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Starting off this bright foggy day in Key West is cheer from Friday’s edition of online Key West the Newspaper (


by Naja and Arnaud Girard

 6 Responses to “Controversial Tasing of Elderly Man on 18-Mile Stretch”

More sensationalism from the Blue Paper. Let’s get everyone stirred up with some provoking video about which we know nothing. What was the back-story here? What had happened up to this point? No idea, because it was not provided…just the sensational video of the old man getting tased JUST as he decided to stop resisting arrest and start complying. It was a close call and the tie goes to the runner, but even that is a moot point if we don’t have any context.

  • I learned of this incident a few days ago, when someone sent me the You Tube of it on Facebook. I didn’t like what I saw in the video, it’s hard to wrap my mind around two burly cops tasering this elderly man. Even so, I wondered what had happened before, and now I’m curious about why the fellow was Baker Act’d. Maybe there was a good reason, that needs to be investigated, if it can be investigated.

    As I recall, Just Jim, you are a police officer, or a retired police officer. If so, you should disclose that in comments like this one you made, so other readers will know where you are coming from. As I recall, you were not particularly happy with blue paper articles in the past about alleged police brutality, particularly tasering, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from you under blue paper articles.

  • That video clearly shows police brutality and the old guy is a passenger. At least he did not crack his head form being tasered like Matthew Shaun Murphy or get killed like Charles Elmers. You would think the KW police would be more careful with the limelight on them from the above mentioned instances. They just keep reinforcing my belief that they are as arrogant and corrupt as ever. The KW police department is a mess and should be disbanded. You will never catch me spending a dollar in Key West again.

  • This is getting out of hand and I would sue the police. It seems they want to try their new toys in real life – on a daily base.

  • One person’s “sensationalism” is another’s exposure of human rights violations. It is distressing to me that many people refuse to believe what their eyes see.

    We saw video of a man being smothered to death by the police on a beach in Key West and we saw video of the police that did the smothering lie about it on video, yet they were not punished. Same with the video of Eric Garner, no punishment. Remember Rodney King getting the snot beat out of him by the LA police? No punishment.

    As satirist, Andy Borowitz pointed out in a piece he wrote, “On the heels of an initiative to provide police departments with body cameras, there is growing support for a plan to supply grand-jury members with eyes, advocates for the plan said on Wednesday.”

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Just my it don’t smell right radar acting up, Just Jim always taking cops side under blue paper articles kinda causes me to think he is a just shill, just a plant, and he represents the view that cops just can do anything they want to do, and if they just don’t do it legally, if they just hurt, or just kill someone, it’s just okay, or just excusable, because they just are cops, their jobs are just dangerous, and they just don’t operate under the same laws as everyone else in America.

      I keep finding myself thinking lately that America’s foreign wars and the support the troops mentality, no matter what, has bled into much of domestic law enforcement.

      Instead of just police officers, we now have paramilitary. Instead of just police officers who enforce the laws, keep the peace, know their beats and the citizens they protect and represent; instead of police officers, who also are ambassadors and social workers, we have a breed of cops who are thugs and behave like they are on steroids, speed, or something even more stimulating. And who think they are gods, making up rules of engagement and trying, convicting, sentencing and punishing on the spot, knowing their fellow cops, their police chief, the police benevolent union, and their elected city/county officials will back them all the way, as we see happen in Key West.

      And, it seems most citizens are okay with that, judging by how few of them, one as far as I know in Key West, me, takes the elected city officials to task at city commission meetings, for their cops’ wrongdoing and for them, the city officials, doing nothing about it. Rare is it in America that local officials do not side with their cops.

      Will putting body cameras on cops change anything in such a climate. I’m not holding my breath. I’m not holding my breath cops will turn on their body cameras, or won’t turn them off, when they do wrong. I’m not convinced police chiefs and sheriffs will not destroy what’s on videos, which they do not like.

      I’m not convinced we have gotten close to the bottom of the bystanders’ video that prompted this article and this reader conversation.

      If the Florida State Troopers head honcho actually gave a shyte about his constituents, as opposed to his troopers, we would already know what led up to that incident. It just don’t pass my smell test that this elderly man, a passenger, was taser’d, then Baker Act’d, and then a lid was put on the entire thing to protect whom? The elderly man? Or the two brutes in state trooper uniforms? And the Florida State Troopers? And the State of Florida?

      Protect and Serve means protecting and serving the public, or that’s what it used to mean. Today, it just means protecting and serving cops.

Perhaps slightly related, a vicious van dweller criminal amigo dropped this into my Facebook account last night:

Victor Clarke shared a photo to your timeline.
'LOOK: A NON-PUNISHMENT for Officer Peter Delio of Orlando Police Department. Also, looks like he's a repeat offender.....READ. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>QUOTE: "An Orlando police officer used excessive force when he kneed a handcuffed man so hard in the abdomen that the man's spleen was ruptured during an arrest last year, an internal investigation found.</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>Officer Peter Delio was orally reprimanded and suspended for 40 hours without pay for his actions during the August 12 arrest. Robert Liese, the suspect who was injured, has filed a $75,000 federal lawsuit against Delio. His spleen had to be surgically removed."</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>VIDEO:</p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>BUT WAIT -- looks like Officer Delio has been in trouble in the past. Last year, the City of Orlando paid a man $15,000 to settle a case he brought against the city and Officer Delio. Officer Delio arrested and confiscated the cellphone of the man; he was filming Delio while he arrested another person.  </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

LOOK: A NON-PUNISHMENT for Officer Peter Delio of Orlando Police Department. Also, looks like he’s a repeat offender…..READ.

QUOTE: “An Orlando police officer used excessive force when he kneed a handcuffed man so hard in the abdomen that the man’s spleen was ruptured during an arrest last year, an internal investigation found.

Officer Peter Delio was orally reprimanded and suspended for 40 hours without pay for his actions during the August 12 arrest. Robert Liese, the suspect who was injured, has filed a $75,000 federal lawsuit against Delio. His spleen had to be surgically removed.”…/os-peter-delio-opd-officer…


BUT WAIT — looks like Officer Delio has been in trouble in the past. Last year, the City of Orlando paid a man $15,000 to settle a case he brought against the city and Officer Delio. Officer Delio arrested and confiscated the cellphone of the man; he was filming Delio while he arrested another person.…/os-orlando-pays-man-for-vi…

Email cheer today from me to State Attorney Catherine Vogel and two of her prosecutors:

Cathy Vogel

Catherine Vogel

Subject: State vs. Mario Salavar and another defendant, Tom Miller victim
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 08:02:14 -0500

Good morning, State Attorney Catherine Vogel and Assistant Prosecutors Christine Poist and Manny Madruga:

I spoke with Manny about this case around noon yesterday, when he was leaving the State Attorney’s Office (SAO). Then I spoke with Christine’s legal assistant, who provided the name on one defendant, Mario Salavar, I only knew his first name, and the name of the victim, Tom Miller, I only knew his first name. I do not know the name of the other defendant.

I first heard of this case three days ago, from Tom Miller at the soup kitchen, after he learned I publish a daily blog: He said he had a case he wanted the newspapers to run. I said I would run it, but I was leaving to do something else and we’d have to talk the next day.

The next day at the soup kitchen, Tom told me what had happened, from his perspective: he was jumped at Bernstein Park on Stock Island, in the nighttime, and was beaten badly and robbed.

He told me other stuff about himself, including his gun collection, which contains five Sharpe .50 caliber rifles, which can kill someone from over a mile away.

Tom told me a bit about his brother, a Marine in Vietnam, who got into very bad stuff in combat, had a big collection of dead enemy soldiers’ teeth with gold fillings pulled out of their mouths, and ran heroin when he was over there, and now is the national president of The Outlaws motorcycle club.

Tom said he is very upset that he cannot get his stolen money, credit cars, ID and wallet back, which he says were found on Salavar when he was arrested the next day at KOTS. I told Tom all of that is evidence and he probably will not get his belongings back before the trial and conviction, or the defendants plead guilty and are sentenced.

None of that is why I came to the SAO yesterday. I came, because Tom said he has friends in the south Florida prison where Salavar and the other defendant will go if they are convicted or plead guilty, and his friends will kill those two men. Manny told me that facility is a holding station where all convicted felons are sent and held for two months before being sent to wherever they are finally going.

At the soup kitchen the day before yesterday, I told Tom, based on what he’d told me about his case, I was with him all the way on the prosecution of the two men who had done it, but I could not be part of the two men being killed in prison. I told Tom he had put me in a terrible position by telling me that was what was going to happen, and I had to report it to the SAO, specifically to you, Catherine, since it’s your elected office.

Tom said for me to leave that part of it alone. I said I could not leave it alone, after what he’d told me, and, if those two men are killed in prison, he will be prosecuted for murder and put into prison. Tom again told me to leave that part of it alone alone. I said I could not leave it alone. He said they are going to die, he is going to get his justice. He was really worked up by then, in a rage, as he walked away from me.

Do I think Tom is serious? Yes. Do I think he can get those two men killed in prison? I can’t say, but I have heard of stuff like that happening in prisons.

I feel you, Catherine, need to share this email with whatever local judge has this case, so the judge can be apprised and take whatever action he/she feels is needed. I am willing to testify under oath before that judge as to what Tom Miller told me, with Miller present, if he wishes to be present.

Please copy me with the prompt forward of this email to that judge. Otherwise, I will go to the clerk’s office and find out which judge has the cases and I will deliver a copy of this email to the judge myself.

Again, based of what Miller told me happened, I have no problem with the prosecution of the two defendants. My only interest is in seeing to their safety, if they are convicted and put into a Florida prison.

Given the potential gravity of this matter, and given I am not impressed, so far, by your performance as our State Attorney, I am copying Key West the Newspaper (, the Key West Citizen ( and the Keynoter ( with this email.

Yes, I think there is a chance I might be put on someone’s hit list for reporting this to you and publicizing it.

Sincerely yours,

Sloan Bashinsky, J.D., L.L.M (Taxation), not currently practicing law, at least not to make money at it

Last today,

April fool

a stab at comic relief in the form of my email this morning to Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry:

Morning, Jerry –

Check out this article in today’s Key West Citizen about former city commissioner Harry Bethel’s son. Maybe you should call Harry and offer to help his son with his mental health problems, including not speaking up for himself and not taking responsibility for his own actions. I, too, need your good services, helping me grok why come Bethel’s son, who was acting a hell of a lot more dangerous and crazy than Charles Eimers acted, was not beaten up and killed by the cops?


Charles Eimer's take down

the blue paper’s view of Charles Eimers last moments, and the cop’s view

Charles Eimers smothered

My interjected cheer in bold italics added after I sent the Citizen article to Jerry Weinstock, who receives my daily ravings.

Saturday, February 28, 2015
FKAA employee jailed after near crash
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

A Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority employee was arrested Wednesday after police said he nearly crashed into a squad car while drunk behind the wheel.

Robert Bethel, 33, drove his sports utility vehicle through a red light at Kennedy Drive and Flagler Avenue at about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, while at the same time a Key West police officer was making a left-hand turn from Flagler.

“I swerved to the right as the vehicle ran the light and entered the intersection, almost crashing into me,” wrote Officer Kathyann Wanciak in her incident report.

Bethel is accused of drunken driving and resisting arrest by refusing to get out of his silver 2008 Honda SUV, police reported.

But police erred, Bethel’s father said Friday.

Speaking on behalf of his son, former city commissioner Harry Bethel said his son was having a diabetic episode and had just left a counseling session that left him in tears.

There was no alcohol involved, he said, admitting his son ran the red light but only because of a medical condition.

“We’re fighting this,” Harry Bethel said, adding that police didn’t read his son his Miranda warning and that deputies at the jail ignored his request for an attorney.

Doesn’t Harry have another son doing time in prison for robbing hard- working local fishermen’s lobster and crab traps?

While police described Robert Bethel as having slurred speech, and being red-faced and glassy eyed, in two incident reports released Friday, there was no mention of the smell of alcohol or any alcoholic cans or bottles in the car.

Wanciak’s report is classified as an “alcohol/liquor related offense.”

Police said Bethel repeatedly said, “no,” when told about field sobriety tests, and when asked to get out of the vehicle.

Aw, give him a break; he was only exercising his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

He was “gripping the steering wheel” and would not let go, Wanciak wrote in her report. “I had to pry his finger off the wheel and I was finally able to get hold of his arm.”

Officers said they were forced to remove Bethel from the vehicle.

“Bethel continually locked his arms to the front of his body,” Officer Gary Celcer reported, adding it took three officers to get him to put his hands behind his back.

And they didn’t beat Bethel up, come down on him like a fucking bomb (as they did to Charles Eimers)? Tase him? Oh, Bethel’s a local, a Conch (born here). A white Conch. A Key West High grad. 

Bethel refused to take a breath test or perform field sobriety tests, police said.

Wonder why?

Celcer said he had met Bethel before and knew he was diabetic, so he had a paramedic check his blood sugar.

Bethel said he had a doctor’s prescription for hydrocodone “but said he had not taken any today,” Celcer reported.

Were blood tests done at the hospital to confirm Bethel had not taken hydrocodone that day? And to find out if he had taken anything else, as in, booze or some other pleasant chemical?

Bethel had slurred speech, police said, and “fumbled” through his car’s interior but couldn’t find his registration or proof of insurance, police said.

At one point, Wanciak said, “Bethel fumbled through his [SUV’s] owners manual for quite a while” trying to find the documents.

Bethel faces misdemeanor charges and was also cited for a red-light violation.

How about charging Bethel with reckless and wanton endangerment of many people. How about Bethel pleading insanity, it runs in the family. 

He was released on his own recognizance from the Stock Island jail at about 2:45 p.m. Thursday, sheriff’s office jail records showed.

Bethel also has been a member of the volunteer tree commission since 2011. He was absent at the panel’s January and February meetings but attended the December one, according to the minutes.

Bethel, a 2000 graduate of Key West High School, is a GIS (geographic information system) technical support specialist at the aqueduct, where he has worked since 1998 when he helped install computers, according to his resume filed at city hall.

Bethel remains an employee of the aqueduct but has been on unpaid leave since Jan. 13, the Executive Director Kirk Zuelch said Friday.

“I don’t know when he will be back,” Zuelch said.

Well lawyer Zeulch, what did Bethel do to cause him not to work at FKAA since Jan. 13, before he turned his car into a weapon? And, if you know, how many other times did Bethel turn his car into a weapon before he finally got caught? Is he still allowed to drive? 

Bethel’s father worked at the aqueduct for 19 years, retiring in 2009 as director of the Customer Service Department.

It’s said the fish rots from the head down, the apple don’t fall far from the tree. Maybe Harry Bethel’s fanatical crusade to end nudity at Fantasy Fest is one of his ways of denying he has Category 5 troubles inside his own fine upstanding law-abiding Key West white Conch family.

Harry Bethel, second from right below, between Mayor Craig Cates, far right, and five of the six city commissioners, receiving an award at a city commission meeting. Maybe the next good citizen awards should go to Harry’s sons.

Harry Bethel

the beatings will continue

work mule

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on and off the grid: humans, ETs and angels, Key West observatory

ET view

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Starting off this bright foggy day in Key West, cheer from today’s weekly (Friday) online edition of Key West the Newspaper (

protect and serve 2


by Naja and Arnaud Girard

NajaArnaud Girard

Next in today’s fun house, Mother Nature lover/activist Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s law and disorder, caveman to star wars – Key West continuing legal education credits post at

great white

Sloan: we are so far into the Military Industrial complex we will never get out.!!
Like Eisenhower described–you and I are profoundly counter culture
your dreams will be laced with symbolic conflict… as they seem to be plus whatever other
troubles you are having internally. By the way I guess I never told you or my parents –I become a  Buddhist at age 10; RESPECTER OF ALL LIFE—of course I went through the motions with a Bar Mitzpha — my parents were totally authoritarian ; I was so stressed I was bed- ridden for a week;
then took my bike and explored all the wild woodlands with Audrey an older girl with 4 beautiful sisters;
there was Mimi who I had a crush on forever –but she never gave me a tumble–(age 13)
I secretly invested all my gift money at age 13 and got an early start –saw a Psychiatrist on my own.

Still sweating over my book. —-listening to Rachmaninoff which I play (piano)a lot of. just came from swimming;
(it is very complicated—-can’t talk about it to anyone..) my good wishes for some peace of mind for you.

I replied:

War has cost USA what was left of its soul. That’s how bad it is. “under God”, ludicrous, if that is thought to mean God is on USA’s side. God is on God’s side.

My main dream last night, which I briefly described in today’s post, is about the request I made months ago, now, for an advance of the second half of my second $1,000,000 inheritance from my father, via either his estate or his well-heeled, thanks to him, widow, the born again Christian with the high opinion of her standing with God, similar, I imagine, to how she feels USA stands with God.

My mother was the religious fanatic during my growing up. I might have benefited from a psychiatrist back then, who used talking, if I would have been willing to open up. As is, it started me down a strange journey that would take me away from attending church, to never not being in church, but that church was not made out of brick and mortar, but was everywhere I was, and inside of me, and beyond this realm of existence. Perhaps a pretty fair trade, albeit the “closing of the deal” was a bit rough. I salute anyone who can jump an oppressive religions experience into something else which celebrates life, creativity, following the heart and guts, and not hurting other people.

I’ve known a number of Americans and Europeans who became Buddhists, which tends to be kinder and gentler way than the three Abraham religions. At least in the indigenous Buddhist “tribes”. I have seen American Buddhists do pretty well, and I have seen American Buddhists do reprehensible things, including in Key West. Am reminded of hearing of a celebrity of sorts in Texas, a black fellow who was interviewed on radio, or perhaps on TV, who said going to church had as much chance of making you a Christian as sitting in your car in your garage has of making you an automobile.

Sorry you are still having distress over your book. I had plenty of that with my early books, then I started self-publishing and didn’t have to deal with that kind of stress any more, as I had angels editing what I wrote, and me, and taking me, and the books, places I didn’t particularly feel suited my capitalist programming, nor my sense that I should be famous as well as rich from it.

I used to play music a lot, when I was writing a book. But there was no way to do that when Heavy Wait fell out of me in a county library in north Georgia. I played music when I lived on Little Torch Key, and was getting a daily harangue put together. Maybe there’s a way to livestream music while I’m online, will check that out later today. Right now, am hearing “Close To You”. Been hearing it steady since it started back up about three weeks ago.

Saw the fellow again at the soup kitchen today, who is determine to dispense capital punishment against the two men who robbed and nearly killed him. I told him I was with him all the way, up to that point. He’s seriously Old Testament. Hope he’s not thinking he’s saved by Jesus. Looks like I will try to see the State Attorney tomorrow about it. She needs to know this fellow has friends in the Florida prison where the perps will end up for this crime, who will kill him.

He said the other day that is brother is the national president of The Outlaws motorcycle club, and that his brother was a Marine in Vietnam, who saw and did really rough things. Chilling, some of what he said about his brother over there. Including running heroine.

Guns are big in this fellow’s life, he has described a number of them over lunch. He was not reachable by me today. I told him what he was putting me to do. He said to forget it. I said I could not forget it, I can’t be silent knowing he intends to have two men killed in prison. And, because I will have published it, and will have spoken to the State Attorney, it will be known he was behind it and he will be prosecuted for murder and put in prison. He was not fazed. Bring it on. He’s going to get his justice. Maybe I get killed, too. Hope it’s quick, bullet to the back of the head, night, night.

Nice dinner conversation, and having a Vietnam vet sitting across form me say the South Vietnamese fighting with the North Vietnamese all had US weapons and ammunition. I’d not heard that before.

The other evening at Arnaud and Naja Girards’ home, Vietnam came up, and I finally said I could explain why America got into that war. Okay, why? Because it wanted Vietnam’s rubber trees. Why? For tires. Why didn’t America get rubber from South America? Because it decided years before not to go that route, everyone got rubber from Asia, Indonesia. America was pretending to back the French in their bid to retake Vietnam, which had been a French colony before WW II and the Japanese drove out the French. But secretly, American assets (CIA, special forces) were helping Ho Chi Minh defeat the French. Ho wanted to do business with USA, but it wanted too much, so Ho sought help from, not next door neighbor China, but Russia. Ho could have cared less about communism. He would have been happy to ally with America, but it wanted too much.

Charming country, Military-Industrial USA, Inc.


Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: interesting and relevant—–I had several mentors to guide me into Buddhism
once I was there and older—-Peter Matthiessen and Alan Watts at college.
Peter was here in Key West., Allan was the Chaplin at Northwestern,
Yes, we are so far into the industrial -military complex our very fabric is
composes of that –a sorry but inevitable result. Much suffering from Vets –I have
treated– witnessed that. Well perhaps you an get your inheritance —probably overdue.
Religious right are imperialists—-there are thousands of creation stories and only
one right one —-non-religious —NATURAL SELECTION is the driving force;
all the others are false. The evidence for the synthesis of evolution is billion-fold.
the discrimination inherent in religions has killed –hundreds of millions for no good reason.
hope you had a good supper—I am having Yellow-eve
Rockfish from the Bering sea–while it is intact–mines will kill it and
drilling will not help.—Jerry ( unbridled capitalism )

I replied:

Tonight’s biological fare at the soup kitchen was beanie weenie, roasted potatoes, mixed salad and various breads. Some of the physical fare was described in my earlier email. Biological life did not evolve from chemicals, but from spirit dimensions which incorporated chemicals. No way to prove it, or disprove it.

