34pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Don’t worry about the girls. Just take care of yourself. They are well taken care of and will get a sizeable sum when I die. Plus I funded 529s for the grandchildren along time ago. I’m not sure it’s a good idea for kids to inherit too much money anyway. But it sounds like you could put it to good use. I could forward the link to your proposal to Sis, but it pains me to think that y’all don’t communicate

  • August 21

8/21, 7:57pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Sis and I seem to be in entirely different books. I did dream about her the other day or night. She had a cat named Issac. Asked me if I remembered him. I said I remembered Isaac. Abraham’s son God told to take up on a mountain and kill, so Abraham took Isaac up on a mountain and then an angel stayed Abraham’s hand. From Isaac descended the Jews, including Jesus, through Sarah, and Islam through Hagar – sibling religions, perhaps could use some kissing and making up. I leave for you to send Sis the link, or the text, of what I posted at I too have concerns about children inheriting money, it did not work out well for me (understatement), but my father’s estate documents are clear what is coming down, and the only way to alter it is to decline or pass over before it kicks in. I have no clue what I would do with that much money; I’m accustomed to living simply, modestly; don’t want to travel distant places, although perhaps living and traveling in a camper or small RV might be interesting.

8/21, 8:12pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

There are ways to use money well. So many children in this country are living below the poverty line. But don’t get me on that soapbox. I’ll contact Sis. I think your proposal sounds good, and it deserves consideration.

8/21, 8:16pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Thanks, will worry about what to do with all that money if I ever have it; a portion Jane is entitled under our divorce agreement and I’ll be happy to give it to her; she’s had a hell of a struggle financially, I think. Sad, such a fabulous artist, kinda reminds me of someone named Vincent, in another time and another country.

8/21, 8:17pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

I didn’t know that.

8/21, 8:18pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Oh, I have to live and receive it, for Jane to get her portion; otherwise, it’s 1/2 to Nelle and 1/2 to Alice., unless I end up having more children, maybe the devil made me say that part.

8/21, 8:19pm

Dianne Lawson Baker


  • August 23

8/23, 12:41pm

Sloan Bashinsky

This link and the commentary now extends to Spain & Gillon’s yesterday reply to my email about reporting themselves to the Alabama State Bar, and my today’s reply back to them.

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.’s win-win proposal for Golden Flake heirs, the stepmother’s it ain’t happening response, and Sloan Jr.’s eventual response to the law firm representing Golden Flake and Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate | Good Morning

8/23, 12:57pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Duly noted. Thanks, Bash.

8/23, 1:02pm

Sloan Bashinsky

You can forward it to Sis, if you wish. Was just called by Sloan, to whom I sent it. I told her to share it with her and Brooks’ lawyers after she reads it and forwards it to Brooks. Nelle replied, “The plot thickens.” Indeed, and who knows where it will wend from here?

8/23, 1:27pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Thanks, Bash.

  • September 13

9/13, 12:27pm

Sloan Bashinsky

I dreamt before dawn today that my father brought me something, a crossword puzzle was involved, to work on today. I worked on it and added to the end of the I hope isn’t a never ending tale at, which you can see by clicking on this link:

Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Jr.’s win-win proposal for Golden Flake heirs, the stepmother’s it ain’t happening response, Sloan Jr.’s eventual response to the law firm representing Golden Flake and Sloan Y. Bashinsky, Sr.’s estate, the law firm’s

Pursuant to your request, I am pleased to provide you with the amount of preferred dividends paid by SYB, Inc. on its Class A and Class B Preferred Stock for 2015 (SYB’s latest fiscal tax year) which amounts are:

9/13, 12:28pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Thanks, Bash. I’ll read it now.

9/13, 1:36pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Did you forward the earlier edition edition to Sis? If so, can you forward to her today’s edition?

9/13, 1:38pm

Dianne Lawson Baker

Will do.

9/13, 1:44pm

Sloan Bashinsky



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