Winter Solstice: Key West’s “wild” Al Jazeera migrates to Birmingham

Amiga Naja Girard, co-publisher with hubby Arnaud of Key West the Newspaper, published every Friday at (Key West’s “tame” version of Al Jazeera), commented on my photo in yesterday’s the secret of salt, in Key West, Birmingham, America, Turkey, Syria, Russia, and other places the Devil likes to hang out post at and

Love that new photo of you!

I replied:

That, and quite a few photos, were taken of me and Kari and both of us by an old professional photographer friend of hers from the Miami area who just happened, of course angels had nothing to do with it, to be at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park when Kari and I were hanging out there early this year, or perhaps before that.

Early this morning P.S. to Naja:

Arnaud came to me in a dream a little while ago, about 3 a.m. Birmingham (Central) time, giving me the dickens for dropping the ball on something you two have something to do with; then he said something about me blowing my chance to be mayor of Key West. Shame on me, after Arnaud and you both voted for me in this year’s mayor’s race. Something gnarly in the spirit started eating at my guts yesterday, which is the first time that old familiar happened since I left Key West last Friday for Birmingham. I knew from that chewy thing that something was up. But what? After Arnaud’s whipping, I dragged my old ever agreeable self out of my warm, comfy sack and went online and looked at your last Friday hospital article reader comments, where I saw new comments from Ben Volpian, Dickford Cohn and Blue Paper Editor (you, Naja). I read the new comments and will submit a response to them. I now have to think your comment about my new photo in yesterday’s wildest version of Al Jazeera (, the blue paper is the “tame” version) was a “sign” that I needed to look at your and Arnaud’s hospital article again. Every where I go, the angels, Arnaud and you follow, or have already beaten me there :-).

To do this justice requires my going back a few days to related earlier reader comments under Arnaud and Naja’s  Could the City Take Back the Hospital? article (click on that link to see the whole schmele), which set into motion the newest comments, which I found this morning, December 21, 2016, the Winter Solstice, the coming of the light. Ben Volpian is not a lawyer. Nor is Naja, but she knows enough law to be one. Arnaud is a lawyer. Dickford Cohn and I are lawyers.

Ben Volpiansays:

December 16, 2016 at 12:59 pm

“The existing lease is not terminable without financial risk to the District.”

Being a layman in this matter I hesitate to comment, but the above quote seems to have a lot of bearing in this situation and could be part of the key. So the question, How much financial risk? Answer that and then that will give us some guidance. However, it appears the handwriting is on the wall as far as a solution goes: The present hospital group vacates the premises and Baptist takes over the hospital operations. Win-win for all, and its over and done with – providing that the “financial risk” can be reasonably negotiated.

Town Fool Sloan says:

December 17, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Ben Volpain –

If the lease is voidable by the city, or by the Hospital Board, it will be up to a court to void it if CHS does not roll over and die. If the lease is voided by the courts, and on appeal, that’s the end of it, this ex-lawyer thinks, although the legal costs of getting that result might be several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees. The risk here is the city, or the Hospital Board, does what Michael Halpern and City City Attorney Donie Lee, er, Shawn Smith, and Police Chief Donie Lee did at Southernmost House, where they bypassed the contract and just tossed out the management company and its local manager, both of whom might win in the courts and perhaps win big. Any hospital litigation would be long and hard fought, the very thing that led to Halpern taking the approach he took: he was not happy with the court route. That was over a hotel. This is over a hospital. The city, the people here, demand great modern medical treatment at the hospital, and think they will be well received by the very same hospital they are suing? CHS is on the ropes. Try to by the hospital lease from them. $10 million might be darn cheap, given what’s really at stake here, which is not money but bodies and lives and people’s mental health being at risk because the hospital is a local Iraq war zone.

Ben Volpian says:

December 17, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Right, that’s what I’m insinuating – buy them out. Although from what I’ve been told, Baptist doesn’t particularly like to buy , but I was thinking more like $6-$8 million. My thought is mediation, not through the courts which could go on forever.

BTW, it’s Volpian – not Volpain.

dickford cohn says:

December 17, 2016 at 7:45 pm

Ben Volpian…

I agree completely with your approach: Negotiate a deal. As Sloan points out, CHS is “on the ropes”, trying to trim its astounding $15 billion debt. Further, their plans include the shedding of up to 20 hospitals in the near future. The CHS “market cap” has shrunk to less than 25% of what it was earlier this year…with earnings in a deep hole. I think the timing might be right.