Just returned from an unexpected and most interesting elderly German tourist, who talked my ears off about ETs and directed me to, I think is right, which I’m about to peruse. He says the US and other government are having dealings with ETs for some time, but won’t tell the public. I said that would be the end of religion, for one thing. And mass human insanity, for another thing. He agreed, as did another fellow, whom I mentioned in today’s post, who had me research sound wave, electrical frequencies, etc. being used as weapons and mind control agents.

I told them to read The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft, if they wanted to see what enabled Adolph Hitler and his henchmen to get so powerful. As with ETs, most humans ain’t ready for what’s in Ravenscroft’s book.

I said, what fun, a ET spaceship lands in front of the Vatican, and in front of the White House and the Kremlin, and in front of the Louvre in Paris, and in other prominent places around the planet. Instant paradigm shift. No going back. I said I wondered how the Pope, who is really far out for a pope, would speak to humanity about that?

Ciao :-)

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: no aliens have been around recently —that is a good book…
have a dream or so –Jerry.

I replied:

Actually, ETs are around, continually, but they tend to keep out of sight, although when one of their spacecraft gets struck by lightning, that kills their electronics and the ship falls to earth, which has happened a few times over the ages. In the big scheme, humanity has moved just a few millimeters beyond thinking the world is flat and the sun revolves around it :-). Then, there are realms where angels and other non-biological beings roam :-).

Had a nice dream about my daughters last night, and a bunch of other dreams of mixed sentiments. I’ve been feeling poisoned for 3 days now, without relief. Maybe it’s the justice hunter at the soup kitchen. Maybe it’s the situation in Birmingham. Maybe it’s both.

Listening to Baroque online, wonder why I didn’t think of that a long time ago?


As for ETs,

alien with Obama

there are a number of things to read at, none of which I vouch for, but it is interesting and just as likely as anything in the Bible might seem to someone who had never read it before. In fact, there is a reference in one of the articles to a part of the Bible, which I found interesting, and amusing.

Excerpted from

When the Ebens first arrived, they found Mankind to be in a generally primitive state of being and development. They offered to help many groups of Earth humans with fire and its constructive uses and the idea for tools that would aid developing humans.

Some humans were outwardly hostile and ran the Ebens off while others were welcoming and docile. The Ebens travelled the globe for thousands of years always looking for groups/cities of humans who were receptive to their UNconditional offers of help and aid.

According to the Ebens, Richard said that the Ebens found the ANASAZI Indian culture in the SW United States and the ancient Inca and Mayan cultures were among the most receptive to their offers of aid and technological help and assistance.

While never naming him directly by name, the Ebens noted that during their surveillance of our world over the past 30,000 years, they did point out a “prophet” on their event clock who appeared on Earth 2,000 years ago whom they called an “Earthling deity.” [An obvious reference to JESUS CHRIST.]

The Ebens took special note of him because of the “huge following” he had garnered and developed AND he could see and predict FUTURE events accurately, an ability and skill that the Ebens themselves still do not possess even to this day.

Richard said that the Ebens were “fascinated by this prophet” because of an ability they they did not have AND how far advanced this “Earthling deity” was in relation to his counterparts and fellow man of the day.

The Ebens still believed that all sentient life had a soul/spirit [bio-plasmic body or “shadow matter”] and it continued to evolve into future lifetimes in other “containers.” They did NOT find this at odds with what the “prophet” stated on the historical record at the time.

The Ebens made NO reference one way or the other as to whether they believed this “Earthling deity” was actually a human manifestation of the Creator of our universe OR was an engineered hybrid-human-alien planted on Earth by another intervening alien species to serve as some kind of evolved being and a “role model” to other Earth humans.

Moving sort of laterally,

Garden of Eden

just another Key West roadside attraction

yesterday I noticed a fairly recent reply to an old comment I’d made under the “further adventures of Key West’s Super Cop” article:

My comment:

This is an amendment to my reply yesterday to Sister, caused by my being mangled in dreams last night. In my dream and spirit code, a snake is female gender. In the context of Christendom, Judaism and Islam, the snake represents the fall from Eden, which all three religions blame entirely on Eve, even though Adam also knew he was not supposed to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That story resulted in the destruction of the feminine in all three religions, which lies at the root of all three religions being testosterone-driven and demonically possessed. Many times I have published that destruction of the feminine in human beings is the cause of all of humanity’s ails, including all wars. If I received further corrections from my spirit handlers, who are Magdalene Melchizedek, Jesus, Archangel Michael and Kali, I will report those corrections here.

The reader wrote:

Hi Sloan
I think the snake is not female gender. It’s male’s gender and his sexual organ. I think you should read Henoch’s book in order to understand why god blamed Eve, and why Cain killed his brother, Adam`s child . I think the religions you have mentioned doesn’t blame only on Eve. Remember Islam was created because of Abraham’s fear of not leaving descendants. And Christendom was created from a messenger “sight and revelation”, something Joseph never forgot…

It think you must know, the bible always refers to a religion as a Woman. When I think so, I always remeber greek mithology, and there I found about all the existing religions in the world.

Be with God

I replied yesterday:

Thanks for writing, Clara. Sorry for not replying sooner, I don’t get many comments directly to this website and sometimes I don’t see a new one for a few days, or sometimes longer, which is embarrassing but how it goes at times.

There are different views of that part of Genesis (Adam and Eve), and the view I present was given to me by (1) reading the story and (2) listening to what Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek told me about it. Same with the Abraham/Sarah/Hagar/Ishmael/Isaac story later in Genesis.

Since there were only Adam and Eve, and they had Cain and Abel, and after killing Abel, Cain went to the land of Nod to get himself a wife, must be something missing in the Adam and Eve story? Or did Eve nod off and Cain took her as his wife, and thus began reverse polygamy? A woman with two husbands?

Yes, religion can be viewed as a woman receiving from God above. Sadly, not very well. So let’s blame her, woman, for that, too. And let’s blame her, woman, for all of humanity’s woes, since she lay with the snake, either actually or figuratively. As I read Genesis, God blamed them both for eating the forbidden fruit, but later generations let Adam skate, after all, he was deceived by the woman, even though God had plainly told Adam not to eat that fruit.

In India, yogis, the Hindu religion, the snake is associated with the kundalini, the serpent energy, also sometimes called “shakti”, which is feminine, which lies inherent in all human beings, and in its natural state awakens in stages in a person up to maybe age 22, when it is supposed to be fully in play, but it hardly ever happens that way now, because of the psychic trauma inflicted on children by parents, uncles, aunts, siblings, religious teachings, school teaching methods, etc., which are totally out of sync and adverse to the natural development encoded by God’s angels into human beings’ DNA and also in their souls.

You speak as if the Bible is the final authority on God. it isn’t. God is the final authority on God. The Bible, except for the Letter to the Hebrews, was written by men. Hebrews was written by Mary Magdalene, as reported and explained in today’s “law and disorder, caveman to star wars – Key West continuing legal education credits ” post at this website. Right, I cannot prove that is so, that Magdalene wrote Hebrews, nor can any human being prove it isn’t so.

A bit more discussion in that post about her and Jesus and Paul also don’t gee or haw in the least with Christendom’s view of them, as people. Christendom don’t gee or haw all that good with Jesus in the Gospels, either, as mentioned in today’s post. But if they did gee and haw with Jesus, oh would they get in touch with their inner feminine. Oh would they get in touch with her, and they might even have some fun with the kundalini being released in them, finally. What do I know, maybe the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Kundalini?

Back in June 1995, I went into a trance and had a vision, as follows:

A young man dreams he is watching a young yogi from behind. The young yogi is sitting in the lotus position, meditating. Before the young yogi appear two cobras, one white, the other black, raised up, hoods flaired. The white cobra tells the young yogi, “We came to you once before, because you were innocent. You knew we brought a gift, but you thought you had to choose between us, so you chose me.” The black cobra says, “We come to you again because you now are wise.” The young yogi, now an old man, weeps, chooses them both. The dreaming man, now an old man, wakes up, weeping.

Jesus, Michael and Magdalene gave me that experience.

Just the other day, Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (, told me that, in Arabic, her father’s spiritual tradition is Islam, Naja means cobra. I told Naja, advanced yogis long to be bitten by a cobra in a dream, it is like dying and going to heaven for them.

You found any of that above in Greek mythology? Or that myrrh is a potent infection fighter, it raises white cell count, and aloe is a potent wound healer, and new linen is a sterile bandage, and that’s what Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimithaea swaddled Jesus with and in after getting Pilot’s permission to take Jesus down from the cross quickly, risking their own lives – before, those two men were secret disciples, but no longer – all to try to save a dead man?

Yes, Jesus did die, but so have many people died, seen the other side, and been sent back – today that’s called a “near death” experience. And after Jesus had wound down his work with the men disciples, he left them and headed east, to India.

None of that can I prove either, nor can anyone disprove it. That’s the problem with religion, it can’t be proven to be true. Wow, Muslim suicide bombers end up with 72 virgins in paradise. Are they surprised to learn otherwise when they leave this life. Just as Christians are surprised after leaving this life to find Muslims and Hindus and Jews and Newagers and witches and sorcerers and shamans and Taoists and Shintos and atheists and so forth and so on in heaven. Can’t prove that either, nor can any person disprove it.

My trouble, also my good fortune, is I am having direct experiences ongoing with supernatural beings who are worshiped by many people, but whom I simply view as my slave masters/employers in service to God, and I view me as their stupid, ignorant, stubborn, problematic ward, who is trying to do it their way, but my goodness are their ways and views different from people’s ways and views. My goodness.

Our friend Paul, who was Saul of Tarsus, did terrible damage to the human soul with his teachings on women and men, and on sex. Terrible damage. The misunderstanding of the Adam and Eve story did a great deal more damage, because it is the progenitor of 3 religions: Judaism, Islam and Christendom.

Christendom’s beloved Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, the female side of God, but since Christendom does not know that, it’s God is all male, thus is, what, homosexual? But Christendom doesn’t tell anyone its God is homosexual, like Paul didn’t tell anyone he was homosexual, well not straightforward, but every woman near him knew what was his thorn in the flesh God would not remove.

Paul reached all the way back into Leviticus to say homosexuality was an abomination, but it didn’t matter to God, apparently, that Paul was gay. Nor to Jesus did it apparently matter. Nor, fortunately for Christendom, does God hold it against Christians for not believing Genesis: people were made in God’s image, male and female alike were they made.

You know, don’t you, Clara, that the Bible came into existence hundreds of years after Jesus was on this planet, in the flesh? And how that came about?

A Roman Emperor had a man gather various religious texts of the time, related to Judaism and Christianity, and put them together into a book, which is the Bible today. Many texts were excluded. I hear the Vatican has a horde of old texts buried in its vaults, which probably never will be released to the public. Some old texts are found from time to time, which rattle the Vatican’s cage a bit. And Christendom’s cage. Too bad Jesus didn’t write down his experiences, instead of us relying today on stuff written by people who never laid eyes on him, apparently, except for Magdalene – Hebrews.

The Devil is very real, though. Like Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, Lucifer has been around a whole lot longer than human beings on this planet, and a whole lot longer than this planet, too. The Devil loves religion, because it’s so very easy to twist and distort, and the believers have no clue it is twisted and distorted.

God is in all religions, too. There is only one God, who has countless assigned names, and on which no religion has a lock (monopoly). God is God. Religion tries to explain and represent God, and not all that well most of the time. Jesus had himself a fine time trying to explain what he knew of God. A fine time. I wrote about about that, too, in today’s post, and how his steep teachings are honored today mostly in the breach in Christendom.

Jesus with leper

I wonder what Jesus and the Ebens would think of the people featured in a documentary provided this morning by a vicious van dweller amigo who heard the ET conversation last night at Higgs Beach? Reader comments under documentary are interesting, as well. Bon appetite.

Victor Clarke shared a link to your timeline.
Photographer Antoine Bruy not only traveled and lived with off-grid families for three years, but captured captivating photos of their…


Meanwhile, back in “civilization” …

about time

Higgs Beach party

Sloan at Smathers Beach

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law and disorder, caveman to star wars – Key West continuing legal education credits

cave man woman lady lawyerlightning strike

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great white

Mother Nature lover/activist Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and other unnatural disaster and pollution warnings – Key West observatory post at

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan: most governments are authoritative —-ours is
autocratic dictated by money—–democracy has been shredded;
a generation of idiots –very few reads or possess the caring or capacity to
think…. technology transforming most into imbeciles–especially the young
there are some pockets of intellectual fervor –but they are in the definite minority
a tiny number comparatively. !!……. Authoritativeness is rising –corporations
have become amoral–why should not the police practice brutal arbitrary authority–
It is rising—AUTHORITARIANISM —– I will do more fishing –getting the state of the art equipment –to fish and construct a bubble in league of what is left of the natural; world.
I went out in my boat early this morning—the fog surreal –then swimming –now edit.–and research–bubbling !!!
maintain your good work—Jerry

I replied:

Yeah, gone to hell in a hand basket – civilization. Wish I had a reliable bubble into which I could escape and relax. Such bubbles just show up, spontaneously, situational, whenever. Skeptic me, there ain’t no fix to civilization by civilization, short of exterminating itself, or nearly so. All attempts to fix basically equivalent to hitting busted motors with hammers, wrapping leaking parts with duct tape, and taking 2 aspirin or getting drunk, stoned, etc. Something vile moving in to me, not clear yet what, but it’s vile. If I could see it and get a hold of it, I’d be tempted to hit it with a hammer. Since I can’t get drunk, stoned, etc. anymore, I took 2 aspirin. About like shooting a rhino with a peashooter. Blug, blug, blug.

Jerry wrote:

Sloan: beautifully stated –your response poetic —shooting the Rhino
with a pea shooter—reminds me Rhinos, Elephants . Lions and many many
more will be GONE in our lifetime. We will be best at exterminating ourselves as
our biologically sustaining Eco-system collapses. I have bought more music DVDs
and also surround myself with music while I write and edit and research. ( I also am playing the piano more. ). The young will be looking at their electronic device in their hand as they  drown, or choke to death—-won’t even know it –if they haven’t died of cancer yet or a resistant super bug (MRSA). Sorry about your lack of bubble —but you are heroic —not a coward like me.
all the best-have a glorious evening..—Jerry

I replied today:

Oh, I have bubbles, but they are provided when needed, I suppose. The vile thing seemed to raise its ugly head in dreams last night, but I was not all the way on top of it until I went online and saw something new in my Facebook account. Facebook is getting seriously into the trouble-making business in my fun life. I suppose Jesus’ admonition, You cannot worship God and mammon, blends nicely with our conversation and with what I felt coming into me yesterday, still hanging around this morning, hopefully it will move out before this day is over and a bubble will be provided.

Also in play might be a list of research topics a vicious van dweller criminal friend gave me on Higgs Beach last night, about various governments, especially our various government, that is USA, Inc., and the Illuminati, using various frequencies/waves/sounds, somewhat esoteric to scientist idiots such as myself, Nickola Telsa would have no problem grokking any of it, as weapons, mind control agencies, and other “star wars” stuff. Took me about 2 hours to read up generally on all his topics, mostly using Wikipedia, but not entirely. One Wikipedia article I found was written by a well-educated Christian, as a warning to Christendom of what was happening, especially the Illuminati angle of it.

I came away saying to my friend in my thoughts, So what if I agree completely, all of this and even more is going on, what can I do about it? Nothing, as far as I know. My immediate concern is, did something like that happen to me unawares to me? If so, what can I do about it? Nothing that I know. But the angels could do something about it. Yet my dreams last night did not seem to touch on any of that, but on the thing in my Facebook account, and what is going on in Birmingham with my father’s estate and his super right born-again Christian wife, that seems very much in play for today.

For in the last dream, I was prosecuting a huge, complicated lawsuit in US District Court in the Northern, and Middle and Southern Districts of Alabama, which only I realized was being prosecuted, and I took some risk pointing that out to other people, and some people then were thankful I’d seen it and brought it to light, and I started weeping. In my dream code, federal court is God’s Court, and that’s where the thing in Birmingham is being tried. It’s always where all of the lawsuits I prosecute today are tried.

Maybe some day God will kill all the lawyers, because nobody wants or needs lawyers anymore.


Here’s the Facebook post, a few earlier comments follow mine.

Jesus vs.Paul
  • Sloan Bashinsky Jesus said to forego and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, to resist not one who does evil, to turn the other cheek, to pray for and do good to and love enemies. Paul said Christ is to the head of a man as a man is to the head of his wife, and only through her husband can a woman know Christ. I’m using my words, perhaps this is not verbatim. Paul also preached against his followers having sex, he told them he wished they were like him, celibate. He said no point in having more children, Christ’s return was imminent. He did not tell them, but every woman near him knew it, he was homosexual and celibacy was how he dealt with his thorn in the flesh which he’d ask the Lord to remove and the Lord did not remove it, so it didn’t seem homosexuality was important to the Lord, although Paul had mimic’d Leviticus by calling homosexuality an abomination. I imagine Paul, too was in favor of loving enemies, but the horse’s mouth in the New Testament is Jesus in the Gospels. Most Christians I have known, and I have known many, as I was raised in that religion and have many friends still in it, although I am not, nor am I in any religion, God is heaps bigger than religion, heaps, quote Paul as if he is the horse’s mouth. Jesus is a bit steeper and harder to swallow than Paul, who seemed to be into having as many followers as possible, while Jesus told his disciples: steep is the way, narrow the gate and few enter therein; many are called but few are chosen; the work is great and the laborers are few; anyone who hears his sayings, but does not do them, is like the foolish man who built his house on sand and when the flood came, the house fell down and the fall was great; do unto others as you would have done unto you; first take the beam out of your own eye; judge not, lest you be judged in kind; if someone asks for your shirt, give also your coat; it is more blessed to give than to receive; it someone takes you to court, settle with him along the way, lest the judge throws you in jail; take no oaths but simply say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no, anything else comes from evil. How many American Christians, including Amorican soldiers and their commanding officers, said NO to American wars staring with Vietnam?, although I could go back to World War II in my lifetime. What does that say about them and about America being “a Christian nation”. or “under God”? The Priesthood Melchizedek sends its greetings. Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek. That’s why Jesus sent her to tell the men disciples she had seen him and he would be with them soon. That, and she was his wife.   As such, she anonymously scribed the Letter to the Hebrews, because back then it was known no man would read it, if it was known a woman had written it. Hebrews vaguely describes the initiation into the Priesthood Melchizedek, in which it says Jesus is high priest.
    Like · Reply · Feburary 26 · Edited
  • David Ohlerking Please name one church that believes that “it is a shame for women to speak in the church” I have yet to find any. Plenty of nuancing of that verse all around.


  • Trevor Reese Can somebody break this down? I’m having trouble grasping what it’s trying to tell me and I’d like to understand it. Thanks!
    • Benjamin L. Corey It was pointing out an irony. Many will read the words of Paul, say on prohibiting women from teaching, and will say “this is clear” or “this must be flowed at all times and all cultures.” Yet when one points out that Jesus commanded we live lives of total nonviolence and to love our enemies, that same person will begin to make excuses as to why Jesus’s teaching is misunderstood in some strange way. It’s pointing out a major hypocrisy.
  • Tom Zegan You speak pretty good Christianese using words like Hermeneutic, Injuctions & Nuance. Surprized you weren’t able to slip the words apologetics and expository in there too.
  • John Carothers You would not believe the heat I took for reposting your essay on Why Isis should make us rethink our position on hell…….wait, I suspect you would…..
  • Nichole Cox so you believe women should teach?
  • Jeff McEldowney I’ve read a load of the comments; and find it interesting that most of the focus is on Paul’s statement on women’s roles in the church. I read this with the emphasis on our unwillingness to follow Jesus’s command to love our enemies. In fact, to quite simply love our neighbour as ourselves. All of them. Everyone. For me the simple message is, why are we as followers of Christ obsessing about ‘rules’ when we’re called to obsess about ‘love’?

Jesus with leper

Yesterday at soup kitchen Jesus, on Flagler Avenue here in Key West,

soup kitchen JesusSt. Mary's soup kitchen

I listened attentively to a man’s tale of woe about him being beaten, robbed and nearly killed by two men, one of whom was apprehended the next day with the man’s credit cards, ID and wallet on him, and he later ratted out his accomplice, and they are in the county jail waiting trial or pleading guilty. I’d told the man the day before, after he told me that he wanted a story published, that I needed to be able to hear him out when I wasn’t pressed to leave and do something else, and that I would hear him out yesterday.

Well, after hearing him out, I was in a precious position. If I publish his story, including what he told me is going to happen down the road to the two men who robbed and nearly killed him, he has friends who will see to it happening, then murder will be committed and he will be fingered as the instigator.

I am pretty sure, if I were a practicing attorney and this man came to me and  told me his story, I would be required by law to pass that information on to the State Attorney. I am a former practicing attorney, so perhaps that does not apply to me now.  However, if I don’t tell the State Attorney what this man told me is going to happen down the road to the two men who robbed and nearly killed him, and if it then happens, then I will be an accessory to murder, if not in Caesar’s court, certainly in God’s.

What would Jesus do? Or, what would he tell me to do? I suppose, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and to render unto God what is God’s, and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

I’m going to tell the man when I see him next about my pickle, which is his doing, and that he has left me with no other choice but to tell the State Attorney what he told me will happen down the road, so the State Attorney can try to head it off at the pass, and thus save two people’s lives and him and his friends from convicting and sentencing themselves in God’s Court, which outcome will not be to their liking.

the beatings will continue

Sloan at Smathers Beach

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float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and other unnatural disaster and pollution warnings – Key West observatory

Pearl Harbor lookout

Pearl Harbor lookout

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good morning Vietnam

Robin Williams, “Good Morning Vietnam”

This post into my Facebook timeline topped off my cyber adventures yesterday :-):

Victor Clarke shared a video to your timeline.

How far have we come

Ishe Smith uploaded a new video.

Ali was more than boxing.

  • Sloan Bashinsky yowee!!!  Way back then, Ali knew the Vietnam war was a continuation of slavery, and he had the presence of mind and guts to say so.
Victor Clarke Y eah he did and was willing to go to jail for his beliefs…..Feb 25th 1964 he defeated Sonny liston to become World heavyweight Boxing Champion
Sloan Bashinsky float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, Ali said of his one punch K.O. of heavily favored Sonny Liston
float like a butterfly

This also made a bit of commotion in cyberspace yesterday:

thin blue line


Breaking Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Cop Slapping Homeless Man Who Wanted to Use Restroom: “You’re Not Going to Pee!”

A video is being shared online of what appears to be a Fort Lauderdale police officer pushing a man to the ground before delivering a vicious slap — all because the man wanted to use a public restroom.

In the video, which appears to take place at the Broward Central Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale, a man who looks to be in his late fifties walks slowly through the terminal while the officer follows behind, slipping on latex gloves. The officer then grabs the man’s arm and the man jerks away — that’s when the officer pushes him to the ground.

The man, lying on the ground, shouts “Fuck you!” at the cop, to which the cop responds by pointing his latex-covered finger at the man and says, “Relax. I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen. I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen. I’m escorting you out right now.”

“I want to go pee,” pleads the man.

“You’re not going to go pee,” the cop answers. “You’re not supposed to pee here.”

Moments later, the cop reaches back and smacks the man across his face.

The officer then accuses the man of “trying to fight me,” which the video clearly shows did not happen.

After placing the man in handcuffs, the cop proceeds to deliver a lecture: “I tell you what to do and you do it. It’s that simple,” he says.…/video_shows_cop_slappin…

  • This is totally outrageous!

  • I can’t believe this is still going on! Why can’t the department heads of these cops get these guys under control? Something is wrong here …

    • 3 people like this.
    • Chuck Wagoner Not everyone can handle the kind of authority a badge provides. Good cops use it as it was intended to be used and bad cops abuse it. There are less applicants capable of truly honoring the badge than there are positions so there will always be good cops and bad cops.
    • Mark Bodnar Totally agree Chuck!
    • Mark Bodnar In the past a police officer just had to lie on his report and claim he was assaulted first. Thanks to technology the bad cops can no longer lie to save their own ass.
    • Kurt Wagner shared a video to your timeline.
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      • Sloan Bashinsky Nice cop, hope he don’t attend church and think the homeless man Jesus saved him. How many times have homeless people in Key West told me of cops telling them how it was, what was going to happen because the cops said so. I can’t begin to remember all the times. Found myself thinking yesterday that cops today can beat up and kill someone and claim they were in fear for their own safety and lives, and that’s enough to give them a free pass most places, even with videos of what actually happened disagreeing with the cops’ version. I think a great majority of Americans are okay with that, don’t want cops called on the carpet, prosecuted, put in prison, because they want those cops around to defend them when they need cops to do that. Perhaps USA going to war against whomever it pleases encourages cops to do the same in America. Terrorists are terrorist, overseas and at home, and for sure homeless people are terrorists, slapping the American way of life and values in the face. They deserve what they get from the cops, I bet a great majority of Americans think. Hope those cops don’t attend church and think the homeless man Jesus saved them, because he didn’t.
      • Sloan Bashinsky You think the new video cameras Key West cops are going to be wearing soon, it is said, will film something like this? Do you think if such things like this are filmed, the KWPD will ever let the public see it? What a fine example of protecting and serving. Beating up a homeless man for wanting to pee in a public restroom, instead of in a bush or against a tree, or in an alley, in public, and then arrested and taking the homeless man to jail for, saying “Fuck you!” to the cop, after the cop threw him onto the bricks? For being homeless? For needing to pee? For wanting to pee discretely? For being alive? Yeah, for being alive, it seems. What a dirt bag, that cop. What a bum. What a piece of shit. Will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes from this video making the rounds on Facebook. I can name a few KW cops who are reported to behave just like this cop behaved in the video. Wonder what the homeless man was charged with to substantiate the arrest? Slapping the cop? Trying to pee on the cop? What did this homeless man do to make this cop so fucking afraid of this homeless man that he treated the homeless man this way? It wouldn’t surprise me if the cop claims he feared for his life, the spiritually evolved version of pleading the 5th?
      • Sloan Bashinsky Wonder what the cop would have to the fellow filming it, if the cop had known it was being filmed?
      • Sloan Bashinsky Please tell me this video wasn’t staged, the cop and the homeless man were real people and not actors. We got too many of these kinds of problems already, to have people inventing this kind of shit.

As did this stir cyber commotion yesterday:

It’s not another war that bothers me….
It’s the price of this war.

'Thanks to @[54124414652:274:War Costs]'

Thanks to War Costs

  • Sheldon Lockhart Gwecko don’t just blindly accept numbers as facts simply because they are put into a chart. Exactly HOW is that $178 billion going to eliminate poverty? I see no facts only hyperbole.
  • Jerry Resnick Certainly, there have been many academic and professional studies concerning the total costs of completely eliminating poverty in the United States, and if funding priorities were much different , we all could be living in a humane democratic prosperous peacetime economy .
  • Larry Mckenzie War is that thing that stands between freedom and tyranny
  • Barefoot Man George Nowak Eliminate Poverty ? sounds like welfare ????
  • Aaron Johnson How long would it eliminate it…for a day or two. Some people below the poverty level have no ambition or want to make any more or climb out of debt.
  • James Tidwell and if no one in the world was such as Putin or ISIS, then it would be fairly easy to not have to spend money on defense. but, that is not going to happen anytime soon. Europe has attempted to do much as this posting says, and they are defense poor, to the point they need the US to be there, to hopefully stay off such as a Putin. There will always be people, leaders and nations in this world who want for power and more of it. And because of this, there will always be a need for a military. and with the increase and advancement of technology and the need to keep and if able, to stay a bit ahead, it will be costly. It is what it is.
  • Rand Dillon When I went homeless in America, I was working 3 jobs, seven days a week. Think about that. I am not lazy. I am actively being oppressed by the entitled.
  • James Tidwell it is not always about being lazy. there are a lot of lazy folks who are living in a nice places being paid for by the government. I know someone right now living in a 3 bedroom with 2 baths, separate living room, dining room and kitchen with a balcony off the dining room. and they pay only $300/month for it. I am paying more than twice that for a 1 bedroom, kitchen, small bath and living room and it is drafty. But, there are those out there who are working and not living as such. I have lived in worse and it is largely because I choose to live this way so I can have more disposable income. but, I have had rough times in my life as well. There are many who have lived as such and found their way through it, some very famous people.
  • Brian Woodbury we have spent 17 trillion on it and there are more now. You can never get rid of it, ohand really poverty today is not real poverty for most poor Americans, cell phones, overweight, cable tv. DOD’s total budget request is therefore $601 billion for 2015 and one of the only things the feds are supposed to fund not handouts! LOL actively being oppressed as you are on a computer on a internet connection saying ridiculous things in your home. The only person oppressing you is you. the great American victim mentality oppression is china or Iran.
  • Brian Woodbury In his January 1964 State of the Union address, President Lyndon Johnson proclaimed, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.” In the 50 years since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs. Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all U.S. military wars since the American Revolution. Yet progress against poverty, as measured by the U.S. Census Bureau, has been minimal, and in terms of President Johnson’s main goal of reducing the “causes” rather than the mere “consequences” of poverty, the War on Poverty has failed completely. In fact, a significant portion of the population is now less capable of self-sufficiency than it was when the War on Poverty began.
    This week, the U.S. Census Bureau is scheduled to release its annual poverty report. The report will be notable because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. In his January 1964 State of the Union address, Johnson proclaimed, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.”[1]
    Since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all military wars in U.S. history since the American Revolution. Despite this mountain of spending, progress against poverty, at least as measured by the government, has been minimal.
  • Andrew Bowe Douglass Better to kill non christian muslims than to give money to lazy poor people.
  • Andrew Bowe Douglass BTW war on poverty worked…. Washington Post

    “There are two things to note here. First, there was a huge fall in the poverty rate throughout the 1960s, and in particular after LBJ announced the War on Poverty in 1964 and followed up with Medicaid, Me
    dicare, greater federal housing spending, and other programs to fight that war. In 1964, the poverty rate was 19 percent. Ten years later, it was 11.2 percent, and it has not gone above 15.2 percent any year since then. Contrary to what you may have heard, the best evidence indicates that the War on Poverty made a real and lasting difference.

    Second, since the permanent decline achieved during the 1960s, most of the variation in the poverty rate has been cyclical: it goes up in recessions and down during booms. During the early 1980s recession, the rate spiked, only to fall again when the labor market recovered later in the decade. Same thing with the early 1990s recessions and late ’90s boom. And the current recession has spurred an increase again. The most recent numbers we have are for 2010, and that year’s rate – 15.1 percent – is about as high as it’s gotten since the 1960s.”
  • Andrew Bowe Douglass It is the failure of capitalism that is the rest of the equation
  • Sloan Bashinsky Hmmm, starting with something most people I know can remember, which American war, starting with Vietnam, defended America from foreign aggression? Had interesting conversations this afternoon at the soup kitchen with Vietnam vet and a brother of one about that war. I can’t say that or any subsequent American war was worth one American soldier being involved, not to mention killed, wounded or put into post traumatic shock. Nor any enemy soldier or civilian. I think the focus needs to be on America’s addiction to war. The domestic what ifs provide diversions from the fact that America is addicted to war. It’s big bu$ne$$ and it distracts from dealing with the many troubles in America and it makes a mockery of the notion claimed by many, that America is “under God”, or is a Christian nation. Jesus would never approve America at war. What does that say about America Christians who support American wars?
  • Kurt Wagner War will always be with us. The reason is because thier is billions of dollars to be made when there is war. A good friend of mine told me years ago, there are two ways to make millions, Killing people or saving people. He started a company with his partner and invented the heart defibulator. He patented the communication between the meat wagons and the hospitals. Luckily he decided to save people!
  • Sloan Bashinsky As I wrote elsewhere on FB today, detonating a neutron bomb on Washington, D.C., when Congress is in full session and President Whomever is addressing Congress would be a good start.
  • Kurt Wagner YES!!!!!!!
  • Kurt Wagner Yes Gary, it was Dick Kerwin.
  • Ralph Sanders ????? how does moving money from defense to poverty fix the causes of poverty?…/wall-st-cheat-sheet…/16216253/

    OH, SNAP!The Page you requested cannot be displayed.This page may have moved or no longer…
  • Sloan Bashinsky It doesn’t, Ralph, but it starts to address the US addiction to war, just as stopping drinking booze or injecting heroin starts to address those addictions.

And this funner:

I am tired of people talking about our government on Facebook .Facebook is not the place to spew your dissatisfaction with our elected officials The only place to send a message is the voting booth. I was raised as a child to believe in the voting booth. If you don’t believe in voting, you are the problem. I have voted every election since I was old enough to vote. If you do not take the time to vote ,,,you have no reason to complain!!!! STFU!!!!! I live in the islands, we get millions from the government. No one here cares. As long as we get food stamps, welfare etc, These people don’t care. This is a bigger welfare state than any where in the States. Keep sending money,,, we love it!!!!

  • Pamela Schroeder Terborg excuse me if I am wrong,Kurt,but most of your posts are about your dis satisfaction with the government.I know you are definitley NOT an Obama fan,but it just seems strange that you are now posting that you are tired of people posting about thier dis satisfaction! LOL
  • Kurt Wagner Oh yes pamela,If you doubt me can you tell me one thing that has improved since he has been Pres. I think Oblohole be recorded as a worse pres than Carter.
  • Pamela Schroeder Terborg I do not doubt you one bit! My point is that you post about YOUR dissatisfaction,yet you just said you were sick of people posting THIER dissatisfaction on fb!
  • Pamela Schroeder Terborg no insult intended
  • Kurt Wagner Good point Pam!!!! You are correct! I’msorry.
  • Pamela Schroeder Terborg cant wait to see my old friend!! soon!
  • Kurt Wagner I’m looking forword to seeing you this summer.
  • Kurt Wagner All the women I know are married, and their husband will be jealous if I see them. WTF?
  • Pamela Schroeder Terborg cuz you are such a stud muffin!LL so what if the old man gets jealous?Tell him to be there you you come to see your friend
  • Kurt Wagner You are right Pam. If he has a problem with old friends from 35 years ago, that’s his problem, not mine!
  • Gary Shade Pamela Schroeder Terborg – Kurt is just an old F&^%$ fart now who makes at times some seemingly incongruous comments/posts due to his very apparent senility. You ask him a question now and he answers “Depends”… makes you wonder what he means by that! (Anytime Kurt – glad I could help).
  • Kurt Wagner Gary, You are such a good friend. I can always count on you!!!!!!!
  • Kurt Wagner Gary, if you’re awake , call me.
  • Steven Suhs Well said…. Young’s firmly in cheek…..
  • Steven Suhs I meant tongue
    18 hrs · Like · 1
  • Sloan Bashinsky I doubt it matters whether you vote or not, or who you vote for, Kurt, you know whoever is in office is a pawn, a whore, for something behind the scenes. Nuking Washington D.C. when Congress is in session, every congressman/woman is there, and President Whomever is speaking to them, might be a good start. These folks might agree.

    Sloan Bashinsky's photo.
  • Kurt Wagner Sloan, I agree whole heartedly with you. What this country did to the native Americans is a travesty. But thats 200 years ago. Is it any worse than slavery of the blacks? Slavery of the Irish? It’s so long ago I don’t feel I should have to feel bad about it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky No, but you should appreciate its karma, and what Americans did to Africans, all of which is playing out now in spades in America. And it’s only going to get more severe, the ship of fools just don’t seem to know just yet what is in play, but I bet Native Americans and African-Americans, who still have their wits about them, see what is going on.
  • Kurt Wagner Sloan, I don’t see it. I owe nothing to Blacks or Native Americans. Maybe my greatgrand fathers owe them. Not me.I never owned a slave. I lived for a few years with a Chipawwa. Don’t give anchohol to a redskin.
  • TJ’s Bar I swear I’m in the 60’s
  • Kurt Wagner Joan, the divide between the races is at it’s most since the 60’s Untill Oblohole became prez he has now made the race war worse than ever
  • TJ’s Bar I think it has never been more apparent, it’s the elephant in the living room so to speak.
  • Kurt Wagner No Joan, It;s not the elefent in the room. It’s the libtards who want to turn this country in to russia. We know that didn’t work.
  • Sloan Bashinsky And the Repubtards want to turn it into Nazi Germany, and that worked really well. Kurt, you never heard the saying, The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons several generations? You think there is no such thing as national karma? People who want Americans to only speak English have forgotten who was here before they and their ancestors were.

Then there was:

Jenny McCarthy's photo.

Last today, some local pollution disaster advisories in today’s Key West Citizen (, my interjected pleasantries in bold italics:


Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Sewer lawsuits moving forward

As one lawsuit dealing with central sewers in the Lower Keys is winding down, two more are ramping up.

For how that winding down lawsuit is going, click on this link:   .

a lot of reading.

The environmental group Last Stand is challenging a Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit for construction of two more shallow injection wells on Stock Island. Last Stand wants KW Resort Utilities to construct a more expensive deep injection well, which can cost millions more to construct. Shallow wells only pump the treated effluent to roughly 120 feet below the surface. Deep injection wells push the effluent 2,000 feet into the boulder zone.

The case will go before a state Department of Administrative Hearings judge on April 28 in Key West.

Just my dumb opinion, Last Stand should have brought the other lawsuit, too. I tried to get them interested, to no avail. Also just my dumb opinion, the other lawsuit addressed a far more dangerous pollution threat than shallow injection wells. That lawsuit tried to stop massive use of biohazard E-1 grinder pumps in the Cudjoe Regional Sewer District, about which biohazard I published many articles last year and the year before that. Just my dumb opinion, the public corruption in Monroe County Government, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and Florida Department of Environmental Protection going mostly with E-1 grinder pumps was and is felonious.

Two Cudjoe Key-based fishermen also have a case pending before the Department of Administrative Hearings, challenging the DEP permit for the construction of four shallow-injection wells to be used in the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System. Fishermen Don DeMaria and Mike Laudicina want the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority to construct a deep well there as well. They have yet to have a hearing date set.

Last Stand contends the KW Resort Utilities should construct a deep injection well to handle the treated effluent of the businesses and residences on Stock Island, instead of installing two more shallow injection wells. It currently has two shallow wells that handle on average roughly 500,000 gallons a day of treated effluent.

The private utility company is proposing to increase its capacity to an average of 849,000 gallons a day. The DEP threshold for requiring a deep well generally occurs at 1 million gallons a day.

Last Stand board member George Halloran argued the design capacity for the treatment plant is more than 1 million gallons a day. But the company plans to take a majority of the treated effluent for reuse at the nearby golf course, college and jail on College Road.

Halloran argued there could be times that the flow amount could still exceed the 1 million gallons, especially on rainy summer days or during peak tourism months in the Keys.

Halloran and Last Stand is concerned about nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from the wells making their way to the nearshore waters and cause harmful algal blooms, which can kill fish, coral and seagrass.

Halloran proposed that KW Resort Utilities could save money on digging its own well by connecting to the city of Key West’s deep injection well. The well has a capacity of 10 million gallons a day and is currently operating a level of 4.5 million gallons a day, Halloran said.

“Why not send their stuff over there,” Halloran asked.

KW Resort Utilities attorney Barton Smith contends the lawsuit “has no merit” and accused the environmental group of being against reuse, a practice that many environmental and water conservation groups promote.

“This suit has no basis,” Smith said. “If we prevail, we plan to go after attorney fees. If not, the legal costs would be born by the ratepayers.”

DeMaria and Laudicina are also concerned about nutrients makings it way to the nearshore waters off Cudjoe Key, which is a nursery for marine life and a haven for the Keys lucrative backcountry and trap fishing.

Where do DeMaria and Laudicina and others opposed to shallow injection wells thing the nutrients from failed E-1 grinder pumps and lines will end up?

Their attorney Caron Balkany accused the Aqueduct Authority officials of knowingly submitting inaccurate flow estimates to DEP, and ourt refusing but are refusing to amend the estimates. She contends the average daily flow numbers exceed 1 million gallons a day.

Just my dumb opinion, this is minnows compared whales (massive use of E-1 grinder pumps).

Aqueduct Authority Executive Kirk Zuelch contends the average daily flow will be just shy of million gallons a day and a deep well is not necessary at this time. The Aqueduct Authority has approved an independent study with monitoring wells at the Blimp Road plant to determine if water or effluent would leach out into the nearshore waters. The test would be done with freshwater, not treated effluent.

Zeulch being a lawyer, if his lips are moving … FKAA is going to build shallow injection wells, and then when average daily flow exceeds 1,000,000 gallons a day, FKAA will replace the shallow injection wells with deep injection wells. Yeah, right. Here’s a link to Zeulch/FKAA E-1 grinder pump propaganda:

Balkany has also been in discussions with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials, who oversee the Keys national wildlife refuges, about the impacts to the Keys environment and the endangered species that call the Keys home.

USFW showed zip interest in the massive threat posed by E-1 grinder pumps.

Balkany contends that neither the Army Corps of Engineers nor the Fish and Wildlife Service have conducted a thorough environmental assessment or determination on the impacts to endangered species, which the National Environmental Policy Act requires.