That said, the “price” of a buyout would likely exceed your $6-$8 million by a substantial multiple: LKMC is one of their more profitable properties. Think more in the $25-$30 million range.

Assuming that Key West might be capable of raising that money, next is determining how the hospital will be run, by whom, etc. Not an easy task, by any means. Do we try to forge a deal with Baptist? On what basis?

This is not unlike “repeal/replace Obamacare”. Sure! You can change things, but???

Is Key West really prepared to answer that question?


Blue Paper Editor says:

December 17, 2016 at 8:16 pm

Interesting that the legal opinion obtained by the board claims that the board is under an obligation to delegate all of its oversight powers regarding operations (this includes rates,
Budget and doctor privileges) to whatever company it contracts with due to Florida Statutes licencing laws. However, the enabling legislation states clearly that one way the hospital board is permitted to run things is to create a non-profit (a separate entity) to run the hospital and for the board to retain supervisory powers as a board to review and approve rates, budget and doctors’ privileges. One would assume that this non-profit entity would also have to be licensed under the statutes — yet this $25000 legal opinion tells us this is impossible. I’m having a hard time swallowing that one. So,instead of hearing that the 1999 board could have negotiated a better deal we are told that any future contract must also include a total delegation of all oversight powers of the board.
And $25000 for this not very thorough legal opinion – that didnt even look at the deed – just seems so … well … what do those in the law profession think about that?

dickford cohn says:

December 18, 2016 at 8:40 am

Dear Editor,

I appreciate your response. Sloan is right with regard to these “legal opinions”…anybody can buy one. Still…the overriding fact is that a contract is a contract is a contract. It’s an unavoidable fact. I’m sure that you’ve heard that before. That this contract can be litigated is also a fact. In terms of time and expense, I think that Key West would be ill-advised to pursue this course.

“Looking at the deed” would provide little solace, in my opinion: That happened almost fifty years ago. Instead, what we’re examining here is the contract between HMA and the Hospital Board negotiated in 1999. Let’s stay on point, eh? ?

Did the City of Key West then have a Hospital Board…with an operating budget and staff, capable of overseeing such things as doctor admitting, rates charged for services and operating budget? That’s a rhetorical question. The Hospital Board was charged with the responsibility of addressing those issues in 1999…and they did, by handing them off to HMA. While I might take issue with the Board’s deal, they did what they did…in the best interests of the public at that time. Frankly, the deal probably saved LKMC.

We must view all this stuff in the context of the times. All this blather about ‘grand jury investigations’ and such should be viewed with skepticism. Similarly, we should apply that same skepticism to all the ‘anecdotal evidence’ that has been bandied about. All this stuff sounds like “conspiracy theories” to me.

Why can’t we just, for a change, deal with the realities here? Instead of being focused on ‘tearing down’…how can we make things better?


Ben Volpian says:

December 19, 2016 at 12:18 pm


Again, just looking at this topic with an outsider’s view, but: The lease was $20 million for 30 years, so with 13 years remaining (or 44% of the 30 years), then couldn’t you say for mediation purposes that the lease is now worth (ballpark figures) $20,000,000 x 44% = $8,800,000? And here’s what CHS gets: They get to sell out the present lease for $8,800,000, plus no grand jury and no threat of losing the lease outright.

A further uneducated opinion would be that it plainly appears that the intention of the [deed] was to ensure that a non-profit hospital should be operating there.

dickford cohn says:

December 19, 2016 at 4:11 pm

Ben –

You’re certainly not “uneducated”. Your response makes sense. Cut that out, will ya’? ?

I am no more conversant with the details than you are, but I would not hang my hat on some “reverter clause” in the deed. In addition, we must remember that HMA handed over $20 million at the inception of this contract…a contract with a legally-empowered government entity.

But…that contract came with “strings”…one of which was to annually “pay back” a sum to HMA to compensate for indigent care. As I understand it, that payment amounts to $500,000 currently. I have no idea just how much this “pay back” has cost Key West to date. That said, this deal looks to be much more complicated than a simple “lease”: Frankly, it looks to be more of a bailout than anything else: In effect, the City got a $20 million secured loan…

Aside from that, this hospital has operated for 17 years under the present agreement: That fact alone leads me to believe that this agreement, however flawed, takes on aspects comparable to an easement.