Attempts were made by the people who brought the other lawsuit to get USFW involved.

“It’s pretty flabbergasting that they (the Aqueduct Authority) are not complying,” Balkany said.

Balkany is experiencing what the people who brought the E-1 grinder pumps lawsuit experienced.

Keys Refuge Manager Nancy Finley is monitoring the project and her agency is trying to address all issues but it is difficult as aspects of the project are being designed as the system is being built. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials in Vero Beach are still working on Balkany’s inquiries regarding the environmental assessment and endangered species consultation, Finley said.

Balkany should ask to see the correspondence between Finley and USFW in Vero Beach and the people who brought the F-1 grinder pump lawsuit, to prepare himself for what lies ahead for him Finley and USFW in Vero Beach.

The fishermen are the latest to challenge the plans for the $165 million Cudjoe Regional system. The grassroots homeowners group Dump the Pumps also filed a petition challenging the validity of the DEP permit that authorized the project. The group charged the Monroe County government and the FKAA misrepresented details of the project, including the number of grinder pump sewage collection systems that will be installed.

Dump the Pumps wants the FKAA and the county to connect homes and businesses to the more desirable and more expensive gravity sewer systems, unless an area is too remote to be served by the technology.

However, a state hearing officer recently ruled in favor of the county and FKAA. Dump the Pumps has not formally decided whether to appeal the ruling.

dump the pumps

ship of fools

Sloan and balloons smaller


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dangerous liaisons and other Key West and Florida Keys looney toons

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protect and serve 2thin blue line

In today’s Key West Citizen (, my interjected pleasantries inbold italics:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Police review panel: ‘Yes’ to cameras
BY GWEN FILOSA Citizen Staff

The city panel that first started reviewing complaints of police misconduct 12 years ago decided Monday to start televising its meetings.

In a 6-1 vote, the Citizen Review Board (CRB) agreed to take up city staff on its offer to add its meetings to the stable that it broadcasts live via the city’s website and local cable and then stores online.

The CRB’s next meeting is March 23 at 6 p.m.

“The citizens of Key West should see what we’re doing every month when we meet here,” member Joe Pais said.


Keeping the CRB meetings off-camera has always been about protecting vulnerable citizens from video exposure, some past board members have said.

Oh, I bet it also was about protecting CRB board members from exposure.

Only CRB chairman Michael Behrend voted against televising the meetings, saying that the material the board deals with is at times too sensitive for public broadcast.

“This isn’t a Jerry Springer Show you put on YouTube,” Behrend said. “A few months ago, I think we had someone’s girlfriend in tears about what happened to her significant other. That should not be on television.”

Right, just the pretty stuff that attracts tourists should be televised.

Tom Milone responded, “That’s just part of life. You’re going to see all kinds of emotions. It’s part of the case. It’s part of the reality that’s going on.”

Reality? Bless your heart, Tom, Key West needs mega doses of it.

In 2012, the board voted 4-3 against turning on the cameras. But of that majority vote, only one member remains on the board, Behrend.

I wonder if Behrend will stay on the CRB now that he’s on TV and anyone can pull up and watch videos of CRB meetings, and Behrend?

In addition to the privacy of distressed complaintants, televising the CRB meetings could lead to creating a place for “grandstanding,” Behrend said.

Ah, but what about democracy and freedom of speech and operating in the bright sunshine and being told off by citizen speakers who ain’t terribly thrilled with how the CRB is handling, or not handling, something? The CRB ain’t Internal Affairs. The CRB represents the citizens against Internal Affairs and KWPD. That’s what the CRB was formed to do, against strenuous opposition from the then sitting mayor and city commissioners, the city manager, KWPD and the police benevolent union. You recall that, don’t you, Chairman Behrend? You recall, don’t you?, that it took a citizen referendum to create the CRB, and that referendum passed overwhelmingly.

“All you hear is the negative,” Behrend said. “Most people don’t hear that the officer was adjudicated. All they hear is, ‘Officer Smith beat up on this person.’”

Well, if Officer Smith beat up on this person, doesn’t this person have a right to ask the CRB to look into it? Doesn’t the public have a right to see how the CRB handles it? Doesn’t the public have a right to decide if it likes, or doesn’t like, how the CRB handled it? After all, it is the public’s review board, isn’t it?

Larry Beaver, the CRB executive director advised the seven members to watch one of the city meetings already stored online,, to understand how the camera can catch board members’ reactions.

Oh my goodness, can board members’ reactions be interesting at times. Oh my goodness. 

CRB meetings have always been public record, just not readily available at the click of a computer keyboard or broadcast live.

Anyone may attend the meetings held at Old City Hall and audio recordings of past meetings are available upon request. The names of anyone who speaks at the board are recorded and the complaints are a matter of public record.

Ah, but live TV is so much more interesting and revealing than listening to taped audio recordings.

Attorney Robert Cintron advised the board to consider that cameras are allowed in state courtrooms but not in federal ones and “both function well.”

The real question is what would the cameras accomplish, according to Cintron, who wasn’t at Monday’s meeting at Old City Hall but left a letter on the subject.

“The upside could lead to more interest by the public,” Cintron wrote. “Also, the public doesn’t have to rely on the media to report on our activities with whatever slant they want to put on it.”

The media don’t report much of what goes on in CRB meetings, and TV will show the public crystal clear how the CRB members are conducting themselves, and what slants they put on complaints against police officers.

Two members said they weren’t keen on airing the meetings, which often involve unsubstantiated claims of police abuse along with the most troubling cases in Key West.

But then the members talked to locals, conducting an informal survey, and learned most people had no problem with the CRB going live.

“The public wants it televised,” said member Kathleen Ford. “Last week I would’ve said no. This week I’m in favor of televising.”

I can’t imagine members of the CRB not knowing the public wants CRB meetings televised. I can imagine some past and present members of the CRB being KWPD shills. 4 of the 7 CRB members are appointed by the City Commission, and 3 members are appointed by the CRB. 

Rodney Gullatte, one of three members who were appointed to the board last year, said he didn’t think it was a great idea until he asked around.

Sharing information is typically a good idea, Gullatte said, and “helps things move.”

Gullatte said, “Not being televised kind of hurts us in that way.”

A bit of doublespeak there, Rodney?

In 2012, Hayward Magby, Milone and Pais each voted in favor of the cameras.

So the panel’s membership can always change and with it, the vote over televising meetings, Magby said.

“If it doesn’t work we can have another survey,” Magby said.

“Maybe the people will say we’ve had enough. I think it’s going to be a good thing.”

I’m sure the City Commission was thrilled when the CRB asked the FBI and the US Department of Justice to investigate the in police custody death of Charles Eimers.

Charles Eimer's take down

Charles Eimers smotheredEimers one human

“cartoons” by Arnaud Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (, but for which we, the CRB and the City Commission never would have heard of Charles Eimers

In some ways related, a “dangerous” homeless woman’s situation, as she explained it to me yesterday at the soup kitchen.

Mud Dawg's guardian angel

Convicted of aggravated assault arising out of pointing an empty pistol at a tenant in her boyfriend’s home, because he was not paying his rent, and telling him to leave the premises. Also convicted for earlier discharging same firearm inside city limits, when she shot a loud frog in their yard. On Key Largo.

Did jail time on Stock Island. While in jail, her boyfriend died and she had no place to live and was homeless when she was released. And on probation. And required to pay for her probation costs, and criminal justice system costs, and she had no money, and, due to aggravate assault charges, was not eligible for Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Samuel’s House recovery programs. So, she stayed nights at KOTS,  the city’s overnight homeless shelter. She did volunteer work there, cleaning the women’s dorm, picking up dirty towels and sheets. She caught scabies, reported that. She was banned from KOTS for what sounded more like politics and ego, than anything substantive. So she has no place inside to live, but is harassed and chased by police for sleeping outside at night.

Her probation officer keeps after her to have a place inside, or have her probation violated again and back to jail again. She was being allowed by a local church to sleep nights on its property until her probation officer demanded to know where she was sleeping nights and said she would come by and check to see if she was sleeping there. That night a Cadillac came by and seemed to be taking photos, and not long after that men from the church told her she could not sleep there any more.

Before that, she had told her probation officer that she was going to write to the judge, Judge Ptomey, that she was indigent, could not pay the costs, needed a more merciful probation, hopefully one that would allow her to leave the Keys. When she later told her probation officer that she had written the letter, her probation officer had a fit. Why the fit after being told the letter would be written and sent? The fit nonetheless.

She had friends take her all the way up to Plantation Key for the hearing on her request to Judge Ptomey, and when they arrived, no Judge Ptomey. A woman judge. Her probation had been violated by her probation officer. Her probation officer had written on her file that she was a dangerous person. To jail she went without passing Go.

Night before last, she was accosted by two KW police officers, one male, one female, for sitting on the edge of the parking lot at Home Depot, next to the sidewalk on North Roosevelt Blvd, with a homeless person friend, a man. Two police cruisers. A complaint had been called in about them sitting there. The cops ran her information through the computer. It came back she is a dangerous person. The cops told them to leave. Across the street in the Winn-Dixie parking lot were RVs and vans, in which people were living. No worries there for the two cops. The homeless woman said RV’s discharge their tanks in that parking lot. No worries there.

She told me yesterday, to get out of her predicament only requires her paying all the money she owes for fines, court costs, her probation. $3,000, she figures. If she pays all of that, she will be released from probation and can leave the Florida Keys. But she needs traveling money to leave. As is, she is bound here because of the probation. If she were to leave, she would be a fugitive, subject to being picked up and brought back here.

What’s wrong with this picture?

She said her parents, retired high school English teachers, cannot afford what it will cost to liberate her from Monroe County. I said, if I had the money, and if just paying money was all it would take to free her from the local criminal “justice” system, I would pay it and give her traveling money to her parents’ home in a mid-western state. I said, in the past, when I had the money, I had done that for homeless people. I had given people in need more than what she needs.

There is no way this woman belongs on the street, unless something cosmic is in play, karma, or something. I did tell her the other day, perhaps she is a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. This is a really interesting woman. She has had a multitude of very different life experiences. She is smart. She is insightful. She is funny. She likes people. She is tolerant until somebody does something unconscionable. She is well-read. She is familiar with different spiritual traditions. The most dangerous thing about her I have seen is her tongue. Although a certain former frog might have a different point of view.

the poor frog
Mother Nature lover/activist Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s waste management in Key West and beyond, it’s a shitty job but somebody’s got to do it, and other shaman tales post at

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan; we have always used CLOTH bags exclusively
since the first day Publix opened –some have worn out and been
replaced for us free.
Spirituality is so complex that we each need to work out our
own version.. .That is part of a Psychiatrists job—-finding what the patient is
comfortable with.—-it takes a long time for most of the working through–process.–DIFFICULT .
Carl Sagan was at ease with his –it is apparent to me–from my view point.
full schedule must run ___Cheers Jerry

I replied:

Maybe Harry Bethel will seek your help :-).

My pardon, Jerry, but I bet 99+ percent, or higher, of psychiatrists do not agree that it’s okay for people to be comfortable talking with angels, being run by angels, doing what angels tell them to do, and I bet the same 99 + percent, or higher, would like to help you think like they do :-), using any and all methods at their disposal :-).

Jerry wrote:

I and my close friends are quite different Psychiatrists ;
“UNDERSTANDING” totally Empathic–Eclectic ;
we don’t have all the answers –learn much from our patients and the literary world ——always LEARNING—–interested in all forms of spirituality and science and rationality.—-the world of the spirit is dazzling —————–Jerry

nudity is just a mute issue —stupid –to debate. –Jerry

I replied:

Fantasy Fest nudity ain’t mute with Harry Bethel, and he’s entirely comfortable with his position, so I suppose that means he’s well-adjusted :-).

Carl Sagan was one of America’s truly significant role models/thinkers, he seemed comfortable with his perspective, he influenced many people.

On a smaller, lesser, meaner scale, same for Harry Bethel.

After being treated by psychiatrists myself, I concluded they were ignorant of a lot more than they thought they knew. I can’t imagine any psychiatrist, not even you, Jerry, helping a shaman be comfortable with being a shaman. I can’t imagine any shaman being comfortable with being a shaman. Resigned to it, I can imagine. Preferring it to the alternative, I can imagine. But being comfortable ain’t part of being a shaman. It’s a “condition”.

Hell, Hannibal Lecter was comfortable being himself.

Charles Manson was comfortable being himself.

Adolph Hitler was comfortable being himself.

Jesus was not in the least comfortable being himself. To be comfortable with that, he would have been insane or buried deep in that Egyptian river.

Lecter, Manson and Hitler were insane, criminally; demonic possession fit just as well. Criminally insane, psychiatry can grok okay, but not demonic possession, which also is a “condition”.

Every person is a “condition”, which rules.

I felt so out of place in that black church yesterday, so out of touch with black people’s ways and views, that I wondered how any white person could comprehend what it’s like to be black. I can’t, and I was raised by a black woman.

She was comfortable with her beliefs. As far as I know, she never harmed anyone, but certain religions would view her as evil for loving to eat all the fish and wild game I caught or shot and brought home to her. Jesus could have cared less. She was his, and she knew it.

She also was in incarnated Melchizedek angel, which she did not know.

My mother is in the hospital giving birth to me when that angel shows up at my mother and father’s home looking for housekeeping and cooking work, and they need that and someone to help them take care of me.


Shamans know, talk, laugh and cry about these things. Shamans are a different species, hybrids might be a good label: half angel, half human. Not part of the medical, science or religious paradigms, nor of any human paradigms.

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: Harry needs help —Shamans do not have customary issues.
Harry has a neurosis—-the piece of the ice berg we see
is what he presents —usually extreme rigidity –is part of that syndrome.

I have seen Shamans —-in the office and out of the office;
their problems are a different flavor than we are used to conventionally.
peace and serenity–Jerry

I replied:

These shamans live/lived in Key West/the Florida Keys? I ask, because I have yet to meet or hear of another shaman living in this area. There is one from Key Largo living in New Mexico for some time, nickname “Tuna,” his brother is local Attorney Lee Rohe.

Harry Bethel indeed needs help. He is demonically possessed, his internal feminine is absent, his thinking and psychology are a mess, and it’s progressing. Perhaps something will happen to get his attention, cause him to try to be different, get help. Maybe something like what in Acts is said to have happened to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus. Saul was something like Harry before he had that wake up call, which led to him becoming Paul.

Jerry wrote:

SLOAN: I saw them in “Alaska” —-as you know we spent much time there
and built up relationships —and had some professional consultations among many varied experiences;
(different cultures entirely.)—

-Harry among other considerations is making himself look ridiculous
to those who can think straight.—(-nakedness of certain bodies —delightful.)
I’m not sure he is not passed awakening–what rigidity. Hang loose enjoy-!!- Jerry

I replied:

I imagine there still are quite a few indigenous shamans in Alaska, Canada and parts of USA. White civilization has devastated that culture and its spiritual connections. Same happened in Central and South America, Africa, India, Asia, Indonesia, Polynesia, Australia and many other places. Hard to imagine any fix for that other than extermination of white people.

Demonic possession and absence of the feminine are not treatable by “civilized” methods, either. It will take a miracle to turn Harry Bethel around.

Jerry wrote:

a miracle for certain Harry is terrified of his own impulses ..

I replied:

Perhaps Harry would benefit from spending more time around these people :-)

Purple Clover's photo.
  • Dora Gholson I’ve done exactly this to the Mormons with a joint in my hand and porn on the tv. They didn’t wanna come in.
  • Sloan Bashinsky outstanding, Dora, I bet Harry Bethel would love to hire you to help him tame Fantasy Fest
  • Patti Jo Tolbert i sict my dobie on them

Up the way where the key deer roam,

doe key deer Telegraph’s Deer Ed took a 2-week vacation on Friday 13th. Nothing was published that day. Just because, I checked the Coconut Telegraph yesterday and found from Deer Ed:

(Ed: Saturday, February 14. Sorry folks, There’s more to Friday the thirteenth than I thought. In my eagerness to be gone I forgot to publish Friday’s CT. [Note to self: hit Publish before leaving Command Center.])

Down at the bottom of that day’s CT, I found this interesting rumble, started by FTR (From The Right), finished by Deer Ed:

from the right
Deer Friends do you like the internet, the convenience, the forums, and the wealth of information that it provides? Do you, like me, sometimes get pissed at the speed of our individual internet service providers? If so, fasten your seat belt, things are about to get really rocky.Obama’s FCC has set its sights on the internet with a plan they innocuously call “Net Neutrality.”  It sure sounds benign, but it’s really malignant.They propose to regulate the net in the same fashion that they regulate utilities.CNN reports that it nearly a sure thing that services such a Netflix will be forced to increase their fees.How would you like to have to pay a fee to be able to stream YouTube videos at full speed? What if you liked downloading music from, say, or Soundcloud, but those sites suddenly became infinitely slower than bigger sites like Amazon or iTunes? Those are the kind of major changes to the Internet that are likely to occur if Obama’s FCC prevails.The current “open Internet” rules prevent Internet service providers from blocking or “unreasonably discriminating” against any legal website or other piece of online content.With “Net Neutrality” companies like Verizon, who sued the FCC over the rules, would be able to pick and choose who gets the best access.So, for example, they might start charging big fees for websites to get in the “fast lane.” Those fees presumably would be no problem for the Web’s monster moneymakers but tougher to take for the little guys.Then, all of a sudden, you’re starting to get two Internets — a quick, smooth highway for the major players and a slow, bumpy trail for everybody else.The internet ain’t broken, the Democrat politicos in their never ending lust for power, will break it if “Net Neutrality” becomes neutrality(Editor: FTR, I’m sorry to tramp on your comments, but I’ll be off duty for the next two weeks and can’t let your hate for Obama cloud your understanding of Net neutrality and possibly sway some readers to stand against it.  Net neutrality will protect us all from sliding fees and it will protect small websites like this one from being discriminated against. If net neutrality isn’t enacted big sites like Netflix will pay more for bandwidth and prices will skyrocket. If net neutrality is made law every site will continue to be treated equal and pay the same no matter their size or how much bandwidth they use. That is the current situation, big and little sites all pay the same for bandwidth. Without net neutrality small sites will never become big sites because the big sites, paying more, will hog all the available bandwidth and be favored by the internet service providers and you’ll never see the little guy again. That is what all the fuss is about.“Network neutrality means applying well-established “common carrier” rules to the Internet in order to preserve its freedom and openness. Common carriage prohibits the owner of a network, that holds itself out to all-comers, from discriminating against information by halting, slowing, or otherwise tampering with the transfer of any data except for legitimate network management purposes such as easing congestion or blocking spam.

Common carriage is not a new concept – these rules have a centuries-old history. They have long been applied to facilities central to the public life and economy of our nation, including canal systems, railroads, public highways, and telegraph and telephone networks. In fact, common carrier rules have already been written into the Telecommunications Act of 1996 by Congress; they just need to be applied to broadband Internet communications by the FCC.”

Again, I apologize for commenting in your space, but if net neutrality isn’t made law we can all say goodbye to the Internet of things.) 

Part 2) Deer Ed, have a great vacation.  I hope you get a chance to really chill and to enjoy exotic places that are free from the tyranny of computers….enjoy.

I wrote to Deer Ed, for him to publish on the CT:

Bless your pirate heart, your Friday 13th editorial comment to FTR’s blast of “Net Neutrality”. If FTR was so far off about that, what else is he that far off about? Hard not to wonder if FTR is part of a right right-wing Republican jihad, propaganda and more, given how it appears no Republican politico I ever heard about seems have shit that FTR thinks stinks. Not that I care much for the left wing, either. I’m kinda racially prejudiced against religions.


Deer Ed mischief, circa 2008

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waste management in Key West and beyond, it’s a shitty job but somebody’s got to do it, and other shaman tales

dump the pumps

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Regarding yesterday’s suffering writers, different view of Emancipation Proclamation, black poetry memorial, and a serious view of shamans and their training and lives – Key West exposition post at


  • Kiambi Mutembei That’s was worthy a read,thank you
  • Sloan Bashinsky the publisher of the article, which I reproduced in this post at today, did not seem to think my comments to that article were worthy, as they were not cleared from moderation and were deleted. I thought they had put out a very good article for people who are drawn to shaman stuff and for people who don’t know about shamans. I imagine there still are lots of shamans in Africa, Kiambi. Christians don’t seem to understand Jesus was a shaman. I was thinking earlier today that shamans aren’t really the same species as their human kin, but have become something else in the evolutionary chain.
  • Kiambi Mutembei Hehe, I read through the comments, maybe they took them as you you called them ‘rambling’. Somebody should have engaged you in a conversation to make out an a sublime article from a first hand source. I want to believe that you and those editors are acquaintance. They wouldn’t ignore people like you.

    There are shamans in Africa but they aren’t as interactive as you are, most of them are old and not internet users like the younger generation. Another problem here is that the modern culture (especially the religious) is alienating them. Fakes are as well taking their positions in conventional colours to mint money.It serves our synthetic society,they have no itch with it.