As to the price of recovery? Well…think like a capitalist, eh? Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

And, no…those threats of investigations and grand juries and corruption are silly on their face. Of course, anybody can sue to their hearts content. We’ve seen that before…

Thanks for your thoughts.


Blue Paper Editor says:

December 20, 2016 at 10:22 am

As to the $20 million and how its been spent over the years: We need to remember the “City” is not a party to the lease deal. The City deeded the land over to the hospital district for it to use for “hospital purposes”. There are some City Commissioners who believe the reverter clause in the deed may have been triggered when the district stopped using the land itself and turned it over [with no oversight over operations] to a private for-profit company that proceeded to run it in a way that in many people’s opinion does not reasonably look out for the best interests of the residents. The $20 million is a bit puzzling because [unless I missed something] the lease between the district and HMA says HMA was to pay 10 million up front for rent and no more. The financial documents provided on the hospital district website, however, say it was paid $20 million in rent up front. So the district got either 10 million or 20 million in rent [The other 10 million may have gone from HMA to the owners of dePoo with the 10 million to the district being for rent of LKMC only.] The contract required that the District put 15 million aside in escrow for “reimbursement” for ten years at 1.5 million / year for care of indigent residents at the hospitals [LKMC and dePoo] and $500,000 “reimbursement” for a Primary Care Clinic to take care of indigent residents. HMA was to provide the physical space for the clinic and the manpower for administration of the clinic; the District was to “reimburse” up to $500,000/year to pay for the “participating doctors” who serve clinic patients. So $15 million of [the 10 million or 20 million the district got from HMA] was paid back to the hospital for indigent services long ago and another half-million each year for the clinic for 17 years is another 8.5 million. The 20 million [if it was 20 million] has been spent on indigent care. Now the District comes up with the half million a year from its investment portfolio revenue. I wouldn’t say investigations and grand juries are “silly” in the context of our local hospital – we should remember that it is not uncommon for hospitals to be investigated and fined gazillions of dollars for medicaid or medicare fraud. These particular companies [HMA and CHS] have both run hospitals that were on the other end of federal investigations that led to huge fines for defrauding the federal government. And if the investigation comes up clean then that too would be a good thing as the speculation would cease as to whether or not the hospital did or is doing anything unlawful. But really what local residents are upset about are the following: The billing prices are outrageous as compared to other facilities and the hospital is not ensuring that the doctors they work with accept the same insurance that the hospital itself accepts. Dozens of readers wrote to us about how surprised they were when months after their visit to LKMC – a hospital that had assured them they accepted their insurance – they received bills from MD4ER for services of ER doctors that had been turned down by their insurance companies. There are just a couple of health insurance companies primarily used by residents in the Keys – residents want the hospital to insist that the ER doctors and the doctors who provide anesthesia and radiology accept their health insurance. No one has been looking out for the interests of the residents when it comes to hospital provided healthcare. This has been going on for years and years. It wasn’t until a grassroots group led by Harry Bethel started spending money putting ads in the paper to drum to up awareness that anyone “in charge” blinked an eye. Isn’t that the mission of the government board?

dickford cohn says:

December 20, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Dear Editor,

Excellent and illuminating response! Thank you.

Now, let’s start with your concluding question: Isn’t that the mission of the government board? Is it? Where is a definition of this boards “mission”? What authority does it actually have? The answer(s) to that question dovetail into the “weirdness” of the financial details: Regardless of the actual amounts, when have you ever seen a lease where the lessor pays the lessee? It is that fact that leads me to believe that this whole plan was, essentially, a financial bailout of a failing hospital…disguised as a lease.

Beyond that, if the City is not a party to the lease deal, then what right would they have to invoke any “reverter clause”? Now, if that were a genuine deed restriction/covenant, they might have a point. But, even there, they would have a fight on their hands.

As for the chronic complaints over billing, etc.? That is an all too common situation associated with hospitals. I can tell you for a first hand fact that LKMC is subjected to all sorts of oversight…from insurers, certification authorities, Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). Medical billing is a tangled mess, these days…no question about that. Still, people who think they’re being overcharged have the rights to pursue remedies…and, they’ll likely get them. I have…so can you. It’s a tough world out there…and it doesn’t relent just because you’re sick.

Investigations and grand juries are silly in this context: There is nothing untoward even suggested in all this conversation.

Ask yourself this: What would happen if CHS just exited the deal? Is Key West (or the Hospital Board)even remotely prepared to accept this possibility?

That’s a rhetorical question.


Town Fool Sloan says:

December 21, 2016 at 6:37 am

Morning, Ben, Dickford and Naja (Blue Paper Editor) –

After Arnaud Girard scolded me in a dream during the wee hours, for dropping the ball on something he and Naja are running, I crawled out of bed and went online and looked at reader comments under this article and saw your recent comments.

Revisiting what brought us to this mess will not fix the mess. It dodges trying to fix it.

Litigation will take forever (it will seem), and no one has a clue how it will turn out.

Whatever reverter clause is in the city’s deed to the Hospital Board, and whatever that reverter clause says/means, “runs with the land” like a covenant and cannot be abrogated by the Hospital Board, nor by a lease the Board entered into with a 3rd party to run the hospital.

Litigation will take forever (it will seem), and no one has a clue how it will turn out.

CHS is in deep shit financially. That creates leverage for the city trying to buy out CHS’s lease. The city should put that at the top of its list of things to do. Ahead of the new $58 million park, for example. Compared to having hospital the people can trust, a new city park is irrelevant.

Based on what all I have read in the blue paper and in the Citizen, CHS has padded patient bills and has engaged in monopolistic price-gouging. The State Attorney and the US Attorney already should be pursuing those allegations criminally. That would create more leverage for CHS selling its lease to the city.

Based on what I have seen, read and heard, including attending the Hospital Board meeting at which the Board reluctantly voted to get an outside legal opinion, the Board is impotent and incompetent, and has been so for some time. Only after civil insurrection did the Board even allow citizens to attend Board meetings. Hello?

Litigation will take forever (it will seem), and no one has a clue how it will turn out.

Back when the Key West City Commission took up this mess in Old City Hall, during citizen comments I told Mayor Cates and the rest of the “magnificent 7” that the hospital was the number 1 crises facing the city. I told them THEY were the committee to save the hospital. The city gave the land for the hospital. Each of them, the 7, should choose one whistle blower from the hospital, a doctor, nurse or hospital staff worker, as an adviser, and then do all they could to save the hospital.

During his comments, Mayor Cates said he was not qualified to do that, and the commissioners were not qualified. The city attorney was told to look into litigation.

Litigation will take forever (it will seem), and no one has a clue how it will turn out.

Mayor Cates was overwhelmingly reelected. The city has not filed suit against the Hospital Board and CHS.

Perhaps the people who want the lawsuit should bring it themselves, as “third-party beneficiaries” of the “reverter” clause in the city’s deed to the Hospital Board.

Litigation will take forever (it will seem), and no one has a clue how it will turn out.

Just my redneck justice opinion. Either the city buys back CHS’s lease, or the city lives with CHS.

Facebook chat yesterday with lay minister Sharon Slay, who sometimes hangs out in Key West:

12/20, 11:19am

Sharon Slay

Did you hear Daryl Akers who used to preach when Omar was quit for a while back a few years ago died drug OD. He was a mess claiming Jesus & sex with women & crack etc.

He was in & out of jail & prison a lot or so it says.

12/20, 11:23am

Sloan Bashinsky

“he was claiming Jesus & sex with women & crack? “

please explain more fully

12/20, 12:39pm

Sharon Slay

Google up Daryl Akers click on photo about his affair w Belinda Clark & drug use. Had sex w Diane blonde during time while he was preaching at highs beach. Was doing crack Miami inviting Diane up there till he died. Don’t know how he died. Will send u link

12/20, 12:41pm

Sharon Slay

Belinda Clark’s Affair With Convict Daryl Akers

Originally Published in 2005 Living Water Church was founded in October 1987 and had grown to over 4,000 adherents when the founding pastor, Dr. Ron Clark discovered his wife of 25 years and the mo…

12/20, 12:42pm

Sharon Slay

Went on different device photo is probably there

12/20, 12:44pm

Sharon Slay

Daryl Akers Mugshot | 04/21/10 Florida Arrest

Mug Shot for Daryl Akers booked into the Monroe county jail. Arrested on 04/21/10 for an alleged burgurly/theft offense.