    I remember meeting a lady shaman in childhood but by the time I came to clearly know who was,she had passed away. Since then, I don’t remember meeting another, I however believe there are more here.

    You mentioning them metamorphosing in evolutionary process, what do you think they became!?
  • Sloan Bashinsky As they became shamans, they became consciously conversant and interactive with the spirit world, while remaining consciously conversant with human beings. They became a bridge, link, way station, star gate, to use various “METAphors” – between humans and the rest of the Creation, which is what religion purports to be, whereas fully trained shamans actually are. And, yes, most of such shamans keep to themselves, carry on as they can, while, unfortunately, some of them have succumbed to merchandising themselves for money and other forms of secular profit, which practice I was trained to understand is forbidden. Where, in the Gospels, do you see Jesus merchandising himself for secular profit? I don’t see he does that anywhere in the Gospels.

    In my opinion, once the secular profit motive is in play, a shaman is compromised, thus his/her work is compromised, and that slope becomes more and more slippery as time passes and the shaman continues doing it. In the old days, a tribe took care of its shaman and his/her apprentice, because the tribe understood the role of the shaman in and for the tribe. Today, the “modern” tribes are lost, cut off from the spirit work, cut off from God. The evidence of that is everywhere in “modern” tribes.

    Well, I rambled again, so I will stop with this thought, or opinion: if there are no shamans, there will be hell to pay for humanity, and most likely humanity will not understand why it is paying it. How could humanity understand, when it does not understand shamans or their importance to humanity?

Mother Nature lover/activist Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, “retired”, replied to yesterday’s suffering writers, different view of Emancipation Proclamation, black poetry memorial, and a serious view of shamans and their training and lives – Key West exposition post at

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan—a bit too much to digest in one sitting –(-did you see the
GREAT WHITE HOPE—-James Earl Jones goes thro intense suffering and torment —far better than the critics gave him acclaim for —a think it was beyond the critics-)—Jerry
Jane Alexander —talk about torment –she was the face of it.
creativity exerts a “great pressure” —-different for everyone —another dimension—-it would seem probable that no good writer,/ artist—- avoids immense suffering. SLOAN some of your descriptions—your feelings –emotions affect —- are perhaps too vague for me—-you are obviously bothered —-undergo pain and even agony —too vague to distinguish,,for me ////////,… lovely day –swam was the best part–so far–Jerry

I replied:

Hi, Jerry –
I’m describing sensations which are not measurable by human methods, so they are vague by human perception and description. The shaman article I republished today, although it used terms I had not heard before, resonated with my own experiences and I followed it collegially. It’s a terrific article for people interested in shaman life, and for people who are not familiar with it. Interesting for me, the host of that website deleted from moderation my comments to that article. Most shamans find me a bit peculiar, in my experience, since I don’t spend a lot of time consciously doing things in other realms, but do it in this world’s grist/realm, as I explained in one of the comments to the article. All shamans know the physical rigor of shaman work, if they are doing shaman work. They receive it in their bodies, emotions, mind and soul. It’s part of the job. When it is said Jesus took on the sins of the world, I don’t know if the did that entirely, perhaps he did, he was really advanced, he felt it in himself, it was awful, whatever he took on. That can be viewed as empathy, as in, empath. It can be viewed as an act of love, related to risking one’s own life to save another person’s life. Shamans have been known to take on terminal patients’ cancer and fighting the cancer in themselves, while the patients get well and go about their lives. Shamans are always putting themselves at risk, if they are doing shaman work for which they are trained and capable. It’s part of the job. People who seek to learn about shamans, even to become a shaman, are not able to understand or appreciate the rigor, and I do mean rigor, of what becoming a shaman entails. It is not humanly possible to understand or appreciate that rigor until it is experienced personally. Shamans can sit around a joke and laugh about shaman training and work, even as they are dead sober about it. They simply do not think, see, hear and feel the way people who are not shamans think, see, hear and feel, even as shamans have the human thinking, seeing, hearing and feeling, too. I think it’s accurate to say trained shamans are a different species from their human kin. I wrote the same thing to someone earlier today.

Jerry wrote:
SLOA:N: I believe I know what you are explaining —-however I think, it is all within the range —the vast scope of human experience —-not different but part of the vast heritage held somewhere within those twin spirals of DNA —in all probability emanating from those areas that have not been able to be deciphered—plenty of those–in the spiral.
they are not meaningless –but mystical to us –so far.—and there are most likely many variations ,,facets—-for example —when Hemingway received the Nobel prize he is known to have said that another author deserved it more—-and he was correct –it was Isak Dinesen ( Baroness Karen Blixen ) who could in a few pages evoke the primal intimate bonding to the earth–and humanity that we have lost—-a poetical mystical evocation—that arises out of the charisma of her words –like magic.—-a spell –a marvel of human talent. THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA tries to do that –but not quite like Dinesen… we have a vast heritage —carried down from the original cells we started from millions of years ago and who knows what we really have contained within ourselves in all that immense amount of time…
I took some fine pictures at dawn this morning–the image only lasted seconds and I had to rush out almost in my birthday suit and no shoes. Jerry. ( someone who didn’t see it might say it did not exist )

I replied today:

Morning, Jerry –
It never would occur to me to doubt what you said you saw yesterday morning. Angels exist, too, and demons, and lots of beings which are not recognized by science and are attempted, to some degree, to be explained by religions. Human DNA has nothing to do with those beings, although it might be that some of their DNA, physical and/or spiritual, is in humans. This was where Carl Sagan got stuck. He was unable to leap beyond his own physical physics, although he did consider ET life forms were possible, as I recall. This is a subject that cannot be resolved intellectually. It can only be resolved existentially, if it is experienced. Otherwise, it is left to the realms of belief, skepticism, agnosticism or non-belief. Belief is simply that, belief. Non-belief is simply that, non-belief. I live with the other realms, or with some of them. I know they are not part of me, and I know parts of me are like what’s in the other realms, which are the progenitors and humans are but one result. I told a vicious van dweller criminal at Higgs Beach last night, who keeps telling me about chem trails and governments and corporations trying to control the weather and use it as a weapon, that it’s hard for me to find a way to worry about this, whether or not it is something to worry about; no doubt anything is possible, and there are idiots a plenty who would try anything even if it ended up killing them and life on this planet, which might not be such a terrible idea if it saves the planet from the idiots. He said, but the planet will die, too. I said I doubted that. Scientists today say biological life evolved from chemicals. So the same logic can be used to say chemical beings can evolve from biological life. I did not say that still is a secular view, a human view. Biological life did not evolve from chemicals, but with a little help from angels chemicals are part of biological life. But there’s no way to prove it with human words or thinking. I suppose it might be fair to say humans understand what’s going on in the other realms about as well as monkeys and apes understand what’s going on in human affairs. And for all we know, monkeys and apes are showing humans where they are headed if they don’t wake up. None of this, of course, will ever be taught in human schools, although it should be.

Harry Bethel’s rid Fantasy Fest of nudity letter to the editor in today’s Citizen is a wonderful study of human devolution. In yesterday’s Citizen, City Commissioner Teri Johnston promoted Key West becoming a plastic bag free zone because the Florida Keys are designated an area of critical ecological concern. I suppose that will be an improvement ecologically, but then, already Faustos uses nothing but paper bags, and I keep wondering how many trees that is killing? And how many more trees will be killed if all stores of any kind in Key West stop using plastic bags? Do I think there is a chance people in Key West will all go to using cloth bags, which can be reused over and over again? Naw, I think that ain’t gonna happen. Hell, I don’t even do it, although I could go that direction easy enough, and would if Key West is made a plastic bag free zone. One does wonder what the garbage collectors will have to say about raw garbage being dumped straight into garbage cans, instead of first being put into plastic bags and sealed?

Meanwhile, I attended services yesterday at Rev. Gwendolyn Magby’s church,

Gwendolyn Magby

and I got to sit right across from her over lunch afterward in the fellowship hall, and I got to say something to her that moved me so much that I was about to burst into tears, and it was along the line, continuing from a 2 1/2 hour church service mostly about black history and its trials and tribulations and some successes in America, that black soldiers fighting rich white Americans’ wars is just another form of slavery, and white people will not stand up to it, so will black people stand up to it? Martin Luther King tried to stand up to it and it got him killed. He would not be happy with it today, nor would Jesus. Gwendolyn said she agreed. But did she hear me? Did she hear what sent me into that church yesterday to tell her that, even though I had no clue when I went there that I would tell her that? Or that she was the pastor of that church? I felt horrible physically in that church, not knowing why until I spoke those words to Gwendolyn. Then, the poison began to lift, and soon I was feeling better, and it went easier for me until a new batch of poison started moving in to my garbage processing plant, which is inside of me, but it’s not the kind of garbage Waste Management picks up on Key West streets.

Some of it is Cudjoe Regional sewer district garbage, which the county government and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are creating via biohazard F-1 grinder pumps dominating that sewer project. Some of the garbage is human spirit refuse. It all passed through me, for processing. How much garbage do you think the city commission created in the way it handled the Charles Eimers case? Who, or what, processed that garbage? It wasn’t the city commission. It wasn’t Waste Management. I did a lot of it inside of me. I process this city’s garbage ongoing inside of me, and the county’s, and far more human garbage than that. I wish I was permitted to send bills for doing that. Not expecting payment, but enjoying the shock value of the amounts, which would be viewed as jokes, at best, by all but a very few people.

Harry Bethel’s letter to the editor:

Harry Bethel

Harry Bethel, second from right, with Mayor Cates, far right, and going the other way, City Commissioners Billy Wardlow, Teri Johnston, Jimmy Weekley, Tony Yaniz and Clayton Lopez, City Commissioner Mark Rossi not in photo 

Open letter to Mayor and City Commissioners:
I am unable to attend the meeting on March 3 due to a previous commitment.
I am requesting that the mayor and commissioners allow Cheri Smith, city clerk, [to] read this letter into the record before the market share and the Tourist Development Association presentation.
Our group, “Our Island Life,” is only concerned about the nudity that goes on during Fantasy Fest. Our city and our residents deserve better.
I have some suggestions that I would like to recommend, and hopefully the commission will see the wisdom in what we need to do to clean up our city.
• Large signs, “Fantasy Fest Zone, NO NUDITY”;
• Nudity laws will be enforced;
• Nudity violations will be prosecuted.
Let’s plan ahead and secure our city of the necessary Law enforcement assistance. It can be done; all that is required is the will to do it, and I know that the commission has the will.
Mayor and commissioners, please help us clean up our city and regain the respect we deserve.
When we met with Commissioner Mark Rossi, Linda O’Brian Market Share, William Murphy TDA, and Joy Smatt DAC 1, Commissioner Rossi allowed me to start first with my questions and comments, I was seated across the table from the representatives of Market Share, TDA and DAC 1, and I asked them the question, “Does Fantasy Fest need nudity” and the response was absolutely not.
I think that speaks for itself.
Harry Bethel
Key West

Harry once served on the city commission. I observed him many times in commission meetings and I don’t recall him bitching about Fantasy Fest nudity, I don’t recall him ranting to tame Fantasy Fest. I do recall thinking he was peculiar. I do recall thinking he needed a brain transplant. Perhaps with a monkey. God help the poor monkey if it ended up with Harry’s brain.

Harry wants to clean up Fantasy Fest, but he raised bloody hell over his son being prosecuted and put into prison for robbing lobster and crab fishermen’s traps. Harry then launched a successful grassroots campaign to defeat State Attorney Dennis Ward, whose office had successfully prosecuted Harry’s son, who, without remorse and for sport and profit, was robbing hard-working fishermen of their livelihood.

Harry also doesn’t mention in his letter to the editor that City Commissioner Mark Rossi’s sin businesses on lower Duval Street

Mark RossiMark Rossi

would not be nearly so lucrative if young women were not dancing nearly, if not totally, nude for Rossi’s customers. Harry doesn’t mention in his letter that, day and night, week after week, month after month, year after year, Duval Street is a sex-for-profit corridor and magnet operating in plain view in Harry’s city.

If Harry actually believes the Tourist Development Council and the Fantasy Fest promoters want Fantasy Fest bare skin free, he is insane, delusional. If Harry actually thinks the mayor and city commissioner will make Fantasy Fest a family event, he has taken leave of his senses and should move to Disney World and play with the cartoon people who made it famous.

Fantasy Fest parade 2013

Google image Fantasy Fest, if you don’t know what it’s about. What comes up when you do that has been going on a very long time. It brings in tons of visitors and money for the city and its business and its residents.  It draws more people to Key West than any other event. And you’d better believe Mark Rossi loves it. You’d better believe it.

Fantasy Fest doesn’t do ding squat for me, but it sure is fun playing with it whenever someone goes rabid about all of that bare skin.

Fantasy Fest feline Sloan as Smather's Beach

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suffering writers, different view of Emancipation Proclamation, black poetry memorial, and a serious view of shamans and their training and lives – Key West exposition

holy fire 2

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psychiatrist interviews

Jerry Weinstock, MD, Psychiatry, replied to yesterday’s imperfection is a goal to strive for: WalMart is coming to Rockland Key; it’s not just Key West where everyone is insane running around loose post at

Sloan: all significant writers suffer a LOT —
we are all markedly imperfect—this called being a human being.
you are doing your best to compensate —–heroic..!!
Read Fallen Leaves the book by Will Durant—a Jewish wife–Ariel
and her gorgeous sisters he loved all of them–he was going to be a priest;
They together wrote 11 volumes–you are no doubt aware of—and they are
superb—–Fallen Leaves his last word very lucid –the book —will help you
it is meant to formulate thoughts clearly–lucidly —good cheer –spirits up please–Jerry

I replied:

I wish writing was the cause of my suffering. The internal build up to each written emission certainly increases internal tension, and publishing it releases it, not entirely unlike an orgasm, but not entirely the same. I imagine many writers do, and have, felt much the same. Also many poets, painters, musicians, sculptors, etc.

However, there is something else going on with me, in me, around me, which some writers, poets and artists have known. Vincent Van Gogh, perhaps. Kahlil Gibran, certainly. The Sufi poet Rumi. The English mystic poet William Blake. I suppose James Joyce. This is sounding male chauvinistic. Women writers, poets, artists, who were mystics, shamans, know it, have known it, all too well. It’s simply not of this world, and cannot be comprehended by people who are not experiencing it.

Might be a bit about that in the latter part of today’s post, compliments a vicious van dweller criminal friend :-), and a bit about the Emancipation Proclamation and black poetry, compliments a local amiga poet and a black homeless fellow at the soup kitchen.


In a dream two nights ago, I heard, “Ralph Abernathy”, and I awoke thinking something might be headed my way about the American Civil Rights Movement.

Luther King Marches

In the county library yesterday, I saw Vicki Boguszewski,

Vicki B 2Vicki B

who showed me a flier for the black poetry reading in Nelson English park yesterday afternoon, adjacent to the Martin Luther King Community Center. I told Vicki I would be there. She is a member of the Key West Poetry Guild, and long as been interested in black culture. At one time, she had a serious relationship with a man on the island nation of Dominica, in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean. He was black. I also spent a good bit of time on Dominica. I still am in love with it, as is Vicki, I think.

homeless soup kitchen

During early dinner (4 p.m. daily) at the soup kitchen yesterday, I got to talking with a white woman friend, and sitting at few feet away at the next table was a black man, who joined our conversation. I said I was heading from the soup kitchen to the black poetry event. The man said it is not well known that when President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves in the Confederacy, he hoped that would cause a slave uprising, a black insurgency in the South, and the Confederacy would then have two wars on its hands: against the Union, and against slaves at home.

I said that was the first I’d heard of that, and that I’d read something about Lincoln that I liked. After the Republican big whigs back east realized Lincoln would be their next candidate for president, some of them traveled to Illinois to meet him. While they were all talking, one of the big whigs told Lincoln it was said he did not attend church. He replied that was true, but he would if he could find one where God was in charge. The black fellow smiled, said people back then had a good sense of humor.

Arriving at the Martin Luther King Center in Bahama Village, I saw Vicki and Jack Hackett, another white poet. Then Hayward Magby, a black poet I know from the Poetry Guild and from his being member of the Key West Citizens (Police) Review Board, showed up. Then a black woman I do not know, me culpa, her name now escapes me, arrived. Then City Commission Clayton Lopez, who has African ancestral roots, arrived.


The Martin Luther King Center is in Clayton’s voting district. Historically, Bahama Village was the city’s black section, but today it is moving toward mixed-race.

I said, the night before I had heard “Ralph Abernathy” in my sleep, and just earlier in the day I had run into Vicki at the library and she had told me about the black poetry event. I said I had some thoughts I might share about black people. Vicki asked if I was black? No, I said, but I was raised by a black woman who loved me more than my white mother loved me. Vicki said the event was only for black poetry, and I said okay.

It did not occur to me to say that I had a half-brother who is mixed race, whom I’d never met, and because of learning about him and trying to get involved in that, I’d become totally estranged from my father and his bloodline at one time. My half-brother’s name is Travis. His mother was the daughter of the black servants in the home of my father’s parents, and his father was my father, all of which I had learned in my dreams and through the dreams of my then two best men friends.

Several books of poems by black poets were on the picnic table where we sat, and I started looking through one of them, and saw stuff by Martin Luther King, Julian Bond and Malcom X, which seemed in keeping with the event. And there was a book of poems by a female black poet, which I liked.  Rita Dove, I think. I should have taken notes, I am not able to find her poem and the one about Malcom X, by using Google.

Anyway, I told the gathering what the black man had told me at the soup kitchen about why Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and perhaps the black insurgency took longer to come about than Lincoln had hoped, but it finally happened.

From I Have a Dream:

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and “nullification” — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; “and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.”2

This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.

With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

Later, I read Julian Bond’s poem, after saying I had story about the black woman who had raised and loved me, which spoke to Bond’s point.

Julian Bond:

Look at that girl shake that thing,
We can’t all be Martin Luther King.

I said, at my black mother’s memorial service in a black Baptist church in Bessemer, Alabama, at which my wife and I were the only two white people, the minister welcomed “our white brothers and sisters”, this was in 1968, still a tense time in Birmingham and Alabama. The minister then told of how Sister Charlotte Washington, on her days off from working for her white family, my family, went around to black churches in the Birmingham area counseling her people to be patient with and tolerant of their white brothers and sisters. I said that was the first I’d heard of it, and maybe my wife and I were the only people in my family who knew of it.

The black woman had spoken of reading the poem she read yesterday at her church this morning, the little Presbyterian church on Simonton Street across from the city hall now being removed. I told her I might be there for today’s service. It’s been quite a while since I attended a church service. I did not say, when am I ever not in church? When was Jesus ever not in church?

Last today, this sailed into my Facebook timeline yesterday from a vicious van dweller criminal amigo, to which I replied there, and in reader comments under the article.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Victor, might use this one today, Sunday, 2/22/2015

Shadow of the Shaman: 5 Reasons Being a Shaman Sucks (is Awesome)

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one’s steps to the upper air — there’s the rub, the task.” –Virgil

Ghost talker? Vision poet? Soothsayer? Oracle? Bridge between worlds? There are many ways to describe shamans and the shamanism they practice, but basically shamanism is the most ancient spirituality, and for the most part you don’t choose it –it chooses you. Shamanism is mankind’s primordial soul-signature, tapping the cornerstone of the human leitmotif. Shamans are psycho-ecological vehicles for spiritual entanglement, and they realize that we are all unique expressions of the same ubiquitous energy. But they also realize that very few of us are actually aware of that fact. And even fewer are able to do something about it. As such, shamans are unique expressions of the human condition who are aware of their connection to all things, and who have acquired mysterious methods for doing something about it.

Although it’s a deeply powerful form of spirituality, it should not be taken lightly; or if it is taken lightly, it should be taken with a wholesome helping of “humble pie” along with a healthy side of “a humor of the most high.” This is because shamanism is a lopsided double edged sword. The ecstasy on the one side cuts deep and can be genuinely ecstatic, but the agony on the other side cuts to the soul and can be devastatingly dismal. The pain that comes from such knowledge can be a crippling thing, especially coming from a culture that’s hung-up on the bliss of its own ignorance. Like Wei Wu Wei said, “In order to be effective truth must penetrate like an arrow — and that is likely to hurt.” The truth hurts, but cosmic truth hurts most of all. Shamans are the one’s becoming intimate with such pain. Here are five ways being a shaman totally sucks but is also secretly awesome.

1.) You will be shunned by friends and family:

“What is it we are questing for? It is the fulfillment of that which is potential in each of us. Questing for it is not an ego trip; it is an adventure to bring into fulfillment your gift to the world, which is yourself. There is nothing you can do that’s more important than being fulfilled. You become a sign, you become a signal, transparent to transcendence; in this way you will find, live, become a realization of your own personal myth.” –Joseph Campbell.