12/20, 12:45pm

Sharon Slay

People think they can confess Jesus then live like the devil & be saved

12/20, 1:19pm

Sloan Bashinsky

Some years ago, I came to the conclusion, perhaps it was a revelation, it was so simple that it might have been a revelation, that to the extent people who claim salvation through Jesus actually live as he lived and taught others to live, that is the extent of their salvation through Jesus. So simple. So beautiful. Yet look at what the religion that hijacked his name has done with it. I also concluded, to the extent non-Christians, even atheists, live as Jesus lived and taught people to live, they, too, are saved by Jesus. He was into how people lived, and behaved, and his parables and conversations with people in the Gospels back up what I wrote above. Yet Christianity today says works are not relevant to salvation. Tell that to Jesus’ brother James, who wrote in one of his letters, to ask him not about his faith, but to observe his works, and in his works they would see his faith. It’s not self-appointed preachers like the Daryl Akers you describe who are the problem, Sharon; they are obviously bogus to anyone with eyes and ears that still work. It’s the preachers who have churches and congregations, who have no clue who Jesus was, and is, and are misleading their congregations about Jesus, who are the preachers the Devil loves. For they do the work for the Devil, even if they don’t know that’s what they are doing. Jesus’ disciples did not know who Jesus was when he was crucified. They were still little boys squabbling among themselves, posturing. He planted seeds in them, but it was the Holy Spirit which invaded them at Pentecost and grew them into men God could use. I never once heard that explained in a Christian church either.

12/20, 1:22pm

Sharon Slay

Well written & so true

Shaman-in-training Brenda Garcia, of Gainseville, Georgia, replied on Facebook to the day before yesterday’s post:

Brenda Garcia I enjoyed reading your post today. It was very educational I learned a lot from this post today. Thank you Mr. Bashinsky my teacher that has taught me so much in the past eleven years. And will be teaching me more in the years to come. A very dear friend that has been a blessing to me. I am very happy for you and all that you do. I understand that everything you write about is a lesson to open the eye’s, ears, and hearts of people that are willing to change and to see the truth of what is real. Keep on teaching Mr. Bashinsky.

Sloan Bashinsky Mr. Bashinsky? Have I met him? When did you EVER call me Mr. Bashinsky, Brenda? 🙂

Once upon a time we called him BASH.

Brenda Garcia First time for everything you earned that respect a long time ago.

Sloan Bashinsky I must have imagined the thousands of times you blessed me out? 🙂

Brenda Garcia You to how many times all ways looking in the past

Brenda Garcia Okay, yes I did I would get so angry at you. For what you were telling me and I was fighting the truth that I could not face. And you were helping me to see and hear and helping me too heal from the things that I didn’t want to face in my life. And I was fighting you tooth and nail. But after all that we went through during this process I opened my eyes and ears and came to realize that you were not there to hurt me but to help me. To become a person of understanding. The hardest thing I ever had to do is face the truth that was buried inside of me. And I am sorry that I took it out on you. But I am very grateful for all that you helped me with, and through. So when people get mad at you it is because you are telling them something that they don’t like about them self’s. Like the saying goes you go and open a can of worms.

Sloan Bashinsky As far as I know, Brenda, every person I know, have known, probably will come to know, has inside a can of worms. I had CANS of worms in me, which the angels stuck me head first into, so I figure other people have at least one can in them 🙂. Them worms in the can are not asleep. They are making lots of noise, but not in a way most people recognize. The worms do it that way, because they are not allowed to speak in plain English, if that”s what their person speaks. It’s not okay for the worms to speak straightforward. It’s not polite. Not good manners. Mean. Selfish. To let the worms speak clearly. So the worms find their own ways to speak, and those ways tend to be rough on their host person. Multitude symptoms of worms being muzzled. Medical problems. Mental problems. Emotional problems. Physical problems. Relationship problems. Job problems. Which are treated symptomatically with booze and other drugs, doctor pills and other methods, for examples. Healing the worms is a frightening experience, and human methods for doing that are weak, at best. You, Brenda, have had me on the outside pressing you to change, which is where the healing has to start, and the angels with you have been pressing you from the spirit and inside of you. You have been getting tag-teamed for a long time, over 10 years. As you hate me reminding you, I told you the day I met you in March 2005, if you started hanging out with me, you would come to rue the day you ever met me. And you definitely did that. Many times. And sometimes I wanted to throw you onto the moon. Or farther than that. 🙂

Brenda Garcia Lol, I’m glad that you didn’t.