Shamanism grabs your Destiny by the throat and does not let go. Once it clamps on with its death-grip hold, there is no going back. The shamanic initiation can appear spontaneously, as a blunder, or as an unlucky (lucky) break. It can arrive through super-serendipity, as a chance occurrence, or a cruel twist of fate. It can come through new life, or through unexpected death, or both. It can come from another shaman, or even a raging thunderstorm. There’s no telling when or where it will happen, but when it happens you know it. The universe lines up like a divine fisherman, and you are the magical fish caught on the hook of primordial Time. The kind of knowledge gained is a bone-knowledge, a marrow-deep wisdom, a soul-caliber comprehension. This will, in small and large ways, cause complete havoc in the hyperreal world of the average person. Such havoc is scary for most people, and since your friends and your family include most people, they will more than likely be scared of your newfound unorthodox spirituality.

Their shunning is a double edged sword: you will be dubbed crazy, insane, and eccentric on the one side, and arrogant, conceited, and even selfish on the other side. But they don’t even understand the nature of selfishness; as Oscar Wilde wrote, “Selfishness is not living your life as you wish. It is asking others to live their life as you wish.” You understand that it’s society itself that’s being selfish for asking you to live the way it wishes. Your refusal to be pigeonholed by the status quo is why they despise you. Anybody who takes up the lifestyle or attitude of artificiality will not be able to stand you, because you have become a natural being. You are now of the earth. You have re-discovered your roots, through soulful self-interrogation and self-rewilding. By your very presence you catalyze. You are a great fermentation. The unconscious of anyone living in an artificial manner will sense you as doubly dangerous. Everything about you will irritate them, especially your sense of humor. They sense nature in you, and they are scared shitless of it. But don’t lose heart. You are vitally necessary to tonalize this otherwise atonal world.

2.) Love itself becomes a painful ability:

“If you love and have desires, let these be your desires: To know the pain of too much tenderness; to be wounded by your own understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and joyfully.” –Khalil Gibran

Here’s the thing: we live in a world filled with victims who have been victimized by a victimizing culture. Victims are victims precisely because they are afraid. Once they cease being afraid, once they quit allowing their fears to control them and become intimate with Fear instead, they cease being victims and become warriors. Shamans are spiritual warriors par excellenceprecisely because they are healers of fear. They help people move from a state of fear and expectation to a higher state of awareness where imagination is free to reimagine itself. Like Stephen Levine said, “To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.” They realize that fearlessness is not the rejection of fear, it is intimacy with fear. It’s in the intimacy where the healing takes place. That’s where the ashes can be transformed into a Phoenix. Like Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Love itself is the seer’s tool, the shaman’s soulcraft. Just as only love can drive out hate, only love can drive out fear. Only intimacy with fear can transform fear into courage. The catch: this particular flavor of intimacy is excruciatingly painful. It tears apart the soul with its counterintuitive energy, but then it puts it back together again with the unconditional glue that maintains the unity of opposites. It’s a deep, cosmic love, an absolute love that subsumes the slings and arrows of vicissitude, but also leaves its practitioner in a constant state of existential pain that he/she must be able to resolve in the hear-and-now while also understanding that it will ultimately never really be resolved. Almost like the joy of the journey is always now, whether or not the goal of the journey is ever achieved. Only the “joy” is no joy at all but rather an intimacy with pain, a primordial jouissance. Like Joseph Campbell said, “The schizophrenic is drowning in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.”

3.) You will experience Soul-crushing loneliness:

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” –Albert Einstein

Never underestimate the ignorant power of “the armor of the ‘I.’” It forms itself under the naïve assumption that things are separate. It is constructed under the desperate assertion of maintaining a separate identity. It closes you off until all of your powers of perception can only “see” through the narrow chinks of the all-too-human cavern of self-bias. Most of us grow up in a world where this sort of armor is constantly being manufactured. We become attached to it. It becomes a kind of hyperreal skin. Shamans are the ones ripping that skin off, which is likely to hurt. But we have only to remember that it’s no skin at all –it’s metal, it’s machine-like. It is not you! It is a prison disguised as you. A shaman can help you by opening the door to your prison, but only you can walk through it to taste the freedom on the other side. But, fair warning: it is going to hurt like hell. You will experience one of mankind’s most debilitating pains: loneliness.

Here’s the thing: you have to feel lost and lonely in order to feel the real You as you. You are a microcosm within a macrocosm, a desperate tiny thing in an otherwise calm universe, but you are also an aspect of the universe. You can no more separate the micro from the macro than you can the human from the natural; both are needed to put the whole into holistic. This is the great lesson of loneliness: it’s only when you’re alone that you realize you’re never alone. Like Nietzsche said, “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” Such privilege is a double-edged sword. It will liberate you on the one side, but it will crush you with loneliness on the other side. Do not balk. Self-pity is poison for a shaman. Like Rumi said, “Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.” Seek the center of your loneliness and transform it into interdependence. Loneliness is merely the shadow of the self. Embrace the shadow, dance with it in the abyss, and you will never (always) be alone again.

4.) You will be destroyed over and over again between worlds:

“The greatest mystery is not that we have been flung at random between the profusion of matter and of the stars, but that within this prison we can draw from ourselves images powerful enough to deny our nothingness.” –Andre Malraux

Your soul will constantly be forced to eat itself. You will face death every day in the abyss. You have to constantly be able to “die” and rebirth your own energy. Like Henry Miller said, “We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separated and self-hypnotized, but individual and related.” You must be able to destroy yourself and then rebuild yourself. This is the shamanic dance on God’s forehead, the eternal dance on the Divine Third Eye: the uncanny ability to be born, to die, and to be reborn, over and over again, and in each new life, to become a thing which is more capable of subsuming cosmos than in the life before. Where you are receptive to stimuli to which, in the time before, you were insensate. This is done between worlds. It’s done in the shadowy unconscious of the soul. It’s done in the abyss of the human condition, where the You of you is the same thing as the They of them. In short, it’s the death of your ego. And perhaps nothing hurts more than ego-death.

The death of the ego is no easy task. Ego-death is identity-death is self-annihilation. It leads to a dark night of the soul. And if you are lucky (unlucky) enough to have multiple ego-deaths in your life you will reap the rewards (penalties) of having multiple dark nights of the soul as well. If all that weren’t enough, you will also experience the ego-death of other people, and the dark night of their soul will usually prove to be more excruciating than your own. In fact, the more times your soul is forced to eat itself, the more times your ego dies and is reborn again, the more interdependently connected you will become with the experiences of others. This too is a double edged sword, but the sharper the double edged sword the smoother the ego-death; which basically just means it gets easier with practice. Indeed, existential masochism becomes an art form at this level, and provides the perfect platform for meta-empathy to emerge.

5.) You will experience soulbreaking meta-empathy:

“Undifferentiated consciousness, when differentiated, becomes the world.” –Vedanta

Shamans are neither scientists nor priests, but artists. They are Technicians of the Sacred, immersed in the numinous tapestry of the cosmos. A vital aspect of that tapestry is the human condition, and when it comes to the human condition, the artistry of the shaman shines like gold in dark times. The secret of their art is both very simple and very difficult: healthy detachment. It’s simple because all you have to do is realize that everything is connected and all things are in a constantly changing dance of interdependence. It’s difficult because you imagine that you have a static sense of self (ego) which seems at odds with your dynamic sense of connection (soul). But it’s not at odds at all. Your ego is just as much a tool as your soul is, you simply have to let go of what you think your ego wants in order to make possible what your soul intends. This requires heartbreak. It requires breaking your heart so wide open that the universe has no other choice but to fall in. Heartbreak equals soul-awake. And once your soul is awake, that’s when the real shamanic process begins: soulbreak.

Soulbreak, like heartbreak, opens us up to the vast knowledge hidden within the nature of pain, but it also teaches us detachment. Soulbreak is detachment in the moment. If you are truly detached, your mental-spirit-body becomes a mighty tool for clear seeing. Detachment is existential seeing. Existential seeing is meta-empathy. You must be able to act with compassion, but without attachment. Most love is conditional, most compassion is indiscriminate. As a shaman you have to come from a place of unconditional love. The shamanic experience involves tremendous self-discipline and the will to be focused even when such focus is painful. And it is painful. With this ability we move to the depths of another person’s emotional state and we can “see” from their worldview and understand what makes them healthy or not. When they are unhealthy, you feel it. And in a world where the majority of people are unhealthy, you become the walking personification of pain. Indeed, meta-empathy even becomes ecological. You feel deeply the unhealthiness of the broken system and the painful disconnect between Mother Nature and the human soul.

At the end of the day, it is the job of shamans to shake people out of ordinary, habitual states of mind and to reawaken latent faculties. This can be a soul-quaking experience of world-shattering pain. But there is a vast reservoir of knowledge in such pain, and shamans are the ones seeking it out and imaginatively and courageously transforming it into soul, into art, and into new knowledge. Through daily acts of courage and a willingness to reveal symbolic ways to transcend the darkness of the human condition, shamans are the personification of being the change they wish to see in the world. They are free to triumph over terror. They are no longer interested in the petty pursuit of meaning. They would rather the power that comes from creating it.

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

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  1. Puolo Mist says:

    Hehehe McGee you are the anti-shaman.

    5 sheaths of darkness
    you must shed
    if you want to get
    (fill in the space)
    Or be the space.

  2. Kurt Wilkens says:

    Hi Gary Z, Yes I enjoyed your posts and I have an interesting paradigm for viewing ‘mental illness’ and addiction along the lines of Gabor Mate, MD. Simple paradigm- ‘Mental illness’ is but a description, a maddening metaphor, a pejorative psychiatric label for the stresses and strains of life beginning at conception such as toxins, infectious diseases during mom’s pregnancy and/or trauma; physical, mental, emotional, sexual (allostatic overload, Bruce McEwen, neuroscientist) Allostatic overload effects epigenesis The paradigm is simple, yet in it’s simplicity it is profound and that confounds most. No more hocus pocus diagnosis for me. I have so much more to discuss. I have many posts on at Kurt Wilkens and on Facebook, Kurt Wilkens, all public. Have a great weekend! Kurt E. Wilkens

    • Don says:

      Hi Kurt. Thought I would save you some time and a lot of frustration here. I spent a good deal of time with the Lakhota’s on the rez learning all types of healing methods. Learned everything I could from them and continued with my Shamanic/Spiritual practice for 30 years in a quest to find the solution to addictions. I am very familiar with Gabor. He is kind of a hero of mine.
      I have the “cure” for addictions, I can prove it. I have about a hundred clients who have recovered from everything form ptsd and bipolar. My record is about 98% and takes about six one hour sessions. In addition I also taught a psych nurse to use it and she has had fab results too. The bottom line is NOBODY in the U.S. gives a shit.

  3. SeanM says:

    Thank you for this Gary…
    Im usually not very impressed by articles of a “Shamanic nature”, but you’ve hit the nail on the head, my friend.

  4. william dacey says:

    nanastum my brother…excellent article and you are exactly correct..we walk the walk of Jesus in a sense…carrying the ancient threads we agreed to bear for the good and enlightenment of all sentient beings that have the fortune and misfortune of incarnating here…many would do well to study and understand more of the Shamanic journey especially from a Native American standpoint all the way back to

    having lived in a rain forest in Ecuador for a year i witnessed many ceremonies with Shamans from Brazil, Peru. Ecuador, and Colombia…and the plight was the same all over…quite interesting for a westerner…


  5. Janet says:

    Beautifully written and finely expressed!

    like Dorothy’s quest on her yellow brick road; searching for home, for answers.. trying to get into ‘heaven’ through the back door..
    only to emerge, at last, into the unrecognized space she’d never left.. with a lot of help from her friends of many forms.
    Toto knows it’s just a GRAND ADVENTURE!

  6. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Thanks Gary and Waking Times and other reader/commentators. You are right, Don, few in the US give a shit. Including (in my experience), people who seek to learn about shamans, perhaps because, as Gary points out, the way is so difficult and beyond non-shaman imagination. I cannot speak much for other parts of the world, but I have traveled a good bit overseas, and I did not find it all that much different among “civilized” peoples, although in America material/secular controls/influences/programming seemed strongest. Don, your being able to help addicts and pts and bipolar interests me very much. Perhaps you can say more. I myself do not have the tools to deal with that sort stuff quickly. I was trained to let the spirit world take the “client” through the client’s own healing, which was wild, vigorous, tumultuous, violent, terrifying, and seriously emotional and tearful, in phases, while I held the client’s hand and helped the client hear/understand what the spirit world was saying and doing with/to the client, as did the client hear it. Today, most of what I do is intervene in communities, small and large, as arranged by what I view as angels, who call themselves Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene Melchizedek. Not a religion program, not a church program, those three were around long before all of that, but that was my entry into this life, Christendom, so that’s where they met me and took me into the essence of it and through it into something incomprehensible to any Christian I know today. They showed me other portals and entries, as well. And lots of things, but it’s inverted for me: I engage this world’s grist, and in doing that, I engage what is behind it, in spirit realms – as above, so below, as below, so above, perhaps is a way to view it. I am guided, corrected and even spanked, sometimes really hard, ongoing in dreams mostly, but there are a number of other ways my spirit controllers can and do get my attention. I am conscripted, shanghaied. I am not able to get out of this program by exercise of my own will. Not safely. It has been my personal experience that the only way to the light is through the darkness, the heart of it, and no amount of going for the light can get anyone to the real light, the true light; and, ironically, going for the light splits a person off from the rest of the person. The dark night I know very well, have had quite a few, and one was a black night, during which I wanted to kill myself day and night for almost a year and a half. It was so horrible I did not realize what it was until it was lifting, yet before its onset I was well-versed in the dark night, and even in the black night. But, as anyone who has been there, being told about the dark night, and the black night, reading about it, is hardly knowing it, nor even imagining it. I post daily at Key West sits on top of the lower end of a major earth energy vortex, probably comparable to the Andes, Sangre de Cristo, and Himalaya vortexes. But this place is so different in human ways that it’s not well known the vortex is here. From all I’ve seen, Key West is one place on the planet, I have to think there are other places, where this human cross-section of that species, this is an international city, multi-racial, ethnic origin, its official philosophy, practiced in the breach, “We are all created equal members of One Human Family”, is designated a proxy for the entire human species on this planet. It appears the proxies are being used by the spirit world to measure humanity on this planet and determine its future here, or elsewhere, in the soul sense. Well, I rambled enough, perhaps.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      A dream after I posted the above left me feeling I should have included that my own training began with a steep, and I mean steep and protracted course of being stood in front of a mirror and being treated to seeing how my ego worked, how it projected, what the projections were, what the external reflected back to me about me and my history and my own psychology and soul wounding and relationships with other people and my reactions to getting my buttons punched – it wasn’t fun, but it was educational and necessary. The first dark night, then the black night, came later. And then the training began in earnest, and it made the earlier training, except for the black night, seem easy. The tests continue even now, there is no shortage of tests. Also, before I fell asleep after posting my first comment, I was thinking I had not said that I take in my physical body a great deal of the spirit load I engage, and the physical load is rough most of the time, as if I’m a human sewerage treatment plant through which spirit shit is run and processed, other people’s, communities’ small and large, and my own spirit shit. Heap fun. And, there seems to be no end in sight; just get up each day and engage what’s in front of me; that’s the program. Day after day, week after week, month after month. It’s all arranged. It comes to me, as did this article and its reader comments, a link to which a friend posted to my Facebook timeline yesterday. He has posted a couple of other links there to shaman articles.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        And, the rigorous course in mirrors, introspection, began the recovery and restoration of my internal feminine, and my starting to get acquainted with my own demonic twin, and my understanding that recovery of and restoration of the internal feminine, and coming to grips with the demonic twin, which is part of being human, the demonic twin, is essential to humanity moving forward spiritually, right now it’s moving backward. The course in mirrors ruined my eagerness to crusade, pursue external causes, and it taught me the true “jihad” is internal. Only after a great deal of that was I used to engage external societal troubles, starting with religion and then moving into the political realm. Most people today caught up in external causes, crusades, are projecting, trying to save themselves by rescuing whatever they are trying to save externally. I’m not convinced there is anything humanity, on its own, now can do to turn itself around. It looks to me it will take a Force Majeure to do that, Act of God, Divine Intervention. Meanwhile, there’s plenty on my plate already today staring at me, and more might show up as this day passes.

Sloan on the beach

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Silence in the face of Evil is Evil itself: God will not hold us guiltless, nor will God hold Key West guiltless in the Charles Eimers death in gestapo custody case

thin blue line

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Todd FB

Amigo Todd German, above, told me in my first dream last night, “Golden Flake’s future lies in television.” I awoke, wondering what in the hell that meant?

Golden Flake was my father’s company, it competed head-on with Frito-Lay in the Southeastern US. In my dreams, “my father’s company” can mean God’s company and work I do there, as well as stuff relating to my father and his family and Golden Flake, which is still in business.

After the Golden Flake dream , my dreams were all over everywhere, leaving me disarrayed, but still looking at the future being on television.

On waking for good around 7 a.m., feeling poisoned, I dragged myself out of bed and went online and found an email at the very top of my in box from someone who had read what I reported in yesterday’s the art of pissing people off continues, day 2, Key West international symposium post at goodmorningkeywest about what I had said during citizen comments at Wednesday night’s city commission meeting about the Charles Eimers case.

Feather Talk

Shame, what happened to Charles Eimers. I like what you said to the counsel. They should all resign, they are not Key West. They are Disney .
Stay warm Sloan,
Michelle Dravis

Cartoons borrowed from Key West the Newspaper (www.thebluepaper), but for which we’d never have heard of Charles Eimers. Click this link for ALL CHARLES EIMERS DEATH-IN-CUSTODY ARTICLES .

Charles Eimer's take down

Charles Eimers smothered

Eimers one human

Jerry Weinstock, M.D., Psychiatry, wrote yesterday:

psychiatrist interviews

Sloan: some very needy and depressed people out there —
begging is a whole other conundrum—the people willing to do
some work or explore other options — don’t beg——most of the people begging look to me they, in my estimation, want drugs –alcohol and illicit drugs.
Donna and I toured most of Duval yesterday.
Another group need Medical/ Psychiatric evaluations and probably treatment. –Jerry
they ask but don’t harass—-low level requests.–cheers Jerry

I replied:

I was among a number of mentally ill people in Old City Hall last night, who badly need treatment, but do not seek it, or want it, or believe they need it, and they cause a great deal more trouble and harm than homeless people.

Jerry replied after I turned in last night:

Sloan: I think you hit the nail on the head —-bulls-eye–!! Jerry


If you wish to watch/hear my comments to the mayor and city commissioners Wednesday night, open this link  City of Key West, Florida / Home Page, then click on “Online Services” in the top menu, then scroll down and click on “Watch City TV Live/Read Agendas”, then scroll down to “Archived Videos” and the February 18 city commission meeting and click on “video”, and then advance the video to the 1 hour 33 minute mark and let it start running. First are brief remarks from city attorney Shawn Smith, explaining why the case should be settled (B.S), then my remarks (not B.S.), then the vote without comments from the mayor or city commissioners (B.S.).

On my laptop, my remarks are a little hard to hear before I was interrupted by the city clerk for not speaking to the agenda item, which was B.S.. After that, I perhaps spoke louder and I have no trouble hearing what I said.

As I reported in yesterday’s post:

“I had not asked the mayor and city commissioners, again, if they ever were going to apologize to Charles Eimers’ family? If they ever were going to do it, last night was their time, unprompted yet again by me. Instead, the mayor and city commissioners let their lawyer, the city attorney, send their condolences to the Eimers family. I’m sure that really moved Charles Eimers’ children. I’m sure it really moved Charles. Now his work for God Almighty in Key West will proceed in other ways.”

If you wish to hear the KWPD Chaplain’s opening prayer, that is right at the beginning of the video. A few minutes later is Mayor Cates’ state of the city address, which lasts a while. He paints Key West like the prettiest, nicest, best run, friendliest city in the world. It he takes credit for that, he takes credit for everything else about the city, too.


The KW gestapo thought Charles Eimers was homeless, living in his PT Cruiser. That’s why he died. If they had thought he was a tourist, he would have been treated differently. He was a tourist. Had just arrived in his PT Cruiser. To do God’s work, he told the gestapo officer who made the traffic stop.

Charles Eimers CBSCharles Eimers

Charles Eimers

A vicious van dweller criminal amigo post this to my Facebook timeline yesterday:

“Gadfly”…..Huh [In its report of the Charles Eimers item yesterday, the Key West citizen called me the gadfly.]