A homeless Birmingham, Alabama native living in Key Weest Facebook messaged me yesterday:

  • 12/20/201 6


John Saucier

I may need a favor….as you know i live at Catholic Charities…the building is scheduled ti be torn down before our apartments are built…that will leave us with a window of time where we have no place to stay….so heres my plan….no matter how ill conceived…we each receive $5000 by the Catholic Church…i also have the backing of the Catholic Church…but i need legal representation…you know Kaufman? Can you arrange an introduction?


Sloan Bashinsky

if you have the backing of the church, why do you need legal representation?Please tell me what you mean by your having the backing of the church. Names, details, who said what to whom, when, where, etc.And, why is the church doing it this way and displacing the people living in the bunk house? That seems bizarre to me.Thanks


Sloan Bashinsky

Might be easier if we talk on telephone, for me to get the overall picture. Then, I can make introduction with Sam Kaufman. My cell is 305-407-4285

7:46amJohn Saucier

Ill call you when i get off work….thanks


Sloan Bashinsky

de nada

Obviously, moving me to Bham did not hinder the angels from keeping me in Key West  :-), which, I suppose, is not making some people in KW particularly happy.


John Saucier

Well were not as of yet being thrown out…there will be some time to prepare. My intent was to secure housing for the window of time between when they bulldoze this place and have new housing built. This is as described just transitional housing so we are expected and all in agreement to “move on”. My goal is to utilize the resources provided to us by Catholic Charities to find a new home…we are given..from HUD and distributed by the Archdiosces up to $5000. And if acceptable documentation provided Catholic Charities will assist us…but we have to have a formal plan, behavior policy, financial statements, proof of employment, etc…thats why i was asking for Kaufmans contact information…were going to have to be legit and have the citys approval and blessing…. If we manage to pull all of that off wr need a home owner willing…and thats a very hard sell…but it can be done


Sloan Bashinsky

a homeowner? what is a homeowner’s involvement?

transitional housing? I have seen people staying there who seemed like they were permanent residents?


John Saucier

Someone who owns a house we can move in


Sloan Bashinsky

The lot of you move into one house? How many of you is that?


John Saucier

Yes some do….

Total in my mind. 10 of us

Sloan you are the smartest man i know and probably the only one i trust…what would it take to pull this off???


Sloan Bashinsky

Into one house? That might be tough to find a landowner with such a house, who is willing to rent it to 10 men from what the landowner might view as a half-way house, or even a homeless shelter. What role would Kaufman play? And in what capacity? As a lawyer, or as a concerned city commissioner?


John Saucier

We cant make it look like a homeless shelter or half way house…..

We wont stand a chance

What if we incorporate???


Sloan Bashinsky

Catholic Charities’ bunk house looks like that to me, so it will look like that to other people, regardless of what the manager of the bunk house says about it.


John Saucier

Agreed….so how do we change that?


Sloan Bashinsky

Any property owners, who knows where you 10 are coming from, will likely view what you are asking is to replace the bunk house with his/her house, with much the same function. There is no way to make a property owner rent to 10 men, or to any of you. Even to just one of you. I don’t see incorporating is at issue. The issue is trying to move 10 men from the bunkhouse into a privately-owned house that becomes the bunkhouse. If I were you, I’d try to find myself a small cheap room in a house or condo, and stay there. SHAL/KOTS are doing that for KOTS residents under SHAL/KOTS so-called “housing first” program, whereby funding is provided for people like you getting 1st and last months’ rent and deposit paid for the tenant, then the tenant has to make the 2nd and ensuing months’ rent.


John Saucier

I know this seems like on the surface an unachievable task…but we come from the same cloth. Ive been fighting political bullshit my entire life and this can be done….

We have the money and the backing of the church…we just need to find the right homeowner


Sloan Bashinsky

The problem is, a private property owner cannot be made to accommodate you 10 men, even if you have the money for the rent. A private property owner does not have to go along with what you are trying to do. That is not politics. That is America. The person I think you need to speak with is Peter Batty, who seems to be the person calling the shots at Catholic Chairites re the soup kitchen and the new development there, and the bunk house, and the existing apartments which will remain and become part of the new development there. I bet the church owns a house, or knows someone in its membership who does.