Explore Island’s Vibrant Culture, Natural Beauty
  • Sloan Bashinsky Back when Sandy Downs ran for sheriff, 2008, she started getting called a gadfly, which already was being pasted onto me. So she looked gadfly up, novel idea, and here below is something like she found.
  • Sloan Bashinsky From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A gadfly is a person who upsets the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions.
    The term “gadfly” (Ancient Greek: ????, mýops[1]) was used by Plato in the Apology[2] to describe Socrates’s relationship of uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political scene, which he compared to a slow and dimwitted horse.
    During his defense when on trial for his life, Socrates, according to Plato’s writings, pointed out that dissent, like the gadfly, was easy to swat, but the cost to society of silencing individuals who were irritating could be very high. “If you kill a man like me, you will injure yourselves more than you will injure me,” because his role was that of a gadfly, “to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth.” This may have been one of the earliest descriptions of gadfly ethics.
    In modern politics, a gadfly is someone who persistently challenges people in positions of power, the status quo or a popular position.[3]For example, Morris Kline wrote “There is a function for the gadfly who poses questions that many specialists would like to overlook.Polemics are healthy.”[4] The word may be uttered in a pejorativesense, while at the same time be accepted as a description of honourable work or civic duty.[5]
  • Sloan Bashinsky Someone sent me something the other day on the evil of not speaking out against evil as being evil itself, perhaps it’s time to publish that. As for Cuba, looks in the article that came up when I opened the link you sent, that it might be a while before Cuba threatens Key West’s tourist economy, although perhaps cruise ships will start making a beeline to Havana, bypassing Key West. Imagine Americans being in Cuba and not being able to get online, use their cell phones, I-pads. Think of the cyber DTs that would generate. Especially riding a rickity old Soviet tour bus out in the middle of nowhere farm country, where plowing still is done by oxen. Hard to imagine many tourists I see in Key West wanting to venture into that kind of outer bound experience.
  • Victor Clarke Ha ha yo’ll see American s love adventure and different culture …..what does KW have to offer …..Tits n Ass and Alcohol
'Today marks Dietrich Bonhoeffer's birthday, a German theologian known for his stand against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. As we honor the memory of Bonhoeffer, it’s crucial to remember that we also have the privilege and responsibility to engage in the public square. Read more:'

Feb. 4th marks what would be the 108th birthday of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. An outspoken pastor, theologian, underground seminary professor, and spy against the Third Reich, Bonhoeffer’s young life was sadly cut short at the hands of Nazi interrogators.

Throughout his dynamic ministry, Bonhoeffer challenged both the Church and State to recognize and assume their providentially assigned roles. He implored the Church to be a faithful witness in a rapidly deteriorating society. And he spoke out against the grave abuses of governmental power.

While many of his contemporaries were either silent or conflicted in the face of quickly disintegrating freedoms, Bonhoeffer was a strong and steady voice of moral precision.

His story serves as a reminder of the necessity to be an active participant in the public square, particularly as it relates to preserving a just society.

Consider Bonhoeffer’s words to a generation faltering under the grinding pressures of a corrupt regime:

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed in the prime of his life – only 39, and recently engaged. Yet even though he was young, Bonhoeffer had a profound influence on his generation and those that came after him.

As we honor the memory of Bonhoeffer, it’s crucial to remember that we also have the privilege and responsibility to engage in the public square. Though we are young, our voices matter and can have lasting and meaningful impact, not just in our time, but for future generations as well.

Charles Eimer’s oldest son is named Treavor. Todd German was the Key West Citizens (Police) Review Board’s first Chairman. The CRB recently asked the FBI and the US Department of Justice to investigate the Eimers case. There is a “The FBI Will Record Charles Eimers’ Killing as ‘Justifiable’ Because….” article in today’s/Friday online issue of Key West the Newspaper (, from a guest contributor, debunking FBI investigations of death in police custody cases. As KWPD’s Chaplain knows, God’s Justice is not bound by a city commission, human courts, the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

As far as I know, I am the only citizen who called the mayor and city commissioners out at city commission meetings about the Charles Eimers case. I did it maybe a half dozen times in various ways. I imagine it was tough for other citizens to do that, after they had voted for the mayor and their district city commissioner. Maybe city cops sitting in the citizen audience also swayed them.

In one of my later dreams before dawn today, I was given a razor, so …

Sloan in collar

P.S. Also in the blue paper today:

State Attorney Catherine Vogel Names Val Winter ‘Prosecutor of the Year’

Val Winter Prosecutor of the Year (1)
On behalf of the Monroe County State Attorney’s Office, State Attorney Catherine Vogel presented Val Winter with the designation of “Prosecutor of the Year 2014? for his outstanding efforts supervising misdemeanors and tireless devotion to the prosecution of major crime cases. Val is an Assistant State Attorney at the State Attorney’s Office in Key West. “Val is most deserving of this honor,” said State Attorney Catherine Vogel.

0 thoughts on “State Attorney Catherine Vogel Names Val Winter ‘Prosecutor of the Year’”

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Fine job Vogel and Winter did coaching the grand jury to give the cops a pass in the Charles Eimers case. How come no blue paper disclaimer/editorial jab about that? And that assistant state attorney Mark Wilson was in on it, too?

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for beginners, Key West Sunday school

babies on beach

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In seriously convoluted ways, my dreams last night took me all over everywhere, leaving me feeling like maybe I would publish nothing today, except perhaps something “for beginners”, which I heard during the melee.

Then in the last dream, I was trying to follow a kind of convoluted white rap dance a white man was doing in front of an audience in which I was standing; he was facing away from us. I felt maybe I could get the dance steps down, if he did it slowly and I was able to walk through it, but I would never be able to repeat it from memory. He didn’t slow down, I didn’t get the dance steps down, and then I heard John “3:16″, and I woke up wondering how I would cover that in today’s post at

John 3:16 is the foundation stone of Christianity: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that all who believe in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.”

To all but a few Christians I have known, that passage means: only people who believe Jesus was/is the only son of God are saved and die and go to heaven forever, and everyone else dies and burns in hell forever. I used to believe that. Today, thanks to instruction by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Magdalene-Melchizedek, and thanks to what I have seen of people who left this life and were in another realm, I view that passage as saying: believing in Jesus means living as he lived and taught others to live, and to the extent people do that, they believe in Jesus and are saved by him.

laughing Jesus

I also came to the view that God loves all people and has a place for every one of them in heaven after they leave this life, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof, and regardless of their even believing God exists, and regardless how they behaved in this life. I did not say they all got the same place in heaven, but they do not die and burn in hell forever. Nor do Islamac jihadists, who blow themselves and other people up, then find themselves in paradise with 72 virgins. They are just as surprised as Christians who believe that only they die and go to heaven.

Borrowing from Key West’s official philosophy, “We are all created equal members of God’s one human family.” I added “God”, like the US Government once added “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. I added God, because that’s how it is. The US Government added under God to the Pledge, as propaganda, to distinguish America from communists Soviet Union and Red China; to make it out like America was godly and they were not.

In search of more to cover this Sunday, which was in keeping with last night’s dreams, I went online, opened the Key West Citizen (, and found no article on the Jesus and God topic. However, there is a letter to the editor from a local minister, which, coupled with an email from Tim Gratz about yesterday’s Valentine Day special (massacre?): pompano fishing in Key West, Mother Naure, and parallel universes post, left me feeling the letter to the editor is also what the dreams were pointing me toward.

I’m pretty sure Tim was the dancing man in my dream night. Tim was a a co-founder of Keys Coalition, and the letter to the editor in the Citizen is from the Coalition’s current Chairman. Tim is a born again Christian, who believes only born-again Christians die and go to heaven, and all other Christians and people die and burn in hell forever.

I have told Tim a number of times, that what Jesus mean by being born again is what happened to Peter. I can’t say I know any Christians today who were born again in that way, but perhaps President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King came dang close, if not all the way.

Here’s the letter to the editor, my interjected thoughts in bold italics. That’s Tim, second from left in this photo I found online, and the letter writer to his right, receiving an award from Mayor Craig Cates.

Magby and Gratz

Tomorrow is Presidents Day when America celebrates the presidencies of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

On Feb. 1, Keys Coalition, which I chair, held its fourth annual antitrafficking rally. We noted that Feb. 1, known as Freedom Day, was the 150th anniversary of the day that Lincoln signed the joint congressional resolution which became the 13th Amendment, which made,slavery illegal in this country. But the unfortunate reality is that slavery still exists, even in Monroe County.

Since the coalition was formed in late 2011, there have been five documented cases of Monroe County kids being trafficked, and two of the victims were only 14!

How many times?, I imagine more than a dozen, have I tried to persuade Tim Gratz and another Keys Coalition founder, Connie Gilbert, and all members of Keys Coalition to put their effort and their bodies and lives on the line protesting in the sex clubs on Duval Street, one of which is owned and operated by City Commissioner Mark Rossi. Those sex clubs, and all of Duval Street’s bars, are a magnet for young women in Key West and the Keys to come to Duval Street and participate in that bawdy party. Yet as far as I know, only one member of Keys Coalition, Gyvel Berkely,

Gyvel Berkley

has actually done that, and she was doing it in Key West and up the east coast before I ever heard of her. Gyvel gets what Jesus was about, when it comes to opposing child sex and adult sex trafficking in the city where she lives: Key West. Only Gyvel, in Keys Coalition, follows in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King and Jesus, regarding child sex trafficking.

This August will be the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which finally guaranteed black citizens the right to vote. In researching the 13th Amendment for our Freedom Day rally, we discovered an interesting, little-known fact about President Lincoln, a fact that was discussed by Professor Michael Burlingame in the Feb. 7-8 Wall Street Journal.

Professor Burlingame wrote: “On April 11, 1865, Abraham Lincoln addressed a crowd gathered outside the White House. [In the speech he] publicly endorsed black suffrage for the first time. Upon hearing Lincoln’s words, John Wilkes Booth turned to a companion and said, ‘That means nigger citizenship. Now by God I’ll put him through. .. That is the last speech he will ever make.’ Thus Lincoln was killed because he dared to speak out for black suffrage, becoming a martyr for African-American equal rights, an important point that is widely unappreciated.”

I think the most that can be said is, is it was reported John Wilkes Booth said that to someone, who then repeated it. But let’s assume that is what Booth said, and that is why he killed Lincoln. How can it be widely unappreciated, if most people, like the letter writer, never knew about it? All that can be said is it was widely unknown what Booth allegedly said. What should be widely appreciated is, Lincoln stood up against slavery, and in doing so, he knew he put his own life at risk. Is it widely appreciated in America today that Lincoln, Jesus and Gandhi were Dr. Martin Luther King’s role models?

abraham-lincoln.jpgJesus weptGandhiMartin Luther King

Is it widely appreciated in America today that Lincoln had great disdain for Christians? Borrowing from something I read once about him, after the Republican big whigs back east realized Lincoln was going to be their presidential candidate, whether they liked it or not, they traveled the great distance to Illinois, to meet him. One of them then said something like, it was said he did not attend church, and he replied, that was true, but he would, if he could find a church where God was in charge.

Another time I read where President Lincoln was quoted as having said something like, when the Lord wanted him to do something, the Lord found a way to let him know; and when the Lord wanted him not to do something, the Lord found a way to let him know that, too. That’s kinda how Dr. King seemed to me. He wasn’t getting his marching orders by attending church and claiming to be saved by Jesus. He was being led, step by step, by something a lot bigger than he was. He knew his life was ever at risk, just as President Lincoln knew his life was ever at risk.

March 7 is known as Bloody Sunday, the 50th anniversary of the bloody and violent confrontation between Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his marchers and the Alabama police, as so-well presented in the “Selma” movie. Their courageous actions/sacrifices paved the way for the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Yes, and no credit should be given to President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Voting Rights Act only after Dr. King and his followers, which included many whites by that time, left Johnson no choice. Until the Selma atrocities, Johnson had refused Dr. King’s requests for a Voting Rights Act. President Johnson was far more interested in Vietnam, which corporate war Dr. King also came out against: a rich white man’s war being fought by young black men, while rich white men’s son were getting out of it, like a young George W. Bush got out of it. For opposing Vietnam, Dr. King was assassinated, which is not appreciated in America.

As we celebrate the birthday of President Lincoln, let us remember his pledge of black voting rights which, sadly, it took our country 100 years to realize after Lincoln proposed it in April 1865.

One can only wonder whether black suffrage would have occurred far sooner had Lincoln not been assassinated.

Probably black suffrage would have occurred sooner. But blacks already were voting outside the Confederacy, weren’t they? And let’s not forget, Minister Magby, that blacks today still are fighting rich white men’s wars, and those rich white men’s children are not standing shoulder to shoulder with black soldiers. Preaching ain’t the same as marching and protesting and putting your life on the line, Minister Magby. You might start in the Duval Street sex clubs. And you might start marching and protesting American foreign wars, which your Lord and Savior would never condone.

Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn D Magby
President, Keys Coalition
Key West

Gwendolyn Magby

Gwendolyn is blind. Imagine the force she would be to reckon with in a Duval Street strip club, lap dance parlor, whorehouse, orgy den. Imagine the force she would be to reckon with in front the Key West City Commission about the local sex trade and police brutality. Imagine the force she would be to reckon with in front of President Obama about USA at war.

Meanwhile, I was asked something interesting at the soup kitchen the other day.

homeless soup kitchenst-marys-soup-kitchen.jpg

After telling some men standing in line looking at Dorothy Sherman’s photo on the wall, I cannot locate a photo of her online, I said she founded the soup kitchen. One of the men said she was a saint. I said, more than that, she was a living saint. She was a saint before she died, and at her wake in St. Mary Star of the Sea nave, which was standing room only, and many people crying, including me, she was said to be a living saint and who among us would take her place? The fellow said, in that case, why is the soup kitchen not named after her? I said that was a darn good question, and I would ask it on my website.

I heard a number of interesting things at the soup kitchen yesterday.

After KW cops killed suspected vicious van dweller criminal (homeless man) Charles Eimers,

Charles Eimer's take down

they started going easier on homeless people because they knew the FBI was watching on. Instead of arresting city homeless people for violation of city ordinances and taking them to the county jail the next island up, city cops were Marchman Act-ing homeless people and taking them to the county jail where they were held up to 8 hours and released. After the FBI loses interest, local cops will go back to their old ways of roughing and arresting homeless people for violation of city ordinances under which only homeless people are arrested.

There is a special detail in the police department which deals with homeless people, and to get on that detail cops have to want to make homeless people’s lives miserable. Cops who are not inclined in that direction are not put on that detail, because the police department’s bosses in city hall, that would be the mayor and city commissioners, want maximum pressure put on homeless people, to cause them to leave the area.

Police officers Gary Lee Lovette and Steve Mitchell were named as the two cops on that detail who most have it in for homeless people. Before I ever heard of the Charles Eiemers case, I heard terrible stories about Steve Mitchel from homeless people. He hates homeless people, has told them he hates them, and it is his duty and right to go hard after them and boss them around and make up rules on the spot and do all he can to make them leave.

I heard yesterday that Mitchel takes homeless women’s purses away from them and walks somewhere else to look inside of them, and when he returns their purses, not everything is still there. I heard some cops arrest homeless people and take them to jail, and do not protect their belongings, which the homeless people never see again. I’d heard that many times, and had seen it happen.

I remain of the view that the mayor and city commission should ask Sheriff Rick Ramsay to provide law enforcement for Key West, and if he agrees, the mayor and city commissioners disband the city police department.

I bet lots of black people living in Bahama Village, including friends and parishioners of Minister Magby, would like to see that happen; there long has been antipathy between Bahama Village and KWPD. Maybe Minister Magby will take up that cause, too. And maybe she will start speaking out against the way city police mistreat homeless people just because they are homeless. After all, her Lord and Savior was homeless when he saved her, and he said to his followers, as they did to the least of people, they did also to him.

Jesus with lepersoup kitchen Jesus

Moving laterally, the vicious van dweller criminals and other bums who knew and loved Key West living treasure Michelangelo Giuseppe Peluso,

Michelangelo 3

memorialized somewhat in yesterday’s Valentine Day special (massacre?): pompano fishing in Key West, Mother Naure, and parallel universes post at, are having a potluck memorial this evening at the west end of Higgs Beach, near the small pier, starting at 5 p.m.

The Key West cops who regularly harassed Michelangelo up to when he finally was so old and infirm he no longer could angrily respond to them, will not like their karma from which no amount of their believing in and being saved by Jesus will protect them. Ditto for cops or city officials, or anyone who abuse any homeless person. As they sow, so will they reap. That is the Law.

lightning strike

Grieve not Michelangelo’s passing. He was old, worn out, sick and hurting. Celebrate his full, rich, vibrant and courageous life. He had many friends. He still does.


Celebrate he is in a far better place now. He is with God.

Sloan at Smathers Beach

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homeless inquiry, Key West shelter

FEMA homeless camps

Columbia, South Carolina homeless concentration camp before it was dismantled following outraged protests by citizens who still had sparks of humanity left in them

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guardian angel weeps

The angels conspired in several ways yesterday and last night to point me toward one topic today, homelessness.

Jesus with leper

the homeless man Jesus ministers to a leper

My first wife, who lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, sometimes viewed as rural Alabama, compared to, say, Birmingham, posted to my Facebook timeline:

  • Dianne Lawson Baker
    Dianne Lawson Baker

    Thought you might appreciate this.

    Another study confirms that the most cost-effective way of fighting homelessness is to get some housing for the chronically homeless.

    The final week of January saw an annual ritual in government statistical gathering that few people know about — the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Point-in-Time survey of the homeless population, in which HUD recruits volunteers around the country to go out and try to count up all the homeless people living in America. This year, White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough even joined up, volunteering as part of the San Francisco PIT crew.

    Counting the homeless is, of course, a critical element to making appropriate homelessness policy. But good policy also requires greater awareness of a discovery that research continuously confirms — it’s cheaper to fix homelessness by giving homeless people homes to live in than to let the homeless live on the streets and try to deal with the subsequent problems.

    The most recent report along these lines was a May Central Florida Commission on Homelessness study indicating that the region spends $31,000 a year per homeless personon “the salaries of law-enforcement officers to arrest and transport homeless individuals — largely for nonviolent offenses such as trespassing, public intoxication or sleeping in parks — as well as the cost of jail stays, emergency-room visits and hospitalization for medical and psychiatric issues.”


    By contrast, getting each homeless person a house and a caseworker to supervise their needs would cost about $10,000 per person.

    This particular study looked at the situations in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties in Florida and of course conditions vary from place to place. But as Scott Keyes points out, there are similar studies showing large financial savings in Charlotteand Southeastern Coloradofrom focusing on simply housing the homeless.

    The general line of thinking behind these programs is one of the happier legacies of the George W Bush administration. His homelessness czar Philip Mangano was a major proponent of a “housing first” approach to homelessness. And by and large it’s worked. Between 2005 and 2012, the rate of homelessness in America declined 17 percent. Figures released this month from the National Alliance to End Homeless showed another 3.7 percent decline. That’s a remarkable amount of progress to make during a period when the overall economic situation has been generally dire.


    Source: National Alliance to End Homelessness

    But the statistical success of anti-homelessness efforts even in the face of a bad economy underscores the point of the Florida study.

    When it comes to the chronically homeless, you don’t need to fix everything to improve their lives. You don’t even really need new public money. What you need to do is target those resources at the core of the problem — a lack of housing — and deliver the housing, rather than spending twice as much on sporadic legal and medical interventions. And the striking thing is that despite the success of housing first initiatives, there are still lots of jurisdictions that haven’t yet switched to this approach. If Central Florida and other lagging regions get on board, we could take a big bite out of the remaining homelessness problem and free up lots of resources for other public services.

  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky

    Hi, Dianne, hope all okay with you. A friend here also sent this today, and I dreamt of the subject in nap after another friend earlier had sent me something similar, and then I dreamt of the subject in a later nap, so after hearing voices all the day long, and probably tonight, too, I imagine this will be featured in tomorrow’s post. I’m to the point now that writing about this and talking about it in public meetings feels like jerking off into one of my socks in the middle of the night, but maybe someone people believe what I say about it. One thing I’m grateful for, the angels didn’t stop me from cussin’. That would have been fucking awful! Bash

  • Today
  • Dianne Lawson Baker
    Dianne Lawson Baker

    LOL Keep up the good work…..cussin and talking about the homeless.

A vicious van dweller criminal (VVDC) friend when he winters in Key West, currently hanging out on St. Thomas, American Virgin Islands, posted the same thing to my time line, just to make sure I got the angels’ message.