I bet Batty, who is a Realtor, knows someone who owns a house. It would put him on the edge for you 10 to ask for his help getting a new bunk house.6:26pm

John Saucier

I understand that and have already been warned of the efforts im going to face with the city….they are going to lose their minds when i propose it…but i will keep pushing until they give in…

Bear in mind a private home owner is paying for taxes and upkeep on a dwelling that is a liability and expense…we can turn it into a profit….at worse it pays for itself

Sloan im reaching out to you because youre the most brilliant mind i know……there is a way to make this work…so sleep on it…figure it out and give me direction…

…and dont tell me it cant be done


Sloan Bashinsky

I had thought I need to sleep on it, but I don’t see where the city is your target, because this has come about because of decisions Catholic Charities has made, and the bunkhouse is CC’s property. I think right now that CC is where you have the most leverage, since you 10 are CC’s clients. And since Peter Batty is the honcho at CC, he has to be brought into this discussion. I know him somewhat, but do not have his telephone number. I imagine CC has it.

Seen 6:44pm

Sloan Bashinsky


I did not dream last night about your bunkhouse situation. Since you are banned f rom KOTS, or if you really are banned, you cannot go there to sleep at night and you can sleep in any public place therefore, which was granted to me because I was banned from KOTS. I am not recommending that for you. Catholic Charities already screwed up the soup kitchen. Now it is going to screw up the bunk house, if it does not make provision for the men living there now. I don’t know how sensitive CC is to public opinion, but maybe it, and Peter Batty, might wish to not be made to look like their “housing first” development made 10 of their clients homeless before they even broke ground.

Sancho Panza, currently hiding from the Inquisition in New York City, replied to yesterday’s the secret of salt, in Key West, Birmingham, America, Turkey, Syria, Russia, and other places the Devil likes to hang out post at

The Devil(and God) is the convenient bucket where we throw ALL the whys and what-fors of good and evil deeds that seem to defy logic and reason! You are a shameless man… jumping butt naked into that bucket in search of who… or what?    Better to grow a beard and write a blog about your fellow demons from your unique perspective of living immolate! *>:) devil

*=)) rolling on the floor

You forgot Israel! What about Israel?

Fake Western Media News Lies About Syria Exposed – Journalist Eva Bartlett

A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

I replied to Sancho:



  1. kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning.

Well, the problem, and the fact, is: demons actually exist, and they actually are involved in just about every human SNAFU and FUBAR, and that is their job to keep alive and well (SNAFUS and FUBARS), since, cut off from God energy, they have to create food to eat to stay alive, so they stir up human strife which they also can eat and survive, and thus get along without God for a while (aeons), and unless you know that, you end up totally out of touch with what is making you think the world is going crazy, trying this fix, trying that fix, keep trying to fix, and the fact is we are trying to control supernatural beings and we are merely mortal and the only person we have any chance of actually changing is who looks back at us in a mirror, but that does not mean giving up, not keep on trying to fix the SNAFUS and FUBARS, but do so knowing the odds of success are close to less than ZERO, but maybe it beats staying drunk, high and/or stoned, or going stark raving mad, or becoming a religious fanatic, or a career criminal. Or ending up like, mmm, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton :-). Or a shameless blogger.

I watched and dozed and watched and dozed through the youtube video. Very little about Israel; USA government made out to be the puppet master and US news journalists USA growing ever longer wooden nose. 

I can’t imagine USA government ever telling the truth, the whole truth, and nuttin’ but, or anywhere close. Hard to imagine the Soviets doing much, if any, better. Nor Syria’s Assad. Nor the Saudis. Nor the Israel. Pack of liars comes to mind.

I found a couple of Syria reports on line, which might be more interested in the truth than the usual suspects never are:

What is the strategic importance of Syria? – Quora

Syria has provided naval station at Tartus to Russian Federation for the past 40 years. It is Moscow’s mast marine foothold in the Mediterranean region which is major corridor for Intra European trade and also for oil inflow from the Middle East.

Syrian civil war: why Aleppo matters

Al Jazeera speaks to two Syrian analysts about why Aleppo matters.

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