Kurt Wagner shared a link to your timeline.
Another study confirms that the most cost-effective way of fighting homelessness is to get some housing for the chronically homeless.
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  • Sloan Bashinsky My first wife sent me something on this today, it was stated at the homeless forum hosted by Continuum of Care and MC’d by Father Stephen Braddock last spring. According to its own city staff, Key West needs 6,000 affordable rental units for people not yet homeless, before they become homeless, or move elsewhere they can afford rent. For me, that’s a lot bigger project, and a lot more important, than building free housing for homeless people in Key West and nearby. It might make sense in NY City where freezing to death in winter is a real threat. Tim Gratz sent much the same to me today, and the other day. I made a long reply to his first, which I have not published yet. A nap dream today pointed toward this topic, so perhaps it will be the topic in tomorrow’s post. Free housing for homeless people and affordable housing for all others would be doable in America, if all the money spent on US wars was diverted to housing. Lots of other social troubles could be helped by all that money, too. LOL, the flag wavers going along with it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Based on what I receive from other people, they seem a lot more concerned about homeless people in New York and Miami, for examples, than they are about people they know being on the verge of being homeless. I come into my mind. Somehow, that just sits funny with me. I am spending most of today wishing I was dead, because of how awful I feel. No way I could feel this way and live on the street like I used to do.
  • Kurt Wagner Sorry you’re not well Sloan, hope you get better soon. I’m finally over most of my maladies except for some muscle pain in my legs. I agree, something needs to be done about the soon to be homeless, but Key West doesn’t have the room for it due to overdevelopment and height laws, and most important a willingness to do something. Affordable housing will be like Truman waterfront….13 years and nothing accomplished but a lot of talk.
  • Sloan Bashinsky  Longer than 13 years, never in the big scheme. The city simply cannot solve the problem it created by turning developers loose in worship of the almighty dollar. They say they are trying to do something about affordable housing, but they know whatever they do is but a drop in the bucket for people still living inside and barely hanging on. So, they are going to build free housing for the city’s perhaps 500 homeless people not still living inside, if you don’t count living with friends or relatives or in their vehicles? Figure 300 are living outside, staying at KOTS or elsewhere at night. I invited the people who keep sending me stuff about what other cities are doing to show up at city commission meetings in Key West’s Old City Hall and peddle their wars (crusades) there, and get a dose of what I’ve been getting doses off since back in 2001, or maybe it was 2002 that I started attending and speaking at city commission meetings, when the only face on the dais and in the meetings I still recognize is Jimmy Weekley, who was mayor back then. I’m talking about citizens as well as politicians I never saw back then at city commission meetings, other than Father Stephen Braddock. Now, he seldom shows up there, unless there is a special reason.
  • Sloan Bashinsky  Homelessness is endemic to American society, like lots of other troubles lots of Americas would like to see gotten rid of, and the homeless numbers will increase thanks to US domestic and foreign policies, and to other factors. It usually takes about a month to six weeks for me to come through something like this in my throat and lungs, but maybe the angels will hustle this one along and gone bye bye sooner. I shoulda figured something like this was coming in, I started feeling it about 5 days ago, when I was put to writing about what is wrong with humanity and what it will take to fix it. Dwarfs, in my opinion, anything else I am given to write about. Takes all the fun out of, if people are really paying attention, to latching onto this or that cause or crusade to fix. Imagine the US Government being committed to ending homelessness. How’d it go in the wars on drugs and poverty, and in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan? Looks like collective madness to me, or worse: think the devil. Meanwhile, I engage what is put in front of me to engage, which is all I can do, and all anyone can do.
    Sloan Bashinsky Gander this Good Smaritan’s advice to me today; he used to drive city transit buses and carried lots of homeless people around the city, and to Marathon and back to Key West. He retired and moved to Homestead where he could afford the rent and cost of living. I found myself wondering if he was off his meds, or on them again, he once he wrote to me under the influence, then later wrote and apologized. The last time he wrote to me, he said he was sorry he was overloading me and would be attending to other stuff that needed his attention. I found myself thinking of various things the angels could visit on him for writing this today, and I did not find myself telling them to give him a pass; maybe not kill him by slow torture, but something that might give him a different point of view. His name is Paul Williams
  • Hi Sloan,

    It would be nice to be able to say “I’m going to send you Twelve Zillion Dollars a year… ’cause i like what you do” … but… no can do. OK, I remember that you were a TAX attorney, so to give you personal money advice is too much like giving a heart surgeon basic anatomy lessons. Never – the – less …

    You may want to think about moving back to RURAL Alabama, not fabulous, chic Montgomery – with its Two, count ‘em, 2 Starbucks. No, really, “Home”, the numbers you’re showing indicate a median income suitable (barely) to rural Missippi or Northern Nevada.
    IE: Your Total Income is $745 + 17 – 10 = $407. You get $380 monthly, fixed, less FOOD!!!

    Think about “Dueling Banjos” … without the aggression.

    Tip # 1 ) You really want to include ‘Food Expense’ into your monthly fixed picture. Better to have no budget at all than one which is flatly inaccurate ( by way of omission ) … even if you’re General Motors, that’s true!
    You’re living on $17 worth of food stamps? You must be sleek as a fashionista Greyhound. And…………………………………………………………………………………………
    ……………………………………………immigrant Gerbils get more than $17 dollars an hour from the Feds.
    Immediately! So…. what’s with you?

    Tip# 2 ) You got a room , even, for $300. That’s 1988, low end prices. Good!
    Way good! But not enough. It’s a BIG plus in Key West, but…
    OKOKOKOKOK….i don’t want to run long, So:

    Tip #3 ) If the fundraising thing doesn’t fly, you might want to entertain the GROSSLY UNPLEASNT POSSIBILITY that , ugh!!!!! , you might have to relocate to ‘some’ low rent area.

    I know that’s a revolting idea.
    Believe me, Sloan, i know that’s not a happy prospect.
    For you ‘To live and Die in LA’, with “L A”, in Monroe County….

    “…Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished” by you. Nevertheless, Sloan.

    “Money talks”, …no… “Money doesn’t talk, it Screams!”


    PS: send me a mailing address. not some kibble , twitter bullshit.
    Not some coded ‘number’.
    A basic mailing address.

    P.S…. okokok… $807… Still !
  • Sloan Bashinsky Again, my snail mail address for anyone who wants it, 1711 Seminary Street, Key West, 33040. Again, much thanks to whose who sent me financial aid in this 3rd world country; like how long do you figure I would last in rural Alabama in the dead of winter? And how to do I get there from here? And how do I get around there after I get there? And where there would I find rent of $300 a month? Maybe after I’m gone from this life the angels will give my job to Paul. I think that would be fair.
  • Kurt Wagner Speaking of snail mail, I sent you something on Wednesday. Knowing the postal workers in the islands I hope it makes it there soon. Let me know.
  • Sloan Bashinsky My personal dramas aside, I keep thinking every time I eat at the soup kitchen that a lot of affordable rental housing could be built by the Miami Diocese next to the soup kitchen, and in that huge parking lot behind St. Mary’s, which could be elevated and allow for lots of parking underneath. Churches and other private organizations are providing housing in some areas of the country, for homeless people. Giving addicts free housing don’t seem productive to me; they will stop using if they live in free housing? I doubt it. About 95 percent of street people down here were addicts when I lived on the street here. I doubt that’s changed. I keep coming back to how much America spends on wars. Shameful, is the nicest way I can label that.

The other day Tim Gratz wrote:

Tim Gratz

If I read the headline in Miami Herald yesterday there are about 4,100 homeless in Miami.
And the feds are going to give $32,000 to Miami-Dade to fight homeless issue.
If i did ny math correctly that is about $78,000 per homeless victim.
One would think a lot could be done with $32,-000,000 eg building shelters.
Wouldn’t you think?

A week before Christmas, Tomas Gonzalez and Maria Guillen were evicted from their Miami apartment. They spent a few nights at a budget hotel before settling into their new home: a spot under the bridge spanning the Miami River.

In an instant, the couple had become part of Miami-Dade’s homeless population. “We are upset. We are living outside,” said Gonzalez, 55, as he packed his belongings in a metal cart. The couple has since moved into transitional housing.

They are far from alone. An overnight “point in time” count, led by the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust on Jan. 22, shows the overall number of homeless people in Miami-Dade County has remained steady since last year — but more are living on the streets. Including people in shelters and on the streets, the total number of homeless in the county is 4,152, slightly down from 4,156 in January of 2014.

But the number of people who moved from shelters back to the streets increased by 167, from 840 to 1,007. The count recorded 3,145 people in shelters in 2015 compared with 3,316 in 2014.


Homeless veterans looking for a permanent residence in Miami
“The day of the count this year, it was a really pretty day. Last year it was cold, so we had probably 125 or so cold weather [shelter] placements. Those people were on the inside,’’ said Ronald L. Book, chairman of the Homeless Trust. “So our sheltered count [last year] was artificially high.’’

From Homestead to the county line, more than 100 professionals and volunteers scoured the streets to identify and account for every person living on the streets and in shelters. That count, held during the last week of January every year, helps to draw homeless organizations a literal map of where that population lives, from alleys to sidewalks to hidden tents. Along with the census done by the Homeless Trust, nearly 400 unaccompanied youth under 25 years old in Miami-Dade were also tallied in iCount, a weeklong survey. Those numbers must still be verified.

“We use the numbers to determine whether or not we need to reallocate or redeploy our resources to those segments of the community where there might have been a spike in the homeless population,” Book said. “The count allows us to better understand our community.”

Last week, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which mandates counts in all states, awarded Miami-Dade more than $32 million in grants to support homeless services and housing facilities. In total, Florida received $84.3 million total; HUD gave $1.8 billion to states nationwide.

The grants support local programs offering transitional and permanent housing, rapid re-housing and street outreach. In Miami-Dade, the funds will go to support Continuum of Care, a network of social services provided as homeless people transition from the streets. Continuum of Care provides more than 6,200 year-round beds to serve homeless individuals and families in the county each year.

“It’s a national shame that anyone would call the streets their home,” HUD Secretary Julián Castro said in a statement.“Working with our local partners, we’re redoubling our efforts to support permanent housing solutions for our veterans and those experiencing long-term chronic homelessness. We’re also focused on providing targeted assistance to families and young people who are falling between the cracks.”

U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded $1.8 billion in grants to help nearly 8,400 local homeless housing and service programs across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The funds are to be used toward efforts to end homelessness by providing critically needed housing and support services. Among the counties in Florida receiving grants: Miami-Dade ($32,258,225); Broward ($10,256,442); Palm Beach ($5,461,193) and Monroe ($528,073).

I replied:

Thanks, Tim –

Wonder how much of Uncle Sam’s $32 million and some change for Miami actually will reach homeless people in one way or another: food, clothing, shoes, medical treatment, counseling, psychotherapy, shelter, bus tickets to family, and how much of it will reach people making a living off of homeless people?

Miami is an anomaly city because of the Pottinger case, which resulted in a US District Judge calling the shots in all things homeless in Miami, instead of the city government and its police calling the shots. I wish now that Sam Kaufman and I had filed a Pottinger-like case against Key West in the early 2000s, and put Key West’s homeless “policy” in the hands of that same US District Court, which has jurisdiction over Key West. But we didn’t do that and here we are with a homeless problem in Key West that cannot be fixed by human methods.

Miami built a lot of subsidized housing for homeless people, and finally the city either ran out of money or the non-profits building the housing ran out of money, and Miami still has lots of homeless people. I suppose Miami can build even more housing for homeless people, if the city has more money and the land for it, and maybe in that way appear to reduce their homeless count even further. But did Miami really reduce homelessness by putting homeless people into free housing? And what about homeless addicts Miami put into free housing? Do you think that caused them to stop being addicts and spending what money, disability or social security benefits or pension they have, or can beg, borrow or steal, to support their addiction?

Key West doesn’t have Miami’s perceived solutions, because Key West doesn’t have the land or the money for building free housing for homeless people. Key West maybe has 500 homeless people, but needs 6000 affordable rental units right now for people living inside, who cannot afford rent where they live and are on the verge, I imagine, of becoming homeless, leaving the area, stealing, nervous breakdowns, suicide, etc.

That’s where Key West needs to put 95 percent of its time, effort and money, trying to save those people, and leave trying to save homeless people to Continuum of Care down here, and resident shelter programs such as Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Samuel’s House to provide homeless people who want to try to return to mainstream.

Maybe 95 percent of chronic homeless people have chemical addictions, booze and/or other narcotics, they do want to give up, and therefore cannot get into Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Samuel’s House, and are left with KOTS [the city’s overnight homeless shelter], or living in their vehicle, outside, or with friend or neighbors. Homeless people convicted of violent and/or gun crimes cannot get into Florida Keys Outreach Coalition or Samuel’s House, either.

HUD is dreaming, if they think they are going to end homelessness in America. Various factors including the American dream simply are not working for many people, and American wars are turning out new homeless people. Homelessness has become part of American society, like war, like greed, like chemical abuse, like religion, like politics. Homeless people mirror what really is going on in America, as opposed to the propaganda, positive thinking and ignoring what isn’t pleasant and more serious forms of denial, which ain’t a river in Egypt. Did not Jesus tell his disciples, the poor would always be with them? [Tim is a devout born-again Christian].

A great way for Key West people to get to know homelessness is to spend a few nights at KOTs, eat regularly at the soup kitchen for a while, and hang with homeless people where they hang out during the day time. It’s easy to talk about and brainstorm homelessness, but living with it up close and personal gives an entirely different perspective, which perspective nobody in the Key West city government has, yet they are calling the shots on the city’s homeless policy. That’s not the river in Egypt, either. That’s the head way up where the sun don’t shine.


Yesterday, Tim sent:

The last people to leave Riverside Church at midnight were always the homeless men and women who sat for hours on wooden pews in the hallway to escape the frigid air. They were also the first to return at 6 a.m. when the doors reopened.

So the church, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, converted part of its gym into a refuge for those who had nowhere else to go, as part of a New York City-financed expansion of housing for homeless people. Beginning last month, the 10 folding beds with pillows and blankets have filled nightly with regulars like Andre Fields, 55, who used to ride the bus to La Guardia Airport to sleep in the terminal waiting areas. “I can go get in my bed now,” said Mr. Fields, who has been homeless since 2012. “I couldn’t say that before.”

Mr. Fields has been among those known as the “unsheltered homeless,” a relatively small subset of New York City’s homeless population, but a segment often deemed most at risk of serious injury. Although the numbers of unsheltered homeless people can be hard to estimate, homeless advocates say their population is increasing. While city officials maintain that the number has remained relatively stable for the past few years — hovering at just over 3,000 — the city’s Department of Homeless Services will devote more resources to unsheltered homeless people this year, allocating more than $45 million in city and state funds, up from $35.5 million the year before.

Riverside Church on the Upper West Side offers 10 beds, showers and even haircuts as a part of its overnight program to help homeless people.

The homeless population in the city’s traditional shelters has risen overall, to 58,500 this month, from 52,144 a year ago, according to city data. Though New York City once turned away homeless adults when shelters were full in the 1970s, since 1981 it has had a “right-to-shelter mandate” that requires it to provide temporary emergency shelter at any time to any person who requests it. There are currently 255 shelters, 24 of which were opened last year to accommodate demand.

It is more difficult to estimate the number of unsheltered homeless people because of their transience. Last year, based on an annual citywide one-night count by volunteers, there were an estimated 3,357, a slight increase from 3,180 the year before, but still lower than the 4,395 in 2005, the first year of the count. This year’s count is planned for Monday.

Some advocates say they are also seeing a more diverse group of homeless people on the streets — teenagers, young men and women, even couples with dogs — whereas in the past, a majority of them were typically older men. “Not everyone recovered after the recession — many have not — and it’s still very difficult,” said Cassandra L. Agredo, executive director of the Xavier Mission in Chelsea.

Last month, the city opened the first transitional housing since 2010 intended specifically for unsheltered homeless people. Called a “safe haven” instead of a shelter, the 125-bed program in the Bronx has fewer restrictions, including no curfew, to appeal to those who do not like shelters. It also offers showers, meals and social services, including counseling. There are nine other safe havens in the city — including two others in the Bronx and four in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn and one on Staten Island — with an additional 542 beds, for a total of 667 beds this year.

“This is a very specific segment of the homeless population,” said Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, the deputy mayor for health and human services. “They’re in great need for services, and we need particular strategies to help them and get them out of the streets. Normally, they will not accept service unless it’s on their own terms.”

Many are single or estranged from family members and friends, and often have drug and alcohol addictions and mental health problems. They avoid the city’s traditional homeless shelters and instead take up residence below scaffolding, on subway platforms, or in any number of corners of the city to wait out freezing weather.

“The large majority of homeless New Yorkers sleeping on the streets are living with mental illness and other disabilities, and their numbers are on the rise,” said Patrick Markee, deputy executive director for advocacy for the Coalition for the Homeless.

In the Bronx, outreach workers who know the regulars from their rounds have reported seeing a couple of dozen new faces this winter as well as larger encampments under bridges and near highway ramps. Every year since 2012 in Midtown Manhattan, more homeless people have congregated late at night in pedestrian areas and public spaces, especially in warmer months, said Dan Biederman, president of the 34th Street Partnership, which manages the neighborhood.

Efforts to help homeless people underscore the scope of the problem. The new safe haven center in the Bronx is run by BronxWorks, a social services agency that also runs a 50-bed safe haven and adjoining drop-in center that has been packed every night. Scott Auwarter, BronxWorks’s assistant executive director, said that so many homeless people need a safe, warm place at night that they even curl up in chairs at the drop-in center, which has no beds but is open all the time. About 100 people a night are staying at the drop-in center, up from 60 a year ago, he said.

The city’s Department of Homeless Services plans to extend hours at more drop-in shelters. It has also expanded a network of beds in churches and community buildings that serves as an alternative to the traditional shelter system, and allows homeless people to remain in the neighborhoods where they feel most at home. This winter, the department has added 30 beds for a total of 300 around the city.

In addition, the department has increased the number of outreach workers who check on unsheltered homeless people to try to bring them in from the cold. Since July, it has extended its patrols to the subway system, which was previously monitored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and sent 280 people to safe havens and other places.

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I come from a background of Computer Science. Computer Scientists try to find the most efficient way to solve a problem. When a problem is…
In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the Lutheran Church of the Messiah teamed up with a community group, Common Ground, to start an overnight respite program last month for up to 10 homeless men in its fellowship hall. The church’s pastor, the Rev. Amy Kienzle, said she saw it as an extension of the church’s mission to serve the neighborhood. Many homeless people, some of whom speak only Polish, gather daily on park benches across from the church; one man slept in the church garden in December near a heat grate.

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Some local residents have opposed the respite program, citing concerns for the safety of neighborhood children, among other things. But City Councilman Stephen Levin, who represents the area, said that steps had to be taken to help several dozen homeless people who live in Greenpoint, some of whom have died from exposure in recent years. “Having a respite program in this neighborhood will save lives,” he said.

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Chelsea, which primarily serves homeless people, will expand a personal hygiene program this month that dispensed 38,000 free toiletry items — soap, toothpaste, razors — in 2014, up from 10,000 items in 2012.

At Riverside Church on a recent morning, homeless people passed through the doors of a soaring, Gothic-style building that has welcomed world leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. Church workers greeted the homeless people by name as they helped themselves to free coffee and cocoa, or waited for showers.

The Rev. Debra P. Northern, the church’s director of social services, said that while the church already provided a food pantry, clothing and even haircuts, its leaders decided to do more for the growing number of people showing up at its doors. The overnight program is being run with a nonprofit group, Goddard Riverside Community Center. “If they have some place to rest their heads, it’s a first step in beginning to reclaim other aspects of their lives,” she said.

Mr. Fields came to the church in 2012 for a shower after he was evicted from his one-bedroom apartment in northern Manhattan because he could not keep up with the $732 monthly rent. Mr. Fields, who has worked seasonal park maintenance jobs, soon made himself at home at the church, helping out by washing towels and stocking the pantry. At night, he would sleep at the airport or around public libraries, and in the summer, on benches next to Grant’s Tomb.

Mr. Fields said that he never wanted to go to a shelter because he feared he would feel confined and uncomfortable among strangers. But since the church gym opened at night, he has not slept anywhere else.

“I know everybody and it’s quiet,” he said. “I feel safe.”


I have told Tim many times that his crusades in places remote from Key West, where he lives, are having zero impact, and if he wants to have any chance of having an impact he needs to roll up his sleeves and get his hands and the rest of him dirty where he lives. I have told many crusaders that, who live here.

Just my stupid opinion expressed many times, Key West’s homeless situation is unique to it, and what other cities are doing to try to resolve their homeless problems are irrelevant to Key West. The city never should have built KOTS. Only about half of the street people use it now, and that’s all it can handle at night. Most of the rest of the street people try to disappear and hideaway somewhere at night, which street people did before KOTS was built.

Now the city intends to spend maybe 3 times as much money building and operating a new shelter to try to get all of its homeless people into into the shelter at night, even though they are out wandering around and hanging out in public the rest of the time, and even though the new shelter will not be large enough to sleep more than half of Key West’s homeless people, if you count people who live in their vehicles, whom the city has criminalized to try to force them to stay at KOTS. Just this stupid fool’s opinion, that looks like lunacy to me.

April fool

It also looks to this stupid fool that, in God’s eyes, we all are homeless, and that includes people who think Jesus saved them, and people who think they will be given 72 virgins when they get to paradise, and people who wave their American flags and beat the drums of war, and lots of other people. Meanwhile, it might help those homeless people repair their relationship with God, if they start doing to the least of people in their communities what they want God to do to them.

